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February 18, 2021


Kathy Robbins

Oh yes, you said it all for a snow day--knitting with a cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace!

Dana Snyder

We’re getting ice today. Luckily, we still have power so far but others in the area don’t. Our virtual delay tuned into a real snow day! I made waffles and had coffee. I’ve now moved on to a cup of tea! I worked a puzzle for a while and I’ve now moved to the couch to work on my Fiadh with the Las Fiestas Rios! I’ve got 12” so far! I have work I should do and grades to update but I’m taking the day off! Hubby is teleworking. Pretty sure everything is closed here in SW Virginia! The dogs and cat are all napping. It’s a perfect snow day! Dogs are wiped out after their dental visit yesterday. Lol Spending the rest of the day with yarn! Perfect!


Hello from Oklahoma, never in living history of OK have we gone to -8 F on Tuesday, it is climbing up to 65 F by next Friday. I didn't think I could ever have enough of wool on hand for this crazy weather, but thankful that we didn't have it as in Texas. I am inspired now to knit wintry stuff in July, in case this is becoming a trend...


Gosh, Algeli! I can't believe you have that big of a spread of temps in just a week! That's a recipe for migraines!
Well, I hope you have some good coffee and yarn to keep you happy!


Really enjoy all the pattern ideas and designers you link in for us! Talk about rabbit holes when I'm supposed to be working!

My choice is th "Venomous Tentacula". It looks like such fun and will be a "how did you do that?" result.

So happy that I am not shoveling snow now, having done more than my share over the years.
Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.


Those colors!!!! I'm dying here. No no. Bad girl. Resist buying more yarn that you won't get to till 2025!!!

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