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April 14, 2021




Susan Mercy

Blues and purples speak to me. I really like Light Cathedral.


Blues, blue-greens, softer shades of almost any color


Golds have been jumping out at me lately so I love the Pashmina Magnolia Leaf!

Geraldine Scott

Love purples and red/pinks!


I couldn’t believe how many colors you have. I’ve knit with sock, vintage, light, dk, and have a twist stashed. I’ve wanted to try pashmina and one of the sparkles, since light is one of my fave yarns.Seance spoke to me today.

Dana Snyder

I used the Tosh work sock to make the Soundtrack sweater last year! I loved working with it! I haven’t used too much of the sock but have done a few projects with it from a subscription where I get a little ball and a clue each month. I’d love to make a pair of socks with the Tosh sock and I’ve seen some fabulous colors! I really love all the colors but I particularly love teals, purples, corals and pinks. Especially if it looks like the color of the Gulf of Mexico! That’s about my favorite right now!


I would love to make a pair of socks in Electric Rainbow!

linda Scarborough

Currently have a shawl using Tosh Merino Light on the needles .Love how this is working up. Any color in TML would be great.


Knitting with Madelinetosh as this LYS Week continues in my Appalachian Trail Tee!!! Madelinetosh Euro Sock!!! So vibrant in colors and such excellent Stitch Definition and softness!!!

Virginia Harnischfeger

Kauai speaks to me too. I have recently completed three sweaters using Tosh - one for each granddaughter. Of course, they all wanted different colors. Fluoro Rose, Glass Bottom Boat and Vintage Cherry were their choices. I used Holi Festival for an accent stripe on the hood, sleeves and waist on them all. Each sweater had a completely different look. The girls are very pleased with their hoodie, zipped sweaters.


I am on a hat kick. A great way to get better with my cables. I always seem to go for the greens


Personally I would choose Piñata Pop - wow do those bright colors call to me! Practically I would choose Fatal Attraction - it seems everyone is asking for red socks this year lol!


I am so into neutral colors right now. That didn't use to be my wheelhouse. I used to pick more jewel tone. Apparently an old dog can learn new colorway loves.


I am usually someone who gravitates towards the blues or greens but the Light Sun Rose is one that just made me happy.

Renee Huffman

Working with tosh sock in a shawl.right now!! The Feels gives me ALL the feels soooooo gorgeous


Wolf speaks to is different and would make something striking for fall....Thank you.


Never knit with it before. Kauai is awesome, but Pinata Pop!! So bright and wonderful.


Opening your post today and seeing Fatal Attraction and then Midnight Pass made me smile - and I kept scrolling and saw Siren. All my favorite colors in one post - thanks!

Hubby wants to know why I'm grinning...

I think I have some Tosh in stash but I'm not sure I've actually knit with it yet. Probably should rectify that situation soon!


Tosh Vintage in Holi Festival was the first hand-dyed yarn I ever bought. I still love the colorway. I also love purple, and the Feels is a great saturated, tonal option!


Iris, Blood Runs Cold, Mars in Retrograde, Fatal Attraction, Coquette Deux, Madonna, Vermillion, Arctic, Midnight Pass, Piñata Pop, Rainbow, The Feels...............”I choose all.” Love their colors!! Great selection to choose from.

Becky Myers

My heart goes pitter pat just looking at all this smooshy colors. Love them all. Especially Kauai.


I’m always drawn to Firewood 🪵


I used some Tosh DK in a Pure Joy shawl that I finished last month. The color that always calls to me when I’m “window shopping” is Holi Festival, but that Kauai looks like fun too.


Mad Tosh is just the best! I have made many shawls, so many pair of socks, cowls (sock head) of all kinds , and many scarfs. My favorite yarn. What color calls to me? About all of them. I could find anything to knit out of any color. Each color can tell me what I should make from it

Maggie Hume

I like Iron Out the Details. I love knitting toddler sweaters in Tosh Sock or Twist Light.


I love my Twist Light Asphalt socks. All the wee hits of red. And Fiji calls to me--especially on this dreary gray day.


Jade is hands down my favorite MT color— I just love the mix of bright and deep green tones. But really they make so many beautiful colors that it’s hard to go wrong.

Jennifer M.

