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February 26, 2021



It will feel wonderful to get outside and walk without a coat. It's a little thing, but it feels so nice to be able to just open the door and go!

You carry A LOT of great dyers. I think I'd like to try Turtlepurl. I love a striping sock yarn. I like to be able to zone out and watch the telly while I'm knitting a sock, and stripes keep me entertained while doing a simple ribbed pattern. I've knit many pair of striping ribbed socks during the pandemic!

Heather S

I’m looking forward to planting tomatoes with my five year old. He’s been talking about it all winter.
I’d like to try Qing yarn!


I am really looking forward to being able to get into a warm car this spring! These last few weeks in Fort Wayne have been rough for a pregnant lady getting into her car in the mornings! I am also really excited for some outside activities that I have seen on instagram and pinterest to try with my kiddos!

As someone who gravitates towards neutrals, I have been feeling pulled towards more vibrant knitting and color lately. Even if it is something small like colorful socks. I don't know if I just want a little more cheer over the past year of pandemic but it is fun to see more color and variation from hand-dyed skeins enter into my stash. I am loving the colors in Swift Yarn's Tender sock especially the Tropical Vintage colorway!


I’m looking forward to seeing if the last things we planted will come up. Lupines and amsonia, I think they were.

Many of your lines are new to me, but I’ll choose Uschitita Fiber, as those skeins of Glacier are calling my name - I’ve also never tried speckles!

Thank you for the contest!


I'm looking forward to letting our chickens out to free range in our yard and sitting on the patio in the sun knitting or reading while watching them.

I keep looking at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts socks that rock. The colors are so beautiful!

Thanks for the contest and for operating such a fun shop to buy from, so glad I discovered your store!

Gail Fairman

I am more than ready to be outside in the spring. I am readying my porch furniture for cozy days breathing fresh air and at least seeing and shouting at the neighbors. Also I am looking forward to resuming long regular walks through city parks. I have never tried Uschitia yarns but would like to.

Lisa T.

I'd love to try the Happy Accident yarn! I am looking forward to being able to get outside more after a very cold Minnesota winter.

Catherine Barberine

Looking forward to fresh air, sunshine and outdoor activities! I have always wanted to try out Hue Loco...I think her Chicken colors are beautiful!

Candice Hope

I’m so looking forward to doing things outside. And I am totally an INDOOR person. I just mean like, being around people safely again. I’m also and introvert so for me to say these things is absolutely bonkers! I’d love to try the Vrinda Pada sock. What great texture and subtle color differences throughout. Ooh it’s lovely. Leaning toward the teals but the muddy purples are always my jam.

Sarah D.

I love being able to sit outside with an iced coffee, while my kids play. I like the relaxed, unstructured outside time when it's not too hot and not too cold.
I'd love to try Dream in Color. I like nice big squishy skein to make a squishy shawl! I love bold colors to add a pop to my outfit - bright blues, greens, even orange and yellow!


I'm looking forward to a spring and going outside to walk with my dog in the sunshine. I'm already planning my small garden.

I'd like to try Skein Yarns French Lavender. I haven't knitted with any Australian yarns and the color just calls to me.

Coby Hanna-Butler

Spring! Oh I can't wait for bike rides, hikes with the dogs, playing catch with my boys, and honestly the biggest one might be being able to put away all the snow stuff! Sick of boots and snow pants and mittens and hats being everywhere in my house! : )

I am dying to try Undercover Otter. Why? It's name is UNDERCOVER OTTER! I just find it so cute and the colors are amazing. Squirm Sock Arrakis is specifically calling to me.


Aside from knitting, my other hobby is gardening (it's also my preferred fitness routine, which has been sorely lacking!) I can't wait to get outside and dig in the dirt again.
I'd love to try Vrinda yarns - the dark moody colorways really call to me!


I am looking forward to driving with the windows down and the radio blaring! The first day I can do that is my favorite day of spring!
I would like to try something from Flock Fibre Studio -- I've heard great things about them!


I am really looking forward to spring to see my daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths again, to plant flowers, put up hanging baskets, and see the hummingbird come to the flowers, watch the bluebirds, cardinals and yellow finches flying around and landing on my deck rails, to (hopefully) be able to walk outside after my hip replacement, to make and bake some bread that has to rise in a warm house, to be able to “not” wear a hat to keep my bald chemo head warm, and so much more! There are so many things to look forward to in the coming months, and that’s only the beginning!

