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January 29, 2021



I have signed up for almost every club & not been disappointed. I’ve really enjoyed the nature inspired color ways but I think my favorite of fairly recent clubs was the candy one.


I loved the first National Parks club and I’m very excited about this second one! I’ve done a few SSYC yarn clubs, and each time I’ve been introduced to at least one dyer I haven’t used before, which I really enjoy.

I do need to go back and knit something out of the Canyonlands yarn, though! I tried a brioche hat with another skein of the same yarn I had in a kind of blue-green, but with the colors and the tweed it was just too much visual noise.


National Parks was the first yarn club I've ever joined, and I've been knitting almost 20 years. I enjoyed it enough to purchase the next National Park series. Can't wait to see where you take us next! Chances are good my parents took my brother and I there when we were kids.


I have never been disappointed with my many purchases. I bought this for my daughter as a surprise. She was totally in awe of all the goodies, so I know that she will like the next ones as they arrive. I love the National Parks and being of a certain age now have a life time pass. Don't know if I remembered to tell my daughter that she was conceived on our first big vacation as a married couple over fifty years ago.

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