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December 11, 2021


Jody Laake

Ohhhh I’m SO HAPPY you’re doing this again! It’s always fun and I love reading other knitters’ answers to all the questions! The prizes are awesome and it’s just a good time! Thank you!

Jennifer Harding Jacobs

So fun!! I can’t wait! 🥰😊

Linda L. in WI

Thank you for doing 12 Days of Sock Yarn again this year. It's always fun to read your blog post and everyone's replies. :)
Here's a question idea: If you could create a yarn that isn't commonly found, what would that yarn be? What weight, fiber content, construction, color?


Thanks as always for the giveaways. Question idea: What is your favorite game to play?


Thanks for this tradition!
Question idea: in these times when division and unkindness seem to make the news every day, what has been your favorite act of kindness this year?

Gaylyn B

Yay!!! 12 Days of Sock Yarn Celebration! I really like all of the questions others have suggested above. I can't top any of them. Thanks to all, especially Allison and SSYC.

Gin Hannen

New to the tradition! Question: favorite knitting tools.

Sue Boisvert

Post the name of a pattern you have made more than twice and why you love it.

Melissa Friedrich

What an awesome tradition, and thank you for your generosity. Here’s a question to ask: as a maker, what is your goal or plan for the new year?

Carol Stadler

New question: Favorite travel project, on a train in car on a plane?

elissa schoening

How about questions for new knitters?
Maybe what for you started? Or what would like to make that you're scared to start on?


Thanks for doing this again. It’s always fun to read answers. Question tell us about your favorite LYS


I donated some craft supplies to a lady developing an art therapy program for her clients at the YWCA


I wonder what knitters do when their knitting mojo seems to have diminished? This has happened to me several times, and it would be nice to read others' ideas.


Is there an easier way to knit socks two at a time on one needle? I’ve only been able to figure out simple stocking stitch this way and not a complex pattern..


I like to make trendy knitted items to give away to charities. I think tbe recipients should have something of current yarn and pattern.

Brenda McBride

I make fudge and donate to our local soup kitchen, fire department, homeless veterans home and children's home.

Kila Day

This has been a challenging year. I spent a lot of energy making masks, and sending them to my sister in law in California who teaches in a low income district, she gave them to students and their families who couldn't afford to buy them. I love buying fun fabric to make them fun to wear. I sent my last of 11 children to Ireland to serve a mission so I knitted her 7 pairs of warm socks to keep her cozy.


Question suggestion: Describe what you would do on your favorite kind of day.

Joyce Bressler

My favorite tradition is having my family over on Christmas Eve. We eat yummy food, including homemade cookies, candy and fruit cake, play games or watch the Christmas Story. Then we exchange gifts.

Mary Jacques

My favorite kind of day is knitting while watching a fabulous series or movies and dinner preparations done by my hubby!


For Hanukkah I treated myself to your MadTosh advent minis and found the perfect pattern to pair with the yarn.

Candace Cappio Gebhart

Christmas starts at our house when I polish the copper pots and pans! They mostly congregate in the dining room and really sparkle (after polishing) in candlelight. May not be great to knit by candlelight, but everything tastes better and people are on their good behavior . . .


My favorite was my Boxy sweater made out of 48 skeins of Opal Mini Ball yarn.

Beth Fulton

What is your favorite that didn't come from a store? Something priceless that didn't cost a penny?!

Sylvia Ricica

Love all patterns, so fun to try new ones, thanks


How about what is your favorite thing about winter?

Nancy Tella

Question: What is your favorite pattern/item to knit for gift giving?

Jeannette DeMario

I love to give hats and gloves

Jane Cadwell

Often knit cowls or mitts as gifts. Everyone can always use another..

Nancy S Rodgers

I loved knitting Spindrift Shawl with a skein of fingering purchased on a trip to Wisconsin. I learned to be very attentive, to count carefully, and perfected my picot bindoff efforts.The pattern is on Ravelry:

Post Ginger White

I love to make socks for people

Nancy S Rodgers

My stash has continued to grow as I shopped in person and online this year. No, I did not dig into my stash much at all.

Louise Guerin

I love knitting. I can't, however, seem to finish my work. Any words of wisdom or encouragement that can be passed along to a frustrated great aunt who owes the newbies some sweaters and beanies?

Nancy S Rodgers

One of my wonderful knitting teachers, Tami Easter, taught me to say this to my yarn when I would get frustrated with my knitting: "You're not the boss of me!" This sentence releases tension and empowers me to persist, knowing that with patience and determination (and a more experienced knitter's kind help), I can succeed.


What brand needles do you use, or are your favorites?

Peggy Stirling

Addi turbo, ChiaoGoo RED, and Knitters Pride Karbonz!

Lucy Clarke

I made a colorful scarf in th round using minis and leftovers - created as I went along - have had many compliments on it. This is one of the rare creations that I have kept for myself!!

Helen George

I haven't knitted with mini skeins yet. The pattern I would love to try is the Winter Garden Hat by Knitrino. I think the Flower Bobble stitch would look fantastic highlighted in a contrasting mini skein


Yes…the goal is to use from my stash and actually finish several projects i have started. (If i win before 12/31 I’m all good because it’s not New Year’s yet! LOL). Just teasing! Thanks for posting all these pretty ideas and products to keep me motivated to conquer.

Melissa Haneline

My resolution is to have my best sales year ever (I sell Medicare supplements and related products for Physicians Mutual) and have knitterly gifts I will give to myself as I reach certain professional goals.
I am increasingly closer to having enough handknit socks to never have to use those sad store-bought ones.
I will choose Fisher House as well if I win, as I love supporting those groups who serve our military heroes and their families!

Cynthia R Ripley

My goal is to learn to knit on double point needles without getting frustrated so I can learn to knit socks.
I would give the donation to Project Linus. They lost their home and need to find a new place. The blankets that are given to kids who are in need of comfort is so important.

Julie Muzzerall

I love making socks and plan to learn continental Knitting.
I knit western now.

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