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December 22, 2020



Our Christmas morning tradition is a make ahead egg bake with sausage and monkey bread made the night before. I throw it in the oven when we get up, open presents, and then it is ready to eat.

Annie Tarbox

We make sausage! Kinda strange, but it works for us and makes Christmas breakfast yummy!

Teri P

When I was young, our family would always go to my maternal grandparents for a party Christmas Eve. Afterwards, my dad would drive us around a neighborhood with light displays.

Kim Holbrook

For many years, we’ve gone to Christmas Eve service, then home for a snack before we settle in to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Yes, it’s a strange combination! We have appetizers and desserts for our Christmas Day meal. Our celebration this year will be smaller but still full of joy.


I will go back to favorite Childhood memories....
Christmas Eve at My Mom's parents with ALL of the Family members from that side...everyone crammed in a tiny house with tons if foods, gifts and us Kids Everywhere!!
Then Christmas morning at home, Stockings first with a huge Florida Navel Orange( still takes me to Christmas Memories when I smell oranges 🍊), then we 4 kids would pick which one dared go wake Dad up to open presents!! Usually it was me!!!
Then after presents we would drive 3 hours to my Dad's parents for Christmas with his whole family!!
Foods, Fun, Family..
Thank you for bringing these sweet Memories back today!

Susan Mercy

I create at least one new Christmas ornament each year. This year I've been doing at least 1 origami Christmas-themed item each day and I put it somewhere. My significant other is amused to keep finding them.


Every year I buy pinon candies for all,from Buffetts Candies in Albuquerque. SO GOOD!


For the last 15 to 20 yrs my family has gathered at my brother's family's house on Christmas morning to open presents and eat breakfast together. We always have breakfast pizza and pastries.

Leslie Morgan

The Christmas tradition I most enjoy is watching A Christmas Story! Totally love that film. We usually gather on Christmas Eve at some point and watch it as a family.


We've added the Icelandic Jolabokaflod to our traditions - the gifting of books on Christmas Eve. A couple days before Christmas, we go to the local bookstore and everyone chooses a book to read on Christmas Eve.

Dianne Gardinier

This year I am knitting hats. Lots and lots of hats.

Dana Snyder

I love the Poste cashmere striped sock sets! I hope you bring those back! My feet love the cashmere!! I do have one tradition. This is year 15 and I never thought it would go on this long but every year I do it and the people I give them to love it so much that they’ve begun to look forward to it and expect it. I Iove Christmas music and I have ever since I was little. I had a temper tantrum one year because we couldn’t get out of the driveway to get to Christmas Eve service cause we had an ice storm. I was probably about 6. I made my first Christmas CD in 2006. This will be volume 15 this year! I keep thinking this is the last year but I do it again. I love having it in my car! I am running really late with it this year. I usually try to have it done earlier in December but things just were too busy and I thought I might not do it but yesterday I got it started and have to finish it today. I love decorating for Christmas and this is the first year either of us decorated in a while so I see that being a new tradition! I bought a bunch of light up candy canes for the yard and they look fantastic! I think we’ll add some outside lights each year. We hope to buy a house this year too. I just couldn’t imagine moving the way my school work schedule has been. We also got matching pjs! That might be a new tradition as well! We wore them last week when we we’re stuck in from the ice storm. I was looking forward to zooming in mt pjs with my students but we ended being closed. The last tradition we always did at my parent’s house was open one gift on Christmas Eve after church. We still do that! Our service is on YouTube this year so I think we should wear out pjs! :)

Laura Nixon

I made several types of cookies, just like my mother did. The extended family got together Christmas Eve and all brought good things to eat. I am the oldest of 11, so add in spouses and kids and it was a large, loud crowd! My husband made his family’s Mac and cheese recipe that used breakfast sausage and canned tomatoes. Since 2003 I have bought my kids dated ornaments from Lennox. They look forward to them every year.


Christmas morning french toast made with a panetone or stollen type bread. And every daughter gets a hand knit hat. Must get her a giant cedar chest one day to hold them all.