So many beautiful colors! I love the more muted shades - Killing Me Softly, Dreamweaver, Author, Light Calligraphy... I’ve used Tosh in shawls and would love to branch out!


I am currently making a shawl using Tosh Merino Light. I love greens. All of their colors are fabulous.


Esoteric is the color of my soul.


Spectrum is my very favorite.


I have some gorgeous Pashmina in a sapphire color that I bought a few years ago to make a scarf. I have to say that Killing Me Softly & Kauai are really calling my name, especially the latter.


I have some gorgeous Pashmina in a sapphire color that I bought a few years ago to make a scarf. I have to say that Killing Me Softly & Kauai are really calling my name, especially the latter.


I've knit shawls and hats from various Tosh lines but Wolf is screaming for me to knit something with it. I love blacks and browns together and rarely find them in one skein.

Rose Birchall

Light the Uncola
I knitted socks with Tosh


Really surprised me but wolf caught my attention immediately. Those are colors I would not normally pick.


I have never knitted with Tosh!! Kuai is calling to me

Robyn Durand

I thought I loved Electric Rainbow the most, but then I saw Kauai. I lived on the island in the early 90s (we moved back to the mainland a few months before Hurricane Iniki caused so much destruction there), and this yarn made me nostalgic for Poipu Beach, Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali coast.

Nicole S

All the tonals! But today perhaps especially Yucca - I am ready for some green.


Electric Rainbow has my heart!


I'm loving the pinks and purples, but today perhaps what is best is the Cotton Candy colorway!

Sandy W

I’m loving Pendleton Red.

Ellen C,

I'm not sure if I have knitted anything with Madelinetosh. So many pretty colors, I could use a different color for each of my sisters, my Mom, and my nieces. Pinata Pop is so cheerful, Killing me Softly is calming, Kauai is so warm and beachy. I think I'm in trouble....:)

Eileen Bator

I’m feeling The Feels! I need dark purple socks!


Midnight Pass is gorgeous! I like Tosh for anything easy-care gifts because so much of it can survive a trip through the washing machine.

Donna M Norris

I lean towards blues and grays. Killing me Softly looks like a wonderful blend of both. Love the yarn.


Definitely pink! It speaks to me!


Black Walnut currently has my eye.


I have had the privilege of knitting with Madelaine Tosh skeins. . My daughters Antler Toque (from Tin Can Knits) is her fave and the Tosh Vintage was perfect for those cables. I made a Pennyroyal Hat for myself. The Kauai colour way in this Tosh Sock looks AMAZING! I think it would make a stunning Musselburgh Hat.

L Kroll

Dopamine! Reminds me of MN lakes in Summer1


How do you choose? I’m going with Joshua Tree because I want to knit something lovely with it as I play the album over and over (just like I did when it was originally released).


Oooh, Piñata pop, please!

Susan Kirkland

Killing Me Softly and Wolf are gorgeous 😍

Kerry Phillips

I’d love to try Wolf. Mad Tosh is my favorite ❤️😍

Teri P

I've been a fan of Whiskey Barrel for quite a while, but looking over the pages and pages of MT beauty just now, Gilded Age on Pashmina knocked my socks off!!


What wouldn’t I want to make in Tosh?! Tosh merino light is my desert island yarn. So many beautiful colors but if I had to pick one, glazed pecan is kind of speaking to me.


I am, as always, drawn to the earthy colors - greens, browns, burnt oranges, deep dark reds, yellows. But one of my favorite colors is fuscia, and MT Merino Light Coquette Deux, looks rather close. So lovely and cheerful.

Steffi Prigoff

Lepidoptra is a cool way to get my blue jams and my fuscia fix all in one...but seawash is my new grown up fixation.

Sara Moening

I have some fatal attraction and dirty panther in my stash that's calling out to be a colorwork hat. All the colors are beautiful! Liking electric rainbow right now with all those colors!

Patricia Elbrecht

Killing me Softly is calling my name, loudly!

Hilda C

I'd love to try Wink.


I'm currently knitting a cardigan in tosh sock in the colorway Carolina Reaper. It's a very happy orangey-red. I NEVER use red and I'm loving it! I absolutely love Midnight Pass and Killing me Softly

Kendra M

Just caked up some Holi Grunge for a Weekender sweater but I also have some Dirty Panther for another sweater project.... so really I love all the neutrals (plus some pops of color here and there!!)

