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August 19, 2021


Kim Witherow

I love a small indie dyer called Long Dog Yarn. Her colorways are super saturated and seem to "pop!"

Susan Ipavec

My 4 favorite hand dyers are Dream in Color, Emma’s Yarn, Destination Yarn and Space Cadet. I love the color ways and the deep hues.

Sandy W

I’ve been drawn to Barnyard Knits this year. She has beautiful tonals and coordinating multi-color choices. I do like Dream in Color too because I love Jilly!

Ellen C,

Dream in Color, Malabrigo, and Primrose yarns. All have great colors that call to me.


How difficult to pick only one. I have knit with many different hand dyed yarns and since I can’t think of a favorite, I’ll give a shout out to Dancing Leaf Farm because that yarn is not as well known.

Kat Gatzke

Several come to mind. Madelinetosh, Hue Loco, Primrose, Canon Hand Dyes, and Skein.

Meredith M

Honestly, I don't know enough hand dyers to answer! I've just recently discovered good hand dyed yarn and how wonderful it is!

M Reedstrom

Three Irish Girls


The list of hand dyed yarn is endless, truly! There are so so many gorgeous hand dyers with such incredible artistic talent! Honestly, I enjoy supporting as many as I can! Since your request asks to list a favorite or two (impossible really) some that come to mind include Sweet Georgia: Tough Love Sock, Miss Babs, , Dream in Color Smooshy, Madeline Tosh, Hedgehog Fibers, Cakewool & Co, Emma’s Yarn and Poste!! Truly there are so many more; each and every one is incredibly special..!


My vote goes to the really small dyers who are willing to make something especially for you…like the one who made a tortie cat colorway, which I bought because it matched my tortie cat, and then when I sent the dyer a photo of my cat next to the yarn, she made me a skein to match my cat’s eyes. What service!

Rebecca Wessling

Dream in Color has such great and varied colors. Always something to inspire a new idea for socks. I am also trying to visit my local shops and buy local hand dyers. Supporting local businesses and having fun at the same time.

Donna Gerber

So hard to pick just one, but love the chicken series by Hue Loco. Such a great eye for capturing the amazing colors of those surprisingly beautiful birds.


I love all indie dyers but I do know one. Karin of The Periwinkle Sheep and all I want to do is pick her brain. How does she come up with her colors? I also love Knit Circus and Miss Babs. I love all dyers.


My first and longest hand-dyed love was Lorna's Laces which no longer exists. There were colors that existed only in my imagination. This was before on-line sales were common; I traveled to yarn stores like a pilgrim to see, touch, and buy this yarn. My next love was Fleece Artist, again for the colors and quality yarn. And my newest is Emma's Yarns. Others have caught my eye along the way, and I've bought and knit many. All have been brought me joy.

Georgia Green

The dyer that embodies "hand dyed" yarn to me is the individual knitter/ crocheter/ weaver/ felter/ fiber artist who also dyes single-skein or small-batch quantities of yarn primarily for personal use ... That's the hypothetical image in my mind when I visualize "hand dyer."

That said, during my creation of original knitting designs, I have had the great pleaure to work with such skilled hand dyers as Yoriko Oki of Fibre Art Studio, Lora Camp of Campfiber Yarns, Laura Markle of Death by Yarn, Capi Puszcz of The Yarn and I, and many others.

Thank you for the giveaway!

Emilie McFeely

I've been a fan of Miss Babs for a long time...their booth was on my Rhinebeck bucket list. There are so many others now! I love going to fiber shows and discovering new dyers.

Dana Bill

Picking a favorite hand dyer is hard. I love supporting small businesses when I can. I do enjoy Dream in Color. I still have my gradient kit they dyed in memory of Prince and I am waiting for the right pattern. I know it is out there.


I don't have a favorite or go-to hand-dyer. The hand-dyers who come first to mind are friends. One runs her own small local wool mill, so she has told me about some of her dyeing adventures. And another friend is an artist with an array of talents and interests. I sat in her kitchen one day while she dyed some skeins--I had never seen the process before. Maybe I'll try my hand at it eventually.


It’s so hard to pick a single favorite! I love the colors La Bien Aimee comes up with, love everything I’ve done with Farmers Daughter Fibers as well.


