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December 13, 2020


Katherine  S.

I'd love for you to ask what gifts people are making this year.

Sandra Sprouse

What has been your favorite yarn to knit with this year?


When did you get interested in knitting and what prompted you to sell yarn (I became a customer back when you were operating from a room in your house). Happy Holidays to you, your staff, & all us grateful customers.


What is the best holiday present you’ve ever made? Tell us about it.

Ruth Garcia

How much yarn have you purchased in 2020? Is it more or less than previous years?


What was the yarn you used for your first pair of knitted socks?


What shows have you been knitting to during the pandemic?

Nicole S

Have you tried any new crafts this year (and, if so, which ones)?

Helen G.

How has social media (Ravelry, Instagram, etc) changed your knitting?
What new to you projects or techniques have you taken on during the pandemic?


Here in Alberta Canada we are currently under provincial health restrictions, that prevent us from gathering with people outside our own household. That means this Christmas it will just be my husband and me; we will not be allowed to get together with our daughter and her common-law spouse. So my question would be “What are people planning to do to still make it feel like Christmas if they are unable to physically get together with family and/or friends?” I live with Scrooge, so this may be especially challenging.

Dana Snyder

Have you decorated more than usual this holiday season? I sure have!
Do you have several WIP or do you stick with one or two projects at a time?

Amanda Wehrmeister

What yarn would be your dream to work with?


What is a nice knitting design for counting down to Christmas or for 12 days of Christmas?


What changes did you make during the pandemic that you are going to keep when it is over?

Emily Chandler

What project has been your most favorite to make?

Leonore A Palermo

What have been your Pandemic Projects (knitting, cooking, etc.) that you have really enjoyed having the time to do?

Christopher C Smith

Where's your favorite place to knit?
What's your favorite thing to knit?
Have you "treated yo self" during this pandemic?
Has fiber arts kept you calm during this pandemic?
What's your favorite tea, coffee, or other beverage to drink while crafting?
Are you participating in any virtual knit/crochet nights?

Dawn Eck

I'd love to know everyone's favorite sock pattern. I'm just starting socks and need all the help I can get.


What is your favorite sock pattern?

T Craven

What are you grateful for in 2020?.❤


Have you ever taught someone else to knit or crochet? What is the most expensive project you’ve made (self indulgent or gifted) and when it was finished you were like “meh.”

Ruthann Piepenburg

Do you craft children's requests? This year my grandsons (and granddaughters!) all want scarves colored so as to resemble poisonous snakes. Share what child request have you completed most recently?


Did you knit before the pandemic or is it a new hobby found during these crazy times?

Karen Eichorst

If you could only knit with one type of yarn (wool, silk, alpaca, cotton, specific blend, etc.), what would it be?

Jennifer McCarthy

Which fiber festival did you miss the most in 2020? (Cause, let’s face it, virtual just isn’t the same!)

Sheila Hensler

This past year I moved from the Cold Northeast to the Dallas, TX area. What "warm weather" Christmas knits can I make in lieu of the usual hats and scarves?

Kelli L

How do you choose your color combinations?

Have you ever hosted, or thought of Hosting, a KAL?

Donna Kuehl

So much focus is on the missed things during the pandemic - what is something you have actually been able to do that you may have never done due to the pandemic restrictions?


Curious how the pandemic has affected other knitters production this year. I did not knit very much this year, which seems really odd since I was home so much more. But I tend to knit a lot while traveling, and I think my habits at home changed.

Brenna Delosier

Has the pandemic affected your productivity?

Olivia G

How do you hide your gifts in progress from the people in the house you are making them for?

Lorraine Chan

What was the most positive surprise you've experienced this year?

April Boomershine

We are donating to charities with the money we would spend on gifts. Do you have a special charity?


What are your favorite colors with which to knit your own socks?


What is your next knitting goal? (New technique, type of project, finish WIPs, etc.)

Ed narske

What’ has been the most popular yarn color this year?

Rusty Morris

How has the pandemic changed your usual holiday traditions?


How has the pandemic affected your stash?

In March I felt compelled to skip my local yarn crawl, as the pandemic was just ramping up. I had no idea that I would be giving up in-person yarn shopping for the foreseeable future! Since then, I have only shopped online. Thank goodness for online shops like SSYC and also for the delivery people!


How much has your yarn stash grown in comparison to other years?

Renee Huffman

What is your favorite knitting friendly snack? We can't have sticky yarn from snacky fingers!!

Patricia Olson

Have you found a new to you muscician this year to listen to as you are more homebound? I've just found JJ Heller.

Kim Holbrook

Have you connected with knitters online during the pandemic?

Kayli Savage

“What new skill have you learned this year?”


Have you used the extra time from the pandemic to try and stretch your knitting skills with something you’ve never done before? What did you try and how did it turn out?


Have you learned any tricks to keep the days from running together this year? Maybe a knitting diary or spreadsheet or something to show forward momentum?


What do think of Pantone's new color of the year? I love yellow! But there is yellow and then there's YELLOW!


Favorite pandemic knit?

Andrea Cover

I think you might ask, what's the biggest life change in 2020? Or, what big plans had to be changed due to the pandemic?


Did you learn a new skill during the pandemic? I am an English knitter but finally learned how to continental knit this year

Sarah Sundelacruz

Have you bought yarn advent calendars this year or in past years? Which was your favorite and what did you make with them? I love this idea but I discovered them too late this year and many were sold out, so I will need to be ready next year!

