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October 14, 2021



I have three school age kids- 9, 11 and 15. They'll also get one big gift each and a stocking stuffed with goodies. My oldest is into vintage jewelry and anime, and I've scored some great rings for her at a few local thrift stores. My middle kid is a minimalist. My youngest is a more is more person, haha! The youngest has requested a rainbow scarf (it's 50% done and will go in the stocking). The oldest will snatch every blanket as soon as I finish it. I buy Penzey's spices for extended family.


Hi Allison - I have been buying small gifts on Etsy. Trying to buy from women small business owners. I have been able to buy some very nice and unique items. Everyone is getting socks, hats, lined mittens and hat, and gift cards. For my friends, I have been knitting bears and they are being sent to Amy Berman, the remarkable women who started the Mother Bear Project. They each get a picture of the bear I knitted that is named after them, with a pictures of the bear, and a copy of the Mother Bear flyer explaining the program. Works pretty well.


I am definitely making gifts, this year and every year! Most of my Christmas (and birthday) gifts get finished months ahead. I make them throughout the year while I participate in KALs on Ravelry. But no matter how much I have stockpiled, there are always late queue add-ons and I take on too much. All of the adults on my list get socks. The women might also get something else like a cowl or hat. We have a grandson now, so I am knitting a sweater or two for him, and maybe a stuffed bear with clothes….

The list never ends.

Supply chain issues won’t bother me at all.


We have gotten gift cards for everyone the past few years. The fact is that we are extremely lucky in that any of us (except the kids of course) can buy anything we want. I agree about buying experiences rather than things. I was so disappointed that our extended family trip to Ireland was cancelled by Covid last August. Silly us had hoped that we could reschedule for this year - no luck. At my age & with my health problems, I worry it won’t be possible for me to make it.


I definitely like the idea of time together as the gift! My husband and I have been doing that for years now and will now extend it to rest of family. Grand kids will get some gifts too. No knitted items for the grand kiddos though as my daughter moved to Florida! But grownup nieces and nephews will get cowls this year. And I seem to think the store is chock full and I want to try so many things - thanks for keeping us in beautiful yarn!

Dana Snyder

I have not even thought about gift giving yet. I have a few projects in mind to make and have the yarn but just can’t seem to get them started. We draw names in my husband’s family. My family is small and I usually make a soup in a jar or something like that. I’m not even sure if I’ll be traveling to PA this year for Christmas because my husband is on call on Christmas Eve. I always have a hard time coming up with ideas for my brother’s family. His wife is so hard to shop for and I have trouble coming up with things for the kids since I don’t have any. I guess I better get going if I’m going to make stuff. I have a few skeins of colossal DIC to make the pensive cowl. I wound it and can’t find where I put two of the skeins. I started one for my mom with the Hawaii color. It will come together! It always does! I’ll make my dad another pair of hunting socks in Bridgetown DK held double. I gave him a pair for Father’s Day and he loves them! I guess I have been thinking about it!! I just need to get started!! No clue about what to get my husband. Maybe we will go on a trip!


I make things but am so exciting about seeing the reactions of the recipients that I end up giving the gift when it's finished. Not even the holidays can make me do delayed gratification. Haha

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