We have a french toast casserole every Christmas morning. Now that the kids are grown I still have one son that calls every year for the recipe!

Gaylyn B

When I was a child, we waited to put up a Christmas tree until Christmas Eve. We searched for our tree Christmas Eve day. Some years it was slim pickings, some years the tree lot gave us the tree. Mom laid out a snack and dessert table, and the tree went up Christmas Eve evening. It was great fun and so beautiful when it was done.

Alissa Reid

My favorite tradition that my husband and I started for our daughter is that we leave out cheese and summer sausage for Santa. He gets tired of eating cookies at every kids house, and my daughter loves to cut out pieces of the cheese with cookie cutters to make festive shapes.


We don’t really have any traditions we observe every year. The only thing is making Chex Mix.


So we are Jewish amd don't celebrate Christmas but we do have a Christmas Day tradition. Yes, we have Chinese food for dinner and go to the movies. However, the pandemic is here amd we are going to change it up a bit. No movies except now it will be on TV and we have a delicious Himalayan restaurant in town that will be open on Christmas this year. We will do take out from them.


Christmas Eve my son gets new pajamas and Christmas morning we have cinnamon rolls. As a child we always had special meatballs as an appetizer on Christmas Eve afternoon and Chinese food for dinner. My husband and I have decided Chinese food is the way to go for Christmas Eve. Another family tradition is a new ornament every year which I do for my son now.


We make lefse, a Norwegian flat bread made with potatoes. We usually do it as a group, with lots of chatter and laughing involved. Of course, we weren’t able to do this together this year. My plan is to make lefse on New Years Day and deliver it to the others.

Geraldine Scott

Everybody gets a chocolate letter and new socks for Christmas! Tex-Mex Dip and pie on Christmas Eve! I know, I know...kind of odd what sticks and doesn't stick! But we love it, regardless!


My grandmother made springerle every Christmas. I have her mold & still make these most Christmases. One year I made a batch & sent some to each of my brothers, my sister & my mother as a way to bring us all together. Traditional foods are a big part of my family’s celebration.

Ellen Bartlett

Every Christmas Eve our family has chili for dinner, an easy meal for after church, then we take a ride to look at Christmas lights in our area. Afterwards, we come home and play Monopoly. My very competitive crowd loves to play a round with four boards put together. The rules have become very elaborate over the years! Even now that my kids are grown, they still insist we keep our Christmas Eve plan!


My grandpa was a twin born on Christmas Eve. Every year we would gather with my mom's family and celebrate Grandpa and Christmas. She made a special birthday cake he loved and we'd eat all the delicious Polish foods. He's been gone many years now, but we still gather to celebrate...when covid doesn't keep us apart. :(

Terri Kelly

I join in the Christmas Eve Cast On with Little Bobbins Knits. Each year we cast on a pair of socks! It is so much fun knowing knitters around the world take a moment to pick out sock yarn, a sock pattern and project bag and cast on a sock.

Carol Rice

Christmas traditions? We have plenty - starting with my Advent wreath, every year, even in times when I've barely decorated, the wreath is made, decorated and candles lit each of the 4 Sundays before Christmas. I send Christmas cards to friends close and far away, and this year it didn't seem like so much of a chore. On the evening of Dec.5, I have filled my daughter's boots with candy, fruit, nuts, a big chocolate Santa and small toys for Nikolausabend, with a few sticks and switches from the Krampus to remind her what happens to kids who don't behave . . . We remember the long night of winter on the solstice - even more so our time in Alaska, where even just a minute or two more of light in the days that follow can make all the difference. We eat a simple supper of broth with farina dumplings ('Griessnockerl') and Wiener for Christmas Eve dinner, and everyone opens one gift (usually Christmas Jammies!) on Christmas Eve.

Heather Jackson

I am not much of a baker but my next door neighbor is. She brings the kids a beautiful plate of cookies every year to enjoy. Don't know what I would do without those neighbors.

Chris Goudeau

I make sure mom and me take a ride to see all the houses lit up.