Linda Lau

What’s at the top of your knitting project bucket list?
If you could take a knitting cruise anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Linda L.

My question is, "Have you ever bought yarn just because it was beautiful, with no intention of ever knitting (or crocheting) it up, and, if so, what was it?

Thank you for doing the giveaways again this year!


I would like to ask how are you getting/staying motivated to knit/crochet. I have completely lost my mojo and would love some ideas on getting it back.


No favorite project....just happy to have extra time to knit


How many skeins of "stash yarn" have you used this year?

Erica Engle

What project has been a UFO the longest? And do you plan to ever finish it?


Have you knitted with friends via Zoom this year?


It seems there is a trend towards non-superwash yarns lately. Do you prefer superwash or non-superwash? I'd like to try a non-superwash. Can you recommend one?

Kathy  Nielsen

has the pandemic changed the way you think about your stash and knitting?


What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Actually, I think I knit more with fall colors than anything else-Happy 1st Day give away!

Geri Heagy

Do you have a Christmas ornament that holds a special place in your heart?


Have you knitted more this year than you did last year?

Debra hewitt

Have you challenged yourself in 2020, either with more difficult stitches, patterns, or color combinations, you would haven't tried previously?


Are you subscribed to any YouTube channels? Which ones do you recommend for learning knitting tips and tricks?

Kim Payne

Is there a project you’ve been working on for what seems like forever? How long has it been?

Carolyn Ensminger

I'd like to know what everyone's favorite project was that they knitted this year. Mine was a 5 hour sweater for my newborn granddaughter. She was a preemie so I had plenty of time to finish it because she was a scrawny little thing, but once she was out of the hospital she gained weight so quickly she never got to wear it! She's six months old today and weighs 20 pounds, only 6 pounds less than her two and a half year old sister! Thanks for doing this again! Merry Christmas!

Rose Birchall

Do you have a favorite time of the day you like to knit the best?


Do you use printed patterns or knit with a laptop or tablet at your side?

Thanks for the opportunity!


What has been the biggest thing to keep you going this year?

Katie Calloway

If you had to pick one item to be your favorite thing you have ever knitted, could you do it? What would it be?


What color or knitting technique do you want to conquer in 2021? How many times have you worn “real pants” this year?

Rose Bunnell

Hi! I have been admiring your yarns, kits, videos! Would love to win something!! You'll be hearing from me after the holidays, when i can buy stuff for myself/next years Christmas gifts!

Virginia Harnischfeger

Do you enjoy knitting socks more than other types of knitting projects (shawls, hats, gloves, sweaters, blankets)?

Lynn B

What have you knitted and given as a gift this year? I knitted a cowl to give as a gift, as Covid began. It was a relaxing knit and my recipient loved it. LynnIL

Ellen Bartlett

I love knitting “holiday” knits - stockings, ornaments, etc.- all year! Do you knit them throughout the year or exclusively during this season?

Emily Faugh

What is something you haven’t knitted before and hope to someday?

Renee S.

How many Christmas gifts did you knit this year? I knitted 28 pairs of socks (hand and machine knit) for my four grandchildren. They put in the hint year long............

Fran N

What is a good pattern for using up the yarn leftover from your projects?

Sharon S. Miles

How about...What is your favorite Christmas memory as a child ?

Jennifer L

What is a holiday tradition that you will miss celebrating this year because of the pandemic? What will you do instead to still celebrate?

Pamela Deselem

are you buying the 2020 memorabilia? The dumpster fire and TP ornaments? Or are you trying to make this Christmas as normal as possible?

Did you lose your crafty mojo? How did you get it back?


What's something that kept you going through the pandemic?


With all that has gone on this year what has been the favorite project you knit and did you knit more because of the situation?

Sherry Cassilly

What family tradition will help you through this socially distancing holiday season?


I'm curious as to how much more yarn and knitting people have done this year?

Shelley Baugh

Where is your favorite place to knit?


What is the most important thing you’ve discovered (or been reminded of) during 2020?

I’ve been reminded of how truly kind people are ❤️!


What is your favorite sock pattern?

Barbara Frederick

What is your favorite thing to knit, when you want to take your mind off this crazy world we live in now a days?

Heidi Maloney

What are the best things or lessons learned in 2020 that might not have happened in any other year?


What is your favorite holiday song? Mine is Snoopy's Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen.

Happy holidays!


How many pairs of socks have you needed this year? Another unrelated yarn question, Did you read more this year and what was your favorite book?


On my post above should be knitted not needed...sorry


What new habits have you picked up during the pandemic?
Has 2020 changed anything about your knitting hobby?

Vicki Maynes

Have you found any creative ways to get together with your knitting friends?

Leigh Ann

I’ve become addicted to DIC Sock-it Sets this year and rediscovered making socks. What is your favorite 2-color sock pattern?

Pennie Nelson

How many WIP’s have you finished in this pandemic season “2020”?

Katie Porter

What is that one project, technique or item that you have avoided knitting? Confession: I have never knit a pair of socks.

Gayle Schlaefli

What is your favorite knitting notion?


Can you remember how many pair of socks you have knitted ? I sure can’t remember. Wish I would have kept track of them!

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