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January 04, 2021



I hope to visit my kids, both they and their husbands live in the Midwest, one in Iowa, one in Indiana. And visit my soon to be 89 year old Dad in PA when my sister drives in from NY. We all stayed isolated this year, we did not want to risk infection with airline or car travel and we really, really miss each other. We couldn’t even do a “drive by” to wave at them through the car windows because of the distances!


I intend to read through the Bible in one year. Pray more to receive a deeper faith.

Jody Laake

I intend to be a better person all around - to help anywhere needed and to be a friend to people who need one. I also plan on looking out for my own well-being more and to just take time for me. I will do my best not to let the little things get to me so much anymore.


I feel like my main focus in 2020 was on keeping things as normal as possible for my family. But unfortunately that means that I did not put much effort into keeping up myself... I'd like to pay more attention to how much I move, what I eat, and the quality of my sleep, with the hope that I will feel more energetic and ready to take on whatever comes in 2021!


I plan on spending more time with positive activities that help me decrease anxiety and stress. I want to focus on things that make me feel good, like learning new skills, maybe more complicated knitting projects, playing my piano, baking bread. I’m going to stop reading the news, to the extent I can, and focus on the things that I can control. Maybe this will help me sleep better at night and be more patient with my spouse!

Cindy Carpenter

I intend to survive.

Peggy P

Wow, this should be a t-shirt "Live with Intention", I like it!

I was definitely just trying to get through the days w/o killing anyone in 2020. I know I can do better this year ... and I will. First step - limiting my online time - it is such a time suck! I can do better and I will.

Rita Kaw

I am going to try this year to accomplish more of the things that I often put off until the last minute. To enjoy my friendships more and to just enjoy the little things that are around us everyday. A sunny morning that will lead to a day of smiles. To visit family that I have been unable to see. Knit one pair of socks per month, this is my year of the 12 pair, one for each month theme. Janunary- blue and snow, Feb - Valentine etc.


I intend to be more present in each moment. "Oh Lord, keep me in the moment...'cause I don't want to miss what you have for me" (Jeremy Camp)

Robyn Durand

Originally I intended to take a complete break from social media as I found I was getting sucked in to the prevalent negative energy, especially on the news sites. But I DO get much positive information from it, so rather than avoid it altogether my intention is to not read comments on the news sites or post any comments of my own--just read the important info and be on my way. 🙂


I intend to maintain my health by eating well and exercising every day

Sarah D

I’m not sure. It’s hard to make plans without knowing what things will look like. I hope to finish homeschooling my twins kindergarten year and that they will be prepared to start in-person 1st grade. I hope to support my middle schooler and high schooler as they continue in virtual school and a bit of in-person schooling (hopefully). I want to continue making time to listen to podcasts and knit!

Jennifer Mc.

I intend to be healthier by increasing my activity level and learning a new sport (hopefully pickleball). I would also like to get more involved in helping others, either through schools or my church.


Getting vaccinated is number 1 for me. I will spend less time on-line and more time knitting and cleaning. Walking and yoga for mind and body. Positive thinking.


I intend to work on my health - physical, mental, emotional.

Kim Bierly

I began the New Year with healthier eating ... reducing junk food to a minimum and adding more fruits and vegetables to my and my husband's diets. Also plan to cook at home more and not rely on take-out meals (with pizza being my exception!) A big goal is to get my anxiety under control and if I need medical help for it I'm going to do that. I want a new healthier and happier me by the end of r 2021! Happy New Year to all.

Coby A Hanna-Butler

I intend to be healthier but allowing grace for the times I faulter.


I hope for a new job. I hope for a vacation. I hope for vaccines for all. I hope for end of this pandemic.

Pat Phythian

Take one day at a time and do the best I can in my personal life and at my job.

Pam Webster

I intend to try to be more positive with everything. I've been feeling pretty down about everything, and last year just made things feel even worse, so I want to try my best to be positive with my kids, my husband, myself, even when I mess up with whatever design I'm working on, and just move on.

