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December 24, 2020



We have donated much more to our local food pantry and worn masks everywhere. We remind people that medical care providers are put at risk every day because of careless behavior. Does supporting restaurants by ordering carry out count?


We brought a child into the world in June. I believe she will do great things for this world! She has already brought so much joy not only to us but our family & friends too. We shared her smiles, laughter & growth through pictures & videos. We also continue to wear our maks & social distance to help keep us all safe! Happy Holidays! May you all find peace & joy this holiday season!

Kim T

I’m a nurse that specializes in Infection Control. I have educated, written and re-written policies, tried to correct misinformation and lead by example. I just received my first corona virus vaccine to protect and show people that it is safe.
I’ve also donated to my local food bank, and have supported local restaurants and businesses.


We definitely wear a mask and have stayed home more than ever. Sent more cards and notes to family and friends to let them know I'm thinking of them. So many people have done so much more but and for that we give them so much thanks.


We give very generous tips to the people who deliver our groceries.

Carol Rice

I have donated, and made it a point to shop locally, and when necessary to order, I have supported small businesses. I have stayed home more than ever, even though I am the person who has been tasked with the 'going and getting' and then only when necessary. I have worn a mask, even though I hate it, because if it's all we've got, we have to do something. There have been no parties or gatherings, and travel has been only when absolutely necessary. And all of it stinks, but is what we must do right now. I'm not sure if any of this made the world a better place, but if it made a difference to even one person, it made someone's world a better place.

Brenda Melahn

Wear a mask; wash my hands more; and stopped hugging people (which is killing this southern grandma!!)


I have been a religious mask wearer since the start. In terms of knitting, one thing I started doing in 2020 to make the world a better place is when I knit a free pattern, I will donate to various non-profits or causes that I support. After 8 years of college, I am so fortunate to be able to be in place where I am earning an income and I feel like it is the least I can do to giveback. I could not have completed undergrad and my doctorate without scholarships, grants, and fellowship programs and I want to do my best to give to others just as I had been supported.

Extremely biased but if I were to win today's contest, I would love it if SSYC would support GiveHear ( I am the audiologist at our clinic and we are local nonprofit hearing clinic in NE Indiana providing hearing healthcare to those without access to this type of healthcare otherwise. We complete newborn testing, services for kiddos with hearing loss, have adult amplification programs, and we provide free services/hearing aid care to individuals referred to us through their cancer or hospice programs. We simply could not do our work without the generous support of individuals and foundations in our community. When a patient gets new hearing aids, they are required to complete volunteering to help give back to our community.

Happy holidays to Allison, the SSYC team, and your families! <3


I wear a mask- I used to work as an infectious disease epidemiologist. I pick up the Farmers to Families food boxes for families who can't get there and deliver the food to their porches. I do the same with the school food distributions. The items from the lunches/boxes we don't eat, I put the non-perishables in blessings boxes and give away the perishables.


Yes on the mask and social distancing! I’ve also made a point to purchase from friends with small businesses and to donate to more charities, like TransLifeline and others.

A long time ago, a friend loaned me $100 when I was in a tight spot. She didn’t want me to pay her back, she wanted me to pay it forward if I could. Since then, I’ve done the same thing for about a dozen people, no strings attached, just pay it forward if or when they can. It might not be much, but I hope it helps someone else in a tight spot. I plan to continue to do this forever.

Susan Mercy

In addition to the pandemic this year, our area experienced the failure of 2 dams, which catastrophically drained 4 lakes and caused massive flooding and damage to an 8 County region. I walked the streets of my hometown, offering first aid supplies to the hundreds of volunteers who came from all over to help. I spent several weeks organizing daily teams of help for my parents, whose home was heavily damaged by the flood. I spent every day sorting through their belongings, determining what stayed and what they would lose forever. (I don't ever want to see mud like that again in my lifetime. It was awful!) I'm also a cheery person on Zoom to my 45 students, who haven't had to miss a lesson through the pandemic. I've knitted items to donate to charity auctions. And yes, I always wear my mask!

Karrie Chapman

My DIL is a nurse practitioner who works in a hospital. At the beginning of the pandemic, when PPE was in short supply, I made several masks for her and the other hospital employees. I also made masks for family and friends. I wear a mask everywhere I go. I wouldn’t dream of putting others at risk.

Samantha Arten

We have been actively supporting our local small businesses (especially when buying Christmas gifts) and restaurants with takeout, and staying housebound as much as possible to help keep our communities safe.

