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October 01, 2021


Geraldine Scott

Cooler temps, colored leaves, and pumpkin bread!

Shawna Peffer

I love everything about fall! The leaves changing, the temperatures dropping, the smell in the air, the chance to wear all the hats, scarves and socks that I've been making all year....

Emmaline Fenner

I also love everything about fall! But I especially love being able to start wearing cozy sweaters, scarves, coats and boots! This year I'm extra excited to do all the fun fall activities with my daughter for the first time!


I love all the fall baking


I love the cooler weather in the fall - the crispness of the morning, the warm but not hot afternoons, followed by cardigan weather evenings is perfect. Fall is also my favorite time of the year for camping. Hiking in the fall is lovely and then I can sit around the fire knitting. Perfection!


Fall is my favorite time of year! Both my sister and I have October birthdays and I love sharing that celebration with her. I love taking drives to see the changing leaves. I love that we start decorating for fall and decorating continues through the winter. I love all the pumpkin goodies. The list goes on but these are the first things that popped into my head.Happy October!

Andrea Sanderson

Cooler weather and fall colors!

Becky Creighton

I love watching the trees change color in the fall and seeing the farmers harvesting their crops. My yarn choices March the colors of the leaves.


Living in Florida, I *always* love October and the days the temperatures change! I miss my Midwestern hometown & all the foliage, but I got an October baby to celebrate each year!

This year is truly special for me though, & I'm SO excited as I place my big order. It's all for Christmas gifts for my kids, as I can finally KNIT again! I've been fighting stage 4 cancer for over 4 years, & the neuropathy from chemo which meant I couldn't hold my needles. I just got fantastic news after a surgery this month, that I am cancer free! I'm jumping up & down, so happy to knit socks & shawls again!! Happy October! 😁

Susan G

I love the warm days and cool nights, and the chance to start using the things I’ve been making all summer! 🙂🍁

Stacey D

I love cool mornings, colorful trees, knitting at the soccer pitch, and finally being able to get outside without the humidity.

Karen Barr

I love the cooler, crisper weather. The falling leaves that my dog loves to chase. And my birthday in October!

Gabriela Markley

I love The smell of the crisp air and the turning of leaves. I love getting my sweaters out and putting my thick down comforter on the bed. Snuggling in front of the fire, knitting and binge watching knitting podcasts.. visiting with my knitting community.

Georgia Green

What I love about fall ...
All the autumn celebrations -- US Thanksgiving, Halloween, Oktoberfest, Diwali (Festival of Lights), Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Eid al-Ahda (Festival of Sacrifice), Mombasa Carnival, and countless local events ...
Nature's changes -- more rain showers, cooler temps (sweater weather!), harvest moon, golden sunrise, apples, pumpkins, corn, crisper air, leaves changing color and falling, etc. ...
Comforts -- Fireplaces aglow, popcorn, spiced mulled cider, hot cocoa, baking fruit pies and cookies, toasting marshmallows, stews, hot toddies, pumpkin-pecan bread, cinnamon!!!
(Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!)


I love the cooler temperatures and watching the leaves float down, smelling burning leaves and observe the changing colors. Everyday is different with each tree trying to stand out from the others with its beautiful colors.

Sarah S

Fall is my favorite season - I love the leaf colors and the cool air. I also love the seasonal flavors - apple, maple, pumpkin... yum!


My favorite time of year. Everything about it, the colors, being able to open the windows, the fall festivals use to be one of my favorite things to do "pre-covid".

Donna Pitz

I love the fall air and the beautiful coloring changing trees. The oranges and golds always amaze me!


Fall is my favorite. Perfect camping weather with a campfire. Cooler temperatures and lots of the most beautiful blue skies.

Willa Gaffney

I love all the colors in autumn, and cozy knits, warm socks, a fire in the fireplace, knitting warm gifts for my family, my favorite alpaca knit comfort throw, and the sound of rain on the roof!

Jodie Emerick

I love the weather!

Mairi Winslow

I love nearly everything about fall - crisp cool air, changing colors, fall foods, and being more comfortable knitting big wool projects!



As much as I love summer, I look forward to wearing my handknitted things.


Cooler weather to knit by, neither heat nor A/C on, baking.


I love the colors, the smells, knitting without sweating, and the fact that you think you still have plenty of time to get the Christmas gifts made!!!


I love fall. The beautiful leaves (I'm in NH), the crisp weather, the apples (hello, pie!), All of it.


I love Halloween

Lin R

Cooler temperatures mean no bugs outside, better sleeping weather, and more comfortable knitting big cozy projects!!

Patsy Coats

I love the crisp, cool mornings.


What I love most about fall is the crisp coolness in the air that helps facilitate the slowly changing colors of the trees. And my birthday happens to be in October, the big 4-0. I will be celebrating with a quiet day at home knitting and drinking all the hot beverages!

Elizabeth Ann

The beautiful trees the cooler weather…. The DeBrand Carmel apples!!!! Let’s face it that’s the best thing about Fall!
I get to celebrate another year of life, today as A matter of fact!


I love the cooler weather, colorful leaves and football.


I love the cool nights snd warm sunny days! The pretty mums and pumpkins!!

Kathy C

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love to see the changing colors of the leaves. I love watching the geese heading south for the winter. The crisp fall aroma of firepits is a wonderful scent for me and I also enjoy apple picking and making pie with them.


I love that the cooler weather lets me cook & bake again—pumpkins, apples, etc, etc. Lovely time of year.

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