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August 20, 2021



I am the birthday cupcake lady for my family. And if I’m not bringing the cupcakes, I’m usually sharing the recipes for them. Otherwise, my go to is my late aunt’s homemade sweet bread with my husband’s side of our family.


Everyone loves my cheesy hash browns. I use extra cream cheese and add jalapeños.

Geraldine Scott

My go to recipe is Waikiki Meatballs from the Betty Crocker cookbook. However, instead of meatballs from scratch like the recipe, I use frozen meatballs. Make the sauce from the canned pineapple juice, and throw it all in the crockpot...always a hit!


I always brough a fruit salad or a carrot and raisin salad, not the jello mold kind.


At holiday time, it is pumpkin pie (with home cooked pumpkin, not canned) and my own cranberry sauce. I have several casseroles that work well too.

Always - my scones, plain, cranberry, apricot, or whatever add-in. If they are not a contribution to the carry-in, they are taken for the hostess to enjoy the following morning when something easy is very much needed.


I often bring an orzo spinach salad. Super good with so many main dishes.


I would normally bring a dessert bread using the Diwneast Maine pumpkin bread recipe. Never any left to bring home.


I love taking a Mexican street corn dip with lime tortilla chips YUM!

Dana Snyder

I don’t go anywhere very often that I have to take something. My landlord
has cookouts all the time and we’ve started going to those again. They treat me like I’m family and I work with some of them, taught someone of their kids… I always took rice Krispy treats before. Now that I’m married, my husband decided he wanted to take grilled corn. That’s what we took to the 4th of July cookout. We broke them in half and grilled them in separate foil packs with butter, salt and pepper. It stayed really hot in the cooler! She told
me last week they’re having another cookout for Labor Day and already put us down for corn! I guess now corn will be what we take!

kathleen kaliszewski

spinach artichoke dip.

Amy C

Mine is pineapple salsa and chips. Cut a fresh pineapple into spears, toss them on a baking sheet with a little olive oil. Add a jalapeño or two and broil them, turning from time to time until the edges are brown. Cool. Chop and toss in a large bow with a chopped red bell pepper, a good bunch of cilantro, minced, a little bit of salt, and some lime juice - about 2 limes worth.

Kate s

I don’t really have a go to except that I usually make some sort of dessert. Sometimes it’s cake or cookies. Sometimes pie. I like to mix things up!


I'm a bring a dessert person. Lemon bars are a nice choice, because they don't take too long to cook. Sometimes, if I've got my act together, it's homemade ice cream or sorbet.


My go-to is a blueberry crisp. It's great in summer with fresh berries, but works really well with frozen ones, too! Only a few ingredients and about an hour to bake. Simple and YUM.

Dale Clark

In October and November, I bake pumpkin cookies (family calls them cow piles because they look like, well, cow piles) that are cake like and so yummy. The rest of the year, my go-to is Cocktail Meatballs - very easy to prepare in the crockpot. I can't believe we are almost at the end of August and Fall is right around the corner. Fall is my favorite season!


My Mom used to make homemade buns for all our family gatherings, but now that she’s 90, a few years back I took over making and bringing “Mom’s Buns”. Last Christmas when we weren’t allowed to gather together, I made the dough and dropped it off in a new Tupperware bowl on my siblings and daughters doorsteps so they would still have homemade warm buns for Christmas dinner.


Surprisingly, everyone gets all excited when I bring deviled eggs! I also have a buffalo chicken dip that goes over well. I have a small crock pot that I bring it in so it is easy to just plug in where ever.

All these suggestions are making me hungry!


My go to is usually a dessert. It’s not a meal if there isn’t dessert after!!! I love homemade banana pudding with lots of whipped cream!


Depends - Usually fruit salad; for special occasions mashed potatoes made with cream cheese and sour cream

Beth Crane

My go to pot luck dish was a hash brown casserole made with the frozen hash brown potatoes, cheese, cream of mushroom soup and sour cream. I alway brought home an empty dish.


Homemade dill dip with sliced veggies and potato chips. The recipe is from Lori Anderson, a college buddy.


