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November 15, 2021



Gatsby on 757 Sock is amazing!!


That Cerulean Tide is sucking me in...thinking about it on 757 Sock for a sweater


Canyon on 757 Sock is calling to me right now.


Today my choice would be Just Another Maniac on 757 Sock.


Nordic Narwhal on 757 Sock is my favorite, but I love them all!


Burnout 757 Sock


Having a hard time choosing between Brick House and Forest Floor on Tweed DK - both have such an interesting play of complementary colors!

Dana Snyder

I love the tweed me sock! I have used it for three shawls although I’ve i lu finished one so far! It’s really hard to choose just one color! I love frida and was sad when it sold out cause I wanted another skein. From the new batch, I love Cerulean Tide and tennis club!


Love the LTY 757 Sock in Mulberries and Cream!


I have two different colour coats that would look great with a cowl knit with Aurora Borealis on 757 Sock.

Jody Laake

There are a lot of great choices because so many of the colors in these lines are stunning but I’m drawn to Witchy Woman in Tweed me Sock. I’ve been a sucker for purples lately lol.


Show me the tweed and I'm in! I am particularly drawn to the Cerulean Tide or Merlot colorways at this time of year.


Tweed me sock in Merlot is very pretty.

Susan Mercy

Nightfall on 757 Sock


What beautiful colors.
I like the colorway of Tweed Sock Crystal Ball.


Telekenesis on Tweed sock is calling my name!


Love Peachy Keen on the 757 yarn base!

Donna Gerber

So hard to pick a favorite, but think it would have to be Prickly Pear in Tweed Sock.


Brick House on Tweed Me Sock is my favorite— reminds me of desert hiking.


Polar Persuasion on 757 is my favorite! And this sweater pattern is beautiful.


I love Barbie Goes Hunting on Sport, and Turning Leaves, Stone Fox, Just Another Manic, and Berry Bramble on 757 sock. All are so gorgeous!


My eyes were immediately drawn to Tweed Sock Cerulean Tide.


I love Vanta in 757 Sock.


I've always loved tweed and think Telekenesis on Tweed Me Sock is calling my name loudest right now - although many other colorways are trying to get my attention!

Appreciate the opportunity.


I love the Tweed Sock in Crystal Ball.


I love 757 sock in Aurora Borealis.


I love LTY 757 Sock in the color Aurora Borealis.


Merlot on Tweed Me DK


Cerulean Tide on Tweed Me Sock is beautiful. An interesting collection, very short on the red-yellow-orange side of the color wheel.

Pat Crabbs

Cactus Wren on sport weight. Perfect color for
a fall hat.


Cactus Flower is calling to me.


I Love the Turning Leaves in LTY Sock!!🍁🍂🍁
Thank you for inspiring us!
Karla 🌺

Brenna Delosier

I really like Tweed me sock in Crystal ball. And today is my birthday!

yolanda v

Love Tweed Me Sock in Prickly Pear.

Mary Kay Ross

I love all the tweed colors for fall and winter . Difficult to pick just one but my favorites are Mulberries and cream, Alchemy of herbs and West Fork


Hard choice! But I do love Aurora Borealis on 757 Sock. I also love that Caluma Sweater pattern - thanks for sharing that one with us.

Gail Fairman

Cerulean Tide on the DK tweed looks just like the ocean. It is beautiful.


I'm loving Crystal Ball on Tweed DK!


I dream of a sweater made in 757 sock Mulberries and Cream!


Tweed me DK in Crimson.. love love love...


I love Muse in 757 sock yarn. Think it would look gorgeous in this pattern


My favorite is Tweed Me Sock in Winter Solstice -- it looks just like the soft colors of a Solstice sunset.

Doreen Righter

LTY Sock Burnout for the Calluna Pullover. Mmmmm, just delish!

Kim Wriston

My favorite would be either Forest Floor or Turning Leaves on 757 sock!

Jordyn H

They're all so beautiful!! The Tweed me sock in Marblehead harbor is so pretty... and the DK turning leaves colorway is gorgeous

Lyssa Michels

Beautiful yarn and sweater! I'd use merlot in Tweed Me


I like Tweed Sock in Artificially Fla (Siren is a close second).

Samantha T

Burnout on 757 sock is my fave.


I keep going back to 757 Sock in Love Beach. So pretty!

Susannah Morlock

Tweed Sock in Strictly Copacetic is lovely.