As a long time sock knitter, my favorite yarn was the old all wool Smooshy. I love the yarn being dyed by Lisa at Flying Goat Farm in Maryland. She has a brilliant color sense


I have just discovered Dragon Hoard Yarn and it speaks to me. Maybe it’s all the fall colors right now, I don’t know, I’m just liking it. Yarn Cafe Creations are also so pretty. Again the fall colors!! Must Stash Yarn has the most amazing self stripping, honestly the list just goes on. ❤️

Jan Shive

Dream in color was one of my earliest "hand dyed yarns". I love their mix of colors and the vibrancy of the unique patterns that develop as I knit. Thank you for your creativity.


I'm afraid I don't have a favorite indie dyer. There are so many talented people out there it is difficult to choose just one.

Jenn H

I actually think of when I first got into the fiber world (and cloth diapering) and hand knit longies with mosaic moon yarn were all the rage! Now I use dic madtosh and bmfa the most


Miss Babs screams hand dyed for sure.

Mimi Kriegbaum

I love pineappleyarn. Marina has a house full of kids and she dyes the most gorgeous yarn I have ever seen. She runs her small business, is a mom and wife. She does it all!! The kindest person I know.

Renee S

I really love the yarns and colors of Expression Fiber Arts. I also love Desert Vista Dyeworks and Dream in Color and…. 😁

Diann Lippman

I'm not sure I could pick one! Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh, Dream in Color, Socks That Rock, Knitivity, Fleece Artist, Cherry Tree Hill and so many others.


I took a dye class from Amy Hendrix, founder of Madelinetosh, at DFW Fiber Fest over 10 years ago. The Fiber Fest was a local affair at that time. Spending a Sunday morning with Amy as she talked about hand dyeing and dyeing two skeins of yarn was a wonderful experience. I never dyed any more yarn, but I have fond memories.


Currently I’m loving Hedgehog Fibers, but Dream in Color will always be special. I’ve knit many items with DIC over the years!

Donna Gifford

Oh, dear. So many come to mind but Lady Dye, Well-Travelled Yarn and Miss Babs are certainly up there on my list.


DIC is always the first yarn I think of when I think of hand dyed yarn. Probably because I remember looking at all the yarn in their shop Fringe (which was actually in the eastern edge of Aurora - about 30 miles from the western border of Chicago). It was the closest shop to my daughter when they lived in Naperville. My grandsons were toddlers & Nancy & Veronica were so nice to them. They could tell their hands were clean & they actually encouraged them to look at all the yarn so they could pick what they wanted for their sweaters. And they’d occasionally run down to the basement to tend to the dyeing. I still have what must be one of the first DIC skeins of yarn - a dark blue, worsted. I love their yarn but still miss the friendliness of Fringe.


I love so many different hand dyed yarns that it’s hard to think of just one brand! I love speckles so there’s a special place in my heart for Stitch Together, Less Traveled Yarn, and A Whimsical Wood.

Leigh Ann Goodman

Miss Babs and Dream in Color have been favorite hand dyed yarns since I started back knitting a long time ago. Hand dyed yarns really speak to me. Yarn Love is a new discovery and becoming a favorite too


Lisa Souza. She was the first hand dyer I tried. I love her roving, so squishy and yummy and her colors were so rich. I remember buying my first at a Fiber Festival and going back to her booth because I couldn't forget this one gorgeous color way.

Maria Gavin

when I think hand dyed, I think speckles. I love dyecandy in Northern Ireland.. she's an amazing speckler!


My go-tos are Madelinetosh, Fleece Artist, and Dream in Color, but I love Less Travelled!

Patsy Coats

Leading Men Fiber Arts. Love their colors


ONE??!! That doesn't seem fair....

Miss Babs was my first.
Must Stash Yarns is my go to for stripes!
Hue Loco is my latest crush
Madelinetosh for the WOW factor in all weights

yolanda v

I love Hue Loco, Dream in Color, Crafternoon Treats, but just about any dyer that wows me with their colors. No favorites. Wish I could purchase more...but little treats once in a while is good too.

Terri Kelly

I love Sherry Iris. She is so talented. Dyer, seamstress with her gorgeous project bags and embroidery.

Katie G.

I don’t necessarily have one favorite, but two I love are Potion Yarns and Bad Sheep Yarn. Both have beautiful color ways of al different hues with lovely color blending. Potion Yarns has colorways inspired by things she loves, and Bad Sheep Yarns has colorways inspired by her home in Alaska. Both embody to me what hand dyes yarns are — a beautiful little peek into the maker’s mind, like all good artistic works.


