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August 17, 2021


Geraldine Scott

Our secret weapon is our bag of tortillas! We don't eat bread anymore, but tortillas are quite versatile! They make great breakfast burritos, quesadillas, or we fill them with lettuce, ranch dressing, cheese, and deli meat (roast beef is our fave!). I really want to get some flavored cream cheese and add that as well...yum!


I have been enjoying take out and trying to help keep local businesses open.
And I don’t care for cooking.😀
It seems like fish tacos always have appeal.


We try to take advantage of all the fresh garden veggies in the summer! We've had loads of cucumbers - we eat them sliced with a tomato and some oil and balsamic vinegar and fresh basil, or I make refrigerator pickles (I'm on batch #5!). We also have tons of green beans - best eaten raw for a nice crunchy snack, but for the larger ones I cook them on the stovetop with some juicy tomatoes like this:
Add a grilled chicken breast, and it's a meal!


Since we are outside for much of the day the meal we have once a week is already breaded cutlets cooked in the oven then covered with a good spaghetti sauce and fresh mozzarella. Back in the oven for 5-10 minutes and sprinkled with Italian spices. Sides are garlic bread and broccoli or whatever looks good at the farmer's market. Easy Peasy!!


I make Avgolemono Soup
I like to use the leftover white rice from our Chinese takeout and leftover rotisserie chicken. Its fast, easy economical and my toothless DH loves it.


My go to is very simple----I bake a lot but when I do not really feel like cooking dinner it is a box of mac & cheese and I add in chopped up Canadian bacon and some peas. Or it is a grilled cheese with bacon and a tomato in it as well.


I have had an ongoing love affair with anything Malabrigo since the day I found it at a LYS 8 years ago. It never ceases to please.
It all sounds great. I love the ideas.
My present favorite lunch is a slice of ciabatta bread, plenty of homemade basil pesto, a slice of provolone cheese and under the toaster oven broiler for a minute or two, topped with the biggest slice of fresh tomato I have. Yum!!!


All about the take-out over here - the weather has been hot, hot, hot! Can't even think about preparing any hot food right now ... well, that's my story anyway!


My go-to/recipe for a healthy breakfast muffin, made without flour or oil, are these banana-oat-greek-yogurt treats :

These are satisfying, dense but pillowy muffins and may be enhanced with chocolate! They store well and make for delicious grab and go snacks, as well. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have been cooking a lot of fresh vegetables from the farmers market.

Hilda C

When all else fails, we have breakfast for dinner. Usually omelettes and potatoes, sometimes pancakes and scrambled eggs. We don't do much take-out. I'm in AZ so our farmers markets are in the fall and winter. Way too hot to grow much this time of year.


Turkey tacos or nachos, with a hot salsa verde from chilies and tomatillos from my very limited garden. (Brown thumb here)


We’ve been eating a lot of fresh veggies from the garden, one favourite is called “Fall Vegetable Medley”. It includes fresh corn cut of the cob, green pepper, onion, tomatoes and zucchini with a little marjoram, salt and sugar for seasoning. It’s cooked lightly in olive oil until tender crisp then grated cheese melted over top. Yum!

Kathy Ruhl Leggett

Grilled meat, grilled veggies, grilled fruit.


I have been making a lot of Hawaiian chicken kebabs. It’s marinated in soy, pineapple juice, brown sugar, garlic, and oil. It is soooo good.

Sarah D.

Carnitas in the Instant Pot, and then I use them to make burritos, tacos, quesadillas for leftovers in the days following.
Usually we would grill a lot but our grill grates needed to be replaced and we have had a terrible time with Sears Parts Direct - order not fulfilled and then after 2 months let us know it was backordered. Terrible experience and unfortunately it's meant no grilling for us this summer!


My secret weapon isn't really take out, it is bring in....from Costco. Super easy now that Costco delivers my order within a couple of hours. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes!! Super good, all beef meatloaf with super yummy mashed potatoes. I get six single meals out of it. It's quite the treat for me. Leaves me with more time to knit with my favorite yarn--Malabrigo!


I am definitely a fingering yarn person. We eat a lot of veggies-- I always make sure I have roasted veggies and roasted marinated tofu. My go-to summer main dish are veggie bowls.


