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August 16, 2021


Sarah D.

I have not had more knitting/craft time since the pandemic started, unfortunately. I've been home with all my 4 kids, including the oldest (age 15) who has developed some major health issues (non-pandemic related) that cause significant anxiety for me. It's been rough but I try to knit a bit to relieve the anxiety.

Kate S

My knitting time/activity is similar but I have started a new craft. I started English Paper Piecing and am making a quilt. It is all by hand and is lots of small parts that are easy to do so anywhere.

Kim Holbrook

I’ve spent more time knitting since the beginning of the pandemic, mostly shawls and cowls. However, my sock knitting has come to a halt. I usually work on socks during my grandkids’ swim meets since they are nice and portable but swim meets have mostly been spectator-free. That makes me sad but I am hopeful for the future!


My knitting has increased a lot during the pandemic. I have been working from home so I don't have the long commute. And I stay at home more when I am not working. So, more time to knit! Plus it has been a great stress reliever.

Dana Snyder

I haven’t taken on anything new because my school work load was crazy last year but I did increase my knitting time. I knit so much!! It’ll be hard now that I’m back at school! I do like to paint and I did a couple paint nights this year and I have some bead art projects to try but haven’t stated them yet! I do really love Miss Babs’ yarn!! I’m so happy you’re able to get it again!


I have been knitting when I have had a chance wich seems to be about the same amout that I always have but I will say that I have been baking and giving the end product out to quite a number of family and friends.


I have been knitting more. What has changed, is that I now buy more yarn on line. Thank goodness for simply sock yarn web site!


I've done lots and lots of knitting during the pandemic. While I have a stash I've found that when my interest is piqued by something on a blog I order the yarn and pattern and am more focused on my projects. My stash stays idle but I'm knitting more yarn as it arrives at my doorstep. Simply Socks has not disappointed me during this time!!


I have been knitting more but also trying to organize my stash better. That means I've found many 1/2 finished sweaters, single socks and mitts. My pandemic vow is to finish projects - not start too many more for a while!

Denice Wisniewski

I have knitted much more during the pandemic. My husband and I were basically hermits for a year and a half until we were able to be vaccinated. During that time I binged crime shows and knitted. I knitted several sweaters and 4 baby blankets. My knitting brought such solace to me while I was missing my family.

Tabitha Burks

I have been knitting more since the pandemic started! I have also crocheted more and taken up embroidery!


I've been knitting more new projects during the pandemic while finishing up the projects that were languishing in the closet.


No knitting, and almost no wish to knit in the past year and a half! I’ve returned to a bit of paper folding, but the creative juices aren’t flowing very strongly. One of these days …


I would say I’m knitting about the same, except that I have also been learning to knit on an antique sock knitting machine. I’m enjoying learning something new, while still indulging my wool obsession.


I have been knitting more. It relieves stress and I end up with a lovely finished object. Now I buy yarn online. Thank you


Actually knitting less, but spending huge amounts of time organizing my stash by colorways and overthinking my next projects.

Geraldine Scott

Not that I'm knitting less, but I've gone back to my first love...counted cross stitch! And then going to my sewing machine and making project bags...always something to do that floats my boat! Makes me happy and staying away from the TV that wants to report all the bad going on in the world...


I have spent more time knitting. And I am also working on my crochet skills. But sock knitting is still my favorite and I make time every day for a little sock knitting

Jody Laake

I am definitely knitting more. I am making socks, hats and cowls for all kinds of friends and family. I am actually ahead on my Christmas knitting for the first time in years lol!

Judè Tarrant

My knitting is way down, not because of covid so much as a problem w carpal tunnel and a nerve in my neck . But I’m so addicted to yarn that I’ve taken up weaving, both on a rigid heddle and tapestry loom. Different motions has helped a lot! Have just found here the perfect weft yarn for a wedding gift I have planned for a granddaughter!


