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August 19, 2021



I love the artisan hand dyed yarns. I really don't have a favorite for it really depends on the project. I am a regular for Miss Babs but also really love MustStash, Lollipop and Quaere yarns for their long variegated colorways. I also want to give a shout out to Yarn Tape by Abi-- she is really worth checking out!

Susan Kelly

My new favorite is Emma’s Yarn but I also love Miss Babs and Sweet Georgia!


I love Dream In Color yarns. The depth of color makes the projects sing!
I'm starting a Tulip sweater soon and will thoroughly enjoy the process.


I just ordered my first skein of Fleece Artist - and I have so many skeins of Dream in Color that are waiting to be knit up. But all the incredible shades of Koigu get me every time and I also absolutely love the smaller indie dyers like Tree House Knits and Passion Knits.


My first hand dyed yarn was Sweet Georgia, then that was the gateway to all the amazing colorists out there. I always try to see who is local when I travel to purchase a hand-dyed yarn. I have a few favorites that I always return to and obsess over - Madtosh, Hedgehog Fibers, Hue Loco. I also like finding new dyers - thanks Instagram!


My vote goes to Dream in Color for my favorite artisan hand dyed yarn. I’m in love with their vivid, beautiful depth of color, especially for the jewel tones. Knitting with their yarn bases is a delight for me and their fibers are spun to achieve optimum twist which supports the stitch definition I admire so much. They have been in business for 15 years, and I continue to be impressed by their selections of fiber bases and artistic designs of rich color.


I made some socks with Divine yarn and it was absolutely divine. It was part of a bi monthly sock club at my LYS


I love Hazel Knits yarn. Of the ones you carry, though, my vote has to go to Miss Babs.


While I admire the work that goes into hand dying many yarns, favorites are Dream in Color, Hazel Knits and Sun Valley Fibers for ther3 saturated colors


I'm a big fan of SpaceCadet yarns - I love hearing about her inspiration for colorways!

Joyce Correia

I'm a big fan of Miss Babs (especially her black/dark colors) and Sweet Georgia. The way dark colors are dyed is important. Blues, blacks, and purples can really weep if not dyed properly.


I love Miss Babs yarns. Have made a few of the Wowza shawls when I need mindless knitting and they're always a hit! Also love Long Dog Yarn...I've bought a ton of her yarn and haven't knit a single thing with it yet...the colors are just too pretty to unwind!


I love Hue Loco- especially their chicken kits. I think I have almost everyone of them. They are just beautiful and they almost make me afraid to use them. They are all in a box together-waiting to hatch!!

Paddy Coan

I love the vibrant colors of Stitch Together Studios! Who also doesn’t live 500 yards!!!


I would have to say Dream in Color seems to catch my eye as a great quality yarn with beautiful colors (& love the colossal big skeins—such a bargain!).


As I was getting more aware how much I loved knitting and squishable yarn, I discovered the world of speckled yarn. My first artist was Rhichard Devrieze. I love how he manages to not overdo negative dye space and the yarns are so beautifully dyed.

Susanna Eve

Fleece artist is local to me and I have been knitting with their yarn for about 20 years. before covid I could buy their yarn in a couple of LYS so they get my vote but I also really admire Aimée from LB and the lives from their dye studio are awesome even if I haven’t been able to purchase any of their yarn yet.


I’m lucky enough to have a few friends that dye yarn. I see the time and effort that goes into dyeing and developing colour ways, which makes me appreciate hand dyed yarn even more. I love the depth of colour in hand dyed yarns, especially the “solids”.


I don’t have much experience with hand dyed yarn, but I have really enjoyed the Dream in Color sock yarn I have purchased from SSYC. It knits up great and makes beautiful socks.


I’ve been a fan of all hand dyed yarns! One that’s on my mind recently is Pandias Jewels. She unfortunately is closing up her shop but I have several skeins of her yarn and love her creativity!


SSYC introduced me to Mineville Wool Project from Atlantic Canada, which has become a favourite for me. But you also introduced me to Flock Fibre Studio from Canmore, Alberta, Canada, which is just a few hours drive from where I live. Googling hand-dyed yarn as you suggested, showed me other small hand dyers in my region of Canada. Crazy that I discovered these dyers through you in the U.S., and not in my own local yarn store. Thanks for the introductions!


I really enjoy going to the Fiber Event in Greencastle, IN every April. There are always lots of hand dyers that are new to me. These are the small dyers that you might now know about unless you see them in local festivals. I can't wait for the pandemic to end so we can get back to these festivals.


