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December 22, 2020


Ellen C.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is Christmas pudding. My great-grandmother was British and made a Christmas Pudding (cake) every Christmas. It was a steamed cake served with a vanilla or lemon sauce. The recipe was passed on to my grandfather, then to my Dad and his siblings and then to my generation. This will be our first Christmas without my Dad, but my brother has already made the pudding.

Kimberly Baker

We have a big breakfast and then snack the rest of the day while everyone enjoys their Christmas gifts together. That way even the cook gets a day off.


We made Christmas gifts for family and friends when the kids were growing up and my husband and I continue that today. We are the crafty ones in the family so it has become something others look forward to. I make baskets and this year I made my sisters waste baskets. A metaphor for 2020— some good and pretty things happened but most of it can go in the trash. Our son and his girlfriend are carrying on the homemade gift tradition. I can’t wait to see what we get this year ( even though we told them we don’t want anything 😊)

Donna M Norris

My children and I get together on Christmas Eve. Started this tradition after my youngest married. We have a family meal and open presents. Then they head home before Santa comes to visit their homes :-). This year we are zoom chatting Christmas Eve.


We stay up on the 24th to midnight playing cribbage. When we had extended family gatherings, the kids would play one another, then the winners would play against their dad, and then my dad and his cousin would play while all the kids watched in a circle.

Rose Hoornbeek

Every year the first ornament I put on the tree is he angel that m Grandfather made for me foe my first Christmas-68 years ago. She's a plastic kewpie-looking doll and he wrapped some kind of white material around her that reminds me of thin quilt batting. He cut her wings out of either very heavy tin foil or a lightweight tin. Her wings are a little bent and her once white dress has aged to an ivory color but she still holds the place of honor at the top of the tree right under the star.


This is a year to start new traditions, we’re making Christmas Eve a night for fancy pancakes- chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream, the works.

Michelle W

A couple years ago, I started making Hungarian gingerbread cookies and decorating them. We’ve haven’t this year—I’m just not feeling the baking this year with the pandemic, but I plan on continuing next year.

Debbie Daugherty

We usually go to church for Christmas Eve service but with covid-19 pandemic, our plans have slightly changed. Will be spending quiet time at home enjoying the holidays!

Marilyn Ross

Christmas cookie exchange with old friends. We each do our specialty. I make New York bakery style Black and White cookies.

Renee Anne

I don't know if it counts as tradition yet but we bake cookies from a recipe my mom tore out of a magazine in like 1987. They make the best sugar cutout cookies ever. I had lost it for years but I found it either last year or the year before and I've been keeping an eye on it so I don't lose it again.

Patricia Hall

I make new Christmas socks every year! I have a lot of them!

danielle nabozny

When my kids were little, on Christmas Eve they would get to open a present. And the present was always new sheets - because it is fun to go to bed on new sheets! - and new pj's! I miss those days....


It seems like every time we get together for the holidays my family and I put together a puzzle or 2. I usually try and pick crazy ones and my mom tends to go for the more "simple" ones that always end up taking longer for some reason. We also play dominoes but we kinda play by our own rules and it gets a bit crazy.


I so fondly remember every Christmas Eve growing up, we had oyster stew by candle light before going to grandma’s!

Tara Crites

An older tradition I have is to make my browned butter chocolate chip cookies every year. But my newest tradition is to make a new hat for my niece for Christmas! She is the best and completely knit worthy!

Sarah Desaulniers

Always new matching pjs for the kids. With the ages being 8-19 it isn’t that easy either! We celebrate with Polish Christmas on the 24th and then North American on the 25th.


We eat ham, drink mead, and tell each other's fortunes for the new year


We always get new pajamas and underwear 🤣🤣 But that’s what we all look forward to!


Ornament gift exchange! Postponed this year but looking forward to next year.


Do a jigsaw puzzle (or 2)


I purchased or made ornaments for my children, when they married their ornaments went with them. I am continuing with my grandchildren I purchased ornaments just for for them and the things they enjoy doing. The last few years I have knitted ornaments for them ie mimi socks, mittens , sweaters, and little long johns. This year they will be receiving mimi hats with pompoms.


All of the kids (and the dog!) grab their Christmas stockings on Christmas morning and all sit on Mom and Dad’s bed while we open them.


We're several years into a new tradition of kids opening one gift on Christmas Eve that includes new Christmas jammies and books to read. Lots of other traditions, too, but that's the quickest to explain.