I will bring different items depending upon the season. For when it is warm it is a shredded chicekn with cheese and sour cram and taco seasoning spread on crackers and when it is cooler outdoors--usually around the holidays I make little smokies with crescent rolls around them and shape it into a wreath and have mustard dips.
I also bring a bunch of desserts that I have made. The ones that everyone are asking for are lemon squares, cherry pie bars, oatmeal chocolate bars and a few other items.
I made these items for my mother but she passed in late June and these were all her favorites.


Deviled eggs


Corn casserole made in a slow cooker instead of baked.


My carry-in dish is stuffed bread; homemade bread layered with sausage, cheese and cooked greens. A large round loaf, it's sliced as many wedges of sandwichy goodness! Carry-ons are a thing here and I miss them :)

Lisa Long

Fun week of contests! My go-to potluck dish if I want a dessert is Lisa's Reese's. It's a no-bake peanut butter bar with chocolate on top. Essentially it's peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs and powdered sugar and butter...mixed, pressed into a pan and topped with melted chocolate chips.
If I need a main or side dish I like crock pot our family we call these "Becky's Bomb Beans" because my daughter Becky makes them. Several kinds of canned beans, bacon, catsup, brown sugar etc cooked in the crockpot for several hours. You can also add cooked ground beef for more of a main dish.

Dasha S

The homemade hummus is our favorite. My husband is a king of hummus, making it amazingly!

Teri P

I don't really have a go-to dish, although the last few pitch-ins I attended, I made hummus and loads of veggies. One time I even made dill pickle flavored hummus.

Daphne Jackson

now that I am retired, I really don't have any go to anymore, however, we have a little local bakery that sells unbaked cheese or pepperoni pizza and I like to take it and add my own peppers, red onions,mushrooms and muffaletta or chopped green olives to it.


Since we have become vegan I take “no tuna” salad made with chickpeas. I usually take crackers and rolls with it so if someone just wants to try a little they can put it on a cracker instead of making a whole sandwich of it. Everyone seems to like it and I have been asked to bring it again.

L. Miiler

I like an easy slow cooker baked beans. Cans of baked beans, black beans, and baby limas with brown sugar, ketchup, and bacon. Always tasty, and any leftovers are better the next day.

Kate Greenwood

The Tortellini Greek Salad from the blog Two Peas and Their Pod- so easy and well loved for summer get togethers!


My go-to is pineapple casserole. I make it to serve with pork chops or ham. Never have any leftovers!


When we used to go to big family holiday get-togethers (in the before-times), we would bring my husband’s skillet Brussels sprouts dish. It has shredded or chopped Brussels sprouts, craisins, and nuts (we like pine nuts), with some olive oil. We would bring the ingredients and then fry it up on the spot. It will convert any Brussels sprouts denier.


In the summer, my default is a veggie tray. In the cooler months, I often bring a green salad. General dishes that most people like.


Oyster crackers flavored with dry ranch dressing!!


My favorite dish to bring is Hashbrown Casserole, because who doesn't love cheesy potatoes!


Chocolate covered strawberries are my autopilot, no-fail potluck go-to. Quick, easy, and most people love them


Brownies, nothing fancy. But your chocolate cake looks interesting!


Spinach dip was my go to back in the day! Hahaha


I do not often potluck, but if I go to a friend’s house, I usually bring a cake or something else tasty as a dessert.


First of all, two thumbs up for any Mexican layer dip, especially if you do a corn salsa on top.

My go to is pimiento cheese. No messing around with light mayo or fake mayo. It's make it yourself or Duke's (IYKYK) - Hellman's in a pinch. 3 kinds of cheese depending on my mood. But a Dubliner usually makes the cut. (grate your own or your pimiento cheese tastes like wax). Roast your own peppers - don't be a schlub. Good full fat cream cheese (mixes easiest with the whipped kind). Cayenne and garlic hot sauce.

I serve it with old school saltines because my grams raised me right.


