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May 10, 2021


Christine Zeitler

Insomnia is so cool looking with Hurricane a close second for me!


My very favorite Hedgehog Fibres color is Birthday Cake!

Deborah Grce

I can't pick just ONE color, there are so many that are gorgeous. Insomnia is one that I have admired often.

But, my tiny budget only allowed for HHF once in a great while. I know everyone needs to make a living, but sounds like this will now be priced totally out of my budget.

susanna eve

purple is an awesome shade of purple.

Debra Hewitt

I have a skein of Dew, and have been looking for a complimentary color to pair with it!

Elizabeth Kroll

Love, love Gossip!

Michelle S

Love Gossip for the colors and the name!


So many gorgeous colors to choose from....going with Underworld sock yarn.

Dana Snyder

It’s hard to pick just one but I love Sorry Not Sorry! I’m using it for the main color in my Painting Bricks shawl!


so many beautiful colors, love the hot pink Jelly!


Love this yarn and l would really like to try it.
My favorite is cedar.

Jenny Pepper

I love the Déjà Vu but they are all beautiful. I’ve never used this yarn and would love to try it


They are all so GORGEOUS! I love Film Noir!


My favorite color is Daydream - love that purple!


That is a bummer about the price increase. Thanks for the heads up. Shamrock is probably my current favorite.


I love Insomnia. I also have insomnia so I guess that's appropriate!

Sarah A Goldman

I am loving that tweedy dk noir! Also have my eye on eel too!

Kim Kieffer

My current favorite is HF Merino DK Shiver


It’s sad to see the Indy dyers raising their prices because the cost of their raw materials has escalated. I’m afraid it’s going to be like this for a while due to the world trying to catch up. But it is what it is. Hedgehog has beautiful colors but if I need to buy more yarn there’s plenty of other dyers that are local to the states that need our support also.

Courtney Burch


Donna Steinfeld

Love, love, love the Tweed Noir!


Absolutely impossible to pick just one but I'm really drawn to guppy and pistachio


My favorite color is Budgie!


Maybe Orion or Dragonfly (which I might actually have stashed somewhere...)


“Wish” and I’m wishing I would win.


I love almost every single HHF color, but my obsession these days is with Oracle. Loving the grey/black with neon colors! Skinny singles is my favorite yarn base.

Latisha Jones

Favorite color??? Are you MAD...who can pick just one favorite?!! That said, "Potion" is one of many. Good luck everyone.

Sandra Sprouse

I love Coral!!


They're all beautiful, but right now my favorite is Danube!


Potion is pretty awesome, but Macaroon may be my new favorite!


My absolute favorite color is Serengeti. I made Casapinka's Albuquerque Sunset shawl using Serengeti and Plump and it is gorge!


Birthday cake and Cedar are my current favorites, but I have a sweater I would love to do in Tweedy DK, just not the NOIR. So many pretty colors!


So many amazing colors, but my faves are Teacup & Monet!


Really hard to choose—anything with pink really . I just love her neons. Pucker is fabulous, so is Gossip. And Pinky Swear. Any one of these really pop in a shawl.


There are so many pretty colorways. I'll say "Deep End" if I have to pick one.

Renee Huffman

Ohhhh how to choose a favorite?! I made a pair of socks out of Dragonfly and I love them so much!


Dang the price increase is a bummer, but I’m seeing everywhere, thanks for the heads up and thanks for doing all you can to keep it as low as possible.. This is super hard but I guess I would go with insomnia, macaroon, crybaby
LoL yup to many

Marilyn C Robinson

I have only been able to use HHF once in a sweater and it was given to me by a friend in my knitting group. I loved knitting the yarn. It is so soft in my hands and the colors are gorgeous as they emerge. It is one of the nicest sweaters I have.. Ihave wanted more of their yarn but now will have to wait even longer.

Rose Birchall

Pesto. All the colors are beautiful.


Teacup. My first and all time favorite.


Lately Juniper has been calling me!

yolanda v

Bees knees


I am drawn to Aroma in the sock weight.