Dana Nellums

I like esoteric.

Jeanne Bush

It's been awhile since I've knit anything in Tosh so I'm game to knit with it again. I'm liking Beta.

Helen Gavel

Tosh pinks and purples really speak to me. My all-time favorite, Night Bloom—a moody pink with a black wash— has long been discontinued. Of course you can’t beat Coquette for pink or Flashdance for purple.


The blues like Midnight Pass - a nice mid-range blue with hints of darker blue.

Linda V.

I've used so many of the Tosh bases for socks, cowls, shawls, sweaters, you name it! My favorite colors are the teals / turquoise colorways (but there isn't a bad Tosh color!).


Whoa! 12 pages of colorways to consider!!! I think Spectrum is the best color that MT does.

Kat Gatzke

I’m not usually much of a pink person, but today I’m feeling Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz Kajiwara

Most recently, I used MT Texas Bama and Tripwire to make Ingrid's Cowl by Anna Leander. I'd like to get some MT Vintage Tacenda to pair with the Superb that I have in my stash. Those two would be scrumptious together!


Tosh is my go to yarn, especially Tosh Merino Light for shawls, work sock for sweaters and Twist Light for socks! I love their blues and moody greys, next in line is socks in Dopamine!

Linda L.

Liking Gosia A lot!

Kathy Hooker

I've never knit with it before but would love to try it.
Normally blues are my favorite shades but that Killing Me Softly just calls to me.


I have never used any Tosh yarn but the ones on your blog are stunning. I love them all, especially wolf!

Kara Williams

I've been really into blues lately, and midnight pass really speaks to me. Such a rich and vibrant color! Would love to make something with it. Or pretty much anything from tosh. 😃


I have never knit with Tosh but it is on my list to knit with. Killing me softly is pretty classy and that Kaui is stunning too.


I have made sweaters with Tosh. Love the reds and the deep blue greens!

Ellen Briuns

I would like to make a Second Avenue shawl in reds and blacks.

Julie Olsen

I made a pair of shorty socks with one of the LYS colors from last year.

Colleen Dallura

Thunderstorm. What a moody color. It is beautiful!!


ASPHALT. Perfect mid-tone gray hit with little surprise shots of cardinal and purple.

Kate s

I love Death by Elo optic!

Michelle Brewer.

I love the Siren !! It would make a gorgeous cowl that would make my gray hair POP 🥳😂😁. Thanks for the chance!

Michelle Brewer


Would love to try MTosh -the spin on that purple gives me The Feels! and Mandala puts me in a VanGogh painting- Love that!


I love looking at different color combos and dreaming/scheming project ideas. Hard to pick any one color. I have always admired Cousteau though and have yet to use it. I love blues and grew up watching Jacques Cousteau.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Danger Will Robins caught my eye.

Marilyn R

Celadon green for me!

Chrystal Vaughan

I love all Tosh but especially Antique Moonshine ❤

Kelly M

Siren and The Feels look beautiful and would love to knit with them

Kay N

I have been knitting sweaters for my grandkids in Mad Tosh. Most recently a Wonderful Wallaby for my grandson. Next up is a Wallaby for one of his older sisters, also in Tosh. They are so pleased with grandma's knits! Very fun to knit for them.

Fatal Attraction is auch a glorious red and is definitely calling me. :)

Dani H

Killing me Softly has the peachy color I've been adding to my stash lately, I love it! I've got 2 other peachy skeins in TML that I'm looking to use together in a fade cardi.

Patsy Coats

Kauai, I love this combo.

yolanda v

Constellation....for a hat or socks or to squish. :)


Really love the feels, I've been very purple lately

Caitlin Saraphis

I love Cenote so much. It's the perfect blue green, and it matches its inspiration so well.


Cousteau is definitely my jam, although there are soo many colors I’d love to try! Thanks for the contest!


It's a tossup between Mermaids Unite and Its Lit. The first makes me think of warm tropical seas and flowers and the second of verdant tropical foliage. After a year I am really ready for a vacation.


Glazed Pecan makes me wish for Sunday breakfast at a family diner.

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