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December 22, 2020



Our Christmas stockings always include socks and underwear - sometimes novelty holiday ones, sometimes basics. Helps to fill up the stocking and everyone can always use them. A tangerine in the toe and a small gift completes the stocking stuffing!

Thanks for the opportunity.


We do an advent activity calendar for the month of December with the kids. It is a great way of making sure we take time to do the activities all month long. Today's activity is random of kindness day!


As a kid, after Christmas Eve service, we would drive around and look at Christmas lights and then go home and have cookies and egg nog. My kids and I drive around the state looking at Christmas lights now. We check out the big city displays and the neighborhoods that go all out. We drive around the little neighborhoods in our town too. It is way too much for just Christmas Eve, but we still do that too and the cookies and egg nog.

Linda Lau

We have hot chocolate and we bake a whole bunch of different cookies. The kids love using Christmas cookie cutters and then decorating them.

Virginia Harnischfeger

When visiting my godmother's family home, when I was a child, at Christmastime, I was invited to take a chocolate ornament from the Christmas tree for myself. I thought that was wonderful. Later in life, when visiting German restaurants during Christmas, I found that children who were at the restaurant received that invitation too. I then started that tradition in my home. I have my chocolate ornaments ready for my grandchildren's visit. They enjoy searching the tree for the ornaments that are scattered through the tree and, of course, eating the treat once it is found.


It's just the 2 of us and we really don't do much. I'm considered a "bah humbug" but I find Christmas full of nostalgia and it makes me sad. But I LOVE your Poste worsted and today's prize is so cute!!!!


Shortbread and more shortbread!!

Helen G

When we were kids, we always went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and then had delicious food when we got home. My favorite thing was tourtiere (pork pie) that my mom made. My sister has kept up the pork pie tradition, but this year the US/Canada border is closed so we won’t be able to celebrate with my sister.

susanna eve

i grew up in a secular jewish household with few december holiday traditiobs. my current family group/ household doesn’t celebrate christmas but instead celebrate chanukah and the winter solstice but we do have an over 30 year old cloth advent calendar that is always out, and mulled cider and homemade vegan caramel corn are made and consumed at least once.


I bake overnight pumpkin French toast for Christmas morning and weather permitting we go cross country skiing later on Christmas Day


Our Christmas traditions were and are to bake lots of cookies and almond poppyseed bread (mini loaves) before Christmas for teachers and neighbors as gifts. A baking marathon! Then we always went (still do, but not this year) to church on Christmas Eve where our whole family sang in the choir or played an instrument and sang, too. When we got home, kids and young adults went to bed, while I put together an overnight egg casserole with sausage, cheese, eggs, milk, etc. and my husband brought out all the wrapped gifts and piled them under the tree (a throw-back to Santa bringing them - he loves doing it!) and I filled the stockings and hung them with care! In the morning my husband would build a fire (we have a wood burning fireplace) while I got the casserole in the oven. We’d put on Christmas CDs, then we’d grab our coffee (amidst the urging of the kids) and start opening presents by the fire. When the casserole was done, we would eat breakfast:, egg casserole and homemade or store bought coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, or whatever we chose that year. Then back to opening gifts, answering the phone and talking to family who live far away and don’t travel.. Then I would go back to the kitchen to make the dishes we were taking to our friend’s home. Our girls are the same ages and are good friends and we gett together for all holidays when we’re in town (but not this year). She always makes a huge turkey or ham and her favorite/traditional side dishes and I make ours and it’s tons of food, but so much fun! Then we split the food so we each have some of the other family’s traditional dishes. The girls have grown up together over the 20+ years we’ve lived here (they were so little when we started our holiday traditions!) and now they’re grown and married. Since we can’t risk travel to their locations this year, both of our families will be celebrating in our own homes......but we’ve been reminiscing and chatting this week, so it’s been fun! And my friend already gifted me with her homemade biscotti and cookies which I am thoroughly enjoying! We will all be joyful and thankful for our blessings this year even though we can’t be together in person. Thank goodness for zoom and Face time! We are going to utilize technology to the maximum this year, instead of putting it away for the day!

