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August 18, 2021


Crystal Parker

I'm a loner Dotty, a rebel.
Never considered myself a introvert, but I'm definitely self conscious about knitting in front of other knitters. Now give me a beer in front of strangers and I'm down for that! I could knit all night.

saffron shipper

can't wait to try fiberstory - these colors are fabulous!

Rachel Elliott

I knit alone. I've thought about joining a knit night at a some what local knitting shop but it's really too far to be convenient. I'm actually okay knitting by myself. I tend to be pretty introverted and busy with family and work.

Emma Zumwalt

I haven't been part of a knitting group before, but I recently got invited to one that is going to start again this excited!

Nicole Acuna

My best friend is also a knitter (she taught me) but she lives 3 states away so we do virtual knit nights on zoom - it’s so much fun!

Amber Zeigler

I'm unfortunately not part of any knitting groups. There's nothing local and I'm kinda anti social. I enjoy seeing others working online though.

Rachel Mills

I've never belonged to a knitting group. I tend to enjoy knitting as a solitary hobby, or knitting while keeping my boyfriend company. It might be fun though to meet up with long distance knitting friend one day.

Laura S

Not part of a knitting group. I knit in the evenings while watching TV with the hubby guy.

Elizabeth Ann

I can’t believe how much James has changed!
I don’t belong to A knitting group because I like the peacefulness of knitting! Trust me I barely have time to sit down! When I do have A minute it is so calming ( usually) to sit and knit. It is something I do for myself.
Your group sounds so fun though!

Miriam Hugentobler

I'm not part of a knitting group but there's a great LYS here that I'd definitely consider. I do follow their emails/events as well as yours!


I know there's a group that (used) to meet at my local library. Not sure if they're in person or not yet. I was working on a self-care plan for a new (super stressful) job, I have knitting with squishy yarn, but this might be a great addition to my plan. Thanks for idea.

Barb Laufersweiler

I'm part of a knitting group at my church that meets twice a month. It's friendly and supprtive, and people come & go. We met online during the pandemic. They have been meeting in person this summer but I'm not ready to do that. I also tried a virtual knitting group run by the public library last spring. It was super interesting to meet different people.

Tabitha B

I don't belong to a local knitting group, but I do belong to a local fiber arts group, the Flax and Fleecers Guild, that focuses more on spinning. Someday I would like to belong to a local knitting group.


Thank you for the chance to win! ❤️ I’ve never been part of a knitting group, but I have a knitting coworker who i used to knit with a lunch hour, but now we both work from home….hopefully we will continue when we’re back at the office!

Kathleen N

I have never been part of a knitting group but I would love to be in one. I’m sure I could learn quite a bit from them as I am a fairly new knitter! We did have a local crochet group, which I met with, but we haven’t met since the pandemic began.

Bonnie Lundholm

I am part of some facebook and youtube knitting groups. My favorite of this is Fiber Love Diary.

Michelle Embry

I currently live in Charlotte, but have been meeting virtually with a group I used to knit it’s in Ohio before I moved. It’s been a lot of fun connecting with friends I hadn’t seen in a few years - they have resumed meet in person, but we still do a weekly virtual get together.


I’m not part of a group but I crochet with one of my kids and knit with the other but not for a while. They both have bee. Exploring other crafts such as watercolors and doll making. I usually knit or crochet while they paint or craft


I have a drop in knit group that meets at a cafe every Tuesday. It is an open group. We met in person except for the first month of tbe pandemic as restrictions were lifted early in our small town. It was our sanity.

Rebecca P

I used to be in knitting group but it disbanded several years ago. I would love to be part of a knitting group but haven't found one in my area that is a good fit.


I am a solo knitter. Sometimes will share and/or knit with some friends but usually prefer to work alone :)


I don’t belong to a knotting group. I tend to knit in spurts, working like mad for a few weeks, then not knitting for awhile at all.


I'm not part of a knitting group but join Rav-based KALs once in a while


I was a part of knitting groups when we had a local yarn shop, but since it left and I have had some health issues I have not been in a group. I often take my knitting with me - when one can go out among people in these COVID times which just keep lingering - I have a friend who knits and we frequently knit together of an afternoon.

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