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February 16, 2021



We got between 4-6" here in southern Indiana. That's the most we've gotten at once in a long time. Like you we've had an inch or2 several times this season. And more on the way! I love it. It's been a long time since we've had a real winter.


You guys can keep the snow! We are supposed to get another ice storm this week. That blasted Sir Walter Wally was wrong! It is supposed to be spring. Fortunately my Emma's Yarn was in the mailbox Sat so I'm ready for Botanique to go live. Thank you, Allison, for making that available to us. Now if the lights will just stay on. Fingers crossed.

Maureen Goni

Thank you! TEXAS is a disaster.

Eileen Stack

I missed typing in the code for free shipping Can I still get it ?


Yes, Eileen! Just respond to your e-mailed receipt and ask us.


Thank you for the free-shipping offer--just in time for Malabrigo March!!! ;-)

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