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December 03, 2020



My husband and I made ourselves a turkey breast, and fixings and had a quiet meal together, after talking with friends long distance. The best part was my from scratch paper bag apple pie!


I made pumpkin pie for the first time and I think it turned out great!


I just looked at those. I want to make a parallelogram scarf with Stonecrop & Delphinium! Yum!

Finishing up a cowl and some socks.... 🥳

Donna Stupfel-Smith

I am attempting a tiny pair if socks for my granddaughter, using WYS chocolate green. Cast-on 40 sts, top down.


My sweetie made homemade pizza with sourdough crust! Delicious!
Recipe on the King Arthur website.


I picked up a meal (soup, turkey with all the fixings, and dessert) from a local deli on Wednesday and started eating then with leftovers on Thursday and Friday. The best part was the gravy smothering the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Gravy is a big treat for me.

Debra Cohen

I made a smaller turkey than usual...and all the fixings in smaller amounts to feed 5 people... not the usual 20. It was good to see my sister who had been isolating for 2 weeks so she could come. It really is just as much work to cook for a few as it is to cook for a crowd! We FaceTimed with those who couldn’t be there...


It was all delicious the best part I didn’t have to do all of the cooking but my pumpkin pie was still the star of the meal🥰

Diane MacMillan

I bought a ridiculously inexpensive 18 pound turkey for just my husband and me and now have enough leftovers for tetrazzini, soup and and turkey and wild rice casserole. Visiting was done via Zoom.

Robyn Durand

It was just one daughter and myself for Thanksgiving dinner, so I made a delicious dijon balsamic pot roast in the Instant Pot. No babysitting a turkey, no standing in the kitchen for hours baking pies and side dishes, no mountains of dishes to wash. It was a nice break! And more time for knitting too. 🙂

Heather Jackson

We actually ordered in from a local catering company. Turkey and noodles, dressing and extra turkey gravy. All delicious.


Hubby's smoked Turkey

Iba Minnich

We did the traditional meal for Thanksgiving for our family. It's just the 5 of us but we did it anyway to keep life going like normal! Besides, I can't miss my Thanksgiving meal!

Jennifer McCarthy

My favorite dish at Thanksgiving is my grandmother’s stuffing, including making the biscuits and cornbread days ahead so everything can get stale.


Thanksgiving is the only time of year my husband will make his broccoli cheese casserole. My favorite part of the meal!


Mashed potatoes! They are the best part of any Thanksgiving dinner. And this yarn is just gorgeous!


Mashed potatoes made with cream cheese and sour cream.


Found a heat-and-eat, pre-stuffed turkey breast with cranberries which was delicious and the perfect size for 2 within some added potatoes and veg. It also made clean up a snap!

Sidney Evans

Roasted delicata squash, shallots, and brussels sprouts with maple syrup glaze and pomegranate seeds! 😋


My husband roasted a turkey roll, just for the two of us.
I made my favorite - my usual pumpkin custard.

It’s simply the recipe for pumpkin pie filling, but baked in individual-sized custard cups (or ramekins). I bake them in a water bath for an even temperature. Top with whipped cream.


I had a smoked quail but can’t take credit for preparing it, as it was purchased. I did make a freaking delicious loaf of pumpkin-chocolate chip-walnut bread though!

Dana Snyder

Since it was just the two of us, we went non-traditional and grilled ribs (weather was great!) and also had sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash and French onion soup. I caramelized the onions the same day I baked my pumpkins for pie but the pies didn’t happen yet. Maybe this weekend. :)

Lisa Meredith

I made myself a vegan mushroom and spinach fettuccine and spent the day playing with yarn.

Alene Sternlieb

Cornbread stuffing!


Our meal was mostly traditional with a few twists - my favorite was Hasselback potatoes instead of mashed.

Thanks for the opportunity!


A good friend of mine, who passed away about 7 yrs ago, talked me into trying her recipe for Sausage Stuffing. It became a family favourite and every time I make it I get to remember her.


The best thing I ate at Thanksgiving was cranberry bread.

Stacey D

I made homemade sweet yeast rolls. I don’t get to make them often, so they were a delicious treat.

