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August 18, 2021


Daphne Jackson

No, I don't belong to a group, I knit by myself for peace and calm. I used to go to a local yarn shop for inspiration but it moved about 40 miles from me.

Dale Clark

My "group" consists of my sister and me. A few years ago, we were at our Aunt's house for Thanksgiving. My Aunt and sister were crocheting. I had always eschewed anything having to do with yarn, but as I sat and watched them, I thought, "that looks interesting", then "I wonder if I could do that". During the drive home, I asked my sister if it was hard. As soon as we got home, she brought me a book, a hook, and truly awful yarn. I learned. After a few years, we decided to learn to knit, once again at Aunt Laura's house. Rather like learning how to drive a manual transmission. Aunt Laura is no longer with us in physical form, but we still feel her presence and we keep our tradition alive. Thanksgiving of 2020, we decided to teach ourselves to knit socks. Perhaps Thanksgiving 2022 we will tackle cables. Always something to learn and create. Our little group will continue to march.


I knit alone.
However, some of my friends and family ask about my knitting projects and yarn purchases and my details and enthusiasm probably make them wish they hadn’t. 😉
I’m really liking the curated sets!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I was a part of 2 knitting groups that met every week before the lockdowns. Now I am only meeting twice a month with about 6 friends so we can social distance.


I don't knit in a group. I went to a few of my city's Knitting Guild meetings a few years ago, and I honestly don't remember why I stopped. I maybe haven't found my tribe yet, and, being introverted, I'm okay knitting on the couch by myself.


I used to be part of a knitting group at the yarn store in my community and also a craft group of Mom’s from my daughter’s elementary school (she’s going to be 35 next month). Unfortunately I haven’t been able to be part of those groups for at least 5 years, due to chronic pain. I do miss sharing our projects and just chatting about our everyday lives. You’ve given me an idea; perhaps those friends would be interested in a virtual group that I could be part of from my recliner.


I knit alone. I find it very relaxing and peaceful by myself. I have tried knitting with a group but I found I didn't do much knitting while I was there. Maybe it just wasn't the right group for me.


Mostly I knit alone and love it, but I am in a couple of church groups and also teach fiber crafts to young people. The pandemic impacted in-person time with friends and groups, but has given me more time to knit at home!
I love the Fiber Story "stories!"

Stephanie Lewis

No in-person Knitting. So, we have made the best of it. We do zoom Knitting each week. It has kept me sane and connected.


I have a few friends who knit and we used to meet at least 2x/month at McAllisters or Panera and knit and eat and talk... we have not done that since March 2020... We have gotten together a couple of times for dinner and to talk but the knitting has not come back... and I fear it may be awhile also until that happens...


I have been part of different groups in the past. I have not been part of one for a few years--prior to this event beginning. I do take my knitting where I go. I have a knitting bag with me at all times--so therefore I knit alone but then with others often.

Tina Rheinford

I've been part of a regular knit group for over 18 years. I did not meet with them during the pandemic because they weren't following the mask and distance guidelines. My 14yo is a type 1 diabetic and I had to be extra careful. I had been back since getting my 2nd shot. Her store closed last month. There are several of us who hope to start up a small side group. My knitting peeps have helped me through some super bad times. I miss them.


Not part of a group. Knit mostly in the evenings to relax. If a pattern requires more attention I knit a little during the day until I know what I'm doing but most of the progress is made in the evening.


I am in a knitting guild which had been doing online meetings during he pandemic but are now in person. My local yarn shop closed due to the pandemic but all of the friends I made there do still get together and knit. We have been getting together every 2 weeks in person but before that we got together online.


I'm a solo knitter, which for me is good. I'm not a confident knitter, tend to get distracted easily and can't follow a pattern if I'm talking. I would never get any knitting done if I were part of a group!


I do not belong to a knitting group but do follow several knitters on YouTube . I enjoy the quiet of knitting and usually listen to audiobooks while knitting.

