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April 28, 2021



Oh my! I am so sorry about your foot. My best wishes for a quick and complete recovery. (The Fiberstory yarn is beautiful!)


I am so sorry that you are hurting. I understand completely! About 10 years ago I got shingles which led to postherpetic neuralgia and I haven't had a pain-free day since. The meds fog my brain and make it hard for me to concentrate, follow patterns, be human. By the time I get home from work I am a useless guppy. But, we all make the best of what we are handed and there have been positives too! Love the Fiberstory yarn, just gorgeous! I am looking forward to long, sunny days and putting out the fairy garden with my granddaughters...and a family trip to Disney in October with my husband, children, their spouses and my grandddaughters!


I’m sorry to hear about your foot, and I hope you’re able to get a clear diagnosis for it soon. I know from experience that the added stress over not knowing exactly what is wrong makes it hard to trust you will heal.

That Fiberstory yarn is gorgeous— so many rich colors in that lovely table full of yarn!

What I’m most looking forward to right now is a visit with my family in late July. We haven’t been together in person since Christmas 2019, so words can’t describe how much I am looking forward to hugging my 75 year old mother and 87 year old father, now that we’re all vaccinated.


So sorry to hear about your foot/ankle. Sounds like it might be a tendon problem. It might be better by summer but, if not, just content yourself with cheering on the rest of your family. You don’t want it to turn into a chronic problem. I’m looking forward to knitting the Noncho when I get the pattern. Right now I’m frustrated. Friday I started a sock with the CYH I bought last week. I had about an inch of ribbing done in the car while we drove to pick up sister & take her to get her COVID shot. We drove a total of about 120 miles. I thought I remembered where I put the sock when I got home. But I’ve looked in all the obvious spots & no sock! So irritating. So I guess I’ll spend this evening & all foreseeable time searching for the sock. Loved the soft pattern.


So sorry Allison!!!
Life can be a bummer ar times!!
Hang in there, be patient with yourself and give your body time to heal!! I am so glad you have such an amazing family and staff to support you through this!!
Sending Hugs 🤗


Oh, Allison, how awful about your foot problem. I hope they figure out the cause quickly so you can get on a regime to FIX it! Good thing it's not your hand so you can still knit.
Take care and do let others help you, hard though that is.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Hey Allison - as a nurse and a person, it is one day at a time. I fractured my leg in three places two years ago, plus all kinds of stuff with my mom before she passed, you will get through this. All of the knitters appreciate what you have done for us , you have kept us all together, and we appreciate everything you have done, knitting kits, great yarn from overseas, you have gone above and beyond! Thank you! Denise

Dana Snyder

I’m so sorry to hear about your foot! I hope you get some answers soon! I had a flair up of planter fasciitis in December and could barely walk the month of January. It seems to be doing better now but I didn’t run much on it at all. Lucky for me, our superintendent is allowing us to wear jeans any day we want and not just on Fridays. I got another new pair of running shoes and wore them everyday to help it heal. That really helped! Now, I’m dealing with some bruises on my lower back from being rear ended last Saturday on the interstate. I think it’s feeling better this morning. It’s hard to roll over in bed. We were going to Bristol, TN to get out of the house. We had stopped at a yarn shop and two antique malls. We were hit trying to avoid accident #1. So now, we’re just waiting to see if my husbands truck can be fixed. It’s in bad shape. We were lucky we just had some bruises.

Short term, I can’t wait for clue 5 of the Caladenia shawl! It come out tonight and I’m on the last row of clue 4! I’m using Yarn Less Traveled tweed me sock. I’m also ready for the weekend as I am after every week these days. The school week takes a lot out of me. At least now I’m at the point where I don’t have to work every night at home and every weekend. This weekend, my husband is going fishing and I’m going out to lunch and yarning with a friend. She needs beads for a new project and I’m going to teach her to put beads on her knitting and do a provisional using the mobius caston! Should be fun! I’ve only seen her once in the past year.

Long term, I can’t wait for school to be out so I can get back on my workout schedule and just relax. I need a break! We’re looking to buy a house. It’s been slim pickings since we started looking and things are selling as fast as they’re listed. I’m hoping to start back up with piano lessons too and handbells! I have a paint by number too and some bead art to get started on. Hoping this will be a summer of stress relief and winding down from the craziest teaching year ever! Oh, and we have our postponed honeymoon trip to Jamaica in July! This summer will be fantastic!


I see no one has taken a guess at the title and what you are re-watching. That sounds like an Outlander title to me ... amirght?

Susan Mercy

Bummer about your foot! I hope it's fixable...and hey, you have time to sit and that is time for crafting!

I am looking forward to knitting time. And moving to the home we're restoring so I can be busier than ever settling in. And then knitting in my rich lady house, LOL.


Sending best wishes for a complete, fasst recovery from your injury. Please do your PT if prescribed! It really makes all the difference, even years from now.

Looking forward: there is something new on my left hand.

Have a wonderful spring! Hope to see you this summer.


So many things!
Dana- an accident and finally the honeymoon?? I'm so sorry and jealous of your travel at the same time!
Susan, I love that you get to knit in your rich lady house! That made me laugh. You go!!
And JUDY. Who I met nearly 10 years ago in my shop with something new on your left hand??? I just e-mailed you. And does this mean you're coming back to FTW this summer? You are missed!


I hope you feel better soon.


Allison, rest that foot as much as possible and keep the boot on if you plan to move around. It will get better in time.
For me, I am just trying to take life one day at a time for now.

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