Van B

I made cornbread casserole, hadn't made it in years!


Our Thanksgiving was not too unlike most maybe a little quieter than most. Christmas is when we get together with the offspring. Occasionally we go to a buffet at a local restaurant with my partner’s brother & sister. A couple of times his sister made dinner for the 4 of us. But this year it was just the 2 of us. We made a rolled white meat only turkey breast (we ordered a turkey breast but we order online to have it delivered & you don’t always get what you ordered). But it was a Butterball & surprisingly good. It even came with a packet of yummy gravy. I didn’t make my family’s traditional Irish potato stuffings. Maybe for Christmas which will be much harder.

Cathy S

Our family favorite stuffing was again a hit with our small group.

Sarah S

I had a delicious apple tart and an equally delicious pumpkin pie tartlet with toasted marshmallows.

Rose Birchall

We had cupcakes and cake instead of pie for dessert.

Kate s

I made an apple cranberry pie - so yummy!


We have a large family so I made all the usual Thanksgiving foods. It was all delicious, but the best part was ditching the whole Turkey for a pre-cooked turkey from Costco. What made it great was the lack of fuss. I never realized how much of the day was taken up with fiddling with the turkey. It was a much more relaxing day.

Michelle W

I made a smaller version of a "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner, and it was all very tasty, but the best thing waa the gravy 🤣 The pan gravy just turned out SO GOOD this year.

Karin M

We always have pie and make cranberry sauce, this yr we added red cabbage as a vegetable.

Sandy Harwood

I celebrate the Canadian and American thanksgiving.....homemade pumpkin pie made with real pumpkin is one favorite.

Marlene B

Just myself and husband so was very quiet. Not a normal Thanksgiving but I normally make an awesome stuffing to go with our roast Turkey.

Liz Kaji

My son's contribution to our tiny family meal was a brisket that he made in the smoker - best thing I ever tasted! I guess I have to face the fact that he's all grown up now :/ I'm very proud that he took it upon himself to contribute to the meal and did such an outstanding job of it!


I roasted the turkey the day before and carved it. Then put it in a casserole dish and sprinkled broth over it then covered it with tin foil and refrigerated it over night. On Thursday it was heated at the same time as the stuffing casserole for 45 minutes and it was very good. I've been wanting to try that for a while so I can be with the family instead of with a turkey!


We smoked a roast. Since it is a different kind of year , we did a different kind of dinner.

Tobey S.

Those greens are to die (dye?)for!


Each of us makes one or two food items and they are all delicious.
It was one of our best Thanksgiving celebrations ever.

Donna G

I made a lovely cranberry Brie puff pastry appetizer, froze half the recipe uncooked and delivered it contactless to my mother to bake and virtually share.


Pumpkin pie with real whipped cream (not from a can). It was so good!


My daughter and I were both quarantined with covid19 over Thanksgiving. We were very fortunate though because we have awesome friends and family - not one but TWO complete Thanksgiving dinners were left at our door for contactless celebration.


Stuffing (made with cranberries and cheese) that I was eating out of the frying pan while trying to pull together the rest of my meal.

Amy C

I made a pea and celery salad with dried cranberries and toasted pecans. So crunchy and fresh tasting. Perfect to go with turkey and stuffing. Yum.

Denise Carpenter

We had our traditional Thanksgiving turkey but smaller, just for the three of us. My husband gets the turkey from a local farm and it can't be beat. So delicious.

yolanda v

I had Thanksgiving for two. I was under the weather, and had a surprise Turkey drop off. My son and I enjoyed a peaceful day. NOT the same without a bustle of family around. We ate and got to enjoyed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I got to do some quiet knitting as well.


I am lucky in that my children and daughter in law all are all considered the same household (3/4 still live with me) so I could eat with them. The best was apple pie and ice cream which we shared virtually with extended family.

Kim Holbrook

We had a small get-together with a few people in our “bubble”. The very best thing was the sugar cream pie!


Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year! Pumpkin pie with whip cream is what I enjoy the most. LynnIL


Just three of us this year. Butterball Turkey "Roast" in crockpot...fell apart. Traditional sides in smaller portions. Even in these times we need to count our blessings. Starting my first Sockhead Cowl in Blue Moon/Free Range Chickens that I've been saving.