Nicole S

I intend to drink more water, find a job, and knit myself a sweater.

Kimberley Napolitan

2021 is a year of changes for me, I am selling my house of 15 years that my boys grew up in, we are downsizing to a house on the beach, a 1906 560 square foot adorable cottage. It is hard to sell the house that created so many memories of my family, but the beach has always been a dream, and here I am, living the dream! We currently live 2 weeks on and off at each house. It is interesting to try and go through all my things and decide what I REALLY want, versus just what I need, we really don’t need much. This year I want to focus on mental stability, healthy body habits, and learning how to transition from being a mom of teenagers to a mom of adults! Happy knitting in 2021.


I intend to get the COVID vaccine as soon as I can. My husband was in the Pfizer study, and we think he got the real vaccine. I am eager to be able to visit with family again. Until then, I intend to continue social distancing so I can stay safe, and survive.


I intend to see more of my friends and family this year, as soon as it's safe to do so, outdoors or in.

Jeni Nelson

My intention for this year is to put myself first and set boundaries where I need them to be!


I intend to do a lot of things. First, I intend to get therapy (CBT) for the severe anxiety I have that has caused my insomnia. I get 2 or 3 hours of sleep per night. I'm miserable, low energy, forgetful. My bloodwork, etc is all fine, so it's not my thyroid disease. Ruled out everything the PCP, endocrinologist, gynecologist and sleep medicine specialist could think of, so now it's time for psychology help.

Second, I intend to work on putting myself first. Third, I need to use more intention when buying things. I will buy too much or not buy something, then wish I had. Fourth, I intend to continue working on my resume and looking for jobs while I am also self-employed as an author. I need to make some major changes, and working for an employer instead of as a gig/freelancer will be required. And finally, I intend to finish two projects for each new one I start. I have a pile of WIPs and WasGonnas around the house that need to be done/started/gotten rid of.

Like you, I'll get the vaccine as soon as I'm eligible. I have asthma and autoimmune disease, so I'm a little disappointed to not be in group 1B (which is teachers and essential workers), but I do understand why I'm not on the list yet.

Alene Sternlieb

I intend to spend time with my grandchildren, help others financially and be good to myself by doing everything I can to stay healthy.

Elizabeth Randall

This year my first grandbaby is due - I intend to spend as much time as possible with my daughter and her new family. I also intend to make tiny socks to keep tiny feet warm.

Lynn B

Good question! I intend on getting the Covid vaccine, for sure. I want to start working out more from home. While I have remained physically active by walking, I want to do more. Looking forward to gym work, when appropriate. I intend on staying positive, while not being able to be with family. So, more knitting and reading. I am pulling away from constantly checking on world news. It is too much! Positivity! Lynn

Kate S

For 2021, I intend to be healthier through better diet, exercise and getting the vaccine as soon as I am able!


This is the year I have to move in to a first floor apartment so I intend to figure out how to do that safely.

Linda L.

I intend to be more kind to my Trump-supporting friends. Firm, honest, educative, but kind.

Terri Kelly

I intend to visit my elderly folks that live in Memory Care and give them a big hug. This is after I get my 2 COVid vaccines. I am sure I will be still wearing a Face Mask.

Jeanne Bush

In 2021 I intend to keep being cautious and safe until it is very clear that we can relax, but I really do want to HUG my friends!

Cindy M

I intend to have better work / life balance.
I intend to read more books - goal is 3.

Sue Christianson

My intentions for 2021 are to continue to work hard at my job and for my family, to find the balance of work and play and to learn to knit socks this year.

Anissa Miller

Less screen-time, more physical-book reading time.

Heather Jackson

To put myself first. I need to work on myself, physically, mentally, emotionally. Put some good habits into practice.