We have a vegetable garden, so in the summer we love to eat whatever the garden happens to provide that day. So TODAY, we have a really big patty-pan squash. It is a type of zucchini, and I plan to shred it up and make chocolate zucchini bread with it. Yum! (You can find it by googling.)

I especially love this recipe because it uses 4 cups of zucchini instead of just one or two. FOUR CUPS! And the bread is moist, yummy, and freezes well. I will typically make one or two batches each summer and bake them in mini loaf pans to freeze. I often have more batter than my 8 mini loaf pans can hold, though, so I also make mini muffins.

We enjoy these treats from the freezer all year long!


We’ve been doing vegetable sushi rolls quite a bit. Cucumber, avocado, Kim Bap (sushi Korean style).

Nicole S

Lately I've been making a lot of scones - I just add couple of tablespoons of sugar and some flavourings (yesterday was lemon zest/poppy seed/dried cranberry) to the rolled biscuit recipe from Joy of Cooking.

Shaw Mumford

I agree, Malabrigo is awesome. To echo Geraldine, the answer is tortillas. My fallback this summer has been MYO pizzas, with flour tortillas as the "crust". Our family consists of a carnivore (my partner), a vegetarian (our daughter), and an omnivore (me). Put parchment paper/tin foil/silpat on a cookie sheet, put down tortillas (2 per sheet works best). We then take turns with the jar of spaghetti sauce, big bag of mozzarella, and whatever toppings we like. 15 minutes later (@ 350) pizza we each like!


My go to is usually nachos of some kind. Not the crappy ones from a bar that are piled a foot high with all kinds of crap. Just a thin layer of chips with a few toppings. I almost always have avocados so sometimes it’ll just be that and some cheese. Sometimes I’ll throw on some leftover meat, chicken, ground hamburger, or steak work perfectly but more often I have leftover refried beans in the fridge that I throw on. Quick and easy

Dana Snyder

I usually cook a big breakfast on the weekends. It’s just quick and easy! I like my eggs “dippy” so I can dip the toast in the yellow part. Now that school is back, I like to prep salads and take that in my lunch each day. I’ll make several at a time so it’s quick in the morning to pack my lunch and I have a healthy lunch! We were getting a lot of Mexican take out once we discovered we could get take out margaritas. Since we’ve been vaccinated, we go out more but at home, we grill a lot! I found some great marinade recipes online for chicken and zucchini. We just grilled green beans and they were amazing. I think we grill about 4 days a week at least! Onion rings are great grilled too! I put them in an aluminum take out pan we got and it works great! I’ll be sad when it’s cold and I have to cook again. I do the prep and my husband works the grill!

Lugarda Cappetta

My appetite has really hit the skids lately and nothing sounds good (I think it is due ti a loss in the family). Therefore it’s mostly sandwiches thrown together whenever I do get hungry. I hope I’m back to normal soon.


I've been in a rut lately - pan frying chicken cutlets, pork chops or cubed steaks. I just season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and whatever dried herb I grab (usually marjoram). To complete our dinner I fix a simple rice pilaf or boiled tiny red potatoes, whatever fresh veggie I have hanging around and a salad.


Go to recipe:
Gluten Free Scones. I make a batch at least once a week sometimes more. I add blueberries which are my favorite. My daughter love when I add strawberries. My mahjong friends love when I add orange. (you can tell it is a very versatile recipe. They are also good plain.

Go to take out:
Taco Tuesday! from Rosa's Cafe. Three tacos, rice and beans for $4.99. Can't beat that price!


I’ve been making a lot of guacamole for tacos or sandwiches. Yum! On the weekends, I like to make waffles or crepes with my little guy.


Malabrigo makes my heart flutter! So does "Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese" recipe....a wonderful grilled sandwich that my grandson loves. It's a Pinterest find and one that I will keep in the family recipe album.


Twice now, I've made a massaged kale salad with various veggies from the Farmer's Market, corn and cut up tomatoes. Caprese salad is another go-to for me. Such great options in the summer that don't involve heating up the kitchen!


My current favorite is Farmer's Market refrigerator surprise. Wraps, salads, stirfrys; whatever is in the fridge!

Sarah R

It is winter here in New Zealand so at the moment I'm making a lot of soup - pumpkin and kumara, vege with barley and split peas, parsnip and apple...

Jody Laake

My go to recipe is a quickie beef stroganoff. I really like it and imagine my surprise when my daughter loves it too! (She’s a much pickier eater than me lol!) It’s very easy to make and any leftovers heat up really well.