I would like to try any of these yarns (and others, too), depending on what colors are available: Skein, Uschitita, Dream in Color, and Less Traveled Yarn. So many gorgeous yarns, so many beautiful colors!!!


I am looking forward to planting our vegetable garden. It will be great to get outside, and dream of eating fresh things from the garden again!

I would love to try a Unique Sheep Gradience set. Ooh, the possibilities!


I’m looking forward to safe travel.

I’d like to knit Mosaica and am looking for speckles on gray and on white.
I’ve never knit with Stitch Together and a good posdiblity for me would be


I look forward to leaving the house without coat & boots. Also looking forward to flowers !, I would love to try Skein yarn from Australia


I am looking forward to going for a run in the Spring sunshine, instead of tiptoeing my way around the ice and snow! I'd love to try Stitch Together -- they have such beautiful speckles!

Katie Porter

We have actually had some really nice weather here lately but I am looking forward to planning and planting a garden. I'm also looking forward to seeing all the wildflowers blooming. And, I'm a teacher so Spring Break is my happy time! 🙂 I would love to try some Undercover Otter! The shipping from Amsterdam is so high, I was happy to see you carry Aiden's beautiful yarn! I love the color Tenbre 💜

Samantha T

I’m just looking forward to being able to be outside a lot again. I’d love to try Hedgehog Fibers. Their stuff is always so pretty.


Spring is my favorite! I especially love seeing the flowering trees and tulips.
I'd love to try Mineville wool project yarn.


I love these comments so far! Yes, all these things!


I look forward to warmer weather and longer daylight time — love me some of that sunshine! I would love to try out all these yarns butFleece Cottage has caught my interest!
Thanks for the giveaway. :)

Christa Corson

Looking forward to spring flower and green grass between my toes! I'd love to try Qing Fibre next, love their vibrant colors.

Diane Jespersen

I look forward to seeing green things and flowers popping through the leftover winter snow. It's been a long winter with lots of snow this year and lots of shoveling and very little socializing. I'm ready to get out! And I'd love to try Life in the Long Grass as I have never seen it before.


I am so looking forward to warmth and being outside. Can't wait to sit by the pool or ride my bike. But seriously, just the smell of fresh air and sunshine are plenty to lift my spirits.

So many wonderful yarn to try but I pick Undercover Otter because that's such an incredibly cool name. Beautiful yarn too!


Looking forward to earlier sunrises...I'm tired of running in the dark! I love the name and look of Life in the Long Grass!

Alene Sternlieb

I am looking forward to being outside pushing my new grandchild’s stroller. I would really like to try one of the wool free sock yarns. I think that would be a good spring project to try


Looking forward to more sunshine as spring approaches. I would like to try Knitterly Things. I have heard wonderful comments about her yarn.


I'm ready to travel - it's our 30th anniversary this spring and we hit an investment milestone that makes the extra things in life possible. But being outside in sunshine and warm weather will be a more immediate treat.

I'd love to try any of the Vrinda Yarns - pretty much any color works for someone in the family (but I'm partial to turquoise, pinks and purples).

Appreciate the opportunity!

Emilie M McFeely

I love spring flowers! Crocuses, tulips, lilacs...I love them! It gives me a gimmer of hope when I see the crocuses start to pop out of the ground! :-) I've heard lots of good things about Uschitita...would love to try their yarn! I've always wanted to try Qing Fibre and Spun Right Round, too.

Dana Snyder

I’ve been wanting to try Emma’s yarn for a while now and was able to get two of the four color kits for the Casapinka Botanique pattern! I haven’t started it yet. I love the colors and can’t wait to start some spring projects with bright colors!

What I’m really looking forward to are warm temperatures! I love sitting out on my deck, riding my bike, hiking and running! It’s been hard to get workouts in with my work load but things are improving and I have more time. It’s supposed to be 70 on Sunday with rain but I’ll take that over snow.

We are looking forward to a vacation! I’m a teacher and have really had a rough year. I really need a vacation! My husband and I were lucky and we were both in the 1B vaccine group and have both gotten our second vaccine! We’re planning a trip to Florida to visit my parents for Easter break. I didn’t get to go last year because of the pandemic. We also have our honeymoon planned for July. It was postponed. We got married in September. It will almost be our one year anniversary trip! Lol It’s also possible I may be taking a trip to France and Spain in June if it’s not postponed again. I have a group of students in taking. It might be a sinner if vacations!!

