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January 15, 2021



Hi Allison - they are my husbands favorite socks, too. His shoe size is 12, that is another reason why I love Opal yarn, too. A little bit more yardage. My Zebra Urth socks came out great, the person who received them, loved them! Thanks for the great yarn and working so hard for us knitters!


I have knit my 9 yo daughter a few pairs of socks over the years, but you are right about her growing out of them too fast! I've coped by making tube socks with no heel, or unraveling the toe and making the foot longer. As long as the socks are in a stretchy rib, it seems to work ok!


Hey, I started socks for my husband 5 yrs ago to celebrate us being together 25 yrs together, i almost finished one. Maybe I'll finish the other one this year...maybe not. I did make him a hat the first week of this year. He was amazed I made him something. He's still waiting for me to finish the neck on a sweater I started for him 4 yrs ago. I have however made myself about 20 shawls...yes, I'm a selfish knitter!


I knit a lot of sock as gifts for a friend or fo my girls and grandson. Hat will out live socks as long as you don’t lose the hat. But sock will last for ever if you never wear them. I love seeing pictures of your family.


I have made little tube socks for infants, but I’m still a fairly slow knitter so spending a month on socks for a kiddo that would grow out of them in a couple months is a no go for me. Otherwise all my socks are selfish knits for me :) I knit a pair with Urth yarns last year and loved it so much I ordered 2 more colors from you...this is a good reminder to make those once I finish my current pair.


Hi Allison,
So funny you should post this as today I am Casting On my first pair of Socks for my Husband!!!

Kate C

I started making socks for my grandson, before he was born, and I've been knitting them ever since. They are the best socks for keeping little feet warm in boots and they knit up fast. He is 4 now, and I can get a pair out of a 50 gm ball. Good tv knitting, and fast.

Linda Hardin

My grandson likes knitted items from me, but I also stuck to hats because he grew so fast. I told him he would outgrow the socks before I finished them.
Every time he came to visit he would put his foot up to mine to see the difference in sizes. When the day came that his foot was the same length as mine, (I have small feet, about size 7) he told me I could knit him a pair now and when he outgrew them he would send them back and I could wear them. The logic made sense. He got his socks.


Your husband has a beautiful smile! He’s knit-worthy. The only people I knit for are my son and my sister. The rest of them aren’t as appreciative as they should be.

Susan Mercy

I don’t have little people, but I did knit my adult daughter a pair of socks last fall. I think she wears them...

Donna T

I did knit socks for my grandsons when they were younger - a few years younger than Henry I think. They no longer want hand knit socks. But you could knit socks for Henry & not worry about his outgrowing them in a short while. You could save some of the yarn & when the socks are getting too small, just tear the toe out & knit another 3/4” or so with a new toe. Kids feet grow longer but it takes a long time for them to get bigger around. No reason to deprive Henry of hand knit socks if he wants them & you want to knit them for him.

Virginia Harnischfeger

I knit or crochet hats, scarves and sweaters for the grandkids. I have in mind knitting some socks in the near future with the Urth mini sets I purchased this year. Whatever the children out-grow either get donated or passed along to a younger sibling.

Renee S.

Hi Allison,
I knit socks and more3 socks for my four grandchildren, 3 girls and one boy. It’s the first request on their Christmas list.

Allison what pattern did you use for the socks pictured on Terry?


Socks for me and my husband and my sister only so far. For the grands it's been hat and mitts. But you make a good point my granddaughter now wears a 7 1/2 adult size shoes so it may be time for a fun easy care yarn Sock.

Joyce Morrow

I started in sock knitting by knitting for a toddler who was the child of a friend. I determined if the child liked and wanted to wear hand-knit socks they were worth doing. He demanded to wear his "Joyce socks" daily. Consequently I knit away on socks for a lot of kids. The bonus is that for a while their socks are smaller and therefore quicker to finish - and I feel I am introducing them to a special experience.

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