I eat a lot of microwave dinners...


We have been a lot more Mexican for supper. WE make turkey taco meat or chicken shredded in the crockpot. You can have it on hard tacos, soft shells, tortilla chips and even as a salad. It is so easy and to reheat and take to work...
Very easy and delicious..


Our favorite summer meal is chicken caprese sandwiches. Italian rolls with a little bit of mayo, thin sliced chicken (either grilled or rotisserie), sliced fresh mozzarella and tomato slices and basil from the garden, fresh picked. Just a twist of salt and pepper and it's the taste of summer! Then if it's not unbearably hot and humid, we'll take a walk uptown and get water ice or ice cream or both! I love summer!

Sarah Evans

Watermelon! It will be gone all too soon.

Lynn B

Grilled salmon on bed of greens. Also, sides of fresh veggies. Or, take-out of pulled pork to support local restaurant and avoid cooking.

Becky Gray

Scrambled eggs on toast, drizzle pesto
Caprese bites: sliced fresh mozza, sliced tomato and basil, drizzle balsamic glaze.
Rye toast with hummus or mayo, cherry tomatoes from the backyard, basil s&p.

Recent favorite is get HelloFresh boxed meal kit.

Daphne Jackson

My current go to isn't very exciting for sure. Since it has been hot here in Michigan and I am only cooking fo 1 these days, I bake chicken on Sunday and then have the chicken on salad greens with tomatoes and cucumbers and feta most days. I also do indulge in frozen pizza that I like to add multiple veggies to. Again, not very interesting for sure but it leaves lots of time to knit.

Brenna Delosier

Our go to easy recipe is Crocko chicken. Chicken breasts and taco seasoning in a slow cooker . High for 6 hours. Makes amazing tacos. And you drop it in the cooker in the morning, turn it on, come back at dinner time and shred it, serve.

Laura Sonnek

Anything grilled with lemon pepper seasoning and a brush of butter. Grilled cod tonight!

Lisa M

what a great post about Malabrigo - couldn't agree with you more!
Aside from our usual last minute pasta go-tos, I was reminded yesterday how easy and amazing it turns out if you dump boneless chicken breasts with some bbq sauce in a slow cooker and leave it on low for about 6 hours. Shred with 2 forks and you have pulled bbq chicken. Works great with pork too.

Maureen H DesMarais

scrambled eggs!! Never get tired of them,

Rachel Sherman

Many of my lunches since I've been unemployed have been chicken fries and tater tots. Probably because I can put them in the oven and have them ready in 15 minutes between job hunting. Then it's the classic Midwest thing of ranch at least for the tater tots is a must and then since finding Chick-fil-A sauce at the grocery store that's used on the chicken. Otherwise finding toasted ravoli to make has also been a good find as well since those only take about 10 minutes in the oven.

Kim Holbrook

Lots of pork tenderloin on the grill or in the slow cooker. It’s an easy dinner, then is great for sandwiches, with or without BBQ sauce. Also, tomato and mozzarella salad made with tomatoes from my tiny garden. Yum!


I’ve made this a few times recently: It’s perfect for summer.


I don't really have a go-to recipe, but I just made am in love with a recipe of gnocchi, cherry tomatoes, red onion roasted together. It does require an oven so some of you may have to wait for cooler temps, but it is delicious!


We grill a lot, beer brats or chicken legs with barbecue sauce. Also pork picnic roast or pork butt in the crockpot for shredded pork. And veggie kabobs on the grill using zucchini, yellow squash, sweet onion, colored bell peppers all tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with Peg’s salt ((, a mixture of herbs, spices and kosher salt, an incredible blend that I use in soups, stews, crockpot recipes, frittatas, eggs of any sort, etc. - i put it in almost everything I cook. It saves opening a million spice jars to get a great seasoning. My new son-in-law uses it at the table as well as in cooking. Tacos have been on the menu a lot, very easy. Corn on the cob, watermelon, cantaloupe, and peaches…..summer fruit of some sort every night. We also do Thursday take out for $5 sushi, rotisserie chicken, and supreme pizza from our local Fresh Market, a bargain and a treat and that means no cooking or meal planning that day for me - more time to knit!! Our favorite grocery outing!


