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May 03, 2021


Nancy Eckel

My first time knitting with speckles and I love it! Im using DIC Colossal Sock- in Sept 2020 Pop-up, Cedar Creek and The Edge. Makes me definitely want to try some of the Faves!


I've had three foot surgeries (plus other surgeries on my sinuses, septum, elbow and a hysterectomy).

I had avascular necrosis in my feet in my 20s, and I just had a tendon in my foot/toe repaired. I'm in a surgical shoe and can transition to my regular athletic shoes at the end of this week. Once I can wear regular shoes, I can resume driving.

My DH had a boot for 3 months after a severe injury that included two fractures and several torn ligaments that required fixation with screws. After 9 months of PT after the hardware was removed, he was good as new. He kayaks, rock climbs, etc with no problems.

Hopefully you don't need surgery, but as a person who's BTDT 3x, you've got this. You can get through it, and PT is amazing for rebuilding your dexterity, strength and range of motion.

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