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December 15, 2020



I love your Christmas Card!! Perfect for this year's holiday!!
I love to send Christmas Cards yearly. This year especially with everything going on, it is even more important to keep connections with our family and friends!! Mine are usually displayed on my little table where I sit and Knit!!😉I save as many as I can!🎄🎁🎄
Merry Christmas to you all❣❣
Sending Hugs and Love,


We do send cards. I actually tried to convince my partner not to send them this year--everything feels so hard--but he felt like this is the year when people will especially enjoy getting them. We watched a Christmas movie while we got them ready for the mail, so I can't complain!


I used to send out cards for Christmas but have not sent any out for a few years now.


When I was younger I sent cards to all of my friends and family, and always included a Christmas letter outlining the high points of our year. For some reason now that I’m retired, I send only a few cards with a personal note to those family or friends who are far away. I always loved the cards and pictures like yours (very clever this year, by the way), that I received.

Coby Hanna-Butler

Oh, I want to be the person who sends out pic Christmas cards every year. With my family somewhat matching and all looking at the camera and smiling...I WISH! :)

I try to do cards but have failed the past two years. You'd think with a pandemic I would have had time this year but nope.

Favorite card I ever got was from a good friend, who randomly included a picture of Chevy Chase on her family photo collage card. Good chuckle.


I always send out cards - I even added more people to my list this year, in spite of increased postage costs. In 2020 getting the mail is often the highlight of the day, and I want to spread the joy!

Sarah S

I don't typically send out cards. I sometimes receive some from family members, and I always appreciate those - they usually include everyone's top photo(s) from the year. They'll be especially uplifting this year since I haven't seen them in person for so long! One of my favorite non-photo card designs that I received featured a cute felt penguin wearing a holiday scarf and nerdy glasses - super cute!

Sara Moening

I love sending and getting Christmas cards! This year I put a collage of family pictures on the card. I like to put my kids and pets doing something they love on the card.

Stephanie R Gordon

I send cards every three years or so. I used to be fanatical about it but the last number of years have been hard with aging parents, etc. I still love to receive cards! Merry Christmas!


I usually send out cards, but have scaled down a bit over the past 5 yrs. I do love getting them and sending them out, sometimes life gets in the way, lol. My husband and I always get a special card for each other, to open Christmas day.


Yes, we send Christmas cards. It’s a great way to let people we know but don’t often see that we still remember them. Especially important to strengthen connections this year.


We've sent out cards every year since we were married. It's an effort, but I absolutely love receiving cards from friends all over the world. Similar to you, our card this year is a bit funny and acknowledges the situation - I just didn't feel like the typical happiness and joy and everything is great card was appropriate this year.

One of my best friends made a great point several years ago and said please always include a full family picture, not just your kids. She said look, I love watching your kids grow, but you are my friend and I also want to see you! I agree with that sentiment!

Margaret S

At work, I used to knit tiny little accessories (mittens, sweaters, etc. and give them out instead of cards. They were to hang in their cubicle or on their tree at home. The best cards that I ever bought to give out were from England in a tiny print shop. They had wonderful woodland creatures on them.

Renee S.

I pretty much stopped sending cards out after my husband passed away eighteen years ago. I enjoy my kid’s cards with the grandchildren!


I do send Christmas Cards and every year I think about not doing it, but then do it anyway because I like receiving them! I double up because I also sign up for sending them to a Facebook Group that I'm in that is an Outlander fan group. This year there were 60 on that list, so I sent out about 110 cards! The Outlander group is fun because so many of them are obsessed and have cards made with photos from the show. They are such fun to receive!

Brenna Delosier

Your Christmas card is great! We don’t send cards as we don’t have much family outside of the immediate.

Alene Sternlieb

I like New Year’s cards. I like to think that next year will be better!

Liz Casciano

I Just put my cards in the mail. I Design and make my cards every year now for over 20 years. Still have plenty of time to knit - focusing on my stash so this giveaway would be wonderful!


After over 20 years of sending cards, I stopped a couple of years ago. There was one family we knew who always sent out new years cards rather than Christmas cards and I thought that was a great idea.


I don’t do Christmas cards. I’m really bad about greeting cards in general.

