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February 19, 2021



I am right there with you...but you did not mention ice and sleet. This morning is BLUE sky and sunshine, which meant a trip to the recycle center AND Trader Joe's, where you can get THE BEST triple ginger cookies and not have to bake them yourself! As for a project, I would use it for Happy knitting, as I slog along on size 11EEEE socks, now that is a heavy Sigh!


I've been thinking of 1-skein projects too - Morpho by Nick Davis and the Perpetua Shawl by Romi Hill are at the top of my list, in a nice springy color!


Woollsia is an easy knit. I am going to start a new project. Trying to decide between Woollsia and Socks on Plane


I’ve been eyeing up Janina Kallio’s (Woolenberry) shawls and dreaming about which one to make, but there are so many good choices and I am quite indecisive right now. I may try a hat next with something that has cashmere in it....a friend gave me a chemo cap she knitted and it has some cashmere in it and keeps my head so warm on these cold, icy days that I wear it every day and to all my medical appointments. I need a second one for everyday wear :)

Diane M

Wave by Kristen Finlay in the French Lavender colorway would be an lacy easy knit for spring that could be made larger if needed.


Agree. Generally winter is a nice break but this year it is tough because we’ve been confined so much this past year. Keep casting on simple projects. Socks on the needles now and already debating the next project. This is one time inches of garter or stockinette does not sound tedious. Maybe a simple sweater or baby blanket using great colors?


I'd recommend Interlude by Janina Kallio ( A good bit of garter, but with easy-enough lace. I knit mine in Malabrigo Sock in Marte (from my first-ever SSYC yarn order, no less!), and it's the neck-thing I wear most every winter:


I can't complain about this weather, it gives me perfect excuse to stash dive, I am surrounded by my yarn (my puppies), dreaming what will become of them; I jump from projects to projects, and still planning for more, essentially, it's the time we don't have to "do" what please us, and Covid, or snow, or else don't bother me except they all give me "more time. Since knitting in such feverish pace, I discovered what tickles my happiness, the colors in my yarn, never we allow such color freedoms to expose us to the senses to be thrilled, to be mesmerized and to dream for the possibilities. It's the psychedelic effect without drugs, it enters thru your eyes, and touches the part of the brain we don't know that exist, the colors just make me HAPPY. Allison, you are in a mega store full of such experiences, and no one has such privilege nor opportunity; I have been surfing thru internet stores to get my doses of happiness, I do it all the time and as much as it pleases me. I also LEARN to LOVE all colors, and believe that all good things will come if we allow ourselves to accept what is in front of us...


One of the patterns in the Hitchhiker Collection by Martina Behm would be perfect for a wool/silk blend.

Liz Kajiwara

I recently found a 1 (or more) skein shawl pattern on Ravelry that might be nice for your proposed project: Close To You by Justyna Lorkowska. Its pretty simple so an experience knitter like you might get bored- mostly garter with a really interesting edge - but worth a look!


Depends on how much silk as I suspect you know. I knit a luscious soft scarf that curls into a roll instead of paying flat that was all silk. Never wear the scarf. Guess so should frog it and combine with another yarn.

Laurie Bowman

I have my eye on Venomous Tentacula as well! Like you, I would like to make it larger or even figure out some way to join the ends to make a cowl! We just got done with the polar vortex that hit Texas last week and so glad to be back to warmer temperatures! Because I work in the medical field, we worked every day straight through, only delaying starting times until 10am two of those days.


A lot of great suggestions here. The last time I was outside was Thursday & the snow was almost to my waist (I am short - 5’3”). My partners been continuously shoveling. It’s warmed up to the mid-30’s & it’s been raining. So the snow is melting & turning to ice. I hope it clears up enough that I can easily walk to the garage on Thursday when I’m scheduled for my 2nd COVID vaccination.


i really like her new one, but it is more yardage. I think some silk would be nice.

I like joji's patterns. I have not knit this yet...

Are you planning on using beads? if so here is another one. I have to concentrate on the beading and lately have not felt like it.
It is well written pattern and there are some video tutorials. The color you chose would look good with some rosy peach beads

Coby Hanna-Butler

Venezia shawl by Joji!
I haven't made it yet, but I'm kind of obsessed.

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