Nicole S

I don't belong to a local knitting group - I tried one once, but I didn't really connect with the people there. I don't belong to an online knitting group in the sense of having a regular time for Zoom chat or the like, but I am part of a few Ravelry threads that give me an opportunity to ask questions and share my projects in a way I can't with non-knitters.


I used to have a knitting group that met at my local yarn store, but then the store closed down. Some of them kept meeting, but in a location too far for me. Now I knit at home watching knitting podcasts!


I don't have a knitting group, but I wish I did! I keep trying to convince the people in my life they need to learn...

Kate Greenwood

I primarily knit alone but my friend and I will often knit together when we walk her dog!


I am not part of a “knitting group”. But I am surrounded by a group of friends that are all “makers”…knit, crochet, sewing, cooking. There are always projects, tips and resources being discussed and shared. We are all busy raising families and/or working, so we don’t have a designated time or place to meet. Crafting is just part of life and it weaves its way into all kinds of spaces.

PK Buchholz

I knit alone, for relaxation! I do share pics with friends/fellow knitters, and post my projects on Ravelry. Don't know what I'd do without Ravelry!!


I started a knitting group back in 08. We met every Tuesday night for the years have gone by our numbers have gone down...but we still get together...just not near as often. During the pandemic we met once or twice...the first time was outside at a local park in a picnic pavilion...we all brought lawn chairs and sat in a circle...all 6 feet apart! It was great to be together?

M Reedstrom

I don't usually knit in a group. Sometimes with friends.

Jody Laake

Sadly no - I’m not part of a knitting group at this time. Distance and my hours at work keep me away from the groups in this area. I have been in several groups over the years and I highly recommend joining one or more - they’re a lot of fun and also a great place to grow as a knitter.


Unfortunately the pandemic has halted meetings for our "in person" knitting group though we all really need to start again soon. I definitely need to be proactive about restarting our group - thank you for the "push"!


I am currently not part of a knitting group, but can't wait until it's safe to join one.


I have two local knitting groups. They each met up once a week. But since the COVID pandemic, they no longer get together in person. I don’t expect to go back.

L. Miiler

I am not in a knitting group. Not sure if my small town has one. I'm sure there are knitters out there, not sure how to connect.


My local knitting group used to meet one afternoon and one morning a week, in slightly different iterations depending on who was available when. We had one break before the pandemic when the coffeehouse we met at literally started to fall down and was closed, until we found a new location. Then the pandemic hit and during good weather we'd meet with our lawn chairs and our BYOBs in the park. It's a lot more hit or miss now, in terms of whether anyone shows up, and I miss all the cross-pollination and good company.

Kerita Fuller

I am part of a knitting group! Once things started to open up after the lockdowns, I helped organize a face to face meetup on World Knit in Public Day with a few local knitters I met on Instagram. At that meetup, a bunch of other lovely knitters in my area showed up who already had a group I didn’t know about. I’ve been meeting with them since then! I also started a group through my church a few years ago, but we stopped meeting during the lockdowns. I’ve been thinking of starting that one up again, soon!


I am in a few knitting groups. 1 - used to meet at local bars/restaurants. Since the pandemic we have had only 2 in-person meetings, and they were held in parks to still distance. The virtual meetings we started are now suspended. 2 - friends meeting weekly at Starbucks pre-pandemic. We now meet in the park and will continue that for the foreseeable future. 3 - local shop night. They've gone back to in-person, but I'm not yet comfortable attending.
I LOVE a good group!


Yes, I am in a knitting group and we have met consistently whens shutdowns have opened up.


I don't belong to a knitting group but I'm often envious when I see a group of people in a knitting store. Fortunately, I'm content to knit at home with a podcast or tv show for company.

Ellen Bartlett

Knitting groups and yarn shops are limited in my area. I have a few knitting friends that I can see now that I’m fully vaccinated! It’s been a long haul for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing. Let’s hope for a better fall/winter.


I am an active member of my knitting guild. We held virtual meetings during the lockdown and I ran a virtual knitting group as well. Looking forward to in person meetings!