Donna Stupfel-Smith

I just cant get enough of those yarns. I made the Iris Hat, holding a strand of Kidsilk and Skinny in teacup together. A seemingly casual looking hat with luxury fibers in a very girly color. Love it!


My favorite is Glacier...I bought a few skeins of it a few years ago from you and I still haven't wound it up, it's too pretty in the twist to open it. I also haven't found a pattern worthy of it yet, so it waits!

Marilyn H

Definitely Villain.



Linda Ladwig

Love Deep End! :)

Donita Wriska

My favorite is Merino DK in Bees Knees


Oracle is my fave.

Joyce Purcell

I love Purr and Damsel, together preferably, Damsel worked in a colorworked yoke with the MC as Purr is simply GORGEOUS!


Plume is beautiful.


Their colors are all great, but I tend to go towards blues - so Deep End it is for my favorite.


Butter... just love it..


Love the color Malice. Jewel tones for me.


I'm very exicted to use a skein of Insomnia I bought along w Daydream!


Oh, Skinny Electric and Sin are gorgeously bright!


I know it's spring but Raku and Nutmeg appeal to me.


Sorry Not Sorry! (And possibly Goblin and Magpie and Rusty Nail and Pollen and... I love Hedgehog soooo much.)

Linda Weisgram

How could I possibly pick ONE color as a favorite??!? How about all are my favorite!


Shiver caught my eye today but so many of the colors are lovely.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Simply beautiful and not as colorful as many of the others but I just love Teacup.

Jerrilynn Bayless

Deep end!


I love Rusty Nail. What a gorgeous color. I would love to have a cardigan in that color, or anything really.


Love Birthday Cake!


I really like the Bubble color way.


Bali is beautiful! But if I wanted a speckle, I’d choose Deep End. Thanks for the contest!


Concrete, although Shamrock is a close second.

Aimee P

Just one? Lol. Anemone and Teacup share the top today, but ask me tomorrow and it’ll probably something different.


Sad about the price increase, though I understand the reasons for it. So many of their colors are beautiful, but I particularly love Dijon.

Pamela Collier

My favorite color of Hedgehog Yarn is probably Fool's Gold.

Laurie Bowman

It is too hard to pick a favorite! I love them all!!


Sour Cherry - reminds me of eating pie cherries with my cousin in the summer. Thanks for the smiles


so pretty! bridig!

Pam Huang

My favorite colorway is Pinky Swear! I have ordered it three times over the past 5 years!


soooo many beautiful colors, how can I choose? I'd be happy with any but today Birthday Cake is calling to me. Perhaps I need to plan a little birthday knitting?



Virginia Harnischfeger


Diane MacMillan

It was hard to choose, but, I'm going with Firefly.

Kim Holbrook

I love them all but right now my favorite is Sangria!


How to pick just one? I love anemone and boa because they are so far out of what I'd usually pick, but I also love poppy for it's more subtle yet bright colors

Michelle Lewis

My favorite HF is the Coral


I love Fool's Gold,but Iris is my favorite.


Very hard to choose one. Film noir is it!

saffron shipper

its a toss up between fool's gold, malice and artifact. I love them all!!!!!


The tweeds are fabulous, especially the noir..


Ghost has always been my favorite but I’m liking that noir tweed you highlighted!


All the colours are gorgeous but my fave is “Dove”.


Tweed Noir is my jam. But all of their colorways are wonderful.


I love Birthday Cake!


Plume is very pretty.

Kathleen N.

Since it is very close to LSU colors, I like Potluck 11d. There are sooo many wonderful colors!!


All the rainbow speckles like Echo!!!


Concrete on Merino DK is subtle and gorgeous.

Mary cronk


But potion is crazy love!

Ellen lang

I’m knitting the lightweight hipster by Joji Locatelli with a hedgehog skinny.

Katie Porter

I have many Hedgehog favorites, but right now, I love Heron. It's so soft and pretty!


So many to choose from. I love Plume!

Rachel Braho

Method. Its the one that stops the scrolling.


So hard to pick one!
Insomnia today.

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