Theresa Martin

We celebrate Canadian thanksgiving. We put our Turkey on the smoker this year. Turned out awesome! It was a smaller gathering than normal, but we had our dinner at our cottage in northern Ontario, our ‘happy place’.

Nicole S

My favourite holiday recipe is shortbread with chocolate chips and pecans.

(I'm Canadian, so we do celebrate Thanksgiving but ours was earlier.)

Cindy C.

The best thing about thanksgiving is that it is over. The cooking, cleaning up. Over. I worked as usual. That’s why we’re called essential. I have nothing like a great recipe to share. Want to know what happened at a 2000 man high security psych prison with a man-power shortage due to Covid-19 on Thanksgiving?

Renee Wood

Our Thanksgiving was small this year, for which I was thankful. The downside is that most of my favorites didn't make it onto the menu. The one thing I couldn't go without though is my homemade pecan pie.

Tami Duff

We celebrated with our daughter's boyfriend's extended family, and again in the evening with our other daughter & her fiancé. Good times!

Marilynn Shears

My son and his wife finally made it to our mountain home for thanksgiving, I smoked a small turkey and had all the fixings. The best part is we had creamy wild rice and turkey soup. For my take along knitting I have a pair of socks, for sitting in front of the fire sipping some wine I’m knitting an Afghan for those chilly days.

Gail Fairman

My sister made a delicious sweet cream cheese kugel. She used my mother’s recipe so it brought back memories of many previous holidays.


Every year my dad, who is of Norwegian heritage, makes "sweet soup" with dried fruits (his recipe is similar to the one linked below). This year, since we did not celebrate Thanksgiving together, my daughter and I made a batch of our own. My daughter likes it warm - I like it cold over plain Greek yogurt. Either way, it's our little sign that the holiday season has started.

Joyce Correia

Frozen turkey breast, instant mashed potatoes, etc. Easiest Thanksgiving ever. I make Toffee Pecan Bars rather than Pecan Pie. Easier to eat in small squares and quick to make. Not as rich as the pie and everyone gobbles it up.

Brenna Delosier

This year the mashed potatoes were divine.


This year with Covid, I stayed home alone so I didn't have a Thanksgiving meal. But I still celebrated, I talked to my family and was able to sit and knit all day. Still had much to be thankful for.


I love to make cranberry pot roast in my slow cooker this time of year. So Yummy!

Susan Mercy

Vegetarian meal for my family. I made homemade seitan. Yummy!


We celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada in October, with a little turkey dinner just for my husband and me. It wasn’t the usual feast with all the extended family, but it was still a somewhat traditional meal. My favourite part is always the homemade buns.


The turkey was delicious this year! We’re still eating leftovers. (Frozen to hold.) I prepared our turkey on the Monday before Thanksgiving because I’d bought it fresh to get a smaller turkey. The frozen ones were ginormous.

Pat Phythian

My turkey and dressing was great this year, and the best was my rich, creamy turkey gravy to pour over it all.

Barb B

We were able celebrate Thanksgiving with our sons and it was wonderful. We ordered a portion of salmon from a fish market and it was delicious!! Also, this year was special because my son, our oldest, helped me make the fruit pie. Ever since we found the recipe, every year we make this amazing Apple Cranberry Raspberry pie. So good!!!

Carol Sargent

A cranberry crumble, something like this:

I recommend serving with vanilla ice cream, and if you have left overs - very good with your morning coffee or tea!


Hmm. Best thing I did? Best thing I ate? People seem to be talking about food . . . So no contest, my mother’s pumpkin pie. Runner up: the thing I make every year with squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Apparently the beta carotenes were speaking to me!

Gaylyn B

Those delicious looking gradients! Good enough to eat anytime.
The best thing I had at Thanksgiving was the sweet potato pie. Yumm-o!


I'm guessing you meant the best thing I ate. Hmm. It was all rather tasty, but I only have cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving so I'd have to say that. I love cranberry sauce and always make it fresh.