Lisa Long

Yes I’m in an informal knit group for local folks to me. We have a Facebook group and try to gather occasionally in various homes. It’s been challenging, but so fun to connect. There are a small handful of us that usually attend and participate in the group, plus some others that do when they ca. It’s fun to share projects and get help and just be yarn friends!

Rose Birchall

I am part of a weekly group that meets in the park. But family obligations have kept me from participating.


I am part of a family of knitters, so my knitting group mostly consists of my mom and sister, and we met both virtually and outdoors in person to knit during the pandemic. Love the blue fade you put together!!😍😍


I was part of a knitting group at my LYS after I learned to knit but the group dwindled and drifted into a different time, so two groups merged and it was too crowded for all of us to fit. And the focus changed. So one day when my car was being serviced, I had their van drop me off for the morning at my LYS and was welcomed with open arms into a small but very stable group of wonderful women, who are now some of my best friends. We’ve helped each other through losses of husband, son with terminal cancer, they’ve supported me immensely through my ongoing cancer treatment, etc. They are my “rocks”. They’ve been getting together, masked, since things “opened up”, but our LYS just closed. I’ve popped in a few times when I can pull it off physically and my husband got to meet all of them since he drives me everywhere now. They/we are currently meeting weekly at a library and occasionally at a new LYS that opened just before the pandemic hit and has survived. We want to support her and help her grow her business. It’s also much nicer to be in proximity to yarn, needles, and expert help if we need it, but the library is also working out well. I wish I could see them every week, and hopefully I’ll improve and be able to do so. One member of our group moved away to be near grandchildren and just came back for a visit, what a reunion that was. Tears and smiles and hugs all around!!

Patricia Elbrecht

Just had my first time in a knitting shop since before Covid-19. My dear husband drove me 90 minutes to get there. It was so amazing to be in room of fully vaccinated knitters, chatting and fondling yarn. The Knitting Room is a great place, if only I were local to them. I have access to a zoom group, sadly, I am too distracted seeing all their sweet faces to knit.


I sometimes knit in a group at my.lys and did socialize with a few of the people I met there. Covid put a stop to those groups. Unfortunately too many people have moved away but we keep in touch via fb. We'll see what the group is like when covid let's us meet.


I used to be part of an in person knitting group in Minneapolis, but now I belong to 2 virtual groups on Facebook.


I do not belong to a knitting group, but follow several people on YouTube and Instagram.


I used to meet with a lovely group in Orlando but haven't found a group since we moved - and the pandemic has made that search more difficult. So now I knit at home and in waiting rooms.

Barbara Morgan

The three groups I knit with are now back to in person gatherings. But during the pandemic we had Zoom sessions weekly. One of the groups has continued to Zoom as well, alternating weekly so those who live 30+ minutes away can still be involved.

One of my groups had been meeting at our LYS. Unfortunately the owner has not decided to allow us to continue there. But we are having fun meeting outdoors, at restaurants and in others homes.

My biggest disappointment is that during early lockdowns, I was able to reconnect with my knitting groups back in Tennessee thru Zoom (I moved away in the fall of 2019).When they were able to meet in person again, I was heartbroken. I was happy for them, but it was hard to lose that weekly connection again.

Our knitting guild here in Minnesota had to go to monthly Zoom meetings, and they have been wonderful! We have been able to have guest speakers from all over the country, something that would not be possible in person. Since we are a state-wide guild, some of our members are hours away. Now, attendance is booming! For example we had 90 participants last night for Andrea Wong's program on the history of Portuguese Knitting.


I'm not in a knitting group. I find knitting very relaxing and in the last few months I've started to listen to books on tape while I knit - makes the time fly by. Getting lots of knitting done!