I’ve been doing cross stitch a lot right now, (which I did many years ago) because I am having trouble concentrating on my knitting. I knit for a while, even something as simple as the sock head cowl, then I have to go back and check my work row by row or section by section because my mind has drifted and I don’t know if I stuck to the pattern. Even a simple knit two purl two is challenging right now so I am doing less knitting and more cross stitch -because someone gifted me with a little kit and it is easy to follow and easy to see if I make a mistake. I bought beautiful sock yarn and a new bag from you (SSYC) to motivate me to start a pair of socks, but I can’t seem to muster the mental concentration and oomph to start them.

Renee S

I don’t know if you can call this a craft but I have definitely increased my knitting time with all the zoom meetings I participate in. It helps have contact with other Knitter’s.

Lugarda Cappetta

I’m knitting about the same amount of time I was pre-pandemic. I’m retired with no children at home so nothing to stop me knitting. I do knit socks about 90% of the time and the finished pairs had taken over my apartment so I took about 40 pair down to the community room in the retirement village I live in today and put a “FREE” sign on them; they were gone in about 2-1/2 hours. It makes me feel good that people who might not be able to afford them now have them, and I can start knitting like a madwoman again.


We did a little house renovating and most of my yarn was in a POD for three months. I still had my emergency sock stash in the car, but really no where comfortable in the house to sit. Before that though I was knitting all sorts of things including a sheep pillow with so many baa-bles! 😃I sent it to my mom in Canada and she loved it. Now that my stash is back in the house I’ve got my mind thinking about projects. I think a sweater is in my future and of course socks. Lots of socks. 😊💗

Melanie Darst

I have picked up my needles again during the pandemic. I was not knitting as much before Covid, but rediscovered my hobby.

Joyce Correia

My knitting time has remained the same - about two hours every evening in front of the TV. I'm really working on my stash since I can't go to yarn shops but I continue to purchase yarn online. (Thanks SSYC.) I'm working on a "use-up" scarf putting together all of the bits and ends of leftover skeins. These always turn out nicely.

Michelle W

I also have not been knitting as much, especially with the kids home and all the changes to school! Been indulging a lot in my stash-feeding habit, though... 😂


I managed to knit more in the beginning when my work shut down, I even finished a project. But now, I'm back to the grind and so exhausted at the end of each day that I'm terrible about picking up my knitting.


I am knitting more now. Of course, I retired at the start of the pandemic so that may be the real reason!

Dale Clark

I learned to knit SOCKS! Yeah!!! I heard from a few friends that handknit socks feel so much better than commercial socks and now I understand their opinion. Lots of fits and a few not so nice words, but finally SUCCESS! Took some experimenting to find a heel that fits me really well - Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel is my sweet spot. I try to stay in my happy place by enjoying what I do and not fearing (being cautious, not fearful) a virus.


My knitting has continued at about the same pace. But I have completely stopped social knitting and knitting in public. I miss my knitting friends, but I fear that phase of my life may be over for good.

I have concentrated on Ravelry groups and knitalongs there.


I have not increased my knitting time but I have increased starting new projects! So, I am hoping this year and next to finish some of those. Yep, startitis is a real thing,lol.


I retired during the pandemic with lots of plans to do more crafting, but it hasn’t really happened. I have done some closet cleaning but mostly I’ve been spending more of my time riding my bicycle. Living in a northern state, gotta take advantage of the weather while I can!

Sabrina Snyder

Funny thing. I have done less knitting since the pandemic started. My husband has spent more time home than anytime in the last 39 years. (Today is our anniversary) We have spent more time playing board games. We have quite a selection of games. Some take lots of time to play. They rarely get to the table because of this. I can say that we have played many hours of games.


My knitting mojo seems to go in spurts right now... before I was more of a constant knitter... I get frustrated with lack of time to knit... I have so many projects I want to do and a grandbaby coming in December. I also used to make cards with a group of ladies at the library and that has been on hold since March of 2020 and I miss that also. I am not sure it's going to happen again.. Life has changed for sure...