Sarah D

I give the kids pjs on Christmas Eve.
We always decorate Christmas cookies in the weeks before Christmas!


One of my favorite holiday traditions as a child involved baking. My mom worked and cooking wasn’t really her thing, but every year she made fudge to give away as gifts to our teachers and bus driver. We also made and decorated cookies. She covered the table with newspaper before we dug into the frosting and sprinkles. We were very enthusiastic sprinklers and there was always a lot of overflow. We loved to eat all the extras, straight off the newsprint. The idea of it makes me cringe as an adult, but we happily didn’t know any better then.

Lynn Gutzmer

I grew up in a Jewish household, and we didn’t celebrate Christmas, but my grandparents had been married on Christmas Day 1928. So there was always a big gathering to celebrate their anniversary on December 25th. Even though my grandfather passed away in 1973, and my grandmother in 2010, that part of the family still gathers to celebrate them!

Pat Phythian

My tradition for myself is to cozy in with a cup of tea and re-read Little Women. Our family tradition for many years now is to meet at my older son’s for a big breakfast and then we open our gifts.


We don't do Christmas. But I do tend to bake a ton at this time of year, and share with others. My husband makes hard candy. And I make sure to document on social media the ceremonial First Shoveling Event of the Year, whenever we get enough snow to justify doing so!


My favorite Christmas tradition as a child was going to my Granny's house on Christmas Eve to have Christmas with her whole family. She had four kids who had multiple kids of their own so on Thanksgiving (we went there for Thanksgiving too!) we would draw names, kids drawing kids and adults drawing adults and would exchange gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner and then stay and visit until bedtime. We only lived about 200 yards from my Granny, so it was a short trip, but I always remember looking for the little dipper every Christmas Eve on the way home...


My husband and I buy a new ornament each year. Usually we buy it on a vacation or trip and we write the year and place on the back of the ornament. We are trying to add to the tradition by finding ornaments that have meaning to what has happened to us in that particular year. It’s always fun to see them again when we pull them back out each year at Christmas!


We give Santa Mouse presents, a tradition ever since my oldest sister read the book when she was a child. Santa Mouse leaves small presents wrapped with yellow ribbon in the tree each year. We've expanded the tradition to friends and my husband's family!


Every Christmas (Easter, Thanksgiving) I make homemade buns like my Mom used to do. She’s 90 now, so about 10 years ago I took over the making of the buns. Due to the pandemic we are not able to come together for Christmas dinner; so on Christmas Eve I will make the dough and I am delivering a ball of dough in a new Tupperware bowl for my sister’s family and one to my sister-in-law for my brother’s family. Then they can have fresh warm buns for each of their Christmas dinners too.


Growing up my younger siblings (there are 6 younger ) and I would come home from late Christmas Eve mass and make fresh cookies for santa. As we got older we would continue to do this and catch up with each other .and open one gift and then the rest in the morning. Now we have continued to do this with our own families. This year I am not sure because of circumstances.

Teresa Knittingdancer

We drive around the different subdivisions looking at the Christmas lights and decorations on Christmas Eve.


We always spend some time riding around and looking at Christmas lights. I'm excited to continue that tradition with our little girl this year.

Lacona A Snyder

Every Christmas eve we open up our new jim-jams, a new book, and always watch Home Alone while eating peppermint chocolate crinkle cookies!

Nicole S

Every year I bake shortbread cookies to share. Most years we play crokinole after Christmas dinner (but that's one we'll have to skip this time since we aren't allowed to get together).

Coby Hanna-Butler

Most things we do as a family are things I did growing up, but we did continue my husband's tradition for Christmas Eve. We get the Night Before Christmas poem book and decide on a word like "the" or "and." Every time you come to that word, you have to pass the book and the next person starts reading. Whoever has the book at the end gets to open up the present (which is almost always a new game for everyone to play).

Linda V.

Our favorite holiday/winter tradition is to put up white lights in the windows and on our mantels. The days are the shortest during the holidays and the white lights are a nice way to brighten the house.