It was so nice the last two days and I was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. It’s sleeting now. Crazy VA weather!

I so look forward to your clubs, kits and new things you offer! I’m so happy to have made you my local yarn shop since mine closed a year ago. Thank you! My Rios sweater in Las Fiestas is slowly creeping along. I’ll send you updates when it looks different. I have a few more inches to go before I divide for the sleeves. I’ve only been able to do one row a day this week.

Looking forward to spring, bright colors ans flip flops!

Sandy Harwood

I can’t wait for spring and the chance to visit with my knitting friends outside since we’re still in a lockdown of sorts. I would love to try Walk Collection yarn.

Kate s

I am so looking forward to warmer weather! And maybe a bit of outside safe socializing. I would like to try Yarn love - Marie Antoinette sparkle. I can’t decide what color

Lynn B

Spring means flowers, birds and longer dog walks. Also, weeds. Darn!
I would choose Life in the Long Grass yarn.

Sarah Sundelacruz

I am looking forward to flowers blossoming and plants flourishing in the spring! I keep my houseplants near big windows so they can get sunlight, but they don't appreciate the draft and haven't been too happy. The warmer weather will be great for them! (And me.)
So hard to choose a dyer to try! I might go with Six and Seven Fiber.


I'm looking forward to cutting brush in my woodland. Invasive buckthorn and honeysuckle is taking over again. I've already seen a drop in the number of bird species that visit my feeders.

I'd love to try Sweet Georgia yarns. Her colors are so vibrant and beautiful.


I am so ready for warm weather and to get out of the house! I would love to try Uschitita sock yarn.


I can't wait to start walking outside again. I'm a bit of a wimp and won't walk if it get dips before 40 degrees. So I just need it to warm up a little bit more!

I haven't tried Knitterly Things before so I'm glad you included it in this post. Those colors are gorgeous!


I am looking forward to more sunshine and no more snow. We have had quite a lot this winter and I am ready to get back outside in warmer weather to feel that sun on my face.

I would like to try Life in the Long Grass.


I am looking forward to seeing new plants sprout out of the soil in my perennial garden.
Would like to try Unique sock.

Michelle Tennen

I would love to try knitterly Things or Uschitita. I love the speckles on Knitterly things yarn and I love the tonal look of Uschitita yarn
Ive been knitting a lot of socks lately
I love Spring
This spring, I would love to mix 2 sock yarns together and knit a cardigan. I made one like this a few years ago and it’s so gorgeous
I’m ready to get help with your gorgeous selection and knit a new one for 2021
Thank you for your great selection

Eileen Bator

Well, since I slipped on autumn leaves while walking and broke my arm, I am SO looking forward to spring weather when it is sunny and the sidewalks are cleared so I can walk again fearlessly!
I would love to try some Hue Loco. Colorado is my favorite vacation spot and her colors are most unusual. I love her Merino Sock Cheeky Rhino or Hippo Parade because they both remind me of my favorite purple flowers in springtime. Either one would make a lovely cowl or shawlette.


I’m looking forward to leaves growing again, my lilac bush blooming, and all the colors that come with spring.

I would like to try Less Traveled Yarn, she has some pretty colorways.

M Reedstrom

Dragonfly fibers

Looking forward to spring flowers and sewing on the deck.


I am so looking forward to being outside on a warm sunny day and basking in the sun! It is a much harder decision about which yarn to try. Life in the long grass is my choice.


I’m looking forward to the ability to travel again. I miss it so much. I want to try some Qing yarn.


I am looking forward to the possibility of some much needed spring rain here in California! I love the look of Less Traveled Yarns but have yet to try it out.


I can't wait to see buds on trees and shrubs and little plants starting to pop out of the soil. I yearn for this every spring but since this past year has been so crappy, I really yearn for it now. Not exactly a "dyer" or a new company but I'll love to get some Regia Merino Yak on my needles. Sounds dreamy.

Jessica N

I'm looking forward to sitting outside and getting fresh air, while watching things come back to life
I've never tried Stitch Together and adore all of the colorways in the smooth sock base

Jennifer M.

I am looking forward to digging in the dirt, planting flowers of many colors, and spending more time hiking some trails. Two companies I haven’t tried yet are Life in the Long Grass and Undercover Otter. I have seen some gorgeous knitted garments from those yarns!

