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March 01, 2021



I am proud of you! Those little things are really big things because really, food is love. I am glad you felt good about "outsourcing." Hope you enjoy your breakfast and glad you are taking a little me time. We all need it. :)

Laurie Bowman

The most time-saving thing I have invested in is hiring a housekeeper to come every other week. I don't enjoy cleaning the house during the little spare time I have, so it is worth it to me to have someone do it so I don't have to worry about it and can relax and do the things I want to do during my spare time!


I, too, am proud of you and glad you went ahead and “delegated” and outsourced, even though you love to cook and take care of your family’s smallest needs. As hard as it is to relinquish those big or little things, allowing others to help you is also a gift, to let them do something loving for you. Even though there are only two of us at home now, I cook my regular recipes for 6 - 8 and freeze and rotate the leftovers so we eat something different every night, but I have some nights off when there is very little to do except heat and eat. Or make fresh cornbread to go with the leftovers. It is refreshing to have that extra hour or two to cross stitch, knit, or even indulge in tv. It’s really ok not to do it all from scratch, all the time. I wish I had understood this when I was younger and my kids were at home, because back then, I couldn’t relinquish those little things or delegate. I did it all, all the time. And I was tired!

Dana Snyder

I always pack my lunch and I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home so I always do the prep ahead of time. I made salads yesterday. They are good for a few days. I made 9 of them so we’ll have chicken salad tonight and I have a lunch for everyday this week! All I have to do each morning is put the dressing on and cut up an avocado! It saves a lot of time to make them all at once. I boiled eggs for the week too for breakfast when I was prepping dinner last night. I never eat school lunch since I would have to get milk and I have a dairy allergy. This morning, I just had to throw it all in my lunch box and cut up a few things and I was ready! The chicken for tonight would have been grilled already but we ran out of gas. Lol. I also try to have my clothes for the next day out and my workout clothes packed. It really helps so I don’t forget anything!


"Shortcuts", trying something new or exploration of options? Whatever you call it it sounds like it gave you some peace of mind and that is always good. Enjoy.

Kathy Robbins

Yeah for staying sane in this crazy world by delegating. I usually cook up a big pot of something for dinner that can just be heat-up for a couple of days, soups, stews,beans or I delegate my husband to cook us breakfast for dinner, which he loves. Also, extended out houscleaning to twice a month instead of weekly.


Short cuts are fine when necessary, think it's a treat to your self, a slight break you just might enjoy, no guilt. Also, keep in mind that ALL things good and bad will all come to pass. Take it easy on your self. Knit and play with your yarns...


I cook and freeze smaller portions. I totally stopped cleaning up after my cheating husband. I take me time now and with no guilt. Alison you are my hero.

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