I absolutely have been knitting more and loving every minute of it. I have also had more time to look at patterns and choose some favourites! Both great pastimes.


I've knit more, organized more, and exercised more! I hope to carry all three into the coming winter. ❤︎

Karen N.

I'm still hanging on to my title as World's Slowest Knitter, but during the height of the pandemic, I resolved to finish more of the UFOs in my pile. I'm still working on the Poncho From Hell, but I've managed to finish quite a few projects from the pile. I've also discovered amigurumi, which are about the only things I knit now when the weather is this hot and sticky. Next, I'll have to learn to crochet. Wish me luck!


I've found that I'm still knitting, but I'm not knitting the same things. I'm knitting easy things like plain hats and ribbed socks. I just don't have the bandwidth for anything else.

Rose Birchall

Knitting about the same.

Judith Crossett

knitting more--and with more and new friends. My local (Iowa)knitting group went to zoom one afternoon a week and gained two knitters from overseas (Belgium and Netherlands) and a couple from other states. It's been wonderful.


SO much more knitting that I have new muscles on the top side of my wrists! (And I wonder whether I still have fingerprints. . .) Several blankets, and SO MANY hats and mittens, not to mention socks. May have veered a little into obsessive territory during the worst of last winter and spring, but it kept me occupied.

Carolyn Tindal

I have knitted more to finally use some of the beautiful yarn I’ve bought in your shop. I’ve also started to learn watercolor. My local library is doing a free zoom class. I’m using my son’s old Loony Tunes watercolor set. It has been quite fun!

Patricia Elbrecht

My knitting life has changed a bit. I have supported online yarn shops and indy dyers more than I have actually knit. There was something affirming in packages arriving, albeit far too often, and knowing that a fiber artist was benefitting from my joy. I have several WIPs, but can't seem to finish much.


I honed my crochet skills during the pandemic. I had taken one class a few years ago to learn how to crochet, but never did any crocheting so I lost a lot of the skills. Now I'm making blankets, amigurumi, and flowers to decorate a fence in my yard.


Knitting has offered me a sense of peace and joy. I’ve also had more time to knit and learn new techniques and improve my skill set during the past year.


My knitting time has ended up being the same during the pandemic because of health issues, but it sure does help my state of mind when I do knit.


My knitting is about the same amount of time. I did, early in the pandemic, make earrings though. I had the materials on hand, they were quick and easy to do and a way to play at the end of a stressful day.


I've been knitting about the same amount, although I started mending more knitted items for friends (handmade and commercially made) and am doing a little more sewing - mostly repairs.


I'm knitting more during the pandemic. But I'm not sure that it is entirely related to that disease phenomena. I'm on one of my obsessive activity jags.
There are very few options for yarn in my immediate area, so online shopping is the way to go. Thank you SSYC! It's been great looking at your website almost very day. All the colors!
My new "craft" is photography. I am presently working on a 2020 calendar that will use one of my photographs for each month.

Maggie Hume

The biggest pandemic change for me is that I’ve been buying more yarn! I’m still knitting every day and crocheting frequently, but my stash is exploding!!

Mary Maher

I had my knee replaced in early April which should have been hours to knit but you spend a lot of time on rehab. Done with rehab on to knitting!!

Becky J

I spent a lot of time online looking for new patterns, new ideas and also drooling over all the yarn which I bought my share of. Started a simple little journal where I tape my yarn tag and add my pattern, needle size, CO #, and any other pertinent info. Also tape a little swirl of the actual yarn. After the project is complete, I add my thoughts about the ease of the knit, fit, would I make it again. May never use the info but it’s still fun to do. ( I knit mostly small items, lots of socks, hats, ear warmers and yes, dish cloths. I’m in the Log Cabin phase of dish cloths now!). The pandemic gave me more time to knit. When my daughter-in -law job slowed to nothing during the worst of the pandemic, I didn’t even get to pick the grandkids up from school! Yes, they were lucky, in person school all year with masks.