Kat Gatzke

I don’t have any now but I have fond memories of making cookies with my mom and sister every Christmas.


We bought our house twenty-some years ago. Our next-door neighbor delivered a round of homemade shortbread every Christmas. When they moved away, my husband bought me a shortbread mold so we could back our own, which now I do and give to friends. We almost always have shortbread and coffee or tea on Christmas morning while opening gifts.

Lorraine C

We have to haul out the artificial free and decorate it. I have a little 3 ft. guy but I make sure he has respectable outfit: ornaments, tree skirt and star topper. The smaller stars weren't flashy enough so he's ho!ding up a light up star meant for a full size tree. I call it Texas style (do things big).


I participate in the SSYC contest.

Alicia Anderson

Every year I get a new pair of slippers.

Nathanne Verner

A tradition we used to have was making a turkey dinner for my children and their families when they came to town. But with Covid we can't do that, so we Skype a lot, and I get to watch them open their presents online. It's not ideal, but it's more important for everyone to be safe and healthy.


I love your family tradition. Thank you for sharing with us. Our family tradition has been going on for a long time. I'm an old gal with 4 boys, ages 40,34,32,18. Yes..18 and he still loves our tradition of putting up the tree together, baking angel cookies, crescent moon cookies and we leave a plate out for Santa. It's been a hard year medically for me but getting to keep our tradition of doing together makes this wacky 2020 much better


Mum and I make Christmas cookies at Thanksgiving. I run the Virtual Advent Tour on my blog. I make a Christmas mix cd for my dad. I watch Christmas Eve on Sesame Street last thing before going to bed.

Chantal paquette

Every year, I bake Gingerbread cookies every 3-4 days... by the time we go back to work in January, we’ve had enough and we’re good till the following Christmas!
The grocery girls gingerbread cookies recipe is out of this world!

Jessica Kelley

Make Christmas cookies, enjoy lots of family time, Read the Luke chapter 2 on Christmas Day.

Caitlin Saraphis

My mom makes apple cake for Christmas breakfast every year, and we always open our stockings to the smell of it baking. It's the one thing that it absolutely wouldn't be Christmas for my family without.

Van Black-Winhaber

Going to my bbf house for christmas brunch, I've going for over 30 yrs, now the kids have kids!


Christmas Day has always been presents, brunch, go to the movies, and then leftovers (our big Christmas meal is on Christmas Eve). This year the movies are obviously out, so probably movies on tv, but the rest are still happening!


Every year the kids get an ornament and Christmas pajamas. When they move out they will have a trees worth of ornaments and memories. I have saved all of the pajamas through the years with a plan of making a quilt.


When my daughters were little, every year I took a day off work & we baked cookies - roll cookies - santas, trees, angels, stars. We had all kinds of sprinkles, colored sugars, little tubes of gel icing. At the end of the day we’d have about 2 dozen out of the 5 or 6 dozen we baked because, of course, we had to eat the imperfect ones! We’d also make baker’s clay ornaments. Then they’d get to open 1 present on Christmas Eve which, surprise, always turned out to be new Christmas pajamas. My daughter has continued the pj tradition with her 3 & we used to make cookies every year until the boys got to middle school age & no longer enjoyed it (except for the eating cookies part). Since then my granddaughter has been making a gingerbread house with her aunt, my other daughter (often with input from the rest of us). This year they’re doing it over zoom. And we always watch White Christmas together. .

Claire Sleeman

When I was a kid my parents would let us open one present on Christmas Eve.


My favourite tradition is making christmas cookies. There's always so many i want to try but i always do a batch of gingerbread cutouts.

Joyce Morrow

We have had an egg casserolle, monkey bread and some various other breads, peppered bacon and little link sausages and a Christmas slushy fruit punch. One of my most favorite memories is having Christmas with my son and his family in their home and the grands telling me about their special breakfast and especially the frozen punch which all turned out to be "my" Christmas breakfast. It turns out all of my children have close variations of that breakfast. That was a great feeling, to learn that.


I like to try a new side dish every year, to keep things fun.

Marilyn Robinson

Every year my husband and I pack up presents and a full dinner and drive 200 miles to have Christmas with his kids. Over the past 33 years the family has grown from 3 kids to spouses, 8 grands and spouse and now 12 great-grands. Every year we say not again and on the drive home we make plans for the next year. Then we get home and cook up a big dinner and have the kids and grands and great-grands that live here over for another party. And make plans to do it all over again next year. Each year we wish we could get everyone together at the same time but it’s impossible with so many and the distance.

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