I bake light fruitcake for son’s birthday Dec. 8, dark fruitcake for my bday Dec. 18, Christmas Eve Crisp for the 24th, and English trifle for New Years.


One of my favorite traditions is having a full day of baking with my partner or with his mom. Then, getting to see friends and family when we make cookie deliveries.


One of our favorite Christmas traditions is our annual cookie party that I co-host with my best friend. My kids are sad we can not invite others to join us this year, but we will still have fun decorating our sugar cookies!

Hilda Clegg

The tradition I follow from childhood is making a salted cod dish that my mom made only at Christmas time. It's me and my husband and he's not a fan but I love it and it means Christmas to me.


Since I moved away from family I’ve struggle to find a constant tradition for the holidays. That’s ended up looking a mess from the outside, I’m sure. But I kind of just do whatever. This year, it’s pizza with the one person in my COVID bubble who I know I can trust. Next year, if it’s age, who knows what it’ll be :). I’ve tried making a Christmas pair of socks every year. I tried the pajama thing. I’ve tried baking all my mom’s recipes. I think the biggest for me is making my grandma’s egg bread, but I don’t even want to do that this year.


We like to bake molasses cookies every year and watch holiday movies. I usually try to make a new recipe or two over the break also. And of course, knit as much as possible!

Erica Engle

We eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast before anything gets opened. When the kids were little they opened new jammies Christmas Eve and either a book or a movie. Now they are growing and moving out we are rethinking what is key to make it be Christmas. Stockings are one essential. After the cinnamon rolls of course.

Becky Creighton

I always make blueberry muffins on Christmas morning. It made for a quick breakfast before we opened presents. We’re empty nesters now but I still do it.

Laura Ferguson

The Fergusons usually brunch on Christmas day. What I do myself, is go to different older folks homes and help put up their trees and Christmas decorations. I don't put any up for myself, but I love making Christmas special for others.

Sheauling Kastor

We always eat breaded fish on Christmas Eve and open presents too. On Christmas day, we started a new tradition, Christmas chili!

Sarah Sundelacruz

I don't really celebrate the holidays, but when I was younger, our family would spend winter break watching some well-loved movies. Some of our favorites included Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. Not holiday themed, but they are even now still nostalgic go-tos for the family at this time of year.

Georgia Green

A holiday or winter tradition that we do every year is hanging wreaths on the outside of the house two weeks prior to Christmas Day.

Another is buying in store or ordering Claxton fruitcake (specific brand, usually get light variety) in early November (because it'll sell out after Thanksgiving).

Another is making at home or ordering cheese straws for delivery.

Another is getting a dozen green corn tamales before the holidays.

A recent one is putting up a prelit tree the weekend before Christmas.

Note: Some of these didn't happen this year because of coronavirus quarantine, but nevermind!

P.S. It must be said: Those four Christmas stockings hanging on your fireplace mantel in the photo are awesome! 👍🎄☺️

Nancy Eckel

My husband kinda Pooh-poohed some day f my traditions years ago, but is beginning to see the beauty in them at last! Things like our Advent wreath, homemade sweet rolls Christmas morning, a movie with the boys Christmas night, my mom’s Christmas star candle... new traditions starting as new members are added to our family... and that is beautiful.


We have a number of family traditions that I grew up with that are still carried on. The one I remember the most though is going Christmas shopping with my dad on Christmas Eve. We would save all of my mom's gift buying for this day and we would still finish in just a couple hours and get her everything she wanted.


Have always gone to candle lighting service at church. However, this year Not. Will really miss this service


On Christmas Eve we line our entire street with homemade luminaries at dusk -- it takes about 150 or so. On a properly cold December night they burn until almost morning, so they still look lovely for people going to midnight Mass at the Catholic church two doors down. It looks like a runway for Santa! This year we might be getting almost an inch of rain, so we're not sure what to do (in NH, no less) -- we may have to turn them into New Year's Eve luminaries.

Kate s

My girls get matching pjs from their cousins elf on Christmas Eve. For Christmas breakfast there is always stolen and homemade coffee cake.