At my previous job there were two knitting groups (for the two main buildings). It was such a joy to meet up weekly, and with the main organizer I also helped teach newcomers. This was about 8 years ago. While I couldn't attend in later years due to work demands, I made some wonderful friends I would have never met otherwise due to the size of our organization. Some I began to meet with outside of work, and unfortunately we have not made the time to meet once the pandemic began (along with major life changes outside of the pandemic), but your question reminds me to try to coordinate a Zoom meeting if nothing else! I miss it, and the truly personal sharing that occurs in the process. It is both crafting, fun, camraderie, and therapy at once.


Omgsh I LOVE the Fiberstory yarn! As for knitting in a group - I never have. I'm more of a "knit in the confines and safety of my living room" kind of knitter. Though, I do go on long "yarn walks" with a neighborhood friend and Knit-pal where we wander the local streets and talk all things yarn and knitting!


I am part of a knit group. We’ve met online since the pandemic started. The group is starting to alternate between in person and on Zoom.

Carla LoganMercer

Yes a Couple of us have started knitting together and we had been meeting at a park and and social distanced there. We are vaccinated. Several of us have continued to wear mask and others are getting back to it. It is all very crazy. We can’t wait to go back day tripping to our favorite your stores. Waiting to see what happens. I am glad Miss Babs is back.

Brenna Delosier

I don’t have a knitting group. I follow a couple of groups on Ravelry though, feels like a community.

Leigh Ann Goodman

I am in a local group that a knitting friend started about 12 years ago. We used Zoom meetings during Pandemic and have recently begun meeting once or twice a month when we can sit outside. We have a Facebook group so we stay in touch.


I had a small group of knitting friends that got together occasionally for knit night. With the pandemic and then one friend moving out of state, we have not continued our knit nights. I miss it.

Becky J

My group consists of my daughter and myself. She is two hours away with she and her husband’s three kids under age 4 so I’m doing most of the knitting. She did mange to knit a blanket for her youngest (4 mon) and got it finished before she was born. Since then two Russian joins have popped loose and woe is she. I don’t know how to help her! I keep my projects small and portable.


I do not have a knitting group. I'm doing the online FB groups thing, but UGH the drama on FB groups. I never thought to look at Ravelry for local groups. So, I mostly just knit alone, or with someone around who doesn't knit at all.

Dana Snyder

I had a knitting group when the local yarn shop was open but it closed before the shut down. We never re formed our group yet. I’ve knit with a couple people. I’ve been joining things online. I joined knit camp and it’s a really fun online knitting community. I’ve talked to some people about getting out group back together but we just haven’t done it yet. Now things are getting crazy again so we shall see!

Donna Reed

I am part of 2 groups. Long time group of Kentucky stitchers, that haven’t met in a long time due to Covid. Also in a charity knitting group for knitted knockers for breast cancer survivors.


I have been part of a group in the past that met on Tuesday evenings. I really found inspiration and courage to attempt new techniques with them. Some members have moved away. Some members have had life altering health issues. I haven't attended since the pandemic unfolded.
Now I go it alone. YouTube and the internet are my resources for technique and inspiration.


I'm in a very sporadic online group but would love to find a more consistent in person group eventually. But I'm also a bit of an introvert so I don't necessarily put myself out there.


I used to be part of a local knitting group, with about a dozen off and on members, who would meet up at various local restaurants and coffee shops. Unfortunately, I never got really close to any of them (maybe because I don't have children, and a lot of them did), but they were really nice ladies, and I enjoyed knitting with them when I could make it.

They haven't met at all during the pandemic, unfortunately. No online meetups/get togethers, at least not that I was invited to. I hope that one day they will have a meetup in person again, and I can attend.

My social interaction is basically all online these days, so I would be super interested in joining a virtual knitting group, where we did like... Zoom or Discord meetups to knit together and chat. That sounds like a really great time.

Terri Kelly

I go to my knitting group on Mondays at our local community center. Last summer we met under a huge tent in the parking lot. We also zoomed for a while in the winter. Once we got fully vaccinated we are back at the center. I am also on 2 other zoom groups. One in SC where I lived for 12 years. I still have friends there that now zoom. They meet in person at a local library and also zoom at the same time. I am also in a zoom group at a local yarn shop in Lancaster PA. They are all so much fun. But in person is far better.


