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January 07, 2021



Happy Birthday!
Sometimes I'm afraid to use my pretty sets of minis, because I want to make sure I find a project that lets them shine. But this year I decided to be brave, and I'm using them doubled to get proper gauge for a fun hat from the new book "Knit Happy with Self-striping Yarn" (by Stephanie Lotven)

Coby Hanna-Butler

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 43 club, it's not so bad.

I have never used minis, although I'm sort of obsessed by them. I found a pattern "Mini Mania Scarf" and I want to make it SO badly!

Renee S.

I have used minis for contrasting heels and toes in socks but that’s all so far. It’s a new year so who knows what the new year will bring with knitting ideas!!


I knit two shawls, Terraform and Incremental, with Wonderland minis and also knit a pair of fingerless mitts. I have shawls in mind that I’d like to knit with minis. I like them as a set.

Kathy Robbins

Happy Birthday!! I have used Wonderland sock yarn and it is really beautiful. Since the minis do not have nylon, a shawl would be lovely in this or a striped vest.

Tracy May Adair

Mostly I use for toes and heels!


Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day. I have not used a set of minis yet, but I would imagine I would use them as accents for Socks, my favorite thing to knit.


I have used them in a cowl where each section has been a different lace stitch pattern. A fun knit

Dana Snyder

I have used them mainly for what pattern they were for but I have used them for other patterns that don’t call for minis. I think one I used minis for was Ambah O’Briens Jacinta.

Dana Snyder

Happy Birthday!

Susanna eve

I have a brand new CSM aka circular sock knitting machine. I am planning on using mini skeins for heels and toes.


I have knit a shawl and then a scarf.
Hope you enjoy the day and the year.
Happy Birthday.

Cindy Chapman

Happy Birthday!

I make sweaters with mini-skeins. I will find a color that works well with them and use the minis as stripes or yokes.


I have a couple of sets, but still deciding what to do with them. Hoping some kind of shawl, but not sure.

🥳 Happy Birthday 🎂🥂


Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Allison.
I have used gradient mini skeins to make [Dangling Conversation] shawl with beads. I do not like to separate the set as a rule. I am always on the lookout for patterns that a mini set will compliment.

T Craven

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, that's pretty much how birthdays and anniversaries have been done. Our 35th wedding anniversary and my 60th were to be grand vacations. Someday again. 👍 I have assimilated to that. Ten years ago we celebrated our 25th anniversary and my big 50, 1000's of miles apart. My husband was in Afghanistan. But, on my 50th, his troops were given my email and I received so many good wishes.
I have digressed. I use mini skeins for sweater yoke colorwork. I am a sweater knitter. Although, I have been contemplating heels and mittens.
Have a great birthday week!


I have not tried mini sets but would love to play with toes and heels and stripes. Have a very Happy Birthday, and eat lots of cake. It’s your day!


I haven't used a mini skein set yet, but i think i would use them together as i like the colours together and iften tge gradient but probably not in a shawl project.

Helen G

I’ve bought some as kits to make shawls (Koi Pond) or combined 2 different kits to make an Ambah O’Brien shawl whose name escapes me at the moment. But usually I keep them for ages while waiting for the “perfect” pattern.


I haven’t used a mini skein set (as of yet), but I do want to try a fade set. I really like that ombre look, and I’d love to make a cardigan for myself.

P.S. Happy Birthday!!! (Oh to be 43 again)


I've used them as gradients in shawls and scarves but recently bought a whole bunch to knit Casapinka's Secret Life of Cats (and Dogs) using a variety of colors. Just got the yarn so haven't started it yet.


I’ve been hesitant to use the one I have - it’s so pretty just lying together! I’m tempted by socks but am debating random stripes or trying x rounds of one then x of the next. Need to be brave.

Rebecca Rosenthal

I've only made 1 pair of socks and I used the mini for the heel, totally forgetting about the toe!! Haha! Oh well, I'm going to be making more socks and will probably use it, mindfully this time. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone!

Sarah S

I've never used minis before but I want to! I've seen so many pretty coordinating sets, and I'd love to make a shawl out of them.

Linda V.

