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February 01, 2021



Looks like a beautiful Valentine's Day kit! Can't wait!


Love both kits. Your boys remind me of when I was their age, especially Henry’s. On days like we’ve had recently, all the kids in the neighborhood would be out playing in the snow - making snowmen &, even more fun - building snow forts & using them for protection during our snowball fights. We lived in an old Irish American inner city neighborhood filled with 2 & 3 flat buildings full of kids. I think my mother counted once & there were between 125 & 150 kids under high school age. I thought kids didn’t have fun like that anymore but, when the Portland-Vancouver area got 15” of snow a few winters ago, most of the kids under about 12 in the HOA my daughter’s family lives in spent most of the day playing in the snow - just like we did 70 years ago - but with warmer clothes!


That is a great mug!! Not a fan of pink but Easter is coming and a spring flowers speckle would be amazing!!


So pretty! I'll be checking Wednesday!


Donna, yes I'm suprised how much the kids have been out there today. They JUST came in - well over 2 hours. And they are super happy and worn out so I expect less indoor wrestling and bickering this afternoon. Perhaps a nice movie.

Stephanie Merrill

Do you know what time on Wed you are going to post them for sale?

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