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March 17, 2021



All of the Hundertwassers!


I agree with you & Elizabeth. The Hundertwassers are overall their best collections IMHO & then the Tiger was probably their most popular single color. I’d also like to see some Van Gogh & Monet. I can’t image what made them choose these color ways. Not that they’re awful; they just seem far from their best to me. Of the new collection, I’d choose 9961 & 9964.


I loved all of the Little Prince colors. I bought them all and have knitted about half of them..
I would love to see some of them in the collection..


The first pair of socks I ever knit was with rainforest 6 tapir. So that colorway is sentimental me and the idea that Opal donates 1 euro to rainforest preservation from each skein sold is also nice.

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