Andie Simpson

My favorite tradition has long gone since both of my grandparents are gone but I always loved going to their house for Christmas lunch. I’d get to sit in the kitchen with the ladies while they cooked and my mammaw would always complain about the noise and how she was going to have to take a nerve pill. I’d just laugh and roll my eyes...and I never did learn what her nerve pills were.

Vicki Maynes

Every year the entire family goes to a local restaurant for brunch on Christmas Eve. Sadly, we aren't doing that in 2020. There are several of us in the high risk catagory and it wouldn't be a good idea to go to a restaurant. I'm not hopeful for next year.

Diana Byrum

On the day of Christmas Eve as a young girl, my family would go to my Tia’s house for tamale making. We made hundreds of tamales to eat that night, take home and to freeze.

Shelley Mita

Every year we did a 10 Lord's leaping day, it is a holiday I just made up to have an evening with my kids. we wear crowns and talk in British accents. We would put the pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and they would fight to find it for the little gift and be the winner for the year.


A tradition that has started since my children don’t live at home anymore is that I host Christmas Eve. It is a fun day of food, gifts and competition- we play a new game every year and everyone looks forward to playing the “new” game!!


Food-wise, my family always makes a roast goose for Christmas dinner, which is usually a bit of a surprise to guests, most of whom have never eaten goose. It’s delicious, almost like a more flavorful dark-meat turkey. I live alone & across the country from everyone else right now, and I’m not cooking a whole goose for myself, so I’m a bit sad to miss it this year.

Non-food wise, we are a soccer-obsessed family, so we always spend Boxing Day (day after Christmas) watching the English Premier League games while the kids play with their new toys/whatnot from Christmas.

Laura Griese

We always have cinnamon rolls in one form or another on Christmas morning. Whether it's from a tube or homemade, I love the smell on Christmas morning!

Cindy M.

Visit my parents - eat too much (cheeseball, chips and dip), watch movies and play games.


Every year, well, except this one we do a Gameshow thing called Christmas Cash where everyone makes up questions about our family and things that happened this year or before and we all answer and buzz in and its super fun!

Renee Huffman

We have two traditions for my little family... 1st, we almost always are travelling on Christmas, so Santa visits our house the weekend before, so that our kids can have a day at home to celebrate Christmas. 2nd, we do Christmas eve pjs no matter where we are. I have a special box (new last year) that holds pjs for the whole family and we open it Christmas eve.


Our Christmas tradition is Chinese food and movies with friends! Looking forward to continuing this tradition next year. This year it will have to be something streaming.


Our immediate family gets together and thank goodness we can this year. Christmas tree, good food and playing cards.

Leslie Evanoff

A holiday tradition is that my mom makes a traditional Slovak/Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal for us. She makes fresh mushroom soup, fresh broiled salmon, homemade pierogies and Christmas Wafers with honey. Her mom did it when she was alive, so I am learning to keep the tradition going for my kids.

FranCesca Winfield

My son will come to visit and it is usually a highlight to see and be with him, he often lives out of the area....and its just he and I, his dad passed away when he was only 10 yrs old & now he’s a very young 40yr old...chef by trade....and I’m a young I like to think active senior, an artist...Since all of my siblings are scaltered about in TriBoro states....we are in CT with family in NY, NJ and PA.....unfortunately, we don’t travel as much as we did when my son was younger, as everyone now celebrate with their own extended families & grandchildren.....& we all still follow my Italian American tradition that starts onChristmas Eve...with a more limited 7 fishes dinner menu. My son and I then settle back after dinner with some appetizer munchies while taking in one of our favourite Xmas movies..esp “The Christmas Story” with Ralphie or Natl Lampoon...Christmas comedy! and maybe playing board games my childhood we played an Italian card game called”Sette a mezz” in English. “7 1/2” whereby theKing ofDiamons could be made anything...idea to get 7 1/2 in 2 cards. The entire family played, including the youngest with help to the oldest my grandparents....with grandmother often pulling cards from the bottom of the deck!! In past my son and aI would attend Midnight Mass starting with a preConcert at 11pm followed by a beautifully concelebrate Mass....unfortunately, many of the Midnight mass has moved up to an earlier evening start without the either attend the earlier on Xmas Eve, before dinner....or early Christmas Day. Then to bed & wait for Santa.......On Christmas morning.....we may attend an early mass or later in the day....depending when we arise...we open our presents that Santa left...enjoy a cup of cocoa w marsmallows and/or our family and friends sending Xmas wishes.....then a lovely brunch.....starting with a beautiful lobster bisque from our local fish monger....then a veggie cheese frittata or quiche with accompanying artisan breads and rolls, & a mixed green salad with fresh veggies & herbs.... and followed by a cheeseboard and a fresh fruit compote of berries over yogurt & shaved chocolate ! Cookies & goodies munched throughout the day, calling & in a normal year non CoVid, mayb some visiting with friend / family....again, shared movies, mayb enjoy our gifts, always a toy or entertaining game....& then more food...late afternoon early evening....if not homemade pasta & veggie dish....then it’s Take Out Chinese food! Can always find aChinese restaurant open on Christmas Day! & that’s it.....thank you for the opportunity to participate...and hav3 a beautiful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and all at SSY!🎄


