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March 16, 2021



I’m 77 so I’ve gotten both shots of Pfizer & it’s been over 2 weeks since the 2nd shot so I’m feeling it’s close to time to start going out a little. My partner has had his first shot of Moderna & gets the 2nd one on April 4. So we should be able to safely go to a few places in about a month (2 weeks after his 2nd shot). The reason our schedules are different is that we have different doctors on staff at different hospitals & the major health care providers in Chicago were given stores of vaccine. They then contacted their over 65 patients through MyChart & offered vaccine. At northwestern, they were vaccinating about 60 patients at a time in a very large room (auditorium?).
Outside of Chicago in Cook County, I don’t know how people get their vaccine. A few suburbs have health departments & are vaccinating people from a waiting list. Chicago has set up mass vaccination sites but now are only accepting reservations from people who live in Chicago. I suspect that’s because they were getting mostly suburbanites signing up. They understandably want to vaccinate POC who live in areas with high rates of COVID but barely half of black people are willing to get vaccinated. Meanwhile my daughter who is an essential worker in DC can’t get vaccinated because DC has decided that they shouldn’t have to vaccinate federal employees even if they live in DC (& pay 10% income tax to DC) & the federal government is doing nothing to make sure federal employees (even those who’ve been required to work in the office during the entire pandemic) get vaccinated. Sorry for the rant but it’s crazy that some states (Mississippi) are vaccinating any at least 16 who wants it & others are just at the 2nd tier - right after first responders, first line healthcare workers, & residents of LTC facilities. I suspect that it would be fairly safe for James to take piano. You could try to find a teacher who’s been vaccinated but even if not, James should be safe if both wear masks. The teacher won’t be facing him & breathing directly into his face.


Hubby and I both got COVID back in November, so we both developed antibodies. I got vaccinated at work in Jan/Feb since I work in health care and hubby is waiting on his second shot next week. Numbers are very low in my town and Texas opened businesses back up 100% and lifted the mask mandate a couple of weeks ago, so things are a little more normal around here. Some businesses (grocery stores, etc.) still require a mask to enter, which I am fine with, but just being able to get out without the blasted thing is wonderful beyond words! Looking forward to returning to NORMAL!


One of my coworkers is learning guitar with Rocksmith, it connects his guitar to his laptop and teaches that way. There is a piano version of it too which would work for your needs...

Kim Holbrook

You might be able to find a piano teacher who will teach on Zoom. My granddaughter in Hamilton County has been continuing her lessons on Zoom for nearly a year and it has worked well. It’s worth inquiring about!

Dana Snyder

My husband and have both had our second vaccine for a month. We were both lucky to be in the 1B group in Virginia. Teachers were a priority here and he works at the court house with juvenile probation. We are still social distancing and wearing masks. We go to school 4 days a week in person and have very low rates in school. He teleworks half the time. We’ve gone shopping out of town a couple times, once to Bluefield, WV and once to Roanoke. It was great to actually get out. We’ve been out to restaurants more since we’ve been vaccinated. The big test will be our trip to Florida and actually flying. My parents are there for the winter and will have their second vaccine soon. I’m looking forward to some relaxation time in the sun! They don’t live close to the crazy spring break locations. It’s calm and family oriented! We’ve had low rates in my town and I have felt safe at school. I’m especially looking forward to a vacation. I have worked more this year than I ever have in my life! I’ve had some rough days but my kids at school are great! I don’t have any of my own, just dogs and a cat. We have started looking at houses to buy now. There’s not much available. I have to have room for my grand piano and my yarn! I hope Henry gets to take piano lessons! I love the piano! It’s a great stress reliever! Have you checked into zoom lessons to start? I started taking lessons again when I buy my piano but haven’t this past year because of my work schedule.

Susan Mercy

I've been teaching music lessons via Zoom for a year now (violin, viola, cello, and piano). It's gone amazingly well. A lot of my students have absolutely blossomed...they've had adequate time to practice because they weren't being pulled by so many other activities, and their parents have the time to listen to and help them! Win-win. (I also have two students who have moved out of my state, and by choice have continued lessons with me online.) PS, I have openings in my studio. It funds my yarn addiction ;-)


It was a very trying effort to get vaccinated in OK, after 2 months from registration, I finally got the 1st Pfizer shot at the end of phase2. It really took 2 months (part of that due to deep freeze and snow storm) for my state to manage the mass vaccination going, so far, it's been smooth, orderly and the 2nd shot is automatically scheduled for 3 weeks later. I still believe we are not out of the woods yet, I am prepared to continue distancing and masking pass 2021, not until the infection rate drops to 10 a day. Mean while, I look forward to Spring coming in my state, lots gardening awaiting and new plans for the garden since the winter storms we've had, that will chip away from my knitting hours, oh well, we always complain, and complain... I need to just take one day at a time and be glad so far, we fared pretty well in this environment given, with gratitude and patience, and prayers as always.


I'm 42, husband is 41. In OH, the Governor just opened vaccinations for our age group starting Friday March 19. So we managed to get appointments next week. Different days, different locations, different providers and I don't know if we are getting the same vaccine manufacturer or not. I'll get mine at a Kroger, and my second shot is also scheduled four weeks apart, so I think I'm getting the Moderna one. I have asthma and autoimmune disease, and I was really frustrated that healthy people just a little older than me were a higher priority. I had pneumonia when I was 37, and I was so sick for so long that when I finally recovered, my doctor gave me the "old folks" pneumonia vaccine. I'm having surgery on my right foot April 16, so no driving for at least one month. Then 9 days ago my knee did a big POP. My joints pop all the time without pain, but this time it hurt. I saw the orthopedist yesterday and was diagnosed with meniscus tear and sprained MCL, so now I have a knee brace, prescription and PT on my left knee until my right foot surgery!! My 5th grade son has been in hybrid at the city's gifted school since February- 2 days a week in person, 3 days a week asynchronous. My 2nd grader's school had been open for 3 days of hybrid, but then got shut down due to staff shortage. It just reopened today, but her teacher decided to retire, so now she has a new teacher. My 8th grader will go back next week for the first time in over a year. Until kids can get vaccinated, there's no way to even get close to ending this thing. I used to be an epidemiologist I think this will be an endemic condition like influenza. I think it will require an annual shot like flu. And I honestly hope mask wearing will be a thing during cold/flu season every winter.

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