Man oh man do I love FS minis!! So. Much. Fun. I'm part of the Sharon Show/Casapinka FB group and 99% of the time it is fabulous (of course, there is the occasional drama but that usually gets taken care of pretty quickly). I've learned alot through this group and made some new friends, including some in my hometown that I might not have "met" otherwise.


I don't belong to a group. My LYS has a standing informal group once a week, but I usually have plans for that day.

Kim Payne

I'm part of a group that used to meet at the library. One member has held socially distant meetings in her back yard but mostly we have a group text.


I'm sure a knitting group is fun but I'm a "solo" knitter. Although I've knitted off and On for several years I think I would be intimidated by others who were so advanced. Yes I could probably learn from others but will continue to knit alone for now.

Kim Witherow

I used to be part of a group and developed life-long friendships from it. For the past few years life has become busy with growing children so I've been solo knitting.
I'm hoping in the future to find another group, but it's hard in a rural environment.


No, I'm not part of a regular knitting group but I have "met" up with one on Zoom via my Ravelry group since the pandemic began.


Yes, I am part of a knitting group. No, I have not been able into meet up with them during the pandemic. I miss them.


I am not part of a knitting group. My local yarn shop closed several years ago and the knitting group ended. I miss it.

Diane H

I’m apart of a group that meets on Thursday evenings. Somehow we’ve managed to survive COVID-19 and the death of our founder/mentor to cancer in 2020. We met at a park to knit as weather permitted and then later in a restaurant. Our lys recently reopened and we’re knitting again in our favorite place. Everyone is vaccinated but still wearing masks and doing our best to social distance. 💗🧶💗


I’m a member of several weaving guilds and many of us of us knit during those guild meetings. All of those meetings have been virtual this past year and a half. So no knit group, but yes, a group of knitter friends.

I love Zoom meetings! They give a chance to connect but eliminate the driving time.

Pat Phythian

I'm not in a knitting group. Being an "introvert" I'm not really a joiner. After busy days at my middle school library, I need alone time, knitting, quilting, crocheting and reading give me a chance to re-charge. I don't even have TV but enjoy the quiet and rhythm of what I'm doing.

Bailey Voges

I’m not part of a knitting group, but I am pretty active in a few ravelry groups which is nice. I live in a small town and am moving to a smaller town, so I don’t even know if there are even in person knitting groups where I’ll be moving.


My group is me. Before the Pandemic, when I had off, I would go to the library where some ladies would meet on Friday mornings to knit. I do attend Vogue Knitting Live each month, just one class, and that is my virtual group.


I wish I was part of a knit group! There aren't enough people around me that knit...unfortunately....
I do follow some knit people on line. I have found them to be helpful.

Kim Holbrook

I don’t knit in a group but have two good friends who knit and we share ideas and yarn shop together. I knit for relaxation and enjoy the solitude!


Yes, we met virtually during the cold months and are meeting in a park now.

Ellen C,

I'm a solo knitter. Groups often met when I had to work. I do have crafty friends and family, and we often check out and admire each other's current project. (Painters, scrap bookers, knitters, crochet pros, sewers, bakers, etc.) Love knowing people with so many different skills.

Helen Messner

I would love to join a knit group. I participated in a local yarn shop knit along a couple years ago and it was very fun. Bit can't bring myself to start something new until things calm down again.

Lynn B

Yeah to our knit group! Prior to Covid, we alternated homes in our town on a weekly basis. Now, two of our members are out of town. We have virtually held knit group for over a year. The bright side of that is that we can all attend! It is RELAX time! Now, we have recently gone to lunch outside. Don't know what I would do without this group.

Kathy Hooker

No I'm not part of a yarn group. My sister and I share pictures and info of our yarn projects over the phone. Not sure how I feel about joining a group. :)


I mostly knit solo, as I can’t concentrate well on complex patterns plus conversation. But I have a group of friends who knit and/or crochet and we often share our projects or go yarn shopping together.

