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November 30, 2021





That’s one thing that Facebook does that’s really good IMHO. I have an ongoing monthly donation to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It comes right out of my checking account every month. I don’t FEEL the contribution. But a lot of my friends have charitable donation campaigns for their birthdays & I try to give at least something to each of those. And those do feel good.


Thank you Allison for your gift to the Boys and Girls Club of Fort Wayne, a great organization.
Next year, Joe will be the president of the Volusia-Flagler Boys and Girls Club, with eight sites in our area. He is always very hands on with his volunteer commitments, as he already is with the club, so it will be quite a year!

PS Love, love the Winter sock set that arrived last week!


We gave to the local food bank and LGBTQ association as well as some wildlife organizations. It does feel good!


My sister and I are trying to downsize our homes in anticipation of moving into something smaller in-the-not-too-distant future and along with our niece, we have decided to forgo gifts for each other and instead donate what we would have spent on each other for Christmas as an additional gift to each of our favorite charities in our hometowns. Right now two of us have or will be donating to our local branch of Feeding America and the third is still undecided. It was a great idea as there are so many in need and the 3 of us and our households are blessed “not to need” right now, even with tight budgets.

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