Buffalo chicken dip. Yummy


Grape salad. Sometimes I use half apples too.

Lisa Smith

I have a couple of different ones I use- no mayo coleslaw or any kind of cookie. But the one that is very reliable and everyone loves is this Baked Tortellini - It is always a hit and can be served hot or room temp.


Always make Shepherds Pie for pot luck dinners. Husband doesn’t like it, so it is my chance to enjoy it and share with others.


Company’s Coming banana bread. So good.


Mine is usually my macaroni and cheese. It is a very easy recipe I found a long time ago written by a priest. I take it to many potlucks and family dinners... It is also my go to meal if I can't think of anything else. I always keep the ingredients on hand.. Take 2 1/3 cup dry elbow macaroni and dump it in a greased 9x13 baking dish. Add 2 cups of shredded Sharp Cheese, 1 TBS melted butter. 1tsp Salt and 1/2 tsp pepper. Stir together Then add 4 cups milk. Do NOT Stir. Cover with foil for 30 minutes in 350 oven -then uncover another 30 minutes... so good and quick.


Love your version of my favorite Mexican layer dip--I will have to try that! I take an easy crackers and cheeseball (equal amount of cream cheese and cheddar cheese with chopped onions and seasoning of choices like garlic, Worcestershire, salt pepper, basil, etc., and/or chocolate chip cookies. My new favorite potluck dish is Sarah's easy and delicious Crockpot Mac and Cheese at Thank you Sarah!

Gayle King

I have two go to dishes for potlucks. One is deviled eggs and sometimes I like to put a relish on the top to go with a holiday or sometimes a dinner theme. A slice of jalapeño goes with Mexican and a slice of pepperoni can be added for Italian. My other dish is a family favorite and they in turn have continued with the tradition of green Chile cheese grits. The grits are first cooked on the stovetop per regular instructions and then cheese, an egg, green Chile and garlic powder is stirred into them. This is then put in a casserole dish and baked in the oven for about an hour.


In the Before Times, I usually bring in a crockpot of chili or some kjötsúpa, depending on the time of year. Sometimes a spinach dip in a bread bowl if it was more of a "light appetizer" thing.


In the Midwest, I bring bars for pot luck


Back in the day, my go to was a bowl of fresh fruit salad, however if it was a large summertime gathering I’d bring two bags of clementines, a hybrid of mandarins and sweet oranges, for example Halos or Cuties. I seldom had any left over to bring back home afterwards.


My go-to is Fantastic Pudding. 1 small box of vanilla pudding, 1 8oz block of cream cheese, 2 cups milk. Blend until creamy (I use the blender). Stir 1 can drained fruit cocktail and 1 cup mini marshmallows. Yum!
OR Forgotten Cookies. 2 egg whites, 1 cup sugar, pinch of cream of tartar. Beat egg whites until foamy. Add cream of tartar and SLOWLY add sugar. Whip until soft peaks. Stir in 1 cup of chocolate chips. Drop by teaspoon onto parchment lined baking sheet. Bake at 250 for one hour. Turn off oven and vent door but do not remove until completely cooled.


In eras past, mine was a chocolate chip sour cream cake. The batter had chocolate chips in it, then you pour half in the pan, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar and more chips, pour on the rest of the batter and another layer of cinnamon/sugar and chips and bake for exactly 51 minutes. (don't know why, but that's what it says!) The top comes out with a crispy layer that lifts off with the cinnamon/sugar topping and it's always a crapshoot whether that will still be on the cake when I get it to the table! So good that my kids always requested it for their birthday cake!

Teena Carter

My go to was always a no bake cherry cheesecake. I was going to send something else to my husband’s work one year and they told him he had to bring the cheesecake!

Patricia Elbrecht

My husband is the chef/baker in our house. He makes stuffed mushrooms that are often requested at family events. Truly, anything he bakes, from bread to cakes and beyond, is received with joy!