I don't seem to be knitting anymore than I usually do during the pandemic. Now that things have opened back up, I seem to be busier than usual. In some of my free time, I did get my cross stitch back out and started working on some of those projects again. I've been on the computer a lot more lately too. I'm overall just thankful that we can get out again and participate in life. I love Miss Babs and greatly appreciate this opportunity to win some - thank you!!

Daphne Jackson

Knitting more. Especially socks. Unfortunately, many of the yarn shops have closed near me so I was very fortunate to find you online. I love your varied selection of yarns and the speed that you send them to me. 7 pairs of plain socks on my needles for Christmas this year, I let the patterned yarn do all the work.


I have knitted more since the pandemic. I actually made 2 sweaters over he pandemic. I had never knit a sweater before that.


Less crafting time, more family time. It’s not a bad trade


Not a whole lot of extra knitting time for me…just a shifting of time…less running around may have resulted in some extra crafty time, but having all the kids at home also meant more family activities and games to keep everyone occupied.

Kate Greenwood

More crafting for me. I started the 30 or so minute morning knitting routine so I always have that no matter what the rest of day holds!


At the start I knitted a ton! Then it tapered off and I have barely knitted this summer.


I think in general my knitting time has increased a little. I do find it harder to concentrate. I work in the judicial system and we have to remain able to accept filings and provide services even during the height of the pandemic. I had a group of ladies that tried to get together to knit at my house once a week but that has been on hold for a long time. I feel very isolated in my knitting and I miss it so! I have done some things with alcohol ink duty the pandemic but just a little.


I’ve definitely been knitting more throughout the pandemic. Working from home has helped save a lot of time, not to having to commute into work. I feel like I have more time to do the things I entitled like knitting and cooking. My goal is to learn to crochet this year.

Gail Fairman

I have been knitting more during the pandemic and these months since things have been opening up. My work slowed down amazingly as the courts closed for much in person activity. While I have knitted more socks and shawls it seems that I spend more time looking at yarn and patterns and reading on ravelry than knitting.Sometimes I feel like I lose hours this way and I am not someone who used to surf the web that much.

Rachel Sherman

I was on furlough from work for nearly 5 months and had increased my knitting quite a bit since I went through around 20,000 yards of yarn. Though a good mount of it was simple garter stitch baby blankets which has been my go to lately since it's simple and easy. Then I lost my job back in February, and my knitting increased again. Currently trending over 22,000 yards used up but luckily I found a job that starts next week. The things that changed is that I had drifted to vanilla socks or garter stitch baby blankets a lot as well as my count cross-stitch kits haven't been touched at all since the paramedic had basically started. I may try to work on that soon or go read a few books since I'm starting to run a bit low on my mojo since I've been knitting so much.


Knitting about the same, but ooh the startitis that I have always had is even more so. I'm retired, but volunteer quite a bit (virtual when things were at a standstill last year), but always can find time to go thru stash and patterns and find something new and wonderful I MUST have.


Oh MORE KNITTING for sure. I have actually loved the additional time to knit and now am feeling a little forlorn to be back in the office where it feels less acceptable to knit while in meetings. Over zoom it was amazing how much easier it was to focus when my hands were busy with needles. It's funny that I actually miss zoom a little bit. but just because of the knitting. :-)

Amy C

Knitting has saved me! I do so much more these days, but somehow my stash doesn’t seem to get any smaller. I’ve learned to love making socks from leftover bits.


My knitting is different. Rather than knitting at home I've been distracted with reading and I'm making an effort to finish something before starting another (so the number of WIPs strewn about the house doesn't get totally out of control). So I seem to be knitting more dish cloths because waiting room time hasn't changed much and that's my go-to waiting room project.