Diane Rawls

Why send Christmas cards, you ask? Well, we asked our Instagram followers the same question. And, the answers we received were truly inspiring. While many card senders see their efforts as a traditional means to bringing joy and happiness to their friends and family during the Christmas season, many others also see it as a sharing opportunity—a way to share God’s love with both believers and non-believers.

I think this year is especially important to speak words of our precious lives and joy.

Janice W

This year I’m sending cards via email and following up with a phone call or FaceTime. This is a hard time of year for some. This year in particular, hearing a friendly voice or seeing a friendly face can make a big difference.
Happy holidays to all...

Virginia Harnischfeger

We sent out cards this year. Over the past few years, hubby has stepped in to help with stamping envelopes - address labels, return address, postage. I write out the card & sign. I am glad this has become a team effort. Each year my favorite card arrived from my uncle who would enclose a letter. Sadly, my uncle passed away this year pre-pandemic. His card is a treasured memory.

Nicole Acuna

We usually send out cards but have not this year because my mom just died but next year we will. I love sending family photo cards :)

Lindsey Armstrong

I love sending Christmas cards! This year, with COVID resulting in so much more stay at home, I painted my own Christmas Cards. After Thanksgiving, someone mysteriously sent me watercolor paper as a gift in the mail. I don’t know who it was from but I have all these gorgeous sparkly metallic handmade watercolor paints. I decided to paint Christmas trees on the paper & have them be Christmas cards this year. It was so fun to customize them for all the people in my life. I love them so much & really hope they brighten everyone’s holiday season with an extra special personal touch since I won’t be able to see all the people I love thanks to COVID & trying to be extra cautious.
I love less traveled yarn! The tweed... it’s so dreamy.


Not every year do we send out Christmas cards. Usually it gets bumped to the end of the to do list unfortunately. However this year we are moving to a new house in January so I am going to send out a card in January for happy new year and here’s where you can find us now 😊❤️🏡


I used to always send out Christmas cards, but I haven't in the last few years, I am ashamed to say! I guess that is what getting older does to you!


We don't do a Holiday card, but I do put a lot of thought into our thank you cards. As well as thanking the person for the gift, letting the individual know how much their presence means in our life.


One year we sent out a super hero comic style card where we all dressed as superheroes and it was a little story about how we saved the day. By far my favorite card we ever did!!!

Amy Hesting

I used to make them by hand and send them to a hundred or so people. But I got overwhelmed and just stopped sending them altogether. I feel bad about it.


I haven’t really sent cards out for several years now. Most of the extended family members to whom I sent cards have died. When I was still working, in lieu of cards, I would buy boxes of Baci & place one on the desk of each coworker. My partner sends cards to several of his former coworkers & signs my name to them.


No holiday cards this year. I was going to make little sweater ornaments for everyone since I'm not going to see anyone this year, but didn't have time and USPS is already dealing with enough through their system. Maybe next year when I plan this out better.

Margaret Paschal

I don't send as many as I used to and never sent the 200 or so that my parents sent. But I do send them. Fortunately, I have some left from years past so that I didn't have to make them because there was no way I was going to Tues Morning in search of cards. Last year that was the only place I saw any. If I had thought of it in time I could have ordered some from my stationer a few miles down the road from you.

My favorite ones have farm scenes or wildlife.

Anne-Marie Miller

I feel like I should... But I don't. I gave up well before this year though unfortunately. Maybe someday. :+)

Andrea Rademacher

I used to send them every year but the last few years have gotten away from me. I love to hear how everyone is and catch up with friends and loved ones, but my lack of organization often costs me as time goes faster and faster and suddenly I missed it again. This is a great reminder to try to get e few out at least. ;)

Leigh Ann

Haven’t sent cards out for years. And I don’t get any sent to me either. I think it’s a lost or declining tradition.

Colleen Dallura

I plan to send out a family Christmas card each year but it sometimes gets done and sometimes it doesnt. And when it does get done it ends up as a new yrs card or one yr a Valentine's day card.

Lynn B

Now, I just send a few to people that I don’t see often. That sounds
like an excuse.

Angie Teeters

I don't do Christmas, but enjoy sending cards to family and friends.


I send out cards every year and I usually make my own cards, but this year- my group has not been able to get together to make them. And I do love the ones I sent out this year... I also LOVE getting cards in the mail...