I intend to stay positive in the months to come. Even though we now have a vaccine if will still be months before we can start to get back to normal and I need to focus on maintaining positivity while I still must maintain social distancing.


This year I intend to do it now. I often think, "I should . . ." This year, when I have that thought, I'm going to actually either do it right then or put it on my calendar so it gets done!


Well today, I made 3 health appointments that I had been putting off. Mostly just because they fell through the cracks of the 2020 life. I do like your goal and I hope to be in the moment more... just enjoy where I am and not worry about the next phase. Easier said than done and that is why I need to work on it.. Happy New Year!!


Hi Allison - this year it is all about charity for me. In addition to what I usually do, I vowed to knit hats for a nun I am friends with who works among the homeless in the South Bronx. I am also knitting mittens. I bought 24 water bottles on Amazon for $29 to fill oatmeal bars, toothpaste and brush, pair of socks, vaseline and candy to distribute to the homeless along with the hats. I am also going to knit more bears for the Mother Bear Project.

Theresa Martin

I will be retiring from teaching later this spring. While I will miss it, I intend to take life one day at a time, not be a slave to a schedule. Get vaccinated and start travelling when we are able. Reconnect with old friends. Get outside more! And start knitting up the massive stash I’ve accumulated over the years!


I became a hermit for a lot of good reasons in 2020 and found that I enjoyed it a bit too much. I communicated with friends and neighbors electronically but rarely went outside except to do quick errands and definitely not to take walks as my primary encouraged. So first of all, I'm going to go out more and see what happens once I get that done.

Sue W

I really need to work on my mental health. I’m doing okay but being isolated with an alcoholic SO has drained so much of my energy. More time remembering I didn’t cause it, can’t control it and can’t cure it.


More charity knitting. Learn to crochet


I intend to put myself first. So much of 2020 was me just going through the motions and barely living. I want to buy things with intention and also use what I have with intention.

Carol Rice

I will return to mindfulness practice this year. That simple move will help facilitate my hopes and intentions for 2021: more self-care, more completion of what I began in 2020, helpfulness, kindness and compassion. To return to this practice - which is one I could surely have used more of (though did NOT completely abandon in 2020) will serve me in more ways than I could begin to describe.


I need to knit a combination of old and new yarn to feel like I am using what I have, but not feel like I am missing out on the new and exciting.
I need to give more of my projects away and do more knitting for charity.


I too intend to get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible! I have had COVID already and definitely do not want it again! I intend to do more knitting this year!

Teresa McPherson

To be more positive in my attitude and beliefs.


To be happy and appreciate what I have.

Linda V.

In 2020 I was even more grateful for all I have and I will continue to be appreciative in 2021.

We moved to a place where people are kind and patient and I will work hard on making sure that I treat people with kindness and patience.

I will continue to volunteer and be tolerant of those who do not participate as much as I do and be encouraging and accepting.

Long story short, I will try to be a better person!

Samantha Arten

2020 felt like a fallow year, a wintering year, a year of hibernation. I intend for 2021 to be a year of (slowly and carefully, with complete attention to science and health guidelines!) emergence and growth. I have definitely leaned hard into my already-existent introversion during this time of staying housebound, so one thing I'll have to grow on is interacting comfortably with people again, especially crowds. But I do miss my friends terribly and can't wait to spend more time in their in-person company.

Virginia Harnischfeger

One positive that came of 2020 was that I learned the art of making socks as well as learning quite a variety of knitting stitches. I intend to accumulate more skill in both in 2021. I intend to make our celebrations in 2021 more special and memorable to make up for the many special celebrations that were missed in 2020.