Alexandra Taylor

I started to knit socks thanks to the pandemic and now I’m hooked! They are so fun and practical. Can’t wait to get through my collection of sock yarn (and get more!)

Deb Monnin

It seems the more zoom meetings or classes I’m in, the more knitting I’m doing. I am finding though that the complicated knits are being put aside for the time being as they take more concentration than I can give while in a meeting or class. Thanks so much for all the pretty yarn photos! I so enjoy them!


I have been learning to weave and took up inkle weaving during the pandemic. In the end, though, I always turn to knitting as my “comfort craft” I am just finishing the Together Apart shawl from SSYC and loving it! Also love Miss Babs!

Tim V

My sock knitting has about doubled during the pandemic. It's not that I have more time, but that I've needed the distraction. Now I've decided to retire, so... will my sock knitting double again?


I’m knitting and crocheting more this year than I did last year. But there are days when crafting is not done. And those days, already stressful, add to the stress, so I try to craft as often as I can.

JoEllen in PA

I feel like I have been knitting the same amount, maybe even less, and I’m retired with no kids at home, so I don’t have any excuse. Still, I’ve managed to finish more projects since the beginning of the pandemic, so maybe it’s all the Zoom knitting that’s enabled me to finish more things. Knitting certainly makes Zoom calls bearable.


I have knit more since the pandemic. I have been working from home since the start and that gives me a bit more knitting time. Everything about knitting is definitely my happy place. I have done a few more KAL this year than usual. I love looking at the yarn and color combinations and projects on the blog and Ravelry. Currently obsessed with mini-skeins and right now the Talk to the Paw shawl/scarf pattern.

Laura McMahan

I knit more and also did some rug hooking and crosstitch. Sometimes I feel why bother and other times I feellike I should have done more. I was glad I had things to keep me busy. I definetly did less cleaning!


I have been knitting about the same. Mostly for the relaxing benefits. But, I have been an avid needlepointer for many years. That has almost completely stopped for now. Seems like the energy level is so low.

Kathryn H Aragon

I have been knitting much more, often while listening to an audiobook by a great author. I've found that it helps to ease the sense of turmoil and loss that my family has experienced, like so many others. One thing that has changed is that I'm trying to knit with more "intention". I look at my stash and ask, "who would love this color or this yarn?" With 3 sisters, 5 nieces, and 4 great-nieces, I have many to knit for, and it makes me feel closer to them. What a joy!

Jackie Swol

I've done a lot more knitting during the pandemic. Besides tending to my garden, I've knit many pairs of socks, socks, socks. I love knitting socks. There's also been a new baby in the family, so there's another excuse to knit.


I’m knitting lots more because there has been nowhere to go and nothing to do. Darned frustrating and now they say we are in a fourth wave. It kind of calms me . Can’t watch the tv at same time becaus news and advertisements just cause more anxiety. I need more yarn, lol


I do spend more time knitting now than prepandemic & am getting both better & faster in the process. I currently have a sweater (knitted three over past 18 mos) on the needles & have knit multiple pairs of socks. Knitting gives meaning to all the quiet hours that would have otherwise been spent on Facebook, etc with nothing to show for it at the end of the day.


I can't say that I've been knitting any more or less. I'm making a huge effort to knit more from stash, and have enjoyed reminiscing about when I bought various yarns.

I have taken up sewing again though, and that has been very satisfying. I'm now trying to coordinate fabric choices with yarn choices.

Dana Nellums

I am knitting about the same, but have picked up spinning with a goal of thirty minutes a day. I read that spinning every day will improve one's technique. Time will tell. I do find the spinning very calming and am really enjoying this craft.


I knit all the time. The pandemic did not change that because I am retired. I did push myself to learn to knit socks. I used Miss Babs yarn for my 1st Mkal for the Sharon Show. It is beautiful!


I've spent less time with all of my needlework since the pandemic. I think with all of the added stress of the pandemic and worrying about my parents, my children and grandchildren, plus issues with my own health, my energy has just been sapped. I'm trying to make more of an effort, but often find it hard to get motivated. Maybe some pretty new yarn would help?!?!