Happy birthday! Use it for a great excuse to do something wild and crazy (but COVID-safe of course).

I'm too uptight to break apart mini skein sets, they must remain together in one project. 🙃

I have used mini skein set in cowls and shawls. I love having someone else pair the color combinations for me.


I have never had any mini skeins. Would like to see what I could do with them sometime


I have several sets, but I'm not sure how to use them . would be open to ideas for shawls using minis.


Happy Birthday! I have bought several sets of mini skeins and love to just look at them. Mostly I scroll through Ravelry searching for the perfect use. I have made several cowls using them but I then obsess about the color placement.


Right now I am adapting a shawl pattern to use my pink minis. It is "Beach Days."

Jessica FG

I’ve purchased many mini sets but have never used them. They are all sitting in my stash house looking beautiful but desperate to be part of something incredible. I’ve looked up countless patterns but have yet to find “the one”. This comment section has some great inspiration though!


I have not used mini skeins but they would be pretty in sock heels and toes. Also hoping to knit 24 mini socks/mittens/sweaters/hats for an Advent countdown for December 2021.


So far I've only used my minis as decorations. 🤣
I have plans (though that might be too strong a word) for a hat.


I paired a gradient mini skein set with another yarn to make a chevron scarf for my partner. I was VERY glad to get a 6' scarf in fingering weight yarn finished!


I use them for making dolls and animals for the grands. And the clothes as well


I like to use mini skein sets in gradient or striping projects.

I turn 42 in a few weeks. I can't have cake because of dietary changes required by my autoimmune disorder. I miss having treats sometimes!

Lisa Viviano

Lately my mini skeins have been going into a queen size granny stripe blanket. I’m very close to completing.


I haven’t used mini-skeins yet and would love to try a set with a pattern for a cowl or shawl of some sort. I would also like to use them on toes and heels of socks or to add a stripe of color. I have only finished one pair of socks so far and have one in progress.
Happy Birthday, Allison! Yes, staying home is a good way to celebrate, treat yourself fo a day of doing whatever you want for your birthday - cook something you love, have the boys help make/decorate your cake....have fun in or out of the kitchen! Have a lovely day!


I have a few mini sets. I know one is still in stash as it is so pretty and not sure where the colors will best work together--more like a gradient. Another mini set I used to make a sweet heirloom baby blanket. Loved the opportunity to mix up the colors and not invest in lots and lots of full-sized skeins.


Happy Happy Birthday, Allison! I use minis for toes, heels, and random stripes on socks on the CSM, but more often for baby socks, animals and dolls/doll clothes


I've not used a mini set but would love to do a shawl using one!


I am planning on casting some mini skeins on for an extra stripey version of Joji Locatelli's Super Simple Summer sweater once I finished a few birthday sock gifts and my husband's Oslo hat.

Melody Pelton

Happy Birthday! I love mini sets. I have used them for knitting cowls and shawls. I love using them to add little pops of color for the inside of pockets and the toes and heels of socks.


I've never had the pleasure of using a mini set. This would be my first.


I love to use them for scarves

Debra Cohen

Happy Birthday!!🎂
I have never knit with a set of minis...but since I knit mostly socks I guess I would use them for crazy eight socks or just heels and toes.

Emily Smith-Sturr

Mostly I have used them all together in a shawl, but have used some as sock extenders for my husband's size 15 EEE feet!


I ALWAYS use a mini skein set in one project. I feel like that’s the best way to show them off.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! Like you, I use mini skeins for heels and toes. I also have a set reserved for a “Timely” cardigan, if I ever get around to that one—it’s not on the list for 2021.

Tera Liles

I haven't had any mini skein sets before, but I would probably break them up for some heels & toes or maybe just use them all together as a set of stripey socks!

Jeanne Bush

I use mini skeins as a set, but usually have some left over that I can use as a pop of color. I've not knit with Wonderland before. Here's a pattern I have in mind, Woodland Journey, Happy Birthday, Alison!

Brenna Delosier

I’m working on a scrappy granny.


Haven’t used mini skeins, but willing to try something new.


I haven't used minis. But I'm a bit of a rebel and would mix and match them into other color schemes.