Heather H

Looking forward to hearing the sounds of birds in the backyard twittering. I am really excited to try Miss Babbs and the colorways in Yowza DK!


I'd like the snow to be over so I don't have to worry about being snowed in. I'd like to open the windows and have the fresh air come in and the sounds of the birds also.

I had to check out the site to see what I'd love to try. I have some of the brands in stash that I plan to knit with but I haven't seen Undercover Otter before and there are some gorgeous colors.

Leigh Ditto

I am looking forward to warmer outdoor adventures with our boys! Sunshine and mud makes for a fabulous day. I would love to try Miss Babs 😊

Maureen DesMarais

Late spring - can't wait to refill all my pots on my deck to make a beautiful oasis. Also firepit evenings!!

Knitterly Things striping socks look amazing!!

Nancy Huebner

I am looking forward to the longer days, which will mean more time for evening walks with the dogs.
As for yarn...I would love to try Hue Loco or Life in the Long Grass, they both have amazing colors!

Virginia Harnischfeger

I always look forward to the springtime blooms - forsythia, crocus, daffodils, tulips - mild temperatures and end of snow, and more daylight with later sunsets. I would like to try Opal Yarns.


I look forward to seeing my spring bulbs come up and bloom. I planted over 100 tulip, crocus and daffodil bulbs last fall during the pandemic to have hope for the future. I would love to try Life in the Long Grass.


I am looking forward to walking outside again, without bundling up! Also, to decorating our new house. I would like to try the Cottage Sock by FA and the merino yak.


So looking forward to starting my heirloom tomato seeds and planting my garden! And I'd love to try something from Unique Sheep. I love the look of the varigations and have been wanting to make a shawl for myself.

Susan Mercy

I look forward to the scent of the first maple syrup cooking fire, when my son and father light it to start boiling sap. I would like to try Zen Yarn Garden.


I am most looking forward to taking my knitting outside into my garden when the weather warms up - after dinner my husband and I sit out on our porch with a warm drink - I'll have my sock weight hand knit blanket with me and whatever project is in my "sock project bag".

I would love to try some Hedgehog Fibres yarn - in particular the colourway Dragonfly - it looks amazing and I'd have a hard time choosing between the DK or Sock.


I’m looking forward to getting rid of all my winter gear when going for walks. I’d like to try Spun Right Round because her colors are amazing.


I want to not worry about ice!
This is way too hard to answer but probably life in the long grass.

T Craven

I am so looking forward to getting vaccinated! Why, because I want to travel and see friends in-person, instead of Zooming.

The yarn that I have been thinking about trying is LITLG DK Twist. Thinking that the color coastal has me thinking about looking forward to a seaside vacation.

Thank you and may the luck of the Irish be with everyone as we enter March!

Helen Gavel

I’m looking forward to seeing family again (separated by a border) once we’re vaccinated. And eating barbecue at our favorite restaurant (outdoor seating!). I’ve been wanting to try Hue Loco mini skein sets ever since they were featured on the Grocery Girls videos. Also Hedgehog fibers—those neon pinks and greens!


Purple iris and yellow daffodils. BBQ, sitting outside knitting, wildflowers, vacations, fishing, sleeping with the doors open. I have never tried any of the dyers so this would be something to look forward to. Anything with purple!


In looking forward to the blooms on the trees, peach trees in particular.

Uschitita Sock, glacier is the one I would try. That green is spring like.

Debra Cohen

I think I would like to try In the Long Grass or Undercover Otter...such neat names!
I’m looking forward to digging in the dirt...I have 8 raised beds. One is dedicated to strawberries, one to sunflowers, the rest I plant with veggies and herbs. First thing in the ground...lettuce and arugula...


I'm looking forward to being able to open the windows and letting fresh air in my house!

I'd love to try Qing fibre or Hue Loco yarns.


I can't wait until Spring! It's my favorite season. I love sitting on the front porch and taking in the sounds and smells of Spring.

It was hard to choose just one but I would like to try Life in the Long Grass.


I’m looking forward to trail running and starting our garden seeds inside!

I’d love to try the Uschitita in Glacier just like the first photo! So gorgeous!