We had a lovely Thanksgiving, just my husband and myself, together we made apple pie, turkey legs, stuffing and steamed broccoli; a much simpler menu than when we had family and friends gathered at our house or another. But the highlights were a 2+ hour “virtual coffee” visit with our oldest daughter and her husband in Ft. Wayne - we used FaceTime and had our mugs of coffee and tea while we chatted like we always do on Thanksgiving morning, around the kitchen table at her house (this time in our family rooms), refilling our hot beverages until we used to spring into action and get the turkey in the oven. Then in the early evening we had “virtual dessert” with our other daughter and her husband in Iowa, eating the scrumptious apple pie while chatting again on FT. It was “almost” as if we were with both of them during the visits. We are thankful to have technology that we can use during this time when it was not safe for any of us to travel and be together. We are playing it super safe (hard as it is) and hope to be together next year, with everyone safe and sound!

Kate Greenwood

Vegetarian here and my roasted squash enchiladas were amazing as was the plum pie with fresh cream! The plums were preserved this summer and so good!


The three of us had smaller versions of the whole Thanksgiving dinner but the very best part was the gravy! I roasted a package of turkey necks and celery onions and carrots and then simmered it in lots of chicken broth. Then made a roux and added the neck meat. It was wonderful and because it was just the three of us we had lots left over. When I have the whole family I make it the day before.


I made a turkey with Penzey's French thyme, and the herb made it perfect!


I love Parker House rolls, they are so buttery.

Carolyn Zewe

Pumpkin Pie was the best thing I ate this Thanksgiving!

Jenn H

Everyone always prefers the ham at dinner but fights over the turkey soup! I'm waiting for Uncle Mike to cough up the recipe because it's a family favorite!


I made a pretty killer loaf of no-knead bread that I LOVED. I’ve finally hit my stride with that recipe!


Best part of Thanksgiving was not having to clean since no company was coming! So low stress. My favorite recipe is for cranberry sauce with pears.

Teri P

I made red beans and rice - yum!


My husband and I decided to stay home and have a small turkey breast and a few side items. The best part of the day was me writing a letter to my sister that just passed. It was a hard day, but felt better after the letter.


The best part of every Thanksgiving meal, no matter what else hits the table, is my homemade pie. This year I made two identical pies (apple cranberry), and then traded one with a friend who made a dish of vegetarian stuffing with mushroom gravy for my DD's(requested) main dish.


My dad's stuffing and gravy!


Had delicious dinner delivered to us from my Son, turkey and all the trimmings and later on Zoom visit on computer with family.


Homemade cranberry sauce with fresh lemon and oranges


We ordered from local restaurant Junk Ditch that included rolls and pie from GK bakery and ingredients from local farms - so many good things!

Lisa kelly

This is such a beautiful color way Greens are my favorite. Love the sentiment you are so right the kids are doing their best just like the rest of us and we need the grace back in our lives right now ! Merry Christmas! I hope to be able to get the yarn and project bag on Tuesday they are gorgeous!

Debbie McP

My pregnant DIL cooked the turkey (and did the most awesome job of carving it, too!) and most of the sides and I only had to make two side casseroles and provide the outdoor venue so we could enjoy a socially distant outside meal with our immediate family. It was the best! I am so blessed!

Laura Gayle Green

Like many folks, we had a quiet Thanksgiving (mom and me). I made 2 batches of homemade rolls and shared them with a family we usually have Thanksgiving with (socially distant exchange). Also shared some T'giving dinner with folks who were alone (again socially distant exchange) --sharing the love and the food.

Also, loved the greens in the WY blossom skein!


Lemon pie!

Kathryn Bretl

A rutabaga casserole was a highlight for me!!!


Our Thanksgiving was sad,, but we can always find good in evert situation God puts us in. Our son had a stroke behind the eye & lost sight in that eye. , However the other eye is fine. So thankful for Gods Amazing Grace.


My apple pie turned out so delicious! Had it the next morning for breakfast, too!


My husband and I have a deal--he makes the crust and I make the filling for the pies. It has worked out great for years no matter when we make a pie. We had not made a pumpkin pie in years and since it was just the two of us we enjoyed it for many nights! He also made the crust for a turkey pot pie a few nights later.

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