Nicole S

I've mostly used them for socks - sometimes for toes and heels, other times for colourwork.

Jody Laake

Happy Birthday! I have not used a mini set yet BUT I have a burning desire to start doing heels, cuffs and toes in colors that complement the main sock yarn. I bought a Flock Fiber set over the holidays but haven’t cast on yet - I’m saving it for my vacation next week. I think mini sets would be a perfect addition to my stash for just that!

Anne B

I haven’t worked with minis yet, but I have been wanting to try the Snuggle Down Cowl for a little while. Also, my birthday is Jan 10, so happy birthday to both of us! 🎉☺️


I've drooled over mini sets - especially gradient type sets - but haven't purchased any yet. If a gradient then I'd probably look for a project that emphasizes the gradient. Other sets would probably be broken up to provide contrast colors.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Liz Kaji

I admit, I'm a hoarder. Mostly I just like to drool over them but I have used them for heels and toes and for cowls. I'm itching to make the Leftover City Cowl by Kacey Herlihy so I think that some of my treasured minis will be dedicated to that project.


Unfortunately I have never had any mini skeins to knit with. There are some shawl patterns that really have caught my eye.


Happiest of Birthday Wishes to You!! Spending time at home with your family and cake sounds lovely!! My question to you is what is your favorite kind of cake?!?
In 2019, a friend and I did a swap, and she make me a mini advent. I used (and am still using) them in a mitered square blanket. Admittedly, I'm only a few squares in since I wasn't sure about a pattern or if I should do a random placement, or knit them in the order I opened them, etc. So many decisions!! And I'm so not good at decisions!!
If I had a real mini set, I'd probably knit a shawl or cowl that was designed with minis in the Calico Quilt Shawl or the Round and Round Cowl.


Happy Birthday Allison!!!🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉

I enjoy knitting with Mini Skeins and Wonderland Yarns are Amazing!

I have used them for various types of projects!! Advent Socks, Advent Scarfs, Cowls, and they are obviously awesome for Sock toes and heels!

Enjoy your Special Day!!


I have usually broken up sets and used them here and there, like heels and toes. But the colors in this set are so pretty, I might actually use them all together, plus a main color for a bigger shawl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Happy Birthday! You are a year (almost 2) younger than my younger daughter!! I have a couple sets of minis which I have not used yet but my intention is to use them with a cream or gray yarn in a shawl. Any leftovers will be used as a big of contrast in socks.


Currently I’m knitting a radvent pillow by Ambah O’Brien using minis from three different dyers. The colors I’m drawn to are consistent enough for them all to coordinate despite the different origins! There will be leftovers and they will go to either scrappy socks or kid sweaters or into a weaving project. Weaving is my very favorite way to use little skein remnants up!

Happy happy birthday to you!

Kim Holbrook

I have a couple of shawl patterns that I plan to knit with mini sets. Mostly, I think I collect them because they are so gorgeous! Happy Birthday!!


In a shawl, for contrasting toes and heels in socks, in cowls


Two of the projects I’m working on right now use minis. The first is tiny knitted Christmas stocking ornaments - even though Christmas is over, I’m still knitting them! And the other is a crochet project. I’m making crocheted circles of all different colors surrounded by a neutral color to form a square. These little squares will be made into colorful blankets.

Colleen Dallura

The only thing i seem to be able to do with mini skeins is hoard them or usr them in decoration arround my house.

Jennifer Mc.

I usually keep the mini-skein sets together, mostly in shawls, because I love the way the colors gradually change and blend.

Gay Cunningham

I have never used Minis, but I want to! I have a cowl that the set would be perfect for OR break them apart and add a splash of contrast to a hat or socks! Either way is OK!


I have not used mini skeins yet. I think it would be fun in a cowl or hat to stripe or even a shawl. They look like so much fun.


I used a mini skein set for a Darwin Shawl (by verybusymonkey). I wanted to explore the idea of evolution in color as I worked the evolution of stitch patterns in the shawl. Mini skeins have so many possibilities!

Joan Brown

Happy birthday !!!! I have never used a mini set.


Haven't used minis yet but got them in advent calendars. I plan to use them in a striped sweater or shawl and I'm making an advent sock this year that has stripes of patterns - perfect for minis.