Our family tradition is Christmas Eve dinner together. After dinner we exchange gifts from each other and have dessert. Christmas morning is always the time for Santa.

Christine Gushard

I bake at least seven different kinds of cookies every year. Most go to friends and neighbors in Christmas tins. Christmas morning it's always homemade cinnamon buns. Christmas dinner is Roast Prime Rib with Yorkshire pudding and a tiramisu cheesecake.
This has been our tradition since the kids were babies.

Peggy P

We make a giant lasagna on Christmas Eve, bake it on Christmas Day and eat leftovers of it until New Years Eve ... delicious!

Renee’ S

Spending time with the family. We have 3 daughters and their families. Some years they may miss because of visiting the in-laws but I always appreciate any time we have together. And I make pumpkin bread. Yum

Margaret Paschal

When I was growing up, my grandmother made cheese straws and fudge every December. My father and I continued that until his stroke. After he died my mother and I started making an annual pilgrimage to Southern Supreme fruitcake factory on Black Friday. My sister and I have continued that tradition until this year when we ordered online. Postage on fruitcake and nuts is expensive! And the 1st Sunday in Advent always meant the Moravian Love Feast at our church. Hopefully next year these activities can resume.

Cindy Carpenter

We drive around and look at light displays.

Karla Hartzell

Beginning at the birth of our youngest child we started our family tree decorating tradition. we get and decorate the tree on our daughters birthday.( Dec. 15th ) It's always a Live tree of her choosing!


We are Jewish and don”t celebrate Christmas. We make Chinese food and enjoy a good movie!

Jenn h

Chinese food on Christmas Eve (long story) making gingerbread people and listening to trans Siberian orchestra Christmas music in the morning

Teresa McPherson

We buy a new ornament for the tree each year - something that commemorates an event from the past year.

Debra Cohen

I remember Christmas mornings when I was young...first one awake (usually me) plugged in the lights on the tree . Then we woke up the rest of the kids ...4 siblings. We each found our presents and piled them up... making as much noise as possible to wake up our parents. When the parents were up we lit into tearing paper and oohing at our gifts. After breakfast we got dressed and waited by the windows for the grandparents to arrive with even more gifts....gee we were spoiled!
One of my favorite presents was from my Grandmother who every year got me a pair of Minnetonka slippers!

Lisa Anderson

We started a new tradition last year with matching pjs and new coffee mugs all in Buffalo check for Christmas Eve. While “Santa” wraps, my daughter and I watch Christmas movies upstairs.

Geri Heagy

One of my traditions is every year watching White Christmas. We also added another new tradition last year, and that is visiting the Festival of Lights in Franke Park!

Robyn Durand

We watch all the Christmas "cartoons" that I grew up with: Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, etc and have an appetizer buffet for Christmas Eve dinner.


Cookies! Oyster stew! Homemade snowflake decorations!

Nancy Iannone

Every Christmas Eve we have homemade eggrolls and hot and sour soup. My husband and I learned Chinese cooking together. When the kids were born I needed something I could make ahead for Christmas Eve after church. We made the eggrolls a couple of weeks ahead and froze them. I'd make the soup during the day and put the finishing touches on when we got home from church. Even though we aren't with family this year,my husband and I are still following the tradition. It gives us comfort and joy.

Samantha Arten

Many of my holiday traditions revolve around food--I bake a different Christmas cookie recipe for each Sunday in Advent, my husband bakes Christmas bread (sweet yeast bread with candied fruit) a few days before Christmas so we can eat it for breakfast on Christmas Eve while listening to the radio broadcast of the King's College Lessons and Carols, and a few years ago I began making mince pie each year during the 12 days of Christmas (highly recommend--the simmering pot of fruity, spiced mincemeat smells divine and makes the whole house feel seasonal).


From childhood: My nanna would come over every XMas eve and we'd go to church and she'd spend the night. In the morning, we'd open presents with nanna's cinnamon buns and in the afternoon my dad's family would all come over for a gift exchange.


