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December 08, 2021



Love the 12 days of Sock Yarn! Thankyou.

Kim Holbrook

My daughters are adults and haven’t lived at home for quite some time. One of the huge things I miss from their childhood is having their help with Christmas decorating. I’ve never quite gotten used to doing it myself. Enjoy tomorrow night. These years go by too quickly!

Nancy DeMere

Wow, 16 years and I have been with you every step of the way. I remember the babies, the place out in the country and the card with the little kids. It is amazing how connected I feel with your family from reading your blog.. Thanks for sharing and I hope there are many more years of watching those kiddos mature ahead!

Anonymous Please

I'm back to working a full-time job - I left my old career in 2011. It's been a big adjustment. I have a commute, so I don't have as much time for the holiday festivities and preparations. I'm starting over in a new career at the bottom rung of the ladder, and I hope it will be a good step for the future.


I remember when James was born...then you did a sock club and had a skein of sock yarn named after him. I still wear the socks I made from it! Enjoy decorating, I miss having my kids around to help! Is there a name for your glass Christmas trees? They are beautiful...are they antique? I hope you and your family truly enjoy the holidays...on both feet!

Dana Snyder

December has been busy! I’m trying to finish up some gifts and I’ll be finished working next Friday for two weeks but next week we have exams. I won’t have too many taking exams in my classes so it should be pretty calm! I should be able to get all my grades done and get some things ready for the second semester. Of course, I’ll sneak some knitting in too!

We went to PA for Thanksgiving so I’m not sure yet if I’m going up at Christmas. It will be after if I go. I don’t have much planned so far so it might just be a relaxing two weeks!

Sheila Stanton

Our favorite Christmas recipe is Wassil, created last century and enjoyed by many generations of family members.

I always make gallons of Wassil just before Christmas and continue to do so until the last big snow of winter. The scents of clove, cinnamon, citrus fruits and apple cider make our home smell festive and welcoming everyday.

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