Gail L

I have worked through this pandemic, (bank teller) I've had a lot of very trying days of dealing with nasty and impatient customers. I've worn my mask every day and to give back to our community I chose to support a local restaurant for take out every 2nd Friday evening - I would not like to see them disappear from our neighbourhood.


I wish I could say I've done more, but what a year! What I haven't done is gone out much. I've kept my kids and I locked up and restricted to not spread germs. I haven't gone to visit my brother's family because they are immunocompromised. I skipped our family reunion. We wear masks everywhere and always. And we've made a point if spending any extra money locally to keep our favorite shops in business. If we can't get it locally, we shop small businesses online and through etsy. I wish we'd have done more, but I think we still did a lot in our own small way.

Annie Tarbox

We've resolved to reach out and get to know all our neighbors and their children. It's too easy to stay locked in your own little world right now. So we check on each other and do what we can to help out. And it seems to be spreading. :-)


I'm a public school teacher. We were in person for most of the semester. I hope I made some young lives better by taking advantage of time spent together in this weird situation. Showing them we can persevere and adapt to what live throws in our path! That alone is worth wayyy more than my particular subject area on its own!!

Mary Schmutte

I'm originally from New Haven,Indiana an now live in Central Florida for the past 10 years. Our area here has been hit very hard with unemployment and under employment. The need for food is very great due to our economy being dependent on tourism. I have been donating to our local food bank every month to help those in need.
I started to make masks in late March for family and friends. Along with wearing my mask every where I go.

Romy Tuggle

I’m a school administrator for alternative education, urban at-risk K-12. I lead, teach, and LOVE these kids. Food supply is a growing emergency!

Liz Casciano

I've knit lapghans donated to nursing homes and made encouragement greeting cards for our church seniors.

Heather Mallady

I wear a masks and I sew them for friends and family. We order takeout and do outside activities to avoid too much of cabin fever.


Being more generous has been our theme for the year. We have been blessed that hubs has been able to work from home all year. Since others have lost jobs or their jobs are suspended we feel the need to share what we have with those that don’t have.

Andie Simpson

I’ve been tipping generously whenever I get carry out, and I’ve been doing that a lot more than I normally would to help support the restaurants in my area. I’ve also donated more than normal even though I had a pay cut and at one point thought my job was going to be eliminated.


I Faithfully wear my mask, wash my hands, use lysol wipes and hand sanitizer every time I have to leave my house. Have stayed home for A YEAR now, not traveling to visit my family and friends. I miss everyone dearly and send notes and cards as well as calls, texts, emails anything to keep connections going.
Merry Christmas to Everyone!!


I've tried to give extra support to small, local and minority owned businesses this year and have focused on them for my Christmas gift giving. Just trying to help keep them afloat during this challenging time.


I always wear a mask in public. I love that despite the mask you can see people smile by their eyes.


I do wear a mask, even in drive through, drive-up encounters. Such a small gesture but so important. I donated my Breathe and Hope shawl to a dog rescue I adore to use as a fundraiser. And I’ve donated to various causes throughout the year.


I kept teaching, first online and then in person. I wear a mask and try to follow the rules to keep others and myself safe.


I’ve done what the medical experts have recommended. I followed the Governor’s mandates for healthy and safety. I made a food donation.


I work in healthcare and have been diligent with staying safe and helped out on holiday weekends with our covid-19 screening table so staff could be with their families. I crocheted mask holders for everyone in my building. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and blessings for a safe and healthy 2021! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Allison for your kindness and generosity 🤗

Rena Ballew

I wear a mask only when shopping in public to ensure our local businesses stay open. We supported the local small restaurant businesses by frequenting a different one every Friday.


I wear a mask in public.

Jeanette Thal

I crocheted over 150 ear saver bands and distributed them to nursing homes, doctors offices, beauty salons, and along with hand sewn face masks for our community workers. We bought gift certificates at out local restaurants to help keep them going during the lockdown. We help our neighbors with shopping and cooking. I also sent extra yarn stash to fellow knitters and crocheters to help keep them going while out of work. 2021 is going to be a year of recovery.


We made masks for our local hospital workers. It was awesome to see them receive them!


We wear masks in public and social distance, shop local and order take out from restaurants and I spent the summer crocheting snugglies and stuffed animals for Toys for Tots.

Renee S.