Crystal Ball in Tweed. Fingers crossed!

Alene Sternlieb

I love the turning leaves in tweed me sock! (But they are all stunning)


Tweed DK in Tidal is amazing!

Sandra Bailey

LTY sport in forest floor is beautiful, how difficult it is to pick one

Melissa Friedrich

Lovely Merlot in the Tweed Me Sock base for the calluna pullover!

Elizabeth Seager

I love the Turning Leaves and Merlot colors. esea on ravelry

Becky Creighton

Tweed me dk in Brickhouse would be wonderful!! Thank you for a fun morning looking at all the fabulous colors

Martha O.

I love Tweed Me Sock, and the Merlot you featured is calling to me.

Gail L.

Witchy Woman on Tweed Me Sock is my favourite.


Crystal Ball on 757 is my favorite.

Kim Witherow

Nightfall colorway in the 757 sock is gorgeous, so is the DK weight Merlot. So many beautiful choices!!!


Nightfall and Just Another Manic on 757 would make a lovely Breathe and Hope shawl. But, all the colors are beautiful!


I like Brickhouse in Sport.

Deb Adams

Lunar Reflection and Nightfall on Tweed Me DK

Hilda C

757 sock in Acid Wash or Just Another Manic for me. They're all beautiful.


I’m not a huge fan of tweed, so I’d say my favorite is the 757 Sock in Dragoon. I’m loving the mossy greens this season!

Liz Casciano

Love lunar reflections and nightfall in 757 sock. Gorgeous saturated color.


I’m a sucker for 757 Sock Brick House and Mulberries and Cream


I can't decide between Tweed Me Sock in Olive or Tweed DK in Lake Powell. Gorgeous, both of them!

Miriam Hugentobler

I love sock knitting, but the earthy tones of that Tweed Me Sock sure make me want to cast on a Knit.Wool.Love sweater!


Lunar reflection in 757!


Fluorite on Tweed Me Sock, for sure! But all the colors are just gorgeous!


Love the LTY Tweed Sock Telekenesis. All these yarns are lovely; hard to choose!

Susie Sharfman

It's so beautiful!


Love the 757 Spellbound. Thank you!

Martha Clay

Oooh, Marblehead Harbour is stunning!

Linda McLaughlin

Oh my, I love them all. Cerulean tide is probably my favorite at the moment.


Lunar Reflection and Nightfall are just magic!!!!

Filomena Hack

Persuasion and turtle doves. So difficult with all the great colours!

Debra Myers

Tweed sock in Crystal Ball. The sweater would be beautiful in this color.

Melissa Kruse

Currently loving Artificially Flavored on 757!

kathleen kaliszewski

flourite and love beah


My favorite is Tweed sock in Forest!


My alltime Love - Prickly Pear in Tweed Me Sock

Teri P

Tweed Me Sock just does it for me - it's gorgeous!
Although it's different from the colors I usually gravitate toward, Lunar Reflection is a lovely colorway that would knit up into a simply beautiful sweater!!


I love Forest Floor on Sport!


Nightfall on 757 sock is one of my favorites.


I love knitting with this yarn! The Cerulean tide really caught my eye.


Tweed Sock Hot Pants is adorable. I love knitting with Less Traveled yarns. I was lucky enough to go to a mini show she had in AZ where I bought a sparkle sock skein. She's fabulous.

Laurie Bowman

I am loving Turning Leaves and Forest Floor on Tweed DK - I can't decide!


Tweed me sock Love Beach.


Tough to just pick one but my choice is Spring Bouquet.


I love the Tweed sock Love Beach

Terry Swindell

I love the picture of the Burnout and Horseshoe Bend together. I would like that in the 757 Sock!


I really would love to knit a sweater in Tweed Me DK in the Merlot colorway. Nevertheless all the colors are stunning and it is hard to choose.

Jennifer McC

I think Merlot on Tweed Me Sock would make a beautiful sweater!


My favorite is West Fork on Tweed sock. I love their tweeds!!!!

Heather Miller

I love the LTY tweed sock in Cerulean Tide!! It’s beautiful!!! So is this pattern!!!


Tweed Me Sock in Merlot is so pretty. 757 Sock looks amazing too. Never an easy when deciding which yarn for a pullover.

Darcey Denton

That is SUCH a beautiful sweater and a perfect color to show the details!

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