Our tradition was always to have cinnamon rolls and almond kringle for breakfast with hot chocolate for the kids for breakfast. They all got new pjs for Christmas Eve, which I'm happy to say my daughter has continued with her girls. Now that everyone is grown and gone, we still have cinnamon rolls and kringle, but skip the hot chocolate for coffee and tea. No presents in the morning anymore either, we don't exchange gifts. This year our big gift was new concrete curbs and repaired sidewalks!


I am Book Santa. Everyone gets a requested book, dvd, game, or such (my granddaughter wanted a set of watercolor pencils) no matter the price. This year I had some of the books shipped directly since we won’t all be in the same city.


Watching a Christmas story as a family.

Julie Hilliard

We do our family celebration on Christmas Eve and choose a different food type each year. Some of the favorites are Mexican, Chinese, potluck, and potluck! We also traditionally read a different book about the Christmas story each year to the children before opening presents.

Deidra Mathena

When my daughter was still at home, I worked nights so we'd eat with my family for lunch on Christmas Eve, my husband's family for supper, and then I'd try to sleep before work. On Christmas morning, no one could open presents until after 8 am (to be certain I'd gotten in from work).
After my daughter left home, for several years, we continued this and tossed in the afternoon movie at the local theater that always showed a new opening Christmas afternoon.
Then it hit us to combine our families at my mom's and eat together on Christmas Eve.
And there must, ever since I was a baby, be devilled eggs. My grandma made them and taught me. So when I was 12, I started making them and I still have to bring those to the meal (to 2 meals during the time we did both families separately), no matter what.
But we don't get to eat together this year. However, devilled egg delivery has been demanded and scheduled.

Pam Webster

We always let our girls open 1 present on Christmas Eve, which they have really enjoyed doing. I would also design everyone in our family something every year. About 8 years ago, I made everyone an adipose from Doctor Who. A few years ago, I made gingerbread men, each with a different face, and I also made them smell like real gingerbread men.

Clarissa Kruger

I think my favourite would be the Christmas Eve pajamas.

Stephanie E

A christmas tradition is watching George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.


Our family would always go to the Cider Mill as a tradition. Yeats Cider Mill in Rochester Michigan has been there since 1863 with its water wheel and water powered press. Hot Wassail, fresh doughnuts and the walking trails along the Clinton River.


What a gorgeous, saturated blue! I can attest to the wonderfulness that is Poste yarn, as I won a skein of Yakushima Forest once.

Our tradition is to open one gift on Christmas Eve, but wait for the rest until Christmas Day.

Jerrilynn Bayless

We pack up the son, Aunt & dogs and go look at Christmas lights.

Kim Napolitan

We make almond orca, a recipe from a great great grandmother!


We make lasagna and cookies for the holidays!

Joanne Christman

Making cut out cookies is a tradition at least three generations old.

Susan Cooper

There are so many traditions that had to change once our sons became adults. Now that 2 of the 3 are married with toddlers, more changes were expected. What we never expected was what havoc COVID would cause. One tradition that doesn’t have to change is my husband making corned beef hash for breakfast on Christmas morning. Our youngest always says if there is no hash, Christmas is ruined. 😂

Debra Hewitt

Christmas Brunch with as much of the family as we can get. This allows the ones with small children to open their gifts, travel to our house, and then off to their next destination.

Liz Kaji

When the kids were young, we took them every year to a little theater near Olvera Street in downtown LA to see see a production of 'Too Many Tamales'
After the show, they sold tamales in the lobby.
That tradition morphed into our Christmas dinner menu of things like tamales, carne asada and chili verde.

Lisa Viviano

Every Christmas Eve since, my son was little, we would go out for pizza. Now he is 33 and we still go except now our little group has grown to include my sons new bride and her family. Love our Christmas Eves!

T Craven

Making buckeyes!!!
We're definitely not OSU fans! 🤣
So when our Michigan friends say that they will have nothing to do with our buckeye tradition, we say oh no! Just pop one into your mouth and say take that buckeyes!

Rose Birchall

I make a panettone bread pudding for breakfast on Christmas morning.

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