Dream in Color is definitely one of my favourite hand dyed yarn. I also like HHF, Treehouse knit, Qing fibers, Madelintosh and many others! I am also using a lot of yarn dyed by a single indie dyers that running their small business❤


I'm lucky to have my LYS be Stunning String Studio with their rainbow wall of colors to chose from. I also love the stripes of White Birch Fiber Arts with colors like, nothing says screw you like a rainbow.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I like Miss Babs, Fiber Expressions Art, Lollipop and etc hand dyed yarns. I especially like self striping sock yarn.


I am a big fan of Gerkins Bucket, a yarn that you don’t carry. But I really like their color choices

Deborah Downey

I love Destination Yarn. It is named for places around the world and every time I see Jeanne’s yarn I am inspired to travel again! She is also located in Cleveland so close to visit!

Kate Greenwood

My first hand dyed yarn was Pigeonroof Studios and then Tanis Fiber Arts and since that time I have dove deep into lots of small indie dyers. Currently I really love and gravitate toward Six and Seven Fibers, Moonstone Dyeworks, Lavender Lune Yarn Co and Little Skein in the Big Wool.

Jody Laake

Dream in Color Smooshy has been my favorite go to yarn forever so of course they’re the embodiment of hand dyers to me. There are so many beautiful yarns out there today that it’s really hard to pick just one but for me it’s definitely Dream in Color.

Alexis H

Oh my gosh, how do I even narrow this down?! LOL! My first hand-dyed yarn was Malabrigo Rios (still a favorite), but when I really started exploring, I discovered Jill Draper and fell in love. Unfortunately, she no longer dyes superwash yarn, so I can't use her yarn anymore! But I've since discovered soooo many others. Currently loving Leon Alexander. SUPER bright colors and amazing creativity. Also, Yarn Over New York is fabulous and local-ish to me. She designs great patterns, too!

Kathryn H Aragon

So hard to choose! But I will say, my favorite is Life in the Long Grass. I love everything about LITLG: her color sense, what inspires her designs, the softness of her fibers, even where she lives and works. Maybe part of the reason it speaks to me is that when (I'm not knitting) I'm hiking or trail running. The beauty of nature, the colors of the natural world, that's my happy place.


Hue Loco and Trilogy yarns definitely come to mind when I think of hand-dyed yarns. These dyers put so much into their colors, always coming out with new lines.


Because I have watched Nicole's dyeing tutorials on youtube and love her colors I'm going to say that Hue Loco says "hand dyed" to me.


Hand dyed says Miss Babs to me. I can't even remember how I first discovered her yarns, but I keep going back for more. But I've also made projects with LITLG and Fleece Artist - so many wonderful yarns out there!


Six and Seven fibers has been calling to me lately.. I like her color inspiration. I don’t know if it is considered hand dyed or not but I also like Madelinetosh’s colors.


I think Dragonfly was my first hand dyed yarn. I used the singles in my first ever shawl. Since then I think it's fun to explore the possibilities. Each dyer has her own special ways with color! Two that I like a lot are Walk Collection and HHF.

Kim Holbrook

My current favorites are Emma’s Yarn and Dream in Color! I’m knitting with Emma’s Yarn Super Silky right now. It is just gorgeous and feels wonderful in my hands.

Kate s

I love Hedgehog fibers for hand dyed yarns

Brenna Delosier

I love Stitch together studios vibrant shades. I also love Frost Yarn who is an independent Dyer.

Dale Clark

Choose?! NO!!! Gosh, Dream in Color, MadelineTosh, Malabrigo. I recently discovered LolliPop - so vibrant. Can't wait to try Potion Yarns.

Amy C

Favorite?!? Too many talented artists and artisans for me to choose only one. I am having an awful lot of fun with Farmer’s Daughter Fibers yarns right now, and Birch Hollow too. And Hazel Knits is always amazing.


I love hand-dyed yarn. I love so many of them. I am currently using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock for a shawl. I have some Miss Babs that is for a planned sweater. And I have some Sweet Georgia for some socks. But one of my favorites is Dream in Color Smooshy sock sets. I love doing the heels and toes different from the rest of the sock.


Actually, when I think of hand dyed yarn I think of DIC. I saw a skein laying on the counter at the LYS, a sales rep had left it for the owner to see it. It was Smooshy with cashmere. I had to have it. It did not matter the color. My first hand dyed yarn!


Dream in colour. Would love to try socks in any of the gorgeous colours.

Lori Lynn Parsons

There are so so so many that I love! Some are….thelonelyknitter, mothy and the squid, fruitfulfusion, mudpunch, rose hill yarns!

Debora Gilrcasado

I really love Keith Leonard's orchid series since I love orchids.

Ashley G.

I love Mandis Makings. Her yarn is not only always stunning, but she uses it to fight human trafficking. How many other companies can say that? That is amazing to me and that is why she sticks out in my mind!


