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January 13, 2021


Cindy Carpenter

I was able to order a new pair of tactical boots and got the right boot in the right size in less than 2 weeks from Puerto Rico. This seems silly but it is a really big win to me. And I really needed the new boots.


I set a goal of making 1 pair of socks per month - that was before I learned I am going to be an aunt. Goals change - but I'm going to keep with it - so far I'm 2.5 socks into one pair - yes, I had to rip one out completely because I can't count. But I'm nearly finished with one pair and I know it is possible! Now onto baby knitting!


Hi Allison - in recent events, it is a task to find something good, but I did. I studied Asian medicine about 20 years ago and never finished the program, but I just returned to finish up. I also enrolled in a nursing credential with Hospice, and all on Zoom. I made myself get very excited about knitting hats, mittens and socks for everyone which I started to do. We will survive, keep knitting and crocheting, everyone.

Renee S.

Going to try to get a handle on my psoriatic arthritis with new meds from the rheumatologist and CBD oil and knit more socks. May start knitting baby blankets and put them away for future — three granddaughters and one grandson— Years yet but I want to be ready!!

Virginia Harnischfeger

Finished a sweater for granddaughter in record time. After I had her precise measurements, I was able to create a custom fit first run, no need to redo. Now, on to creating a hoodie for her sister.


Every day seems to bring a new problem. Over the weekend, my teenager was diagnosed with cellulitis on her face (probably from a zit she messed with). Then I realized that weird area on my lower eyelid... was probably infected. So I saw my doctor Monday. Sure enough, also cellulitis. We don't share pillows, blankets, towels or clothing. I have no idea how we both have the same skin condition. Yesterday I had a job interview. It went fine, but the skills assessment did NOT. I think I've lost my statistical analysis skills since leaving my epidemiologist job 10 years ago. Today I was able to help my 2nd grader navigate an online standardized testing issue that my husband, who is an IT professional, couldn't figure out. Just had to click an arrow button LOL! I also filled up two blessings boxes in my neighborhood today. My city has 80 blessings boxes. You can leave non-perishable items that would be a "blessing" to someone. Hygiene, pet food, people food (canned or boxed). I left cereal, applesauce, instant potatoes, instant beans, canned beans and fruit, etc.


Thank you for such a thought provoking post. I really appreciate your positive attitude. I guess the wins, little and big, are always there, sometimes we just don't notice them. I hope for a little extra knitting time tonight and I will ponder my personal wins. Thanks

Nicole S

One of my little wins lately was making the best batch of chili that I've ever made.

Dana Snyder

I started the Fiadh sweater with the green special dye Rios from you and it’s gorgeous! I’ll try to remember to take a picture and send it. My brain isn’t always working when I get home. . I’m almost finished with the first repeat. It’s pretty slow with working but it’s coming along! We’re about to switch to to new semester so the next week will most likely be quite wonky. The other major win... I got my first Covid vaccine yesterday!! I’ve had no side effects! Just a sore arm like a regular flu shot. Let’s go antibodies!! We will find out tomorrow how our next semester will start. We’ve been virtual since the week after Thanksgiving.


One of my little wins was helping someone who is dealing with a lot of chronic health issues, faith issues, a spouse with health issues, and an adult child who needs a new job by the time the current one ends. She’s been down on herself for not doing everything perfectly and we went back and forth on the fact that none of us is perfect and we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and go back to tackling whatever we need to tackle. And I offered ideas that helped me, both with health and faith issues and she was appreciative of ideas she hadn’t yet tried. A little win, but I was just glad to offer ideas in case they might help. If she was a knitter I would have said, “Knit more, worry less.”


Thank you so much for your "Positive Attitude", you have just made my day!
Thank you for sharing your ⭐Wins⭐!!
Today, I needed this!
Warm Happy Virtual Hugs to All!!
My Knitting keeps me going... You keep me in Knitting Supplies!!"
That is my Win Win!!⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thanks You 😊

Therese L Black

I recently completed my first pair of socks EVER! I’ve been knitting for over 50 years, sweaters, hats, cowls, and shawls but never socks. I finally found a tutorial that worked for me. Knitting has been a Godsend for me. First Christmas without seeing my family in Defiance, Ohio or my husband’s kids. Tough all around! I will come to your store some day!!


I just got my 2nd Covid 19 vaccine yesterday. Very grateful to be able to receive this. During winter break I was deployed to Randaillia ER and though I was dreading it- it wasn't the worst and the staff was amazing!!

Mary Cast

I found a pattern for a pullover for the many skeins I have gotten of the Opal Monet Garden series. It will be about 5 skeins, and it is stripping/coloring the squares perfectly as I go. It seems like it is going to fit. AND I got my cataracts removed and I can see how beautiful the colors really are. Big win. I figured now was a good time to do eyes, because I wasn't going anywhere else.


My biggest win lately is being able to return to work in Healthcare billing yesterday after suffering only mild COVID-19 symptoms. It was definitely not how I intended to finish 2020/begin 2021. I took this last week on 'couch' arrest to knit, cross stitch and sleep as needed

Kathy Faulk

My decades long battle with insomnia has become quite horrific the last few weeks. I can only sleep about 5 hours a night, maybe 30 minutes at a stretch. Last weekend I slept 8 hours one night and only woke up once. It was glorious. I haven't been able to repeat it since, but it was a small victory.


My big win today was that the power came back on after an 18 hour outage due to a huge wind storm. The gratitude I feel for having warmth and light again is amazing, and I’m not going to be so quick to get upset over daily inconveniences and frustrations.

Kathy Robbins

Thank you Allison for sharing your positive energy--so happy the kids are back at school. Be safe wishes.


My little win is that I've been successful going for a hike most nights of the week even if it is a small one. Last night's big win was that I was able to sneak in a 6.2 mile hike on a Wednesday! It was an easy(ish) hike, so it only took a couple of hours, but to have those couple of hours AND to have the energy to even attempt it on a WEDNESDAY, well, that's a big win in my world.

Anne B

My most recent win is finishing the Snuggle Down Cowl in time for my son’s birthday. I’m rather new to the kitchener stitch, and that pattern has you stitch up 148 stitches around the cowl. It took me almost 6 hours to do, but I did it and it looks great!

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