SuAnn Miiller

I am grateful to 2020 for realizing just how precious family and friends are. Life is very precious! I am intent on being a better mom, sister, and friend....I so appreciate my knitting community and sharing my knits with others.....❤️

Debra Cohen

I want to continue some of the positive things that 2020 forced me into. I have been working out every day in Zoom workouts...I have been doing more menu planning and cooking healthier meals...less fast food...I have been reading more...I have been planning on expanding my vegetable garden and adding more flowers to support pollinators...When we all get our COVID vaccines I would like to travel and spend more time with my granddaughter (we missed her whole 3rd year)


I intend to find ways to give back. I’ve been stuck in my house all these months trying not to become part of the problem, but so many didn’t get that option. I am going to give more in money & time & kindness as this terrible disease gradually lets go. I can do more & I will.


I plan on doing some reorganization. I’m also trying to prioritize taking control of my lifestyle.

Sabrina Snyder

I know this one is a common theme this time of year, but, I hope to start exercising again. We bought a small pedal exerciser in June. Which I did everyday until the straps broke in September. I have a disability which makes walking extremely hard. Then when I don't walk it gets worse. Staying inside for the last year has only made it worse. It took me two months to train my legs to go forward the first time. Hopefully, I will be able to get there much quicker this time!

Diane Dunleavy

In this new year, my intention is to live everyday to it's fullest. To adapt and accept what is and to to be present in the here and now.

Christine Link

My intention for this year is to get a handle on my migraines. I’d love to find some alternative medicine to complement what my neurologist is doing, but I’m desperate to not end up in the ER again with yet another migraine that they can’t even get rid of.


I intend to finish recuperating from Covid. Then I intend to start organizing the house. Thank you for all you do, and I’m glad you’ve stayed safe from the virus.

Renee Huffman

After my workout routine was derailed last year, I intend to work at getting back into a good one again this year. I also intend to continue working on the completely unobtainable knitting list I made for 2020.

Rebecca Schubert

I’m going to keep following Samuel Beckett’s plan: “I can’t go on. I will go on.”


I want to be more present. I’m a newly retired teacher who has lived life planning weeks and months in advance. I now have a new puppy who is helping me soak in every minute! I’m also knitting her a wardrobe of fun sweaters‼️‼️☺️


I intend for 2021 to be more organized! With small kids, and now everyone home all the time, the organization of our stuff kind of fell by the wayside last year. I want things to not be quite so chaotic in 2021.

Rose Birchall

I intend do things that make me happy.


I hope 2021 is a calmer and more peaceful year and that all the craziness from the past year calms down.

I’m always an organized person but I’m going to try and get even more organized. I’m also getting back to my journaling, write out my feelings and thoughts.

Kathryn Aragon

I intend to live in a state of gratitude. To focus on the moments, people, and things that bring happiness and joy into my life. When my thoughts turn to sorrow or regret for the things I no longer have, I will strive to bring my heart back to a grateful more peaceful place.

Elizabeth Oswalt

I intend to knit and spin more, also to knit with my handspun!

Non crafting is to get more in control of my A1C levels.


I love your goal of living with intention. I feel I wasted precious time worrying about things I could not change. I want to stop that. Finishing the myriad projects I had started was a goal of 2020 which I will carry over into 2021


I hope to knit a pair of socks every month so I have enough for everybody when we can finally get together again Christmas 2021!


Move on with life and take every day as it comes.


My intentions for the new year are to continue with things as they have been since the first lockdown in 2020--follow public health guidelines, help out friends whenever possible with grocery pickups, etc., support my favorite restaurants with takeout orders, send checks to the county food bank, and keep knitting like crazy during all my at-home time. And yes, get an inoculation whenever it becomes available.

Heather Waldron

I intend to do more knitting. To learn more about different techniques for knitting heels and different sock patterns. I intend to stop listening to everyone's opinions on what I should be thinking\doing and choose peace and happiness in spite of others around me.


Mindfulness, intention, gratitude ... those have been awakened in 2020 for many people.
What resonates with me is putting myself on the top of my to do list and making time for me.

Renee S.

I hope to knit more socks and get a really big head start for next Christmas and when the time is right, if it is ever, get COVID immunization and hopefully my friends will too so we can go back to spending time together. I’ve missed that!! But that goodness we have zoom and FaceTime.