My crafting hasn't changed, aside from sewing tons of masks early on in the pandemic.


I didn’t knit at all from March to January which is really unusual for me.
However I got back into the swing and love your contests. Thank you.

Georgiana Reeves

I’m retired & spending more time at home anyway. I knit almost every day or crochet. I also quilt when the mood strikes me (which is not really often enough to accomplish much). Recently, I saw a cross stitch pattern online that was awesome so I purchased it & am learning as I go along. It’s a nice change, but still keeping my hands busy. My world revolves around Color, Texture, & Pattern❤️

Donna Gifford

I have done more knitting since this thing began than I have ever done but that is because I am retired and have no kids at home, EVERYTHING I used to do to keep busy went away so I pulled out needles, found lovely online vendors (including you and your National Parks series) and started. It at least gives me something to look for award to while traveling, volunteering and such are out!

Kat Gatzke

Unfortunately I’ve done very little knitting during the pandemic. I’ve been working throughout the whole thing and I have a job where I can’t really stay 6 feet away from people and have to handle a lot of paperwork back and forth. It’s all been very stressful and when I get home from work I usually just feel stresses out and exhausted. I really want to get back into the habit of knitting on a regular basis.


I have just started crocheting again. I am making a free-form shawl. I always follow a pattern-sort of-when knitting so this is a big stretch. I am usibg bits & pieces from leftover yarn.


I'm knitting more due to my discovery of KALs and MKALs. These new "friends" give me a sense of community that has kept me grounded and (mostly) sane during the past stressful months.

Lynn B

My knitting time has increased. It is my stress buster and I am grateful for that. Also, my knit group has continued weekly on zoom and that has also been a very good thing.

Sandra P

I’m definitely knitting more, I’ve always knit daily, but now it starts in morning and continues on through day and evening. Cleaning through stash and working on a multi yarn ends lap robe that’s is full of many colors. All sick yarn, my go to for any project.

Meg Luyckx

I understand how the pandemic has been challenging for some folks more than others. My kids are grown and it's just me and my husband at home these days. I've been grateful in many respects for the additional time spent at home as it's allowed me to knit way more than I would have otherwise. Yay! It's a rare day now that I don't pick up my knitting and at least do a couple of rows. So glad to have this hobby during these difficult days. I hope you're able to pick up yours more frequently in the days ahead.


I think at the beginning of the pandemic I knit more because I just couldn't concentrate on a book. Now, I've evened out though still stressed about it all and have been knitting and reading more. I've bought an embroidery kit or 2 to do but haven't actually started them. I also bought a kit to learn locker hooking but also haven't started that yet.


I don’t know if you’ll get to read this, but I really enjoyed your part of the Kristy G interview. You seemed calm, and I enjoyed your store saga.
Re my pandemic knitting habits: I decided to learn to use my Erlbacher Gearhart and knit up my sock yarn. My accumulation of sock yarn was bothering me. I worked really really hard to learn how to use the CSM—and I knitted up my stash. I’ve given almost every pair away—scores of socks. I realize I don’t like being without sock yarn or without socks for gifting, though, so I am buying. Still.

Brenna Delosier

I have knit less. But my knitting has become more organized with addition of ikea square cubes with drawers. I almost have all of the stash contained.

Wendy Chase

I think I'm knitting less. Not sure why, I still love it. Working from home so much I'm not very good with managing my time these days. It's all kind of a blur!!

Wende Wyman

What has helped to keep me sane has been working with beautiful hand dyed & painted fibers when I can manage to knit. As a lab scientist continually drowning in covid samples it has been hard to concentrate when workdays are done. Just the feel of a soft & magnificently colored yarn lifts my spirits even if I don't accomplish much. Here's to all the spinners & dyers who have continued their crafts providing us with a life line during these trying times.

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