I wear a mask out in public and skip going out in public when I can and stay home and knit!


In April and May I was involved with an organization that mobilized 100s of women (including many Amish) to make masks. We delivered pre- cut pieces to their door, then picked up the finished masks, then counted, packaged and transported to our distribution center. These masks went to the front line workers when PPE was in such short supply. I was so blessed to work with my son, DIL and and 3 adult grandchildren on this project. I spent hours in the car with my granddaughters laughing, talking and delivering masks. I need to add we were living in the same general household during this time so we were doing our part with social distancing as well.

Shirley Plummer

I wear my mask everywhere. Socially distance even when wearing my mask. No family gatherings. It’s been a long lonely year. I’ve been donating food and money to food banks - it’s so needed this year.

Leigh Ditto

I work in school administration. The abrupt closure of schools in the spring left many of our families wondering about the meals their students received during the week no longer being available. In partnership with a parent in the community who was also 1st Sgt. with a National Guard team distributing food through our local Food Bank, we were able to meet the needs of our local families until school returned to session in the fall.

The distribution started out small, only 10-15 families picking up food from one of our elementaries. It quickly out grew that space and was relocated to our district's main kitchen, overtaking the freezer and refrigerator which were frequently filled to capacity even greater than our normal school week food supply. Our largest distribution fed nearly 1,000 families from our district and surrounding communities.

The experience was truly humbling. Working side by side with my family, friends, fellow community members and student athletes was a blessing. It would not have been possible without the assistance of the National Guard and West Ohio Food Bank. It has brought attention to the hunger needs within our community. Our hope is to open a student lead pantry in the future to continue to meet the needs of our families.

Sandra Sprouse

I have donated money and meals to several families.

Arenthia Herren

I served on the committee at the college where I work that was tasked with reopening the college safely. We worked on language for a mask mandate for everyone on campus, occupancy numbers for rooms and buildings, percentage of on campus classes that could safely run and because I’m a librarian, how to run the libraries safely. It was a huge task but I’m very proud to say that faculty, staff, and administration all worked together and we were able to have a Fall semester with minimal viral spread.


I've been making and sending cards to people I know are alone since this whole thing started.

Kate s

I wear a mask all the time and we are just staying home. Still. Trying to make it a little easier for those who can’t stay home.


I wear a mask, wash my hands often & keep a distance from others. I teach my classes via Zoom. I remind myself that Zoom is as stressful for my students as it is for me & have extended more mercy than justice frequently. I try to remember all the people in my lifetime who have endured (probably no more gracefully than we are) terrible times & take heart that at least we have the hope of vaccination & return to walking into yarn shops freely very soon. Thanks for doing this every year & my best wishes to the entire yarn living world for a wonderful 2021!

Patsy Coats

I wear my mash, wash my hands, and shelter in place.

Liz Sacho

Some ways I’m trying to make 2020 better:
- mask wearing! Even for walks around the neighborhood path (it gets narrow in places)
- donations to local charities
- double tips to delivery drivers and local restaurants
- started sharing silly holidays with coworkers via Slack. Did you know today is National Eggnog Day?


We chose to donate to more charities with larger amounts. We didn't spend as much on gas, vacations etc. So it was our year to pass those dollars to organizations that do good. It felt so good!


I have a friend whose husband is battling cancer and has been off work for quite a while and the only bread winner. I have been secretly sending money to them. No rhyme or reason when I send... also send from different cities. I love that I am able to do this.


The company I work for provides in home and in school services to children with developmental delays and disabilities; my son is deaf and one thing that’s been very frustrating to him is the inability to read lips because of masks. I advocated for my company to provide clear masks to all the therapists who provide our services -they did! It’s great not only for deaf/hard of hearing kids but also for all our kids. Take care and wishing happy holidays to you, your family, and all the readers of Simply Socks.

Rose Birchall

I wear a mask. I bought Christmas masks for many in my family. Mailed 2 to Texas, it took 4 days from Michigan. Mailed 2 to my sister who lives 75 miles from me took 3 weeks. The story of USPS this year.


I am fortunate to have job security even in this chaos, so I dedicated my stimulus check to supporting small businesses and “nonessential” trades. I commissioned my first ever piece of artwork and even participated in a silent auction for my undergraduate college.