The crock pot is my go to. My favorite is the chicken breasts in salsa and cook for a few hours. Kitchen stays cool and the chicken is delicious. Shred it, serve in a salad, burritos, tacos. So Good!! Also do it with a beef roast. Cook in the crockpot with onions, salt and pepper. Remove the meat to rest, put a packet of gravy mix in the crock pot with the cooked onions and juices, add a little water and cook on high for about an hour. Slice or shred the beef and return to pot. Tender!


is Papa Murphy's a recipe? i pick the ingredients and put it in the oven, so... :)


We having been going out quite a bit lately because I have been going to physical therapy for a knee replacement. We eat vegan so our options are limited at some of the restaurants.


Malabrigo, sigh…. 😌

Our go to lately is boneless, skinless chicken cooked in the Instant Pot (IP) with a home made simmer sauce and shredded. I make many different versions, Indian, Thai, Southwest, Moroccan, Italian, Chinese and Lebanese to name a few! We use the shredded meat in lettuce wraps, tacos, as a salad topping, on rice or quinoa, in quesadillas and on pizzas we make on the bbq grill outside.


Hardly a recipe, but I can't stop making toast (nice seedy whole grain) with pimento cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes. A quick breakfast or lunch that tastes just like summer!


Nothing exotic...taking advantage of all fresh vegetables available at Farmers Market we are doing more Chef Salads with anything we can find in fridge.


Pizza made with the ready made dough from the grocery store. Been trying to learn how to avoid ripping it when I stretch it out 😅. The toppings vary each week- sometimes pesto chicken and broccoli…sometimes plain old tomato sauce and mozzarella with oregano and olive oil on top. 🍕

Rachel H

Current go-to is 2 eggs sunny side up over half a diced avocado and garnished with everything but the bagel seasoning. So easy and quick to make and super tasty! Only takes about 5 minutes to make!


Beef fajitas. Easy to make, easy to clean-up, and a light, but flavorful meal.


Lately we've had a lot of Pasta Sauce from a local store - I keep a supply in the freezer. Lots of different types and lots of different pastas. The fresh stuff is divine!

Have loved Malabrigo yarns for years, starting with silky merino for cowls. So soft and the colors are so vibrant!

Meredith M

Asian chicken salad for meal prepping!


Homemade sushi 🍣

Lin R

My favorite meal these hot days are the prepared vegetarian dinners from my Vermont Farmers Food Center!

Deborah Silkey

I have to say I love take out from the local dairy bar! Our favorite is the chicken, bacon ranch wrap on a red bell pepper wrap. I haven’t seen them anywhere else and they are delicious 😃


We like to cook roast (usually venison) in the crockpot and serve it with some kind of veggie, like green beans. But the best part is what we do with the leftover roast the next day! It is shredded and fajita seasoning is added. I sauté onions with jalapeño and poblano peppers and we make beef fajitas! Yummy


Grilled cheese and nachos are heavy in rotation this summer.


These days, it's a good balance of take out and cooking. My latest quick meal has been frozen potstickers that I pan-fry and serve over a bag of steamed broccoli (the kind you just throw in the microwave). Drizzle some sesame oil, and you're ready to monch in front of the TV (another bad habit that's resurfaced since the pandemic).


I've been making banana bread. Yum!


Quiche! My family loves breakfast for dinner. I can make it ahead and keep a few in the freezer.

Kimberly Dzingel

I’ve been doing a TON of chicken dishes! My current favorite it to use the left over chicken to make sandwiches on pretzel rolls with tomato and avocado. So delish!!


We have been doing Hello Fresh. Simple enough that my husband can make dinner when I am too exhausted. If not that then we grill something and have a salad.


Frozen salmon in the instant pot for 2 min high pressure with natural release. Super simple and easy and low maintenance!

Liz Kajiwara

I recently found a recipe that uses crushed corn flakes and potato chips to coat chicken fingers that are baked in the oven. May not be the healthiest but it is quick, easy and delicious!


We’ve been enjoying a lot of fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables (green beans & tomatoes from the garden) plus all the melons & berries so plentiful this time of year. A grilled chicken breast or hamburger always goes along nicely.

Stacey Diefenderfer

We’ve been enjoying peaches, cantaloupe, and watermelon. Cooking has become a chore in the heat, so there’s a lot of “make a bit too much to guarantee leftovers’.

Cindy Carpenter

Take out. And be sure to generously tip. These folks need all the incentive they get to stay in the hospitality industry.