Deb Gattshall

Well my goal is to knit 52 pair of socks to all be gifted. I only reached 28 in 2020. Bummer. I am not a fast knitter I have lots of pain and rest often. With that being said I do intend to get outside more. Make more phone calls to friends and loved ones. Pray the covid gets us all together soon.


I want to accomplish several small goals regarding exercise, eating better, reading more, and becoming a better listener. Ok, 2021


I want to be outside more, and walk my dog. Also want to get my cataracts done, so I can do more knitting. And spend more time with my 92 yr old dad.

Kelli L

Being more mindful, continue to make healthy decisions for weight loss and exercise, make an adult-sized sweater, learn to brioche with 2 colors and try to be more patient.

Jacque Metzler

I plan on working on my sock making skills!!

Pam Bacci

I intend to TRY to exercise as much as my husband does. I'm also planning on making knitting a priority since I love it so much instead of only letting myself do it when everything else in my life is complete!

Deb Monnin

I intend to meditate and exercise at least 5 times per week! It sure helps my attitude and energy when I do.

yolanda v

I intend on building on what I did in 2020, like a veggie garden, spending lots of time in nature. I also intend on spending more time with my Grand baby..(they are in our bubble). I also intend on Retiring. (my favorite intention!!) lol


Kindness will definitely be a focus for me. And to keep up the habits learned this year of slowing down and enjoying all that I have. I want to continue some charity knitting. I think I get more out of the hat donations than the recipients do. Happy New Years! And I definitely plan to get the vaccine when it is my turn.


I plan on learning lettering with style & humor! Also, eating lowcarb for my health is ongoing.

Rebecca Hertling

I hope the year 2021 will begin to look a little more like normal in my middle school classroom


I intend to meet and care for my first grandson in February. I also intend to visit and play with my first granddaughter (baby boy’s big sister). Of course knitted baby & toddler socks are high on the list! 😊

Colleen Dallura

I intend to take more time for me. I always find it hard to do. 2020, 3 kids and a deployed spouse did not help. I want to find me again. Really figure out what makes my heart sing. Say yes to more of what i enjoy and more limits to things that do not serve me.

sherrie mckee

I want to be more intentional and live more simply. To finish some of the stuff that's laying around. Some of those items are "in process" just because they need a decision. I want to make convertible gloves for my daughter, because she asked. To make a sweater. To not wallow in the past and walk in the present.


I intend to be more organized in 2021, and to finish my 6 WIPs!


Like you, I’m hoping to be more intentional in how I act/react in such an unpredictable world.

Rachel L Sherman

I intend to work through my baby yarn stash and get at least 12 baby blankets made for the year like I did in 2020. This way when I have multiple cousins all having kids in a short time frame, then I have a stockpile to pick from instead of panic knitting, especially since I'm bring back the tradition that our Great Aunt started before she passed away of each new kid gets their own blanket. It turned out 2020 was at least good for getting me started on that stockpile project, I figure I have another 2 to maybe 3 years worth if I only aim for 12 a year, but the leftovers work great for little matching hats. One space bag worth down, just a few more to go.


I have no grand plans or intentions for 2021. 2020 just sucked all of that out of me. But that's okay because I tend to be too much of a planner and get horribly thrown for a loop when plans don't materialize (yes, 2020 was a nightmare for such a planner). For 2021, it is what it is. No firm plans, just taking life as it comes.


My intentions are to be more in the moment. It is a work in progress as with a lot of things.

Rena Ballew

I intend to do more knitting and the rest will fall into place and is out of my control. I intend to fill my sock drawer with knitted socks!


In 2021, I intend to feel prioritize my needs and to feel less guilt for that. Last year I tried to do so much for the folx in my bubble and I am worn out

Susan Mercy

I’m journaling this year. And learning how to speak up and express my needs.

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