I think of Must Stash Yarns. I adore self-striping yarn and think theirs is lovely.

Stephanie Lewis

Barnyard knits. Her color palette is so exquisite! She offers such an array of color and really captures multiple shade variations. I just love her stuff.


For a long time it was Socks that Rock and a couple dyers who only sold at street festivals. These days I'd probably say Neighborhood Fiber Co. and Knitterly Things, among others.

Amber Gibson

I love Fiber For The People and her colorways. Her use of earthy colors are exactly what I love to knit with.


Oh boy! There are so many wonderful indie dyers but I absolutely love Nomadicyarns for her inspired self striping colorways. It takes so much patience. I have one for every season and the socks fly by stripe by stripe!


I've always loved dream in color! It was my first hand dyed yarn that I bought and knit up. I still have way too much of it in stash, I need to knit it up!

Heather Evertsen

I am fairly new to indie users and hand dyed yarn. Also I have just started playing around myself with natural dyeing and acid dyeing. So I would consider myself a hand dryer of yarn. Two of the first dyers inourchased from were Chester Knits from Williams Lake in BC, Canada and Malabrigonyarns from a yarn store in Vancouver Island. Unfortunately they are now closed.


I love Madelinetosh, The Plucky Knitter and Hazel Knits yarns. You can't beat the colorways and the creativity that they all put into their offerings.

L. Miiler

So difficult to pick a favorite. When I started knitting, Miss Babs was probably the first dyer I bought from. Her yarns still amaze me with the colors. Opening those happy mail packages is such a treat.


Dream in Color! Such great yarn!

Liz Kajiwara

There are so many amazing Indie yarn dyers out there that my bank account takes a regular beating. Miss Babs, Sock Obsession and Brediculous Yarns top my list for their awe inspiring color sense. I am continually inspired in my knitting and crocheting yarn journey by their offerings.


I think of you and Poste Yarn because you are so awesome and are my favorite online yarn shop!
I also love that some hand dyers mention hanging their yarns outside to dry in exotic nature places like the coast or the mountains and I love that thought of connection to nature and fresh air as I knit!

Becky J

I have three favorites now. Barnyard Knits, just love how she uses speckles and her colorways are spectacular. Elevate Fiber Arts, from the mountainous area around LA, has such natural colors, calming and serene, They are on a hiatus now but are supposed to be ‘Opening Soon’ or so says Google. I’m trying to be patient. Eden Cottage out of the UK. Love her tonals, never ever splotchy! Her colors are gentle and down played, so lovely.


This is really hard!!
I love Dream In Color (the Sweet Sixteen-3 is simply stunning). Stitch Together has some really nice vibrant ones. And Emma's Yarn is a new Central Florida dyer. As I'm now in Central Florida, northeast of Orlando, that will be of interest. My long time favorite is Handmaiden by Fleece Artist. My stash has some lovely hand dyes and is such fun to browse. Most acquired from SSYC - quite simply the very best yarn source!! Happy Anniverary!!


I love seeing what Kindred Red, Kenyarn, and Olivia and Oliver offer. I am always a little nervous to order hand dyed yarn online but these three dyers have all exceeded my hopes with the skeins I've purchased.


Dye Diana Dye is probably my favorite - I love to knit shawls and her silk blends work great for all my family that lives in warm climates. For wooly goodness Miss Babs has been getting a lot of my yarn money lately.


Life in the Long Grass is definitely beautiful, but there are so many indie dyers creating awesome products. It is hard to pick one...

Susan Kirkland

I love Dream In Color. I have only knit one pair of socks which I gifted to someone. That was a yarn that made an impression. I loved working with it and the way it knit up. When I remember those things, I know it’s a great yarn and dyer. ❤️

Elizabeth Oswalt

Lola bean is what hand dyed is to me!


Artfil, Solo is gorgeous hand dyed yarn.


I like the blogs!
When I think of “hand dyers,” I don’t think as much of those who “went big” and became commercial as I do of smaller dyers. I bought a LOT of Hue Loco yarn (love it) when it was sold just on her very small website. One of my favorite hand dyers has been Carie of Creative Obsession. I bought a lot of her yarn—and then she stopped dyeing yarn. Thankfully, there is still beautiful yarn suitable for every taste.

Dana Snyder

I love Miss Babs! I have used her yarn for several projects. I really love all hand dyed yarns. It’s hard to choose. I think I made my first pullover sweater with Dream in Color! I love the colors!

Lynn B

Hedgehog Fibers for me. The colors are so bright and vivid. Also, so nice to knit with. I would love to try Miss Babs, as I hear so much about this yarn.