Cindy Hart

Egg McMuffins for breakfast are quick and easy! Toasted English muffin with a fried egg, cheese, mayo, and anything else added, such as ham, spinach, or anything you like!

Colleen D'Allura

BBQ shredded chicken in the slow cooker. 1.5 lbs chicken breast. Bottle of BBQ sauce, bottle of beer. Cook on high 4hours about until chicken is cooked through and shreds easily with a fork. Shred chicken. Put back in slow cooker on low 15-30 min. Enjoy on rolls or bread or on a salad. Easy. Make extra and freezes well too.


We have been eating Chinese a lot. Either take out or frozen bags to cook on the stove.


Recently I have been mixing shredded baked chicken with brown rice and vegetables such as, peppers, tomatoes, zuchinni and yellow squash from the garden.


I’m so hungry after reading through these responses!!!! Go to breakfast is over easy egg, a bit of avocado and toast. Dinners have been a mix of meat on the grill or something in the crockpot. It’s just easier to keep the oven off when it’s hot out

Donna Reed

my go to is Wednesday Sushi. Kroger stores here have it for $5 on Wednesday.

Terri  Brinegar

For about the last 6 months, I have been having dinner menus that consist of Skinnytaste dinners, especially from her One and Done cookbook. They have been great and don't normally take much time.


I make bacon & eggs & cheese omelettes around 11am & meat for dinner. I am following a low carb way of eating and sometimes get take out. Easy way to eat!


Ugh lately I have been surviving on ice cream sandwiches....

Dale Clark

For the past 10 months, I have eaten one meal per day. I may have a snack (almonds, an apple, etc) at some point, but only one meal. I don't cook a lot and typically cook a casserole, plate in portions, then freeze/refrigerate. My most favorite is cheap and easy. I named it the Chef Shannon Special - pork, sweet onions, baby bella mushrooms, broccoli florets, cut asparagus, and sour cream served over organic jasmine rice. It is SO GOOD!


Fresh veggies and homemade hummus. It never disappoints and is easy-peasy.


We have been grilling our own meat and then ordering big fresh salads at our local supper club for carry out. So easy and they have a huge variety of salad fixings.

Sabrina Snyder

We are big on take out here. When we take time to actually make anything it's salad and smoothies.

Michelle Lange

My go to recipe is Chicken Stir fry in spicey Szechwan sauce by San-J. I shred chicken with whatever veggies are in my fridge, asparagus, zucchini, cabbage - whatever and Basmati rice in my microwave rice cooker. Quick, easy, healthy and the San-J sauces are awesome! i get mine off Amazon.


Eggplant sautéed with diced tomatoes and pasta! So fresh for summer !

Kate s

My go to is pizza - either homemade or takeout. We also have been doing breakfast for dinner a lot as well.

Emilie McFeely

I enjoy take out. Our local restaurants were so kind throughout the pandemic, so I was happy to help by placing orders for take out (plus, I'm not a big fan of cooking, it's a win-win!).


We have pancakes or waffles every Sunday morning. For dinner meals, Tuesday is usually some sort of pasta, Wednesday could be chicken and vegetables or Turkey meatloaf. Friday is always a turkey or salmon burger for me. Saturday is take out night and rotates among a few places.

Sandra P

Sourdough Bread has been a weekly event, not only for the yummy loaf, but the dough is perfect pizza dough. In this gardening season all veggies are so perfect for pizza. Even kale.

Richelle Krotts

Our summer go-to recipe is for avocado and shrimp ceviche. So fresh and wonderful on a hot day!


We recently moved and honestly have had way too many meals delivered. Uber eats is just so dang convenient!!


Fish and chips from an excellent local restaurant just a couple miles from our house.


My go-to recipe is Korean rice balls with seaweed and tuna on the inside, they've been the ultimate comfort food for me


Tomato Bruschetta
This is good with or on everything…toast, pasta, a salad, even egg salad if you can believe it.

Donna T

We order out a lot because with 2 people with very different tastes, it means we can both get what we like. We order from Salerno’s, a local Italian restaurant that has delicious Broccoli Linguine (my favorite). Or we order from a Chinese restaurant. The serving sizes at both places are large enough that we get at least 2 meals from one order. My go to “recipes” are winter meals like hearty soups & stews & roast chicken (using the carcass to make soup).

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