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September 28, 2021



Graceland Cemetery has the graves of a lot of famous people. George Pullman is buried there. “Pullman’s coffin, covered in tarpaper and asphalt, is sunk in a concrete block the size of a room. On top of the block lie railroad ties and even more concrete. Why so secure? The family feared that Pullman’s angry workers, whose wages were cut while their rents remained the same, would resort to skullduggery at the gravesite." ( The town just west of us, Forest Park was long described as having more dead people than living ones because it’s full of cemeteries. One contains the graves of Emma Goldman & the Anarchist martyrs from the same era as Pullman but on the opposite side (labor) as well as Peter Altgeld, the governor who pardoned the anarchists who weren’t executed - thereby ending his political career. It also contains the graves of many of those killed in a circus train accident in 1918. Their plots are surrounded by statues of elephants. ( I too find cemeteries fascinating.

Dana Snyder

I love Père Lachaise in Paris too!!

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