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August 18, 2021


Laura J Sonnek

Not a knitting group member, but have been thinking of joining or starting a group! Definitely would prefer it be in person!

Amy C

I belong to a group that has been meeting at the library for the past 35 years. We switched Zoom since March of 2020, (not the same!) but we kept on meeting! Starting this summer we have been able to do some small group gatherings at various people’s houses. One way or another, we’ll keep meeting.

Geri Heagy

I knit by myself but I am part of a couple different sock knitting groups on Facebook. It makes me still feel “connected” and love seeing shared projects.


I don’t belong to a knitting group because when I am with other people I talk, rather than knit. If I try to knit, I quickly mess it up & then cannot concentrate enough to straighten it out. I just do better quietly by myself.

Lindsey VanLeeuwen

I'm not part of a knitting group. I live in a rural area, and don't have any local shops or people I know that knit. I would love to join a virtual group!


Sadly I'm not a part of an in person knitting group, but consider myself a part of Ravelry which fulfills that knitting community feeling:D.


There use to be a large guild here where I live but it pretty much fell apart into smaller groups (leadership issues). So I have a group of friends that I get together with and knit. At the beginning of the covid we would zoom once in a while so we could see each other’s face and chat. We’ve always had a group text going but seeing and hearing others is nice. Then last summer we met in a cute little park with our camping chairs and sat in a circle 6’ apart. We met through the fall as long as we had nice enough weather. Over the winter we went back to the occasional zoom. We’ve all been vaccinated but still meet in the park instead of somewhere indoors.

Sarah D

I would love to be part of a knitting group but just have too many demands on my time right now. Maybe once all the kids are in school and I can sneak away during day hours sometime.


No knitting group right now IRL or virtual. I do belong to a couple Ravelry knitting event groups, so I do knit with the same groups in March and during the Tour de France each year.

Sarah Evans

So many members had moved away that my weekly group stopped meeting Feb before covid. My monthly group began to zoom after restrictions and is still zooming.

Rachel Sherman

I occasionally went to the one of the kind of local shops at times but since I used to work retail that was always hard for me. I've been apart of the Discord group for The KnitGirllls and like that since I can come and go when I'm able too. Since my new job isn't too far from a different yarn shop, I'm gonna try to go there some weeks after work for their knit group.


I was part of a knitting guild many years ago but the past 15+ years nope, I have a few friends that knit but no knitting group, in person or online.


Started a knit group 10 years ago. Stopped meeting prior to pandemic but we keep in touch and share knitting and life updates.

Susan Ipavec

I belong to a virtual knitting group. We meet every Friday virtually. Don’t know what I would have done last year without them!

Joan Brown

I am not in a knit group. I have tried Zoom but I cannot figure out how to get in. Thanks!


I was in 2 knitting groups that each met monthly. One group met via Zoom for a year but recently we have been meeting outside in a park. The other group has not met at all since March 2020. But knitting on my own is still a very relaxing and satisfying activity.


I do not have an in person knitting group. I did recently join the Pure Michigan Knitters on Facebook.

Alene Sternlieb

I don’t have a knitting group, but I am just now moving for a limited time to a new city. I am thinking that a knitting group would be a great thing to help me get oriented.


I’m not in a knitting group but I definitely think joining one would be great! I’ve got a few relatives that knit and it’s been fun to show off projects or bounce ideas around with them too.


I am not part of a knitting group. I was working up my courage to try one when the pandemic hit. I’m not really interested starting with a virtual group. I already Zoom at lot for work.

Michelle Lange

Once upon a time i quilted and knit in a local group. I loved the group and was a member for 15 years. But life changes, as my son entered high school I increased my hours at work. Now I knit and crochet on my own but with the incredible you tube bloggers out there I don't feel alone at all.


I am part of a knitting group. We have not started meeting in person. Sadly our Covid numbers are going back up. So I don't know when we'll start up again.
I have done Zoom meetings with The Knitting Guild. It was fun. I haven't looked into any other zoom knitting groups.

Kate s

I was part of a knitting group for many years but kids/life/etc slowed things down. We are currently planning a restart with a virtual meeting in September


I'm a solo knitter but I will knit anywhere so I am not usually alone.

Ashley W

Not part of a group, but you do make it sound delightful. Perhaps post-pandemic I will try to make some new friends.


Had a small group last summer and we met in the park. We could visit and still keep our distance. But this summer 2 have moved, one is working and another fell and is not knitting. So this summer has been rather lonely and I have lost some of my knitting mojo. Groups are very nice.

