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August 12, 2021



Great video. I loved seeing the shop and was so impressed with your knowledge of dyers, yarn bases & color combos. Also I as awed by the organization of your beautiful shop with every skein categorized by manufacturer, stacked neatly and clearly tagged. If I ever get to your shop, I will pack a lunch & perhaps a sleeping bag in order to fully enjoy everything. I’ve been a customer of yours since the bedroom/shop days when you convinced me I couldn’t live without the beautiful green possum belly yarn. So glad to see you doing well.

Nancy DeMere

What a great interview! Now I know I HAVE to come to FT Wayne--in my mind I am already there!

Sarah Evans

I'm one of your customers who took a trip to Ft Wayne specifically to come to your shop. Watching this made me wish I were there again. I loved the interview. You were poised and informative and the shop was beautiful


I thought you & the yarn were the best part of the video. I’ve been buying the vast majority of yarn I buy from you since you were pregnant with James (who is definitely starting to look like a man - that scary thing that teenage boys do - it feels like one minute they’re still almost s little boy & the next they’re shaving?). I’d love to see the shop & will come to Fort Wayne as soon as this pandemic ends for sure. As someone at high risk because of age, weight, & comorbidities, I’m staying home as much as possible - at least until I can get s booster. I was supposed to be on the west coast visiting offspring right now but the recent surge in COVID made us cancel our trip. That does mean I have ~$1,000 unexpected cash to spend. I’ll spend the weekend winnowing my selections.


I agree that your part of the interview was calming and informative. I was really glad to see the store and the yarn, too. I’ve been a long-time customer. I really want to visit in person when I visit my sister in the Goshen area, but so far it’s been when you weren’t open. Or when there was covid!


I loved this video so much!! Seeing the yarn in the store just made me want to knit all the things!!! I loved discovering new yarns that I have never heard of, and look forward to ordering my own skeins to play with in person! I have also discovered sock knitting during the pandemic and agree that they are the best travel project - with simple patterns not even needing to be read during the foot and ankle portion. So soothing and satisfying!

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