Ellen Bruns

Hi Allison.
Very cute Christmas card!! I do usually send out cards hopefully with a family picture. This year has been tough getting everyone together. I bought Pjs in hopes of getting a picture of the whole family at Thanksgiving. Then my son broke his ankle putting up Christmas lights and wasn’t able to make the 2 hour drive. Oh well, making the best of it and hoping for a Christmas pic! Would love to win this yarn!!!


I haven't sent out cards for a couple of years now. When my sons were young we took family pics and sent cards at Christmas time but they're both adults not at home anymore.
I still get three or four cards a year.


No holiday cards here, though I love the idea of snail mail.

Cindy Carpenter

After reading that great interview I had to go back and read the question again :) This year no cards. Had to stay away from the store and post office. I love simple cards with a single Christmas tree on it. Thank you for the contest. Beautiful yarn.


Great holiday card!
We sent cards for a number of years via mail then transitioned to email and then I stopped about 6 years ago.
I love getting cards from a few friends with young kids and sticking them on the fridge!

Dana Snyder

I never seem to get around to sending Christmas cards in the mail. I just run out of time. I do give a few out though but it’s usually by hand. I’ve given two so far this year. We’ll see how many more I get to. To be honest, I’m really bad with any type of correspondance since I learned to knit.

Beverly J White

I do send Christmas cards to the family every year. This year I got cards from knitbaapurl. They are really cute, but blank inside. A couple of Christmas stamps and an ink pad took care of that. One of the daughters-in-law thought I made the cards, but I confessed that only the stamping was mine.

Heather OConnell

I never send Christmas cards, BUT this year I picked a couple of seniors from a local long-term care home and we're sending them cards and letters for the holidays ♥️

Joanne Christman

Yes to both questions. I enjoy both sending and receiving cards. It's something nice beside bills!


We always send out Christmas Cards. But haven't even thought about for this year.

Vicki Maynes

I used to make all of our Christmas cards, but since we both retired, there's not enough money leftover to buy cards and mail them.


Yes I love Christmas cards! I usually send them 😊 this yarn is absolutely gorgeous!!


I don’t send out cards, but I do envelopes or labels for my former boss each year. She sends out 400 or so. My favorite one to receive is from a dear, old high school friend who is living his best life in Cali!


I send out cards. Each year I try to find cards that will give back, either from a local museum, Unicef or some other charity. For 2020, I am taking it a step further and purchasing the few gifts on my list from organizations that also give back. During the holiday season, especially this year, it makes me feel good that the cards and gifts I give will spread joy (and aid) to more than just my recipients.


I have sent out Christmas cards almost every single year, and I was just putting together my thoughts for this year's card when I got this note my favorite cards are those that make me giggle. One of my dear co-workers used to always send funny card, but she passed away this year, and her husband sent one. She is living on this season!

Sheila Hensler

I always send out family cards and this year is no different. I usually send out about 50 additional cards for my husband's business associates, but this year I cut that list to 15. My daughter and her family always send a family photo card. I have framed each one and they are a favorite part of my holiday decorations. Seeing how much my 7 year old grandson has grown warms my heart especially this year. We live only a few miles away since our cross country move last year, but with Covid concerns we will not be spending the holiday together for the first time ever!

Lisa Meredith

I love the idea of sending and receiving Christmas cards, but I just never get around to it. There is always knitting and yarn that keeps distracting me😂.


I've been creating online animated cards to send out to family and friends. It helps with the slowness of the post office and it can be kept forever.

Jody Laake

The number of cards I send has gradually decreased over the years. Now I usually only send them to close friends and family members. I do enjoy displaying the ones we receive around the doorframe to our living room.

René Bowman

I go back and forth with mailing Christmas cards. This we did not, tho I am rethinking this and may send out New Year’s cards.


I hadn't sent holiday cards for several years, instead I made a donation to a local environmental agency. I thought about all the waste from not just the cards themselves, but the manufacturing of the ink, and the paper, and the glue on the envelopes, and the gas spent delivering them. Yada yada yada. The list is rather long when one actually thinks about it. But it's rather delightful to send and receive cards, and a bit sad without them. So I sent them last year and will do so again this year. Still donating to my local environmental agency, among others. Happy holidays everyone.