Claire Sleeman

I was in a group before I moved, but looking for a new one. Didn't find anything on Ravelry, waiting for covid to end and hoping for the best. Really miss my knitting peeps


I belong to a lovely knitting group. Sadly we haven’t seen too much of each other IRL the last 18 months but I’m really hoping 2022 means catching up properly again!

Terri Brinegar

I do belong to a knitting group but have not met up with them yet. I just follow along online. Hopefully by next summer I can actually meet them!!

Deb Monnin

I was part of a group which made prayer shawls, and now that group has moved on to do other things for people. The group disbanded several years before the pandemic. I however have continued to knit through it all!


Yes I belong to 2 groups. A sock group with my LYS and a charity knitting group with my council on aging. We are meeting now but did not during pandemic

Teri P

No, I don't knit with a group. My knitting buds are the podcasters I watch. May be a little creepy to say, since none of them know they are my friends, :-)

Maggie J.

My local NJ group used to meet up in person on Thursdays before the pandemic. We tried to meet up via Zoom but fewer and fewer people kept showing up so we don't meet anymore. It's intense and immensely hard. I had a newborn last year and the lack of friendships and connection feels isolating.

Nancy Moore

I used to be part of a knitting group that met in person at a coffee shop before the pandemic. This year, they have met a couple times in person, but I got a new job and can't meet up with them anymore. It was nice to see what everybody was working on and talking face to face.


I don't have a knitting group and only have one part-time knitting friend who lives on the opposite coast. I think I would like a knitting group, but I am much too introverted and too busy (work on average 55-60 hours a week) to actually join one. But they do sound so exceedingly fun, so maybe someday!

PS- love Fiberstory! I grew up in the Detroit area and Fiberstory was the very first indie dyed yarn that I ever bought. :)


Yes. I am part of a knitting group. We’ve been together at least 8 years meeting every Thursday at a Starbucks. Last year we didn’t meet but now we meet at my house. Good friendships have been made!


I knit with a lovely group. We’ve continued to meet outdoors and socially distanced, in an open garage all bundled up and socially distant, and now that we are all vaccinated, one member has us over each week. I only get to meet up sporadically, depending on work and kids sport schedules, but seeing these friends is a highlight of my week.

Katherine S.

I used to have a group that would meet once a month, and we called it "knit night". We haven't picked it back up since the pandemic.

Tera Eve Liles

I'm not part of any knitting groups although I do follow a few podcasters when they post things on ravelry. I don't really know of any other knitters close to me, but thank you for the idea of searching ravelry to see if there are any close by!! I can usually be found sitting on my bed knitting while listening to podcasts!! LoL

Jenn H

No physical groups. I don't have community of any sort here... but I am part of an amazing fb group that started bc we were all using the same brand wool diapers for our kids and found out we all were involved in some way in fiber arts.... and now it's been years and a few more kids later and we are all still fast friends and travel far to meet up when we can. It's been a couple years though now

Sarah S

I'm not a part of a knitting group. My knitting schedule is pretty irregular right now, so it's not a great match. But in the future, I would love to knit more and join a knitting community!


I am part of a knitting group. We moved to virtual gatherings during the pandemic and it just isn't the same :/

Emily Heyerdahl

I was in a wonderful knitting group until first one of us retired and then a second. I have joined a new group, but its much too large. I prefer a small group of 3 to 5 knitters.


I am not part of a knitting group. I enjoy knitting with others upon occasion, though. I like to see what others knit and the yarn they use. My “group” is available on YouTube for now.


I am not part of a knitting group yet, but I'm looking for one. I do knit virtually with my mom, who lives in another state, at least once a week.


I am not in a knitting group. Those mini sets are great looking!

Elizabeth Oswalt

I haven't been a part of a knitting group, but I'm in a few discord, I'm not active much more of a lurker I guess?


It's pretty rural where I live, and I don't really know anyone who knits any longer, so I'm pretty much a lone knitter. Knitting groups sound fun though! The comments here have me thinking about poking around for a virtual group.


Mostly alone. I know a lot of knitters, but our jobs and kids kept us from getting together as a group. Maybe post pandemic that will change...

G. K. Green

I have been a member of my local TKGA-affiliated knitting guild for many years ... We last met in person before the pandemic restrictions ... in March 2020. The only meetings since then have been virtual / online ones. I am also a member of several Ravelry groups (by interest area, not geography; online text discussion). Thanks for the giveaway!

Patsy Coats

Yes, a few of us meet twice a month. We social distance and most have been vaccinated.

Lugarda Cappetta

I am in a very small (3 people) group of knitters. We used to work together at a local yarn store and have been meeting once a month since the owner of the store sold and closed it about 20ish years ago. We haven’t met since the pandemic hit but are planning to see each other again starting this fall after school starts. I can’t wait; I miss them so much.