But the one that makes me happiest is actually a mask exchange I did. I made my sister some custom masks in exchange for ones she purchased at Piggly Wiggly that had pig snouts on them. The Piggly Wiggly masks went to the fledgling BBQ joint next to my office. I figured they’d make for a fun social media post and that would be the end of it. But no, every time I’m down there, the owner is wearing a pig snout mask! He says they’re the most comfortable ones he owns :). These folks have gone out of their way to make sure kids got fed when schools were closed, and even provided meals for Meals on Wheels to deliver, so it feels good to bring a little happiness to them.


I’m a nurse and have tried to navigate taking care of my patients while all masked up, helping them feel less awkward and trying to maintain a connection. Honestly, it’s only by God’s grace that I’ve made it to the end of this year with all my wits intact! Praying for better days ahead for all. Merry Christmas!

Barbara Frederick

Done lots more charity knitting projects. Putting those before my own projects. Being more appreciative of others, and front line workers.

Margaret Paschal

I wear a mask everywhere. I get my take out meals from a local mom and pop restaurant. I have made a ton of prayer shawls for my church and scarves for a local charity called Note in the Pocket which provides school clothes for children who wouldn't have suitable clothes otherwise. I upped my charitable giving making a major contribution to my university on their Day of Giving. I also donated to my sorority for their new house. I am contemplating my year end gifts to St. Jude's, the Mountain to Sea Trail, and Eno River Association to see if I can make them larger this year.

Emily Shaw

I donated plasma after having severe covid. I wear a mask and wash for at least 20 seconds. I encourage others to do the same. I helped reopen our children’s classes at our church safely. I’m “over” 50ish adult volunteers at church and we had to make some big adjustments! I made tons of masks for a local private daycare/school so parents still had a safe place to bring their kiddos when they had no choice but to go to work. I gave birth to a surrogate baby in 2019 and due to some issues, dealt with physical things into 2020. That’s enough about me! What about you?! Lol


I have kept the food pantry at the university where I work open and stocked throughout the pandemic. Having a reliable food source means so much to hungry students and is a resource that is more needed than ever. This month,
I solicited tons of donations and personally bought special treats for the students who will live on campus throughout the holidays.


My whole family has worn masks throughout these last 9+ months. I am so thankful for those who have done the same because my youngest daughter has a chronic illness that makes her more at risk. We’ve supported small businesses in our area as well as agencies that help those in need. Although we have really missed seeing loved ones in person, we have used technology to stay in touch with family and dear friends.

Lori Rapovy

I work in Healthcare every day and I try to help in whatever capacity I am able. Food, knitted hats and scarves, etc. But mostly, kindness to one another is the biggest thing that we can do


I wear a mask everywhere and have cancelled all of my Christmas get togethers with family and friends to help slow down the spread of the virus. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


I make monthly donations to our food bank and kids backpack program. I have switched to using sheets for detergent. We recycle. I drive a hybrid car.I am a regular blood donor. I work at the public library and mail books to those that are either home bound or not comfortable going out during this time. I wear a mask when I’m out of my house.

Geri Heagy

I faithfully wear my mask everywhere. I’ve also ramped up my prayer life. Everyone has the need to be lifted up!
Merry Christmas!

Karen P

This year I have found myself being extra kind and patient with people. Wearing my mask and staying in my social bubble. Having the grands at my home for virtual school to help out my daughter. Trying to smile at everyone through my mask.

Lynn walkiewicz

I was getting my hair cut and a dad and two sons came into get hair spray for mom for an xmas gift. I overheard one of the boys telling dad he wanted to buy it, and dad telling him he didn’t have enough money for it. So I bought it for him so he could give mom something she wanted!

Staci L

I am a teacher in our district’s virtual academy that sprung up for students who, for medical reasons, can’t be exposed to the virus. These students see no one outside of their families and Zoom, and I try to make it a haven for them.. My heart breaks for the stories they have told me and each other. I think the most important lesson they are learning this year is that people care about them and they are not forgotten. Zooming all day is stressful for all of us but we will make it together. Keep these dear ones in your thoughts. Joyful Christmas to you!

Dawn F.

This is a wonderful charity giveaway :) There have been so many sacrifices for everyone this year. We are missing family, wearing masks, and have worked the whole year in Eyecare. We never closed. People need to see !! Xoxo

Renee S

Years ago I had a rubber stamp business. Plus I was addicted. Well, when we moved I saved a few but gave thousands away to a few friends. 1 girls son had a stroke and she was struggling. I was hoping she could sell them and get some money. Another girl is unhealthy and didn’t have very much. I gave her gobs. I got a thank you note from a cousin of hers. She makes hand stamped cards in her church. Another lady was going to have a garage sale and could use the money. I gave gobs to my friends for their grandchildren. It was almost like giving away my yarn stash. Felt good even tho it was hard. I do where a mask when I go out and I have definitely been social distancing. Merry Christmas and thank you SSYC!