I would choose Hedgehog Fibers sock yarn. All the colors are so pretty that I am not sure which color to choose!! I like them all....I am looking forward to simple things for spring, just being outside and feeling the warm sun on my face. Being outside without a coat and bundled up. Sitting outside in the evening with some knitting and listening to the birds. And I can’t wait to see all the bulbs I planted last Sumer in full bloom this spring! Spring is my favorite season


I am looking forward to more hours of daylight and long walks! Walking is tremendously important to my mental health. So is knitting! I have had a fabulous time sampling your indie dyers, and you carry such a great selection. I’m happy to see so many votes for Life in the Long Grass and Less Traveled yarn, because they are two of my favorites. As far as vendors.I haven’t tried yet, Fleece Artist Cottage sock in that heavenly Hibiscus! What a great way to celebrate Spring!
Thanks for the contest!

Sandy Dodson

Can’t wait to kayak and wear flip flops!!

Love all of your yarns - but have never tried Less Traveled Yarns - I think you blogged a project using the color Prickly Pear and I remember snapping a picture to put on my “wish” list.

Linda V.

I'm looking forward to color, color and more color! I look forward to seeing all of the gorgeous colors of flowers, grasses, leaves and birds.

Vrinda Yarn DK is not something I have seen before; it looks like it would be great for colorwork, especially in shades of blue and/or green!


I'm looking forward to track and soccer this spring! And hopefully I will be back to knitting after a long stretch of therapy for a wrist injury.

And the yarn I would like to try is Fleece Artist. :)

Luanne Kkeiman

Spring...what is there NOT to look forward too? My husband is the family gardener and it’s so fun when he calls me outside to see his daffodils and tulips peeking out...sometimes there’s still a bit of snow on the ground! A few weeks later, cracking open the patio door and lowering the storm window of the front door so all that delicious fresh air can sweep through the house! Hoping that our vaccines and the lower Covid numbers in Indiana will let us get out more, maybe even a weekend away!

I would love to try Urth Uneek. I have a shawl pattern that is shown in their yarn that’s screaming to be made. I need to just splurge on the gorgeousness once and for all!

Rebecca M Holmes

I'm looking forward to getting vaccinated! I hope this happens in the spring. I would love to knit with Life in the Long Grass silk merino yarn. I've been thinking about that rose gold color since you posted a photo of it last week.

Michelle Embry

My birthday is in April so i’ve always welcomed spring, I look forward to the crocuses and tulips blooming and the freshness in the air. I’ve never tried Yarn Love and it is definitely on my wishlist. In particular I would like to try Yarn Love Goldilocks Faded Bloom - so beautiful!

Jamie Albrittkn

I look forward to long bike rides, baby birds, frogs singing, and green grass!! I would like to try Qing.


I’m looking forward to gardening...clean up, watching the spring bulbs come up, planning what I will plant in the vegetable garden. I just love it!

I’ve had my eye on Hedgehog Fibers for the longest time, but have yet to try it. Skinny singles in Bollywood or Villain would be fun to knit.

Happy almost spring!


I am looking forward to seeing my new Lady Banks Rose bloom. I love those butter yellow flowers so much.

I’m really looking at the Poste striped yarn. I wish I could knit faster just to make all those fabulous color ways. I think someone in my house really needs some new striped socks.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I am looking forward to sunny days and things blooming again.
I would like to try the sock set from Flock Fibre Studio in Coy Koi and Ocean.
I haven’t tried any of her yarn.


Every Spring I look forward to the first flowers that pop out of the dirt.
However, this Spring, I am most looking forward to a visit with my parents. My dad is now fully vaccinated. My mom gets her second shot in 3 weeks.
I would love to try the Uschitita Sock. Glacier and Allison's Ocean are gorgeous! It is a dyer that I haven't seen at any of my local shops in GA.


We live in the Pacific Northwest, and it's been a rainy winter! I look forward to an early camping trip this spring, setting up a chair by the McKenzie River while my guys fish and I drink iced coffee in the sun and knit with my old dog next to me! I would love to try Vrinda Pada Sock yarn, particularly in the colorway Grindylow, but really, any of the greenish blues would be wonderful! I love how the yarn has that differently dyed strand running throughout; it gives it an almost rustic feel.


I’m looking forward to the days getting longer, so I can sit outside after work with my book or my knitting and enjoy some sunshine, instead of all the winter darkness. I need some vitamin D!

Lichen & Lace is a dyer I’d be curious to try. Maybe it’s my craving for sunlight, or maybe it’s just that I love yellow (and am coming to love orange) but Daylily, Amber, Ginger Snap, and Rhubarb all look luscious.