Tara Hunt

I am a part of an in person local knitting group at our local library, but ever since the pandemic, we have moved the group to online weekly zoom meetings. We haven't lessened our restrictions just in case due to the majority age in our group (60+ with a few in their 20s/30s). We also randomly choose a project a month to work on together via Ravelry! It's been a super awesome and supportive group so far!


I knit solo though I am part of Summer Sock Camp 2021 with a group on Ravelry. We don’t have a lot of interest in knitting where I live and no LYS so I have always met other knitters online.

Deborah M

I’m in a great knitting group. Didn’t expect to find one here in Florida. We started meeting monthly at the library. Expanded to once a week outside the library. We met at a restaurant, then moved to a church. When the pandemic started, we didn’t meet for a few months, then moved to a park as we felt safe outside. After vaccination, we moved back to the church. Now that our rates are sky high and hospitals are overflowing, we’re back in the park. It’s too hot to stay long, but we miss everyone too much to stop altogether.


I taught myself to knit and have only a few friends who knit. Both are close friends who I enjoy this added part of our relationship. One friend lives close so we knit together at lease once a month bit the other lived further away so I don't see her as much. I do text and talk about yarn and knitting with both. I would love to be part of a bigger group, but haven't found them yet.


No I’m not right now. We moved about 6 years ago and while there is a group here they meet during the day and I work. Hopefully one day.


Miss you, lady! 💜


I belong to two knitting guilds and one crochet guild, as well as a charity crafting group. All but one of the groups have started getting together in person, inside, a couple months ago. But we’re back to wearing masks again.

The other knitting guild has weekly zooms. These have helped me get a lot of knitting done!

Peggy Pennell

I am not much of a "joiner" but if I was it would definitely a knitting group rather than a book group, etc.


Yes! And yes! Our group has resumed meeting weekly.....but I'm finding I'm too tired to head out after supper to join them. Maybe a virtuall group is more my speed these days?!

Julie Hutchins

During the pandemic, I started a virtual knitting group with two other friends. We are taking a break now, during the summer months, but I hope we will restart when fall arrives!

Lue Bond

We have a group that meets weekly in the park to knit. As the weather gets colder and the snowbirds leave, we have a group of 4 that meet wherever we can find a place to accommodate us. We are looking forward to a road trip to Simply Socks.

Brandi H

I used to knit in groups years ago when I first started knitting but as I've moved, gotten married and changed jobs I just stopped being able to find time for it I guess. It's a shame because I loved going to knitting group. I did start one at my old job a few years back and taught a lot of co-workers how to knit which was so fun! I really miss it!!!


I don't belong to a knitting group, but I do go to a retreat twice a year with my sister-in-law and 8-10 other ladies who have become good friends.


Yes! I love my knitting group!!! We started to meet as soon as government restrictions permitted. Of course everyone was Vaccinated and that eased our concerns for our older members!

Alexis H

I used to belong to a Stitch & Bitch. We started more than 10 years ago, and I was one of the first 3 members! Unfortunately, at the very beginning of the pandemic, the leader decided to completely shut the group down.

I have thought a virtual knit night could be fun, but haven't had much time to consider it since my husband is a COVID long hauler (he got it last year) and I am now caregiver for him, and for my mother, who doesn't live with us. And I'm disabled by chronic pain issues, so life's a little too hard right now to start anything new. I do think about it, though!

Lori Lynn Parsons

I’m not part of a knitting group but may look into one on Ravelry!😊


I knit alone. I learned to knit when I was about 12 years old in a club called 4H. I made a simple ear warmer and then I never knit anything else until 43 years later, in 2020 during the pandemic, I started knitting again following YouTube tutorials. I try to knit or crochet every free minute I have and am loving it!

Jennifer Mc.

My “group” has just been one friend and I, though I do go to my LYS and sit and knit sometimes. I’ve done a lot my online ordering since the pandemic began. I also joined Summer Sock Camp this summer and that’s been a lot of fun,


Currently, I am a solo knitter. Previously, I went to Knit Night, but the shop closed a number of years ago. If the evening highway construction work is ever completed, I might consider joining another group.


Yes, a member of a local knitting group that met in person at our local library until the pandemic. We have been meeting via Zoom for months, but hopeful we start meeting in person again on September 2.

Anne B

I’m not part of a knitting group, but I would love to be. I started knitting in January before the pandemic started, which has been a huge calming and stress-relieving activity for me.


I wish I were in a knitting group, even if it was virtual! When I moved and my LYS closed, I lost the lovely group of ladies I used to knit with but I'm on the hunt for a new one.