I have to say Miss Babs! The tonality of their colors screams out hand dyed!


My first hand-died yarn was Dream in Color and I have quite a collection. Now days I love Hedgehog and Fiberstory.

linda Scarborough

There are so many wonderful hand dyers that it is hard to choose. I have no yarn shops locally so buy online only. My favorite is DIC in the Colossal skeins and also love the colors,


So many beautiful hand dyers - my first love was Miss Babs. Then I was obsessed with Primrose Yarn Co for years. I love Hedgehog, Hue Loco, Yarn Ink, Julie Asselin, MadTosh, the list goes on and on....


Hand dyed yarn fave? That’s a tough one. I do love Hue Loco. My all time fave is A Whimsical Wood Yarn co but she doesn’t do wholesale. There are some new to me dyers that I’ve been loving lately that I’ve never seen in a shop. Bumblebee acres. Mudpunch. Sock obsession. Sugarplum circus


Madelinetosh has been a favorite for a long time. Also Dream in Color


I just love Madelinetosh. Every.Single.Time I'm in your shop, I rarely get past the Tosh section to look at other yarns. On the website however, I'm drooling over a particular foursome of Sweet Georgia colors that I cannot get out of my head. I just love color and what these companies do with it!

Deb Monnin

I have such a hard time choosing, but love Dream in color, less traveled yarn co, and McMullin yarn Company (who are located in Cincinnati)

Their colors are Always so enjoyable

Tim V

How would I pick a favorite? I've discovered that once you start wearing socks with cashmere, it's hard to go back. Six and Seven Fiber's Alfalfa MCN Sock knits up beautifully and they do a remarkable job with their hand-dyed colors. Each color story has subtle shifts and the contrasting hits of color always feel just right and never forced. I'm a fan.


According to my stash Miss Babs is my favorite indie dyer. I really like the more subtle colors and the bases are wonderful.

Denise Hawkins

I love Barnyard Knits yarn.


Dream In Color yarns are a joy to work with. I also just discovered lolodidit and love her literary-themed handpainted options.


Six and Seven. Her colors speak to me. I have met her in-person a few times and she is always kind.


I have loved Dream in Color since I first saw it at a LYS that is (was)
1 1/2 hrs from my house. We used to do a “yarn crawl” and go to 7 - 10 shops in the region (up to 2 hours away) and get our “passport” stamped for a chance to win the gift basket. Every year we’d go there and they had the most gorgeous colors of DIC, but unfortunately for us, they would only have one or two skeins of most colors because the local knitters had already bought them. I tried year after year to snag some DIC to do a project with, but no luck. I love your hand dyers, their talents and colors are amazing, and there are different colorways for everyone and every complexion. And I love to support these small, independent businesses. It makes me happy to do so. Thank you for bringing them to our attention and making them accessible to us!! I appreciate Your business!

Daphne Jackson

I love working with Fleece Artist. I first discovered them at the BEEHIVE YARN SHOP in Victoria Canada. Their colors are beautiful and the fabric knits up gorgeous. I purchased some Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere on your Christmas in July sale recently and cannot wait to knit a pair of socks for my granddaughter.
And who can forget Sweet Georgia? I am anxious to try some of your other yarns in the future too.

Teri P

I'm a big fan of Dream in Color, Knitterly Things, and Madelinetosh.


I think of Cornbread and Honey - a dyer I found on Etsy.


A huge lettuce salad with pears, Swiss cheese, cashews and poppy seed dressing.


I don't think I could answer that question very well. I just discovered hand dyed yarn and I am looking forward to learning all about it and the dyerswho make it.


Neighborhood Fiber Company


I love all hand dyed yarns. But I REALLY love Mineville Wool Project (when it's available). I just love the colors and how it knits up.


My favorite is Barnyard Knits!

Lucy Kesler

All time favourite is Socks That Rock. Have multiple stickers and gloves from their colorways.

Amy E

I love a good skein of Yowza from Miss Babs. Her colors are amazing.

Virginia Harnischfeger

Dream in Color would be my choice. Love the sock sets and Colossal.

Jane P

Treehouse yarns and Ruby and roses because they both have colors I like.

Ashley O'Malley

Sweet Georgia will always be a favorite!

Donna Reed

I like to buy from local hand dyers, like Deep Dyed Yarn and Rock and String.
It makes me happy to further small businesses.

