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May 25, 2021



YEA! I can't wait!!!

Here's hoping some of the yarn fumes will get through the mask... ahhhhhh, nothing like the smell of a yarn shop to make you feel relaxed


Yay - so happy you guys are finally going to have in-person shopping again! I live far away and always shop on-line, but I know you are thrilled to be able to have real customers in the store. Hopefully things will return to closer to normal for you soon and this pandemic will just be a bad memory for us all!


Congratulations Allison!!!
Wishing You and your Staff a safe, fun and exciting reopening!!!
You have been such a huge Blessing to me and others in keeping us in Knitting and Crafting Supplies!!
Thanks Girlfriend❣

All those visiting the SSYC ~~


Becky Creighton

I am so glad that you are going to be able to open. Your online service has been great but there’s nothing like seeing and touching the yarn in person. I’m from out of town. Is there a coffee shop or something nearby where my husband can wait while I shop?


Hi Becky, Thanks for asking! We'd love to see you! There are some great coffee shops within 4-5 minutes of here (drive). Conjure Coffee and Firefly Coffee (my choice for ease of finding and parking) are great. Then afterward you guys could try Hoppy Gnome downtown (five min away) for a great lunch. Or try Dash In and then walk around and see all our street art downtown. A fun day!

If you wait a month, like into July, I'm betting that having "extra" people won't be much of an issue. Or if you come later in the day like at 2:30, I think that we have more room for people. I'm just being a bit cautious about the 10-2pm hours when I'm betting most people will come on Saturdays.



Carmie Anderson

I glad to see you are having people still wear masks. I am keeping the mask on policy for my salon, too. Also limiting the number of people. We can't be too careful! I plan on keeping those policies in place for quite awhile.

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