Confession time: my cards/annual letter with picture from 2013 are sitting in envelopes with return address labels in a box because I never addressed them and mailed them. I even rewrote the letter to try and send them out the following year, but they are in a drawer in our office. So the answer is a hard ...ha, ha, ha, as if. We used to be really reliable. We used to be in the military and send out about 100 every year, stamped and mailed by New Years at the latest. But life happened and I got further and further 5+ years. Oh well, the kids are all taller than me anyway and at least I don’t feel guilty any more.

Rose Birchall

Yes, I send out Christmas cards.

Renee Kilbane

I have always sent out cards, usually with a picture of the children. Over the years I've cut back to out of town family & friends. This year I added some to my parents friends who are sheltering at home. My favorite card to receive was an envelope of hand written recipes from my dear Aunt. She had the most perfectly flowing handwriting. These recipes have been cherished and used frequently through the years. My Grandmother always sent a stick of Double-mint gum in every card she sent!


I have not been good about cards in past years. But this year is different and I am sending cards with personalized notes. I have also called an few people that have moved away.
One of my relatives sends me a handmade card every year.
Maybe next year i will make some cards. I am looking for ideas. I might take some photos of a nice snow fall on pine trees. Another idea is sleigh riders at the nearby state park. A third idea is to take some local pictures of outdoor lights. Our neighborhood is well lit up this year.
I would like to take some pictures of birds on snowy branches... i don’t have a camera so maybe this one work out. But my cell phone does a good enough job for small cards.

Samantha Arten

We have sometimes sent out cards, but not this year (or for the past few years). Too busy I suppose, and the pandemic is keeping us even more housebound than usual. I always tape up the ones we receive in a doorway though so we can enjoy them throughout the season!


I love your card!
We don't typically mail cards to everyone. We have a few little cuties in our family that get one, but that is it


We sent out a holiday card every year from the time my husband and I were married until about 2 years ago! We included a family photo. It's fun to look back at them--you can see how our family grew and aged over time! About 5 years ago, the pressure of getting everything done for Christmas caused me to start sending the "family Christmas card" out at random times throughout the year. One year it was around Valentine's Day, the next year maybe late January. One year I think I didn't get to it until the early summer! I try to include a brief update about all of the kid happenings. I myself love to get family photos and updates from friends. I have a bulletin board that I update every year by cutting out a picture or two from the photo cards and pinning them into a picture collage. Whenever I pass that bulletin board, a particular face usually pops out and I think about that person throughout the day!

Debra Cohen

I cut back my card list a few years ago... just close friends and family plus a few business clients of my husband. I usually buy cards on sale when Christmas is done...

Margie V.

I send out cards every year. I love decorating the envelopes with stickers or little sketches of trees or wreaths. I did send out cards this year. I have found over the years that I get less and less cards sent to me. I bet covid will make that number even smaller.


I love the ones with pictures of the family and a little note about what they’ve been up to that year! Sort of a year end review. I have the urge to make one this year but we’ve had a lot of sad things happening along with lots of wonderful things, so I’m not sure if that would be a downer for people.

Dar T

Yes, I usually send cards, although traveling during the season the past couple of years got me out of sync; I am absolutely sending cards to everyone I know this year!

Sandra Sprouse

I have good intentions every year of sending out Christmas cards, but it never seems to happen!


Love your Christmas card with your beautiful family - my how the boys have grown! I used to send out Christmas cards to family and friends but ran out of time last year! Not plans to do again this year.

amy g

Unfortunately, I do not send cards out. Every year I think about it and I just can't get my act together to do it. Not that disciplined I guess. I love getting them of course!

My favorite card that I received was a tri-fold cut-out card with a scene of the wisemen and shepherds climbing a hill to the manger scene. I used it for a pattern to make a 3D framed cutout for my mom the next year. She still has it.

This yarn looks AMAZING! Thanks for the opportunity

Ellen Bartlett

I love getting Christmas cards so I try to send out plenty of cards each year, then I get a lot in return! I love your card!