My go-to dish depends on the season as well. For spring and summer, I like to take Rice Salad. A box of chicken Rice-A-Roni made according to directions except olive oil instead of butter. While hot add about half to 3/4 of a jar of marinated artichoke liquid and Hellman's mayo (careful to add in increments so to not get it too soupy). Then when the rice cools a bit, I add frozen (defrost first) tiny green peas, sliced black olives, colored pepper, chopped green onions, chopped marinated artichokes, chopped celery, and chopped cilantro. Season with black pepper. No need to add salt. The other ingredients have plenty. Chill. Of course other vegetables are welcome. Those are my favorites. This salad is great left over as well.

Rose Birchall

For the holidays, I’m asked to bring roasted carrots and parsnips. I called them special carrots, so my nieces would try them. It’s still their favorite today.

Vicki Maynes

I usually take scalloped potatoes.

Dawn Eck

I have an apple crisp recipe that came from my husbands grandma. Quick, except pealing the apples, and things you have on hand all the time. It is a much requested treat. I watched you with Kristy Glass. I wish I was close enough to be at your shop often.


I like to bring dessert such as almond cake.

Jody Laake

Mine is macaroni and cheese - you just can’t go wrong with comfort food and it goes with pretty much everything! Another favorite we like for potlucks and get togethers is Skyline Chili Dip. Anyone from the this area knows exactly what this is and strangers to the dish are usually converted to fans fairly quickly.


My go-to since I encountered it and begged the recipe is Calico Beans. Brown a pound of ground beef with 1/2 cup chopped onion and drain. Put into crockpot with 1 can lima beans, 1 can butter beans, 1 can kidney beans, 1 half-pound can pork and beans, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup ketchup, 2 tablespoons prepared mustard, 1 can drained kernel corn (adds color). Mix all together and cook on low for several hours until it melds together. Delicious! Alternative beans work fine, but a mix of colors and sizes works best.


My “go to” is a tray of lemon bars! Always in season and always bright and fresh!

Susan Mercy

My go-to potluck dish, back in the day, was a pasta dish. Combine cooked spaghetti, a can of cream of mushroom soup, thawed chopped spinach, 1 cup of sour cream, 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, and 1 cup of French Fried onions. Line a slow cooker with a plastic liner for easier clean-up. Pour the mixture into the slow cooker. Cook 2 hours at high, or 4 hours on low. 30 minutes before serving, top with more shredded mozzarella cheese and French Fried onions. Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and enjoy!


I make this Moroccan carrot & chickpea salad:

It's delicious, and satisfies all sorts of dietary restrictions... Gluten-free and dairy-free (so it's ok to sit out at room temp) and it's easy to make nut-free if you substitute sunflower seeds


My sisterhood just had a "Cocktails on the Lake" potluck. I made Steamed Beet Salad which was devoured. (I brought t plastic containers to take the leftovers home but they were unnecessary) It was the first time I made it and it won't be the last. I sent the recipe out amd some women are making it for the weekend. If you would like the recipe, let me know.


Black Bean Quinoa salad. Easy to make, modify, suits many dietary restrictions, and super tasty. Love it!

Lisa Spiegel

If I’m bringing a dessert I’ll make brownies. A side dish to share everyone likes is potato or broccoli salad. Very yummy!

Sarah Evans

I wish I did have a go-to. I've taken black bean/corn/feta salsa, chocolate sheet cake, brownies, roasted vegetables, cole slaw, and who knows what else. A go-to would simplify the whole thing.

Linda L in WI

My go-to potluck dish is bite-sized corn muffins. My SO's is cucumber salad: cucumbers sliced thinly, tomato wedges, and onion slices, with Italian dressing. Both are super easy to throw together at the last minute, and rarely are there any leftovers to take home!

Kerry Phillips

Mac and Cheese!


Gosh! I haven't been to one in decades. But I did make a fruit salad for that one. :-)

Lucy Kesler

I have a couple stand bys... Texas Sheet Cake. Easy Crock pot mac and cheese and if i have it in the freezer homemade sourdough bread. Other winners are some variety of muffin or Italian beef. We carry in at church once a month so get to try out different things.