We have a couple. We always pick one night and drive around for Christmas lights. I also make sure everyone gets one handmade gift...this year it could have been a hot bowl cozy, handknit hat or cowl.
For Christmas it is just everyone in this house until noon just to relax and enjoy each other.

Kimberly Dzingel

My family moved to a new state about 10yrs ago, so we are always on our own for the holidays. We try and make it a fun and homey as we can. New jammies and we order a special dinner from our home town and have it shipped here for out Christmas dinner. When the kids were little we took them to see a new Christmas movie. Now we just try and rest! Oh and lots of baking!

Lisa Loback

Baking cookies with all of my daughters, and now granddaughters too, on the Saturday before Christmas.

Toni Macomb

Maybe not very original, but as adults (70ies) we still buy small gifts for each other, and just like when the kids were home, we open one present Christmas Eve and the others Christmas morning. We did go through a phase where we didn't buy each other gifts but missed the pleasure of spending time finding just the "right' thing.

Carolyn frank

We have a family cookie bake every year. This year has been very difficult. I also get my family picture on this day. Next year will be better.

Heather Fairman

On Christmas Eve my husband and I exchange one of our gifts, then turn on 24 hours of A Christmas Story. Every year we pick out a new favorite line from the movie.


My youngest child's birthday is Christmas Eve, so our tradition is celebrating her birthday. My husband's younger sister's birthday is also Christmas Eve, so on occasion, we celebrate with her and her husband.

Joyce Purcell

One tradition, mostly from childhood with my LARGE Franco-American (nee Quebec) family is Le Reveillon. (And pardon me, my fellow Francophiles. I do not have my keyboard set up for easy correct spelling with the proper accents.) Le Reveillon starts with preparation all week long leading to Christmas Eve. The baking, the cooking. It's MASSIVE. Whomever hosts Le Reveillon has the brunt of the work, but every branch and leaf of the family tree will make something substantial. There's tourtiere (french canadian pork pie), cretons (a pork pate), Salmon pie with egg sauce, every fruit pie imaginable, plus the usual spread that you'd find at Christmas dinner like turkey, ham, roast beef and roast pork. Plus, mom would cook something lite, like a soup. Because most of that huge spread is eaten AFTER Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Kids play with their cousins on Christmas Eve during the day, and then take a long nap until a light dinner. Then Midnight Mass, and a huge family party until 2-3 am. Everyone opens ONE special present at Le Reveillon on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was never celebrated until noon at the earliest, when the big party would break up and small family units would visit the relatives that weren't at Le Reveillon.
This is a tradition that continued in my franco family in Maine until families moved away, so through my childhood in the 80's. (I'm 40.)
Now that I live in Ohio, we usually travel for Christmas, and I haven't had a traditional Le Reveillon in years.
Because of Covid-19, my husband and I are staying home for Christmas for the first time since we married. I'm planning a small dinner for just the two of us, lots of Facetime and Zoom calls to family, and plenty of knitting and relaxing.


One Christmas tradition we do every year is letting everyone open one present Christmas Eve.
Another is either getting socks or underwear for my son, he still hates getting clothes for gifts!

Crystal Parker

Buying a last minute present on Christmas eve! Never fails.

Beverly Vinson

My tradition is to watch White Christmas. I recently added to it drinking a cup of vanilla spice non alcoholic Southern Comfort Egg Nog. So tasty!!

