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April 12, 2021


Carmie Anderson

I'm knitting a shawl and items for grandchildren. We have 2 new babies in our family!


I'm knitting dishcloths, a garter squish, a beanie and a lace scarf (that one's in time-out). I'm crocheting two blankets- one granny squares, one moss stitch.

Cathy Green

I’m working on a pair of socks using the Molecular Orbitals sock pattern.


Finishing yet another pair of socks with only the Kitchener toes left to do today.

Virginia Harnischfeger

I am working on a sweater - Heritage Silk Shell - pattern offered by Cascade Yarns. Using Heritage Silk in color 5639 purchased from SSYC in 2020. First time using this Merino/Silk yarn. A pleasure to work with.


I'm working on the second sock out of Belle Sock in Vintage. It's my own design.


I’m knitting a KAL from a LYS.


Making socks—lots of socks—calms me & supply comes in handy whenever I need a gift. Sweater & baby blanket also get occasional attention.


I have two active projects on the needles right now--a modular stole and a second sock. I'm trying my darnedest to keep it to two-at-a-time but the Birds of a Feather shawl is really calling its siren song so I will probably be casting it on soon.


I have committed to start nothing new the month of April and finish up projects on the needles.


Since we are in a pandemic, plus I always have to shop online because my location (we only have one LYS in the OKC metro area), my online stores have become my LYS, and SSYC is my well visited place. Looking forward to your offer, and thanks for your consideration of this distance shopping by people who just can't make it there.

stephanie prigoff

I'm re-doing the neck for the second time on a sweater that I could have sworn I finished a year ago...until I looked at the kneck and realized I used the wrong needle to pickup and knit the neckband...

Ellen C,

Trying to finish a shawl that has given me many headaches. Wish me luck. :)


I'm on a Rose City Roller kick. I've made them for gifts before but made myself a pair a few weeks ago and fell in love with them. Perfect for the season!

Thanks for the contest and congratulations on making it through a full year of pandemic response. Let's hope and pray another is not required.

Becky Hertling

Working on some mittens for me!

Linda Lau

I’m working on the Marley blanket. All the color changes really keep me going. It’s a great quick knit project.

Susann Lusnia

Working on a shawl as a gift for a friend and using this pattern:


Making socks of course!

Robyn Durand

Can't wait to see all the new goodies! My LYS is starting their annual Spring Finishing Frenzy--you sign up to complete your desired number of WIPs by May 27--so I'm working on completing Breathe & Hope, Powder Wrap, and a felted cat cave to donate to our local Shelter's online auction. It's a great motivator!


I'm knitting away at knee high Fluorite Socks by Andrea Mowry. I chose three main colors and then squeezed in a couple more scraps and they are so fun! I'm halfway done with sock #2 :-)

Susan Giles

3 socks, a baby blanket and a baby hat


I'm working on a baby blanket for grandbaby #2 and making lots and lots of hats, mittens and socks.

Natalie McLaughlin

I am hurrying to finish a second sock so that I can finish a pillow for a wedding. It's my wedding go to knit. It's called "When two become one" in ravelry.. After that I get to pick a new project!!

Christine Purvis

Right now, I'm knitting on two pairs of socks and crocheting a toy for my daughter.

Becky Myers

I am working on the Moraine Shawl.

I am loving the bobble section and found this awesome video on how to make your bobbles pop.

Also working on the Picnic Blanket Socks from the Curious Handmade Sock Society. I love her patterns.

Happy Knitting.

Sarah S

I'm not knitting anything at this moment but am planning to knit a baby vest soon!


I’m knitting my first project following thumb surgery, a baby hat, mittens, and booties.


I just finished blocking my second stash-busting marled cardi! So simple but addictive.

Now on to a summery tee design from Anne B. Hansen!

Sue Gilck

I'm just starting Yondah Window using Schoppel-Wolle Zauber Flower

Teri P

I have three projects going right now: socks using a gradient from Huckleberry Knits, testing a lace yoke tee, and knitting a pair of legwarmers from the brand new Nomadic Knits.