I love the naturally dyed yarns of Woolly Mammoth Fibres.


I love Miss Babs but Dream in Color has been my favorite for a long time. I always love to see what Hedgehog Fibers has going on too!

Peggy Pennell

I started knitting with Koigu years ago and still have & wear some socks from their yarn, this was my first hand dyed yarn. I am hooked on DIC and own multiple skeins of Her Charisma in various weights but all the colors I buy are awesome.


My very first purchase of hand dyed yarn is Miss Babs for a pair of socks. Her team is so talented! Beautiful yarn and gorgeous socks! Dream in color is next......

Sarah D

Neighborhood Fibre Co is a favorite of mine! I’m also partial to Gauge Dye Works (formerly Caterpillar Green) but I do love all hand dyed yarn!

Patricia Elbrecht

Katie at Yarn Love is wonderful. It's as if you are chatting with a friend when you do business with her. While I am missing in person yarn shop visits, her online presence makes you feel like you are still part of the knitting community.

Anne B

I really love the colors and speckles in LITG. They give glimpses of nature in every skein. But I also love the colors in Dream in Color. So beautiful!


Baah Yarns and Dream in Color

Audra L

One of my first indie dyer loves was AlaskanNancy. She did amazing self striping yarn with Alaska themed names and colors. Current hand dyed loves are Hue Loco, Lavender Lune and Hedgehog fibers. And I love to peruse the selections on Etsy and marvel at all the talent and options out there.


My favorite yarn dyer of all time is Tina at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Her sense of color is the best I’ve ever seen. I have a large stash of her yarns. They are almost too pretty to knit or crochet. Her longevity in the yarn business speaks for itself. 🧶


I will have to say Miss Babs is probably my favorite. I do have some Fleece Artist from way back and I also enjoy Blue Moon Fiber Arts and love their colors. I also enjoy Dream in Color and have some of that in the stash.


Miss Babs and Sweet Georgia hand dyed colors really call to me whenever they have a new collection. What temptations!

Terri  Brinegar

I am not sure that I have met a hand dyer that I didn't like, at least in some way! But I do love Sweet Georgia yarn and DIC.


My first hand dyed yarn was actually at a fiber festival a few years ago, but it really opened me up to a whole new world! I love Miss Babs and Fleece Artist

Sarah Evans

Malabrigo. Something about their women's cooperative, the kettle dye technique and the variations they get within colorways says hand dyed to me.

Thanks so much for offering so many chances to win beautiful yarn this week.

Geraldine Scott

Dream in Color has always been a favorite of mine. I really haven't experienced any of the other dyers yarns....


When I think of hand dyed yarn, I first think of anything too small to be offered all over the place. I just love color, and I think a big part of my attraction to yarn is looking at all the interesting and pretty ways dyers play with different tones. Big companies have limits of how many shades they'll offer, but the indie dyers can go anywhere their muses will take them.

That said, I've been madly in love with Fleece Artist since I took up knitting as an adult (we won't say exactly when that was, ahem), and they'll probably always have first place in my heart!

Jennifer Mc

I just love working with Miss Babs yarn - so soft and the colors are beautiful! I also really love Emma’s yarn which I just discovered recently.


I like Space Cadets because I heard the owner & dyer speak passionately about her yarn & process. Another dyer is Destination Yarn who is from Ohio.

Nicole S

Even though I generally prefer to work with semi-solids, what comes to mind when I think of "hand dyed yarn" are the wildly pooling colourways of Blue Moon Fiber Arts (especially Socks The Rock).

Marcia Thomas

Love them all, but Sweet Georgia was my favorite. Love love knitting socks..the colors are gorgeous.

rachel B

Canon Hand Dyes 99% of my hand dyed purchases are her sock yarns.


I do love Mineville! I love their color combos. But have really enjoyed knitting with any I have tried from SSYC.

Lisa Long

I love small hand dyers. Stress Knits yarns, Suburban Stitcher, Stranded Dye Works…so many it’s hard to pick a favorite!

Cathy Smith

My first experience was with koigu then Fleece Artist, Dream in Color then Lollipop self striping

Rose Birchall

Poste, Dream in color, Fiber Story, Miss Babs, Fangirl.


Barnyard Knits, Hedgehog Fibres and Uschitita are some of the ones that come to mind. Fleece Artist is local to me too!


I absolutely love Wollmeise for sock yarn but also feel strongly about Madelinetosh & Miss Babs & Smooshy with cashmere. So many wonderful yarns and dyers!


Oh my--so hard to say. I mostly use BMFA, Mineville, and Dream in Color, thanks to all of the great deals you offer!
Thank you!


I’m a sucker for Knitterly Things striped sock yarn.

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