Deidra Mathena

I used to send out physical cards every year but I switched to virtual ones about 5 years ago and those are the ones I still use. I do send the grandkids pop-up 3D ones with silly scenes on them and I adore those and could easily hoard them all for myself. If they play music or say a joke, that's even better.


I don't send out cards anymore. I just give cards to my immediate family with their Christmas gifts.

Geri Heagy

I've gotten out of the practice of sending Christmas cards over the last few years. Every year I look at them and think I really should buy some and send out but just don't seem to have the follow through!
My favorite cards to receive are the photo cards so I can see how everyone has changed in a year's time!

Louann Chatfield

Just a few cards.....Remembering the days when the mail box at home would be filled every day


I read an article a couple of years back, that suggested you give yourself the Christmas gift of not doing one or more holiday things that you really don't enjoy that much. So I've really scaled back the card-sending, and only send cards to a couple of elderly relatives who aren't online at all. It has really helped with the December stress!

(And this yarn would make an awesome sweater!)

TammySue Davis

Yes, I handcraft our Christmas cards we sent out around 60 this year


Yes i send out holiday cards and yes I'm sending them out this year. Thus tine they feel even more special and I've included some handwritten letters.


I love getting Christmas cards we put them on the fridge. We usually send out a family picture on our cards. But this year I don't think we are.

Pat Hill

I usually send cards or letters. My favorite card that we sent was one that we sent out last year with a picture with all my adult children together for the first time in decades !!). Not only were they in the same space, but we actually got a photo!! I love that you are “keeping it real” with the masks.

Wendy yount

I quit cards a long time ago, you pick out the perfect card and try to personalize every message and spend money to buy and send and what happens to the card? Thrown into the trash and sent to the dump. It's such a waste of time and money. I know, I'm a scrooge....


Used to send out many, personal cards and somehow got the "honor" of sending cards for our customers, distributors etc for work. I prefer cards with a message of Christ Birth myself. Now, my personal cards are sent mainly to nursing home patients and shut ins. Love your's "real"

Kathrine  Delp

I dont send out cards never really have !

Kimberly Whitted

I love your themed card! I used to send out cards. The older I get the more energy it takes to just keep up with the minimum. So, I don't send them out anymore.

Lynn Gutzmer

I’ve been married 43 years, and this is the first time I haven’t sent out cards. I lost my father in July, my mother is in a care facility where I can’t see her, and I just didn’t feel like I could put in the kind of love and warmth that I usually do every other year. But hopefully next year I will be back at it with a fresh and happy attitude!


I try to send cards every year, to keep in touch . My favorite was the year my daughter drew our house in an elementary school art class. Her teach— who did the every year- arranged for parents to buy a box of cards with the drawing on front. I bought a “Merry Christmas “ stamp for the inside greeting. Very special,


Yes, we send Christmas cards out most years and have again this year. Nothing fancy, no pics or letters just a way to say hello to people we may not have contact with regularly.

Christopher C Smith

I don't normally send out cards. Every year I keep saying "this is the year" but working retail kinda kills my Christmas mood. Now I do give some out in person to people I go to church with or people I knit with, but the plague is keeping us from meeting. Luckily I can still give them to co-workers since we're all essential.

Leonore A Palermo

After a long hiatus from sending Christmas cards, I just ordered 3 boxes of cards today featuring the art of local artists. This is the best year to connect with friends and family near and far.


I never send out holiday cards. I simply don't have the time.

Barb B

I usually send out after Christmas cards as I'm into baking Christmas cookies in a big way. By the time I get done with shopping a wrapping its too late to send them.
I love getting them and buying them each year. This year were sending a card with lyrics from a Christmas carol on them.
"Noel,noel, born is the King of Israel"
Have a blessed Christmas!!

Dena ZS

We send out just a few Christmas cards. I never get around to taking a family Christmas photo & don’t like Christmas k li letters although I like to read them. My daughter’s (and family) card is always very creative.
I like your card.

T Craven

It's a good year to get back to sending out cards. I tend to procrastinate and then think that I can be different and send out Valentine cards. ❤
My favorite is always the one with a picture of our grandkids. It's amazing how much they constantly change!

yolanda v

Long, long time ago, I did send Christmas cards. I don't anymore. Not a priority.


We don’t send holiday cards, but we enjoy the ones we get from friends and family.

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