Gina Schmidt

I’m knitting the Doro Socks as a gift and the Take Your Time Slipover for me.


I just started a baby blanket for the THIRD time! Lol. And I just got my first set of needle arts dpn’s for my birthday so I am probably going to start a new pair of socks! Yay!!!


Working on the Alstead vest from Harrisville Designs.


Knitting up a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks in Spun Right Round Classic Sock.

Geraldine Scott

I'm knitting Seamless Stay-Put Baby Booties using Panda Cotton I purchased years ago from your website. Have a new grandbaby coming in September...gender-reveal party coming up in exciting! And, yes, these booties do stay on! And love that they are finishing once they come off the needles!


I am currently working on finishe the Hugshot shawl. I started it last fall, had to put it up for awhile, and hope to finish it soon!

Dana Snyder

I always have so many projects! A few things I’m working on with SSY... Calendenia MKAL with Yarn Less Traveled Tweed me sock. Still working on the Marie Greene sweater with the SS Rios Green and I started the birdwatcher. I think it’s the MWP BLF sock. Always busy with something!

Karen DeGeal

I always have something on my needles.I'm currently working on the Temperance shawl by Malabrigo and finishing up a pair of socks.


I have a sockhead cowl on my needles now, but just got a gorgeous skein of pastel sock yarn from you by Qing along with the Magner bag (red) that I ordered and I’m going to make a pair of socks for myself. Hoping to cast on this week!


I am currently working on socks for my son and a shawlette.


Only knitting happening right now is my on-going waiting room project of dish cloths. I just finished a short infinity scarf for my sister.

I'm trying to decide what to do with some alpaca yarn sent by my daughter - she actually got to meet the lovely fellow that provided the fiber!

Brenna Delosier

Just started the Birdwatcher sweater by Casapinka.


I am making a pair of summer socks with a cotton blend sock yarn from your store. I am also working on the starlake shawl from Stephen West.


Hermione’s Everyday Socks in the color Wilted on Mad Tosh Twist Light purchased from Simply Socks...and about 5 other assorted pairs of socks lol.


I’m finishing up the Moonwhistle Shawl by Andrea Mowry just love it & such a pleasure to knit Relaxing

Kim Witherow

I’m a small project gal so always have a sock project going!

Dana Nellums

I just finished the Musselburgh hat out of your Colossal Sock in Blurry-eyed. Glad to hear more of this yarn will be available later this week.

yolanda v

I'm knitting dishcloths and finishing up my HABITATION THROW, then, I'm casting on another.


I have a blanket started for my daughter-in-love and am working on cats for my granddaughters from Mary Jane's Tearoom patterns.


Socks - I am knitting socks!


I'm working on Casapinka's Birdwatcher sweater and a pair of Kindred Spirits socks out of the Yarn Love "Pretty Crocus" set that you had for Easter!


I'm knitting Roll Play cowl by Susan Ashcroft ( with just the grafting left to do. And I'm working on a tubular cowl but using the stranding chart from the hat In Bloom ( for the design.


I'm working on the Caladenia MKAL by Ambah O'Brien

Karen Pettyjohn

I am knitting French Cuff Cardigan by Julie Farmer in malabrigo rios.

Jennifer M

I’m almost finished with Casapinka’s Botanique shawl - lots of fun stitches! I’m getting ready to start again on socks after not making any for @10 years!

joyce hancock

I am knitting a mermaid tail blanket for my newest grandchild. I can't wait to see her in it.

Sara Moening

I'm just starting my Maytham shawl using dream in color The Naughty List!!


Library Socks and a child's sweater.

Lisa Kirk

I'm working on a Musselburgh hat and a pair of socks for my grandson. Love Your yarn!


I cast on a bright axis tee for the knit for food knitathon 🙂

Linda V.

I'm working on a sweater and a sampler scarf. And I've got a few swatches on the needles.....