Either cookies of some sort or a fruit salad

Emily Heyerdahl

Spinach ricotta pie! I often make it with a gluten-free crust and substitute cashew milk for the cow's milk. Yum!


Right now my go to dish is parmesan crisps with chili lime seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

Parmesan crisps

Preheat oven to 400°. Parchment paper on a cookie sheet. About 1 tbspn piles of cheese. Bake for 9 minutes or until lightly browned on edges. Cool on plate. Place in plastic zip lock or container. You can add flavoring when cooked. TJ’s chili lime or everything bagel.
You can add a dip or dill pickle hummus.

Debra Cohen

I really enjoyed reading your recipe and can’t wait to try it!! My go to is a cheesecake/pecan pie recipe I got from a Fix it and Enjoy it cookbook.


I always bring a salad. Either regular, pasta or fruit. It’s my main go-to for any potluck. Easy, versatile and always delicious. You can change up the ingredients so easily based on the (possible) theme of said potluck or the time of year. Anything you want!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Hash brown casserole

Marisa Windell

My favorite potluck dish is an Asian salad. It has Napa cabbage, broccoli, green onion, ramen noodles, slivered almonds, and sesame seeds. It is dressed with a soy sauce vinaigrette. Super delicious and it makes a ton!

donna Norris

I usually do desserts. Grandkids love homemade ice cream in the summer. Rest of the year its pie. Pecan, Apple, or Peanut Butter Pie.


Depends on the event. Usually an appetizer, though. I make a hot bean dip that is often requested. A can of bean dip (I use Lays), jack cheese, cheddar cheese,(half pound each) sour cream, cream cheese (8 oz each), half packet taco season, 20 drops of tabasco sauce, 1 bundle of green onions chopped including greens, salt to taste. Reserve a little cheese for top, mix everything else together in baking dish. Bake @350 for 25-30 mins. Cool a little and serve with tortilla chips

Audra L

I don't really have a go to but usually I do desserts. Partial to brownies and pies.

Renee S

I just went to a potluck and the only thing I could think of was deviled eggs.

Sandra Sprouse

Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s easy and sooooo good!!!

Terri Kelly

My famous potato salad.

Debra Bryant

Coca Cola Fudge cake!

Pat Phythian

For desserts mine is also the Hershey's cocoa cake -- a long time family favorite. For main dishes chicken spaghetti.

Karen D

I usually will take a pasta salad and/or fresh fruit salad (in season). Shredded chicken for sandwiches is always popular


A homemade pound cake with seasonal fresh fruit or berries and whipped cream on the side. Lemon curd with raspberries and whipped cream is a favorite topping combo. For a salad maybe a Thai Noodle Salad with peanut sauce, with lots of colorful veggies.


It depends on the crowd. If we show up to the Labor Day family reunion without Rosalyn's Bakery recipe pecan tea cookies, we fear for our physical well-being. Those cousins get fierce.

Amy etzler

I usually make a dessert of some kind usually cookies and decorate the plate with holiday appropriate Hershey kisses or something like that.


My “go to” is potato casserole—shredded baked potatoes, chopped green onions, shredded cheddar cheese, crumbled bacon with a sour cream/milk/flour mix to bind it all together. Bake for about 45 min. Heavenly smell when baking & a never fail dish everyone loves.

Ellen C,

My top 5 because it varies on the group I'm cooking for. Chocolate chip coffeecake, mac and cheese, baked ziti, chocolate cake, cookies.

Kim Holbrook

I usually take a dessert, either Vanilla Texas Sheet Cake or Caramel Brownies. Either one is delicious!

Amber Gibson

Potato salad with dill relish and mustard, LOTS of mustard!

Liz Kajiwara

My go-to potluck dish is pork ribs that I have the butcher cut to 2" pcs and I bake in the oven. After they're browned, I drench them in a balsamic/sugar reduction. Pretty easy and very yummy!

Tara Hunt

My go to dish is cowboy caviar. It's a mixture of rice, beans, tomatoes, corn, and peppers. You use Tortilla chips to dip and call it a day! It's always a hit at potlucks!

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