Nicole Acuna

I always show kindness even when it’s not shown to me - I try to re-purpose items instead of just throw them away when possible into functional items.


I wear a mask in public all of the time and try to stay home as much as possible, venturing out only once every 7 - 10 days.

I have become a more active member in my Rotary Club helping to pivot our in-person fundraising to a virtual platform, revamping our website and helping to make a Holiday Used Toy Exchange happen virtually.

We have also been more generous supporters of our local foodbank knowing that role they are playing this year is even greater than ever.


I wear a mask in public and I have been staying home more. I am actively looking for ways to volunteer in the community.


I've donated more to charities this year than last.

Stephanie Gordon

To make the world a better place, I wear my mask everywhere and try to stay home as much as I can. I help my elderly parents and mask around them always. I helped my mom while she was in the hospital and helped move her into assisted living. I also got the vaccine last week. I raked my neighbor’s lawn after she broke her leg. I also shoveled their walk. None of this is huge but hopefully it has been helpful to others.

Linda L.

I voted.
And my candidate won.


I have discovered that I have more patience than I ever thought possible. Masking up. Avoiding those who choose to invade my space that are not part of my immediate bubble. Simple kindness.

Barb Miller

I feel it's important to give each other a "hand up" in times of need. Just the other day, I gave some quarters to an elderly lady in the laundry room. The change machine was empty and she was going to have to hang her wet clothes in her closet. You should have seen the look on her face, priceless! Totally made her day. I love doing this sort of thing for people all the time. In case I win, my charity of choice is Operation Gratitude. Each year I try knit hats to go into the packages sent to our troops. Merry Christmas!


I wear a mask every time I go out in public. One of the little things I like to do is randomly pay it forward. I pay for the person behind me at the drive thru. I leave extra money at the popcorn shop for the next person in the store. I randomly leave $10 on the gas pumps with a note to have a good day. This year a became a poll worker during the election.
For 2021 I want to continue all of the above. A couple of other things I'm doing is knitting fingerless mitts to pass out to random people. I want to adopt a family to help out all year, not just at Christmas time because the need is there in July too. The big thing I hope to do next year is to become a child advocate in the court system because every voice deserves to be heard.


I have tried more to be aware of my blessings. I pay it forward in the fast food drive through by paying for the food for the person behind me.

Elizabeth Ann

There is no doubt that Community Harvest Food Bank should be on the top of everybody’s giving list this Christmas! If you are so lucky to still have A job and food on your table think of donating to this local food pantry!
I also love Turnstone , where my grandson went to preschool and played sled hockey and wheelchair basketball. I will never forget Santa’s visit and the look of pure joy on his face! Turnstone is creating possibilities for all ages!
Merry Christmas Allison and everyone celebrating 🎄!

Teresa McPherson

Definitely wear a mask and stay away from people!


Wear a mask, wash hands, curbside shopping, staying home, no travel to Canada to see family, did all my Christmas knitting in March and April and mailed it early!

Lynne Kennedy

We were masks, my husband and i shop for our elderly neighbors. My 2 sons are always there to also help the neighbors during these trying times. Merry Christmas!

Elisa G

I’ve been sending postcards to my work friends I haven’t seen because of work from home. I’ve also sent postcards to a few of my friends’ kids with a joke written in back. A few have had a tough time of it and a little surprise note can feel extra special. I’m an extrovert and laying low has been especially difficult for me but sending out these little surprise have been helpful!


I make NICU quilts for a hospital in LA. Just sent 7 rocking horses for their Christmas babies.

PS I always wear a mask

Susanna Eve

Wearing a mask in public all the time. Haven’t been in a store since March. Have been support local businesses as much as possible and donating to non profits.


I like to surprise people who are not expecting it with a gift or even just a letter. And I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, and commend your generosity to your customers. Have the best holiday possible for 2020 and an even better 2021!!!