Donna Stupfel-Smith

I decorate my tree with small little tree ornaments. Every year I buy a new one.

Jeanne Bush

As a kid, we had pretty consistent traditions - but none as fun or colorful as your family PJs! Mostly it was getting 3 families together with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents at my grandmother's house - it was also my grandmother's birthday. Then we outgrew that option and everything has evolved over time.

Deborah Crane

Every year, I find a secret Santa tree and select a name or two to shop for. This year, it was a virtual tree at a church hundreds of miles away. I know the pastor, so asked him to give my gift card to a senior woman who is living alone.

When my son's were in grade school, the place I worked at had secret Santa trees. All three of us would pick a name, then shop for and wrap the gifts. A good lesson for them.


My must-do Christmas tradition is a drive around to see the Christmas lights. One favorite neighborhood creates a magic world of floating spheres of light. The quieter decorations, like a lighted front porch with a wreath on the door, are beautiful to me, too.

Dawn Mitchell

For almost 40 years, my husband has dressed up as Santa and passed out presents to the children that can't go home on Christmas day. It is a mitzvah that he will not be able to do this year due to Covid concerns.

Pam Bacci

One of our many traditions revolves around what goes in everyone’s Christmas stockings. There always a few little surprises But everyone traditionally gets a gift card, chapstick, a Shower poof, socks and underwear. Sounds funny but I’ve been doing it so long that around November I start getting comments like “sure hope Santa brings socks...I’m getting holes in mine 😉”. And no...they’re not hand knit! Lol

Jennifer Miller

Growing up my mom would make Christmas cookies with me and my sister and they’d be eaten at the family Christmas gathering. I am grownup now and enjoy baking gingerbread most, attempting fancy iced cookies and as always eating the goofs! This year working alone I will attempt a house made of gingerbread, last year my sister visited and we made ugly sweater cookies together.

Jody Laake

Pre-pandemic we always got together for a really fun totally holiday themed day! It always included visiting Fountain Square downtown to see the giant Christmas tree and hit the ice skating rink. Sometimes when the mood struck, we would also take a carriage ride. Next we would take in the train display at Cincinnati Museum Center. The night would end with a visit to Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights. Sadly I think we will be postponing most of these activities until next Christmas due to covid.

Sabrina Snyder

We have 2 children. When they were young their stockings consisted of 1 giant candy bar. We added that tradition for both their spouses. The 2 year old grandchild will get fruit snacks. Their stockings should really be called hats. I knit everyone a new hat. Yes,the hats are their stockings! The hats for the year will all use the same pattern and colors. The colors will be used in different ways that no 2 hats are the same. (I really should start my knitting before the 16th of December!)


I watch every version of A Christmas Carol that I can find.

Brenna Delosier

Matching pjs on Christmas Eve. And the big dinner is Christmas Eve. We have leftover sandwiches for Christmas.


The Pickle! The Christmas Pickle. I grew up in California - and knew nothing about the Christmas Pickle. Thank goodness for moving to the east coast and being introduced to the Pickle! It is a pickle shaped ornament - green - very difficult to see on the tree. Santa hides it on Christmas eve and the first child that finds it gets to open the first present of Christmas. Super fun. When the boys were little it was fairly obvious. Since they are now teenagers, Santa has to be very creative with placing the pickle. Last year it was in a gondola where to put it this year?.....

Katie Porter

My favorite tradition as a child was opening our Christmas Stocking presents on Christmas morning. My mom made us each a stocking and I loved seeubg all the little treats she gave us!

Katie Porter

Oops, sorry about the typo! I loved seeing all the little treats mom left for us.

Lisa Smith

Merry Christmas! Growing up, we always had chili and cornbread on Christmas Eve and lasagna on Christmas day. We could make the lasagna ahead of time and no one had to be in the kitchen all day on Christmas. My husband and I still have lasagna on Christmas day.


We drive around and look at Christmas lights!

Diane Jespersen

We always do the Danish tradition of dancing around the Christmas tree while singing Christmas carols. It's so much fun. The more people, the more fun it is..... Multiple circles around the tree each circling a different direction. We will truly miss that this year.

