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November 15, 2021



The tweed is gorgeous!!


Burnout on 757 sock.


I'm drawn to "Nightfall" for some reason not something I would ordinarily's stunning


I love the 757 Sock in Spellbound.

Pat Veesart

So many gorgeous colors - and I love this pattern!

Jackie S.

The Burnout and Horseshoe Bend is beautiful and would look great using the sweater pattern.

Pat Veesart

The Tweed Me yarn in Merlot is what I would choose to make this beautiful Calluna Pullover

Heather Seratt

Artificially Flavored on 757 Sock is gorgeous.

Sara Moening

Merlot on Tweed me sock or DK! Though there are so many beauties!

Sandra David

NO WAY to choose a favorite. But if I must: 757 Sock in Transmutation!

Nancy Ami

That is a simply a beautiful sweater pattern. 757 in Daytime Supernova in that pattern would be amazing!

Judy Drew

I really, really like Cerulean Tide in 757 Sock!

Kathryn H Aragon

I'm loving Koi Pond in 757 Sock!

Sabrina Snyder

This is so hard to decide. I think I would pick 757 sock in either Artificially Flavo or Gatsby. There are so many beautiful choices!


I love the burnout. Great colors!

Jan W.

LTY 757 Sock Aurora Borealis is calling my name!

Laur McMahan

love Turning leaves on tweed sock!


I am loving "Vice" on the 757 sock base!


Tweed Me Sock in merlot is drawing me im every time I look! That is just a gorgeous deep color!


Amazing! Tweed Me DK in Telekinesis and Turning Leaves my faves, but there are so many stunning colors!


I love them all! Do I really need to pick just one? Cerulean or merlot. Beautiful colors!!


I like Lost in New York in 757 Sock! It would be great for that stitch in the yoke of the pullover! Yum!

Dari Trout

I love Artificially Flavo in the 757 Sock. Such fun!!!


Hard to choose, there are so many gorgeous colors. I'd say Lunar Reflection on 757 Sock would probably be my favorite

Emily S.

Merlot on Tweed Me Sock is stunning!!


SO beautiful!!! I want it all!


LTY Sport Cleo Baby for me! Thanks!

Julie Boyer

Love Tweed Sock Prickly Par

Nicole S

I love the 757 Sock in Vanta

Lisa G

So torn. Tweed Me Sock, cuz I have no power to resist sock yarn. 😍 But Merlot or Cerulean Tide? Oh, so hard! I'd probably say Cerulean Tide b/c you made it look so gorgeous up there. πŸ’™πŸ’™


I ❀️ Aubergine on 757 Sock.

Ellen C,

Tweed Me DK in Turning Leaves is pretty. My favorite color tonight. (So many great colors.)


I would like Cerulean in sock yarn to put in a shawl. Such a beautiful color. Oh yes in Tweed.


I love arrowroot on tweed me sock!

Summer seaberg

Burnout and Horse shoe blend are so pretty!

Elisia Thompson

My heart’s desire is Stone Fox in Tweed Me Sock ;)

Maureen H DesMarais

Love Alchemy of Herbs in Polama.

Nicole Acuna

I loveee tweed DK and colorway Forest Floor! These are all so beautiful!


LTY 757 Sock Berry Bramble is amazing

Carrie Ann Malpica

Oh my heavens, I LOVE 757 sock in Lunar. Reflection!!


Cerulean sea on 757 sock is gorgeous!!!

Kris Martino

So many pretty colorways that it’s hard to choose but I’ll say STRICTLY COPACET on the tweed me sock because the combo of teals, bluey-purples and goldish color looks beautiful!


My favorite is Just Another Maniac on 757 Sock

Teresa Knittingdancer

Lipsmackers on 757 Sock is calling my name.

Kat Gatzke

Nordic Narwhal on 757 Sock is me of my faves.

Patsy Coats

Koi Pond in the 757 base.


I love Sock Berry Bramble on 757!


Amber on the Tweed sock is such perfection!

Lynne Marquardt

Love Fluorite on Tweed Me Sock.


Turning Leaves in tweed sock is calling my name.


Burnout in 757 Sock just makes me swoon!!

Terri Brinegar

All the colors are beautiful, but I really love 757 Sock Just Another Manic.

Carol Accola

I LOVE that sweater!


LTY 757 Sock Siren is amazing!!

Laura Ferguson

The sweater is lovely!


Loving burnout on 757 sock, so pretty 😍

Emilie McFeely

Love, love, LOVE the Tweed Me Sock in the Burnout colorway!!!


I was in last week for the holiday shopping and was actually super excited to see that Less Traveled has a DK wool nylon base because there are a few socks I want to make that call for DK and I’m a stickler for having a little nylon for durability in my socks! I love the muse and siren colorways. I knit my niece a sweater in koi pond and the colorway was amazing too.


I like Tweed Sock Turtle.Dove,!

Loralei Valade

I'm drooling over the Brick House Colourway on the LTY 757 Sock base. I'm a sucker for orange.

Janie Holley

It's a stunning sweater and Malabrigo is such an amazing yarn.

Carson McFarlane

My favourite is Cerulean Tide on Tweed Me Sock :)


Lunar Reflection in 757 Sock is beautiful but Mulberries & Cream in 757 Sock caught my eye every single time I scrolled by. Such a hard decision!!


I think the color Alluvium on tweed DK is a great color especially for a sweater.


I love the natural and burnout


I really like Witchy Woman on Tweedy Sock

Lisa Barrett

I adore tweed yarns and the Tweed Me DK Lost in New York is stunning! Thank you for another wonderful giveaway :)

Carolyn Zewe

I like Cerulean Sea on Tweed Me Sock!

Sarah S

It's really hard to pick a favorite! But right now, I'm loving The Diplomat in LTY Sport.


My favorite is lipsmackers on 757 sock.


Ooooh, Sport in Desert Marigold looks like butter!


Moon Boots in 757 sock or Tweed is calling me. I love that shade of green.

Sarah D

Telekenesis in Tweed Me Sock is absolutely gorgeous!

Shari L

Burnout in 757 Sock! 😍😍😍

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