Rebecca Wessling

I am not currently part of a knitting group. Most groups I have found meet during the week. With 2 kids in multiple sports and a full time job, I am sorry to say knitting time is often the few minutes I find during the day. Hoping to find a group when life is a bit calmer.


!I am not part of any knitting group. And I don’t wish to join any group. I prefer knitting at home in my comfy surroundings. This is such a pleasure to me to sit in my favorite chair and knit

Renee S

I belong to a knitting guild in CA and we have been doing zooms. I moved to AZ last October so this has allowed me to still knit with my friends. In my new location there is a group of us that knit together which is a great way to meet people. Also I recently signed up with Knitty Natty’s membership group and it is so much fun. There is a discord chat, MAL’s and zoom meetings regularly. I highly recommend it.


I am in a knitting group. We met for a while during the first summer of Covid but then moved onto Zoom. We’ve met a few times in person this spring and summer, but I’m afraid Covid rather wrecked our usual routine. I should add that what started out as one group about 10 years ago has now split into two groups as a result of various misunderstandings. I remain in both groups, somehow. These have all become my best friends.


I try to meet up every Thursday night at my LYS. I love seeing what everyone is working on.

Susan Kirkland

I’m not in a knitting group. I like to knit independently. 😊


I am a solo knitter. This is my de-stress time; just me and something binge-able on tv.


I’m not part of a knitting group. I have found that for me knitting is a solitary and almost zen like experience. It’s helped me through some rough times. I must admit that I sometimes think a knitting group could be fun, but then I revert to my old habits.

Geraldine Scott

No knitting group for me....I need to concentrate on what I'm knitting. If I knit while visiting with others, I usually have a mistake to correct after...not fun!

Donna Gifford

Not part of a knitting group other than some generic Facebook groups as I picked up my knitting again to get through the pandemic and that kinda precluded groups.


I wish I had a knitting group. About 10 years ago, I had a group of mom friends who were knitters. We had a weekly knit night and our kids would play together while we watched Survivor and knit. But everyone has moved away…including me. I never really found that group of knitters again and became so busy with family and kid stuff that o just never made it a priority.
I am going to attempt to start a knit night again in the next few months. I’ll just have to see what happens.
Currently, I watch old mysteries with my newly retired husband and knit while we talk about the show and everything else.

Jo B

I was part of a knitting group for a long time. Because of politics and Covid it blew up last year. I truly miss most of them and grieve. I have many friends who knit who live far away and my nearby granddaughter has become an amazing knitter. Lots of knitterly talk.

Change is a part of life. I must knit more!


I was in a knitting group 10 years ago, but the store has since closed and I have not found another group to knit with.


No, I’m not in a group. I don’t really know anyone around me who knits. 🤷‍♀️ It’s ok though. Knitting is my “me time”. I relax with my favorite shows and make things I like for myself. (my kids are teens and have no interest in me making them anything🙁) I feel like I would be a bit intimidated in a group setting. I hold my needles differently than most (I “anchor” my right needle) and guess I’d feel self conscious? Who know. Maybe someday!


I LOVE virtual knitting groups. My local group is meeting on zoom on Thursdays. But I also joined the Creative Knitters Group (with Knit Collage) and that group is so fabulous. It's a great 'thing to do' during these times.

Audra L

Used to craft with a small group of friends but then kids and out-of-state moves happened. Have not found a group that brings me joy since. Sat in on some LYS knit nights but it felt more like work and less like fun. Now I watch crafty podcasts on youtube and that is kind of my 'group'.


Yes, I’m part of a knitting group supported by my LYS. The shop initially hosted Zoom meetings at the start of the pandemic and during the cold-weather months. We’ve continued to meet outdoors, often on the shop’s property and we follow CDC guidelines. It is wonderful to be able to support one another during these difficult times and continue knitting together.

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