Richelle Krotts

Our holiday tradition has been spending a few days before Christmas at the Oregon coast, but this year we've decorated more at home, made cookies, watched holiday movies, and plan a lovely meal for Christmas Eve. Going more traditional and celebrating hygge this year!


I am starting a new Christmas Tradition this year. I prepared an Advent set for my 2 year old granddaughter with a hand written note and a small gift each day. It has been fun watching her open the gifts and have the note read to her each day. The gift on a couple days were Little Bird and her nest and eggs. I plan to continue this tradition in years to come.


We always have a prime rib dinner! A 35 year old tradition.

Alison M.

I always eat a Texas grapefruit for the new year.

Barb Frederick

My favorite is making cookies with my grandkids! Then delivering plates of cookies to neighbors and friends!

Shelley B.

Every year we take our kids and dogs and go to an outdoor walk through Christmas light park. It’s so much fun. They have train rides and serve hot chocolate and coffee.

Jamie Adams

We get together with extended family and make goodies. My daughter and I read A Christmas Carol.

Merrill P

I make cookies every year at Christmas.

Kim Kieffer

Every year we open stockings on Christmas eve, and have fondue all day on Christmas day.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

A friend, who is a master gardener, has been giving me a flowering plant for the past couple Christmases. Surprised at how much I like a new plant indoors in winter.


We have two holiday traditions: going out to see Christmas lights and doing a family project. Projects can ranch from crafty to letters and cards for the military.


Stockings on Christmas morning! It is a tradition my mom always did before she passed away. Now my sister & I keep the tradition going.
We make cookies to share with family & friends. We also (except for this year) travel home to MN for Christmas & WV for New Years to spend the holidays with family.


I don't really have an annual tradition. I just bake dozens of cookies.

Tami H

Our tradition was our family being together on Christmas. We'd open presents, eat breakfast, and play the new games Santa brought us. These memories are the best. Today mom and dad are in heaven, hope they can hear us laughing and telling stories this Christmas.

Peggie Bouvier

Homemade scones for breakfast. When my adult son moved away he was invited to spend Christmas at a friend's parents home. He called me Christmas morning almost in tears. They didn't have scones!


We always do a big Swedish Smorgasbord on Christmas Eve with lots of food we only have once a year!

Heather Waldron

Every year I make sticky buns Christmas morning. I made them when my kids were little and at that tine they didn't eat much. Now that my sons are in their twenties and eat a LOT more I have added more to the menu to go with the sticky buns. But they love that I still make them. Always brings us into reminiscing about past Christmases.

Renee S.

From childhood until married with 1st child, always went to my Grandparents (Mothers side of family) for ‘Christmas dinner. My Mother’s brother and sisters and kids and family also went, grew to over forty people. I have very fond memories of those Christmas pasts.

Debra C

We always light candles in the window for travelers with now where to go and in case the power goes out.

Linda Wagner

A tradition that we did for many years was attend candlelight Christmas Eve services with the family. Then have snacks and a Christmas toast.


Christmas chez nous meant Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. The tree went up for decorating, presents came out of hiding and dinner was served with beef en croute and a Buche Noël. Santa came during the night and filled the stockings. Small children got toys and chocolates on St. Nicholas Day, December 5th.


I love watching the sunrise on Christmas morning. Normally we're a family of night owls, but we often stay at a family cabin with a huge wall of east facing windows on Christmas Eve. Watching the sun come up abe heading excited whispers on the kids in the loft had become one of my favorite traditions. We aren't staying there this year, but we're still thinking about getting up and driving to the country to see the Christmas sunrise.

Elizabeth Osborne

Christmas orange monkey bread!


Christmas Eve
Other years I enjoyed going to an old church for their evening service.

Otherwise, I usually stay home and we eat alot of snacks and appetizers.

I did not buy very much food this year so I think I will cut back on the overeating. It is a good thing to do that.
Sometimes we had lasagna, but in recent years we do not have enough people to eat it with.

Maybe this year will be cheese and crackers and a glass of wine. I like that, too.
It will be very quiet.

Jennifer M.

One of my favorite traditions is baking cutout sugar cookies with the family. Between the rolling, cutting, decorating and baking it takes a lot of hands, and our 3 grandchildren are really into it, too (even when the 2-year old made “sprinkle soup” and it spilled all over the floor)!