Kim Holbrook

What a year! I’ve tried to be prudent about everything. I wear a mask everywhere I go. I smile even though my mask covers it up and try to speak to people who catch my eye. I’ve donated to local non-profits when I can. I’ve been intentional about staying in touch with friends and family. I’m looking forward to the time when I can hug again!

Laurel Breckenridge

My charity of choice is the Wounded Warrior Project. I wear a mask, for my mom and husband, and for everyone i don't even know. I've paid it forward at Starbucks. I also always donate to Ronald McDonald House whenever I go to McDonald's. I don't feel like I've done much good or bad this year, but I try to be kind and understanding of all.


I tried to make blood donations easier in our rural community this year--organizing two blood drives. I've also tried to teach my kids the importance of self-sacrifice (social distancing, mask wearing, etc.) in order to protect others. Merry Christmas all!

Theresa Martin

We definitely wear masks to protect ourselves and others. As a teacher we have made special efforts this year to personally contact students working from home , present and former. As a staff, we put together videos and activities to engage and entertain students, came out to cheer loudly at ‘drive by diploma pick up’s.’
My husband and I did a bunch of ‘porch visits’ to some of our senior relatives last week. We left them with goodies and merry wishes for the holidays. It was very heartwarming!

Shelley Mota

I would say I have tried my best to stay positive and help keep it together for my kids and their spouses. Sometimes they just needed mom to lean on. I have a teacher, a physical therapist, a nurse, a nurse assistant and a fireman to pray for on a daily basis and they all have been safe. I do my best to tip well in restaurants, and its such a joy to see the appreciative smiles on their faces


I am a solo self employed pediatrician and have kept my office open throughout the entire pandemic even when the county was on a travel red emergency. PPE was scarce and we were innovative and opportunistic. All of my employees remained employed. It has been a financial challenge but we survived. I voted and encouraged everyone I know to vote whether I agreed with them or not because everyone needs to be accountable for the leadership they choose as we navigate this mess. We will make it through this despite inane last minute obstacles!


I wear a mask and wash my hands and social distance and am particularly sensitive to others in this regard. We all have different levels of comfort and all should be respected for that and not be harassed or talked out of it.

I donated a dozen hats to folks in need this season. I will continue to knit through out the year and donate again next year.

I have also just tried to be extra nice to people in general. They canit see you smile under a mask, but a kind word or holding open a door are little things I have been doing since we are all so stressed out.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Allison.

Kim Witherow

When I can’t social distance I wear a mask. I have donated extra garden produce and eggs to my local food pantry and each month, monetarily support a couple charities.


I always wear a mask in public. I've donated several times to our local food bank this year. It breaks my heart to think of so many families going hungry in this country!


I have sewn and given away close to 900 fabric masks (and I’m still making and giving them away). I shop local as much as possible and I tip heavier than usual in these times.

Sandy Rice

Over the past year I have had tutored several adult students that need help passing their exams. These are students who will start working in hospitals right away.

Sheree K

I make sure my family and I wear or masks everywhere we go, even for walks around the neighborhood. I have continued to work (teaching) and try my best everyday your help my students feel comfortable and safe.

Susan B

I sent out about 100 hand made cards with a photo I've taken that I thought might be special to that particular person along with a "Quarantine Checklist" to display to look at each day. It included things like: have you taken a walk, called a friend, what am I grateful for today, etc. I made masks for my chiropractor's doctor's office and sent out over 410 total cards this year (including the covid ones, birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc). I have surprised friends and acquaintances with little handmade knitted gifts like bookmarks, wine bottle ruffles and mini ornaments tucked in a card.


Made oodles of masks to donate and give.

Lydia Gutierrez

I have given a door dash food to many of friends/family that I have seen their struggles this year. I’ve donated to many various causes that I’ve been seeing on my FB feed, every dollar counts towards their goal. I’ve also paid for coffee for those 3-4 people in line behind me in the drive thru once a week when I’m strong enough to leave my house (fibromyalgia is bad but not as bad as others struggling). I’ve been knitting beanies (all sizes) to be delivered to our local shelter as the cold really hits just after New Year’s. It doesn’t seem like much like I tell my kids but to those who need it like we use to, it means everything. I wish I could have more to give but since we don’t my superpower of creating with yarn is something that I will take to full advantage. I’m so humble and proud that my kids are also learning & creating with me to give. I wish everyone who entered good luck & blessings for the future. A special thank you as well for giving!


I have tried to help people stay calm through this upheaval. Maintaining peace in the midst of all the surprises that this year has brought.

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