I used to be part of a regular knitting group. We used to meet in a local bookstore combining most of our passions. Since the pandemic we did not go virtual so it disbanded for a while. I’m hopeful as we get together for more in person yarn festivals, we’ll start meeting again.

Rachel B

I don't have a knit group. The couple times I tried I was the only young mom in a group of retirees. Could have been supportive but not what I wanted at the time.

Sandy W

I was in a knitting group at our local cross-stitch shop. We haven’t met since covid started. I FaceTime knit once in a while with a friend from that group. I miss being able to knit with our group.

Susanna Eve

Years ago I was part of a RL knitting group. Now I am too old to enjoy evening events and I cannot knit in low light or loud venues.

Meredith M

Yes, I have a knitting group. When I moved to a new state, it was how I met people. And these ladies are now my friends and support here.

Kat Gatzke

I’ve never been part of a knitting group. I’ve done a little looking around but haven’t found much in my area.


I started a group in my town 14 years ago and we are still going strong! We would meet in the local Panera. They were so good to us! During lockdown we switched to zoom meetings which were better than nothing but nothing beats meeting in person. We started meeting again when things were looking better. Then our meeting place closed. So we moved to the other Panera in another part of town. They welcomed us with open arms. We were a group of knitters (and some crocheters)who were mostly strangers and now we have forged friendships which have lasted over the years and over the miles as some members moved away. I am really proud of this group

Emilie McFeely

I belong to 2 knitting groups, each meeting at different times of the week/month. We never did slow down any during the pandemic.


I'm the wrangler behind our knitting group, which grew out of conversations about knitting when a number of our kids were in preschool together. The kids are now finishing or have graduated from
college, and the group membership has evolved, but we met regularly until the pandemic hit. We did one or two sessions early online, then just one in person (outdoors, on a small farm) this past late-spring/early-summer when things were feeling like they were improving. No more since. :(

Lisa Dos Reis

I dont belong to any groups. Never considered joining any because for me knitting is my therapy. I have 2 ASD kids and do not get alot of free time during the day. After they fall aspeep is when i pick up my needles and knit.


I used to be in a knitting group before we moved to a new city. We met every Friday afternoon/evening and knitted and talked and talked and it and sure do miss it!

linda Scarborough

No knitting groups available in my area, so knit alone. Probably best for me as am easily distracted. As has happened in many places the three yarn shops that were within a 40 minute drive of me have closed. Follow a couple of blogs and do on-line shopping for yarn. Looking at you Simply Socks.

Denise Hawkins

No I don't belong to a knitting group I live in a very small town and we don't have one. But I would like to join one if I can find one. :)

Jen Taylor

I don't knit. I don't have any other crochet friends or groups other than Instagram follows. I love FIBER STORY yarn though! Beautiful colorways!


I've been a member of a few knitting groups over the years, but haven't found one that I've stuck with. I do have a group of ladies that meet once a year for a crafting retreat weekend. We missed last year due to COVID, but that single weekend helps refill my cup more than some of my regular self-care routines ;)


I meet with some knitters on Tuesdays. In-person for now, but we hung out on Zoom for many months.

Dasha S

I am a part of the Global community of the knitters in Instagram. I am a new member and just started to learn how it works. Hopefully will join KALs this September. Before I used to spend a day in a week in my LYS to learn the knitting and other crafts. Miss that time.


Yes - and I love it! It's me, my sister, my best friend, and her sister. We met virtually when we were on lockdown and have been meeting in person once we were all vaccinated. Generally, we've followed whatever the CDC guidelines are.


I knit alone. No knitting group for me yet. I think that if I was part of a group I would talk too much and not get any knitting done. 😄


Not part of a knitting group outside of Ravelry. I'm not very social to begin with and the pandemic kind of amplified that.

Lucy Kesler

I'm not part of a group as i knit in spurts, not consistently. However when my husband and i owned a bed and breakfast we had several groups that came and stayed and knit and they had a glorious time!

Amy e

I was fortunate to be invited to join a small knitting group that used to meet every Wednesday night without fail. Then with kids of various ages and different activities, it got less frequent and we lost 2 members but gained 2 more. I went to my first MDSW with these ladies and we have a great time together. Covid definitely side lined us but we are getting together again.

Mimi Kriegbaum

I am not in a knitting group. I would love to be in one, though!!🤗🤗🤗Still looking for a group of ladies to knit with on a regular basis.🧡🙏

Jane P

No I don’t belong to a group but need to look for a virtual one. @beeboothes

Ashley O'Malley

I am not part of a group, but I am ALWAYS knitting and love introducing people to knitting. General knitting is pleasingly solitary for me though.


I'm not in a group.

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