We make Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve. We make a double batch, actually, and eat it again on Christmas dinner.


The sock sets look amazing! I just finished socks from the Urth red and green strip. They are bright and cheerful. Looking forward to wearing them Christmas Day. Something we have done since the kids were young (now 32 and 28) is to fill Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. Always a toothbrush and chocolate. We add other things depending on the year but they laugh now and always say I need a new toothbrush so I waited to get this from you.

Donna Gifford

Until this year (thank you soooooo much, covid) we have gone away for Christmas to some love,y place where there is snow. We get our fill of it, eat well, laugh and come home refreshed to the Arizona desert. It hurts to lose it this year but we are doing a staycation and treating ourselves to good cheeses and such.

Sandra Parr

From the farthest I can remember, my grandmother always made oyster stew for Christmas Eve. And when I got married in 1966, I continued making oyster stew on Christmas Eve. What a lot of memories every year!


A neighbor of mine had a tradition of listening to a recording that her husband had made telling the Christmas story, the birth of Jesus. Her husband had died many years earlier, so this tradition was especially poignant.

Rachel Elliott

I started to buy matching pajamas thr last couple of years. Everyone seems to enjoy them. We've also started taking a trip to Broken Bow,OK the last couple of years to really just get away from all the stress.

Jodie Emerick

We always have cinnamon rolls and open presents at my brother house

Maureen DesMarais

Our tradition is Christmas Eve. Since I was a child we went out to dinner on Christmas Eve. We couldn't afford to eat out so this was the once a year splurge. I continued that tradition after I married even though my husband is an excellent cook and therefore hates to eat at a restaurant. This is the first year that we will not go out to dinner on Christmas Eve.


I go my friends house and eat and play cards, and chat and knit with cats. It’s the best. I will miss it this year but look forward to the after times.


Making Christmas cookies--spritz is best!

Sarah Leroy

We make a special savory pastry for Christmas morning. Yum!


Going to church on Christmas Eve...just doing it virtually this year.


We all bundle up in our coats and pajamas with hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights in the evening few days before Christmas.


One of my family’s favorite traditions on Christmas Eve is to sing carols in front of a fire. Many years ago, my sister-in-law typed up the lyrics to about 75 carols. Some old favorites, some newer ones and some we never heard before. Everyone takes turns picking the next song to sing. We always do the 12 days of Christmas and people “get” to solo on their particular line. Of course, 5 golden rings is the most popular verse and there is stiff competition each year for that spot. We started this when my kids were preschoolers and now they are all in their 20s but still ask to sing each year!

Carol Engstrom

I try to make Candy Cane shaped coffee cakes each year from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Sooo good!! I also put together a sausage-egg casserole in the crockpot on Christmas Eve so it's ready for breakfast Christmas morning. The kids are usually able to come home for Christmas, but it won't be happening this year. Hubby and I will have to celebrate on our own.

Barb Miller

I'm originally from Germany, where we celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. So, all the way from when my kids were little, to all the way now with grandkids, we celebrate on Christmas Eve.


The best tradition is going to pick a fresh cut tree. The funniest is getting Chinese food as a backup on Christmas Day.

Dorothy K

My family always starts and finishes a jigsaw puzzle between Christmas and New Years.

Jennifer Kilkenny

I always put out my Fisher Price Nativity Set as my official decor rather than the play set it is meant to be for Toddlers. I love the little people they are so cute!

yolanda v

We have a huge Christmas breakfast (only made for Christmas), BEFORE opening any gifts. I LOVE Christmas to last all day, so we usually open Christmas Stockings right before bedtime. Different this year. It's just my son and I so, NOT a huge Christmas breakfast, (but same special breakfast),no stockings. We are adults. We will, and enjoy some movies and knitting for me of course. BUT next year....LOOK OUT!! :)

Debbie Charlton

We have a very simply tradition. Each year, the first ornament on our tree is a large glass snowman we purchased in memory of my dad. My son ( who is now 21) insists that it be the first ornament on the tree so that my dad can watch us decorate. My dad was always the holly jolly one in the family and it seems fitting ;)

Marcia Stille

We always attend Christmas Eve Candlight Service. This year it will be online.

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