I have used mini skeins to make striped socks and that’s what I would use this pretty set for. I love the colors!


I've used minis for heels & toes, but what I really aspire to do is have enough to crochet a small blanket. I've seen some really beautiful ones on IG.

Heather Waldron

I use minis for contrasting heels\toes in socks. Lately I've been noticing a lot of scrappy socks on Instagram using minis so I'd like to try that soon.

Pamela Bernstein

I would make a shawl for sure... love working with color and it would be fun to experiment. Thanks! And happy birthday!


I used a mini set with 2 hanks of white yarn to make a wrap (Uknitty).
I used 4 out of the 5 mini skeins to make color block fingerless mitts.
And I have used a mini set as a gradient in socks. (and I've used left over bits of mini skeins to make a gnome)
I am currently using a mini set of rainbow colors with a solid black to make a cowl (Hearten Cowl)

Geraldine Scott

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lady! I've done a stripped infinity scarf using a mini-skein set (it was a Wonderland Yarns pattern), and I did a KAL scarf once upon a time...such a convenience to buy yarn that way!


Happy birthday! I’d love to make a cowl with mini skeins.


When my now three year old was an infant I knit stars out of mini skeins and hung them on a mobile over her crib. They all ended up on our Christmas tree this year - put up by the little one herself.


I've never used mini skeins. I would use them in the "Safe at Home" blanket. Of course I'd have to hold them double.


I have used them mostly for cowls and hats, but I have also bought some for shawlettes, just haven't used them yet! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I made some mini’s for myself (dyed bare yarn with food coloring). I have been using them to make gnomes and a pair of stripey socks. The gnomes are a lot of fun and a great way to use mini’s or just odds and ends in your stash.

Stacey D

I haven’t yet gotten any mini skeins. I keep looking at them, and drooling over gorgeous colors, but still have none. I’d love to use them in heels, toes, stripes - any anywhere a bit of color would make things fun. Eventually...

Sara Moening

Colorwork!! I love putting extra color in things to make me smile!

Cindy Carpenter

I use them in sock toes and heels. Love the pop of color.

Virginia Harnischfeger

Haven't used yet but could think of using them as a gradient - hats, scarves, mitts, socks. Happy Birthday!

Anissa Miller

Happy Birthday, Allison!! I turn 50 on Friday so I've got a few years on you! Have a great celebration with your family.
I haven't used a set of minis yet, but have used some single ones for heel and toes.


Happy Birthday! I like mini skeins for colorwork.


Happy birthday!
Haven’t tried mini skeins yet but have admired other’s efforts.


Happy Birthday! I love the idea of mixing colors, I'm not very random...I really like everything to match. lol

Lynn B

I have never used minis. However, I think they would be perfect in a cowl.

Linda Lau

I would use mini skeins to make a fabulous Westknits Painting Waves Cowl or Scarf. Looking at rippling waves of color is so relaxing.

Happy Birthday Allison! Many happy and healthy returns. Enjoy and eat cake. 😃🎂


I use minis for cuffs, toes and heels for my sock knitting. I also use them for my Northeasterly blanket and mostly recently (since I ordered an Advent mini skein countdown) for a shawl that was designed for advent minis. These giveaway colors are incredible! Thanks for the opportunity!

Diane Hibbard

Happy birthday! I've just recently bought some mini sets. Deciding which fade or marled cowl I want I experiment with first.


I’ve purchased a couple mini sets but haven’t made anything with them yet. My plan is to do a knit cowl but as I’m still taking my knitting lessons I’m saving them for when I know more technique. Super excited!

Kat Gatzke

So far I have used minis for a scarf and a cowl. There are lots of other projects I want to do use minis for - definitely some shawls and I’d love to knit a cardigan with some minis for stripes.


Truth be told, so far all of the mini skeins I have acquired are just being admired in a basket! And I really love them so I don’t mind, but I just finished a Habitation Throw from Helen Stewart’s 2019 Advent patterns made out of leftovers from a previous project and now I know I want to use minis to make another one. It’s a great pattern and it will be fun to choose colors.

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