Thanks for being the most-funnest online LYS! I'm so glad you're still here (or there)!

Gaylyn B

I'm never not knitting something. I always have multiple projects on needles.
I'm working on a vest that has been hibernating for over 2 years.(This is the 3rd and last hibernating sweater that I promised myself I would finish this spring.) I'm on the first sock of the 4th pair ever. (I never seemed interested in socks before the pandemic.) And last but not least, a linen lace scarf for a Mother's day present.
What I knit on each day depends on many variables. I have projects that meet many conditions and frames of mind.

Alexis Greer Heidenberg

I'm working on 2 garter chevron baby blankets (for others) and another Magnolia Hat (for me). :-)

Teresa Knittingdancer

I am knitting a pair of Kindred Spirits socks by Paper Daisy and a baby Flax Light by Tin Can Knits.

Marilyn R

Socks, of course, with contrasting toes and heels. I finally learned how to work the ends in neatly as I knit.

Donna Gerber

I’m trying to finish up a shawl in three shades of green that I started over a year ago to be worn especially on St. Patrick’s day. I’m trying to get it done soon so I can move on to one of my many other more fun projects in my queue and free up more needles.


Socks! I love going round and round. I find it very relaxing.

Brooke Smith

I'm currently working on a stack of ribbed basic beanie hats. My friend is making Christmas stockings for her local VA hospital, and I'm donating hats!


I have a pair of socks going, as always-nothing fancy. Then a baby sweater in time out because I realized I skipped a few rows. Just started a summer sweater Fresh Berries Tee in cotton. A new experience.


I’m knitting socks for my kids! They are great projects to grab and go especially as the warm weather begins to move in.


I am knitting the Malabrigo Temperance Shawl KAL and a Celestine Dodecahedron using yarn from SSYC.

Hilda C

Right now I'm working on a pair of color work socks (sheep no less). I still need more practice to get my tension right but I'm pleased with the results.


I am working on socks. Second pattern in the Curious Handmade socks for this year. Picnic Blanket Socks in Poste Targhee.


I am knitting Appalachian Trail Tee with Euro Sock Yarn Purchased from SSYC!!!(
Praying for relief from this Pandemic soon.... I am so ready to travel up to see you all at SSYC!! But thank you so much for keeping us in Yarn and Supplies. I am very very grateful you have been successful in keeping your (MY) LYS going strong!!!
Happy LYS Week!!
Knitting Hugs to You All!!


Am working on some very large sized socks in Less Traveled Yarn Tweed in Amber. Such an unusual but beautiful color!


Doing some "stash busting", On my second "Self Fringing Shawl", first one was so much fun. I was nervous with the first one but felt liberated when the fringe appeared.


I like to have a couple of projects going. Currently working on a sweater (Tiberius by Isabell Kraemer), socks, and a shawl (Nurmilintu by Heidi Alander).


I’ve got 3 projects on my needles right now: a pair of Petty Harbour socks with some Six and Seven Fibers yarn, the Daytripper cardigan from MDK’s latest Field Guide, and the Passeggiata wrap.


I'm knitting Hearts and Flowers socks from Wendy's book Socks From the Toes Up. I'm knitting my way thru every pattern in the book. Current project:
I have a lot of socks that have gotten old (my handknit socks wear like iron) and this summer I plan to do a big Sock Knitting Marathon. I'm going to need sock yarn :) about 30 pairs worth :)


A Flutter Buttshirt out of an older skein of speckled Poste!


I'm knitting several things actually. I switch back and forth because my hands start to hurt when I'm using small needles. Here's a link to the socks I'm working on:

Happy spring!


I’m knitting scrappy socks and also slouchy gradient socks!


Recently finished a pair of socks. So it is time to go back to a WIP that has been on hold despite only needing the sleeves to be attached and knitting the collar to be finished.

Colleen Dallura

Im knitting a pair of dk weight socks. They are going to be cozy.

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