Crystal Parker

Miss Babs, definitely


Witch Candy yarn

bonnie shipper

would be cool to win any of your wonderful sock yarn

Esther Rubin

I’m knitting a sock with some Hue Loco yarn right now, so she definitely comes to mind. I appreciate that you carry her and other indie-dyed yarns.

Nancy Huebner

There are so many amazing dyers out there, how can I choose? Of course Sweet Georgia, Miss Babs, Hedgehog Fibers, Hu Loco, and lolabean yarn co, but also, Canon Han Dyes, lolodidit, Dream in Color, and dozens of others. Hand dyed means exploring color and letting the dyr's personality shine.

Rachel Elliott

I'm trying to use more indie dyers as my budget permits. I recently discovered Get Knitfaced in Colorado. I love her colorways.

Nicole Acuna

For me it’s a tie between expression fiber arts and Hedgehog fibers but I love Hue Loco as well it’s hard to pick just one favorite lol.

Emma Zumwalt

I really like Dream in Color, Malabrigo and Madelinetosh.

Sabrina Snyder

That is such a hard question to answer. For today I am going to say Hedgehog Fibers. I may answer completey different tomorrow.

Amber Zeigler

For me it's gamer crafting yarn. They're the first hand dyer I found, and do amazing work. Also they're big into important causes and have great customer service and engagement. Their gaming lives are so good too.

Katherine S.

Love Miss Babs and the Mineville Wool project yarns.

Leigh Ditto

I love Hue Loco, especially the backyard chicken chicken collection!

Elizabeth Ann

Trying to pick A favorite is like trying to pick a favorite child! LITLG is definitely one of my favorites but Dream in Color… so many gorgeous and talented dyers!

Sara Moening

Dream in color is one of my favorites!! Their colors are bright and joyful!


I use Malabrigo more than any other, followed Manos Del Uruguay. I tend to stick with what feels comfortable, I should be more adventurous.

Miriam Hugentobler

I've always loved Madelinetosh but more and more I'm loving Hazel Knits--bases are great quality and she has especially nice Greens.

Barb Laufersweiler

To the Macks Yarn Co embodies hand-dyed yarn to me. A tiny venture, exploring what speaks to them, committed to causes that matter to them. And beautiful yarn!

Maggie J.

My first encounter with hand-dyed yarn was through one of my knitting buddies Eric who is UrbanEwe on Insta. He showed off his AMAZING colorways and I was so impressed with the colorways and his thought process behind it. He's always adapting and changing it up depending on his mood. It's so awesome to see his work.

Tabitha B

I like Dream in Color, Madelinetosh, Six and Seven Fiber, and Life in the Long Grass!


Thank you for the chance to win! I knit a cowl in their Scorched Kime colour way and love it so much! Two handdyers that comes immediately to mind for me are two folks local to me, Smash Knits and Olive Park Yarns, they are so amazing with tonals!

Kathleen N

I don’t really have a specific dyer that comes to mind as I’m not as familiar with the yarns as I would like to be. I wish there was a shop near me where I could walk through, gaze at the gorgeous yarns in person, and squeeze a few skeins. Dream in Color does have beautiful colors! But I also like the variety that Madelinetosh offers, both in color variations and in yarn types. It seems they have a yarn offering for any occasion.

Bonnie Lundholm

I think of so many dyers. There are so many indi-dyers out there. I love hand-dyed yarn. It is so lovely. Malabrigo is a bigger dyer I like.

Michelle Embry

So many wonderful hand dyers to choose from, I hate picking just one , but with mention Candy Skein - beautiful colors!


Blue Moon Fiber Arts!


Breaking yarn 🧶 is just lovely, especially the new cowl kits. The colors talk to me and the naming is so much fun. The color combos are always so pretty and I want them all. Plus I like the show breaking bad and need to watch again soon.


Less TraveledYarn. The desert colors just call my name.

Sarah S

The first that came to mind for me was Dream in Color because I've purchased a lot of their yarn over the past year or two!

Rebecca P

I love Emma's yarn and Dream in Color!


So many wonderful hand dyed yarns. I'm a huge fan of Dream in Color but I also really liked the striping patterns of S'knitches.


My SSYC go-to’s are Sweet Georgia and DIC. But I do love Yarn Baby, On the Round, Crooked Kitchen and WIP Yarns. Very unique colors!

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