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February 24, 2021



Thank you Allison, for showcasing my Thrum Tea Cosy. I am truly honored. I didn’t need warm mitten but I do need a cup of Hot tea. This Thrum Kit was perfect for what I wanted.
Hope your water ordeal will soon be over.


I am so, so sorry to hear about your water issues due to the snow and ice, that’s no fun to deal with!! I’m glad you are all safe and warm, though, despite the cold, snow and ice. Hang in there and be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself and the family to your favorite take-out and some ice cream sundaes at home every few nights....... Hug your kids and your husband longer and more often and let them give you some delightful hugs to cheer you up!!


Allison, so sorry to hear about your struggles!!! No fun with water damage to home or business. I am grateful it was manageable and that you have everything under control!! (Of Course You Do!!!😉)
Thanks for getting in more of these fabulous Thrum Sets!! I may have gone bit overboard on my order...but all the possibilities of these Kits becoming warm woolen treasures was just too tempting to let pass by. And Suzy's Thrum Tea Cozy is on my To Do List as soon as my yarn arrives!!
Thanks again for all you do to keep us in Fabulous Knitting and Crafting Supplies!! Stay warm, Stay Safe and Stay Dry!!
Knitting Hugs to You All!!🤗💗🤗


Yikes! Tough week for sure. Hang in there. Spring must be coming sooner or later. :)


Allison, you have my sympathy, we have been through the ice dam business twice. Hope your insurance will cover the damage. Thank you so much for the thrum kits, I just got my second. It’s so much fun to learn a new technique, and the photos are gorgeous. I may have to order a third, that tea cosy is awesome!


I just had my first ice dam experience this week as well! I guess we got complacent because it hadn't happened before. The good news is we now own a roof rake and will be more vigilant in the future.

Sabrina Snyder

What I am looking forward to is super easy! I am looking forward to the birth of our second grandchild! He is due the first week of May. What a great way to celebrate Mother's day!
The second part is incredibly difficult. Choosing only one company to get yarn from is like pulling teeth. Today my choice would be Swift Yarns. I was lucky enough to get a skein of theirs before as a gift. The color was absolutely beautiful! I would love to try another color.

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