Jody Laake

I have always wanted to work with Hedgehog Fibers because I hear so many good things about the quality of their yarns. I would like to try Pada Sock because I am in love with one of the post card samples you sent me. And my third choice is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock because some of the colors really speak to me.


For a couple reasons I would pick the Uschita. I like ve that it’s from the Netherlands, it would be new to me and that color just reminds me of trees in spring!! I can’t wait to get out more when spring finally hits Ohio!! I want to do ALL THE THINGS!! I want to walk, grill out, work on my flower beds, talk to my neighbors, walk, put up my porch swing, knit in my swing, walk. I think walking is what I’m looking forward to the most...long leisurely walks with my husband, chatty much quicker walks with my adult children and taking our sweet pup on walks as well. Thank you for getting me thinking of spring!! What a fun giveaway!!

Barb Frederick

I look forward to longer day light, being outside in my flowers. I love listening and watching the birds and nature! I would like to try Less traveled yarn. I love her color combos.

Allyssa hensley

I'm looking forward to watching my two eldest sons play outside while I knit. I love sitting in my front yard watching them explore and run off all the little boy energy that can't be expended by just playing in the house no matter how hard you try. I'm anxious to hear more bird song and watch the wild life come back into movement. Plus, I want to hike so bad it hurts, and, although that'ys not impossible during winter, I have a teeny tiny son that makes going out in the cold difficult.

As far as trying yarn, I have heard such good things about Hue Loco and Opal and I would love to try their stuff sometime.


I have enjoyed the snow and winter, but I am looking forward to Spring. I like to walk in the mornings before the house gets busy. Right now it’s still fairly dark and cold, so I haven’t been too motivated. I’m looking forward to the fresh air and growing things. The daffodils are starting to poke up through the ground already. Hurray!

There are two dyers (ok definitely more than just two) that I would like to try.
1. Knitterly Things: the self-striping and bespeckled are just so much fun. Also, I grew up in Michigan and I love the idea of connecting to my roots.
2. Dragonfly Fibers: the colors are just so beautiful and they are “local” to where I live now

Monica de Moss

There are so many wonderful things to look forward to in Spring! First, going outside without having to bundle up in bulky coats! Being able to step outside and feel the heat of the sun on your feet and stepping on soft green grass... the smell of that first mow of the lawn... leaving the windows open and hearing the birds chirping. Going for a Kayak. Watching the trees blossom and the flowers start to push up through the fresh earth. Longer daylight hours! :-). You know what? Just saying these things makes me feel happy. Thank you for asking that question!

As for your Try a New-to-you-Dyer, well you carry so many quality yarns and they all look fantastic! Some I have never heard of before and some I use regularly like Fleece Artist and Lichen & Lace (LOVE them both!). Zen Yarn Garden is another fave. But since this is a try something new, I have to say, I have never tried Madelinetosh. Yikes! IKR! They have the most amazing blue - like ocean waters. And some to-die-for dyed greens. (Hazel eyes here so I always look for those earthy greens.). I’m not a fan of highly speckled yarns, preferring subtle colour shifts that seem to ebb and flow with the light and breeze.

Wishing you a safe and healthy year!


Hello! I’m looking forward to sunnier walks, playing outside, moving from an apartment to a house, cookouts, maybe even an outdoor hangout with a friend?!! I’d love to try Qing—what amazing colors!


Gardening! Feeling and smelling the earth, the mulch, the plants, even the simple task of picking up fallen sticks is rewarding and soothing...just like knitting!
I can't pick just one...all your brands are new to me; I've only been knitting for two years. Any yarn in spring colors would bring me joy and excitement since it would be new to me!

Patsy Coats

I’m looking forward to no snow and lots of flowers.

Janine Lindstrom

I’m really looking forward to seeing the grass in my yard and knitting on the patio. We’ve had snow since before Christmas and it’s snowing again today.

I’ve been looking at the beautiful colors of Life in the Long Grass for years. Having an Irish heritage makes me feel like I’m going “home”.


I'm really looking forward to opening the house windows, riding my hike on the Pufferbelly, sitting outside in the sunshine and knitting while while listening to the birds, planting the vegetable garden and puttering around in the perennial garden.
I would like to give Skein Yarn a try in dk for a hat or td for socks.


Can't wait to plant new flowers and see my garden wake up again!! Walk Cliff Jump DK is a yarn I would love to try.

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