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April 06, 2021


April Boomershine

Enjoy your little men! I NEED the Little Women set for Emily’s college graduation gift.... yep, youngest is graduating.... so the time goes swiftly 😊 have a wonderful week!!


Enjoy every minute you can with the kids, it sounds like you’re having so much fun.

Could we please get a link to your sugar cookie and frosting recipes, when you have a minute in between yarn stuff? I would love to try it, they look delicious!


April - I remember emailing back and forth when she STARTED college. I just can't believe time flies so fast.
Diane - I wish I could say that I made the cookies, but I instead found a $10 kit at the grocery that had the cookies already made and cut out. It came with little packets of all the colored sugars, unicorn eyelashes and horns and everything. In the picture I think you can see the box that it all came out of, should you ever want to find something like that in the grocery. I'll definitely buy a kit like this again- it was so easy and cheaper than purchasing full sized amounts of all the little things needed to create the cookies.


Thanks Allison, I did see the box, it looks like a really fun kit for kids! I had hoped that you had to make the cookies then use the accessories from the box. No such luck (for me), but really handy for moms with young children. Thanks for the update. I never saw a kit like this when my girls were young. Too bad!


Tosh VINTAGE?!? Woohoo!!


Oh man, I love the Six and Seven colors so much! I got the Monet mini set last summer and this reminded me that I still haven’t knit them into anything, oops.

Enjoy your spring break and time with the kids. I have a lot of fond memories of baking and decorating with my mom and brothers— we all loved to cook from an early age. Though I can sympathize with Henry’s frustration when his didn’t turn out as he hoped!

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