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December 14, 2020


Denise Carpenter

I have not Zoomed with fellow knitters. We talk occasionally
and have group texts where we share our finished projects. I do miss them!

Carol Anderson

Yes, we zoom every Monday to share projects, catch up and drink wine!


I haven't Zoomed with knitters. I've been keeping up through reading blog posts and seeing finished projects on Ravelry.


I have done any knitting with friends or guild on Zoom yet. Really just haven't been in the mood to try it, lol. I have really missed knitting with my next door neighbor though. We talk and such but not the same as being close by and chatting while we knit, crochet, etc.


I have done any Zoom knitting meet ups. My crafty friends and I do send pictures via text to each other of what we are working, have finished or are having problems with. We have enjoyed this “show and tell” because we actually connect more during the week than we used to and definitely talk about yarn and making more also.


Yes, my Knitted Knockers knitting group meets weekly via Zoom! I miss seeing everyone face2face though.


I don't use Zoom. I do visit my local yarn stores periodically to support them as best I can.


Hi Allison - I have been taking Zoom classes with Vogue Knitting Live. They are great. This is my only knitting interaction, but it has been fun and I am learning things I probably would not have had an opportunity to learn. I am so glad Opal is on the way. As you know, it my favorite!

Sarah Peschell

Oh my answer is a bit sad. No i have not kept connected with crafting friends except family members. Then there's been lots of texting and even hand written letters.

Nicole Acuna

I regularly Zoom with my BFF and the amazing lady who taught me how to knit so we do have our own virtual knit nights :)

Beverly J White

I'm tech challenged and not even sure what ZOOM is. I read some blogs and check out Ravelry to see to what is going on in the knitting world. I just keep knitting on.


Hello. Well Ravelry is my connection right now. And after I retire I hope to join a knitting group.

Dana Snyder

I haven’t knitted with my friends via zoom. I went to my friends campsite once to knit with her outside my on her camp porch. Other than that, we just converse via messenger and text. Our LYS closed in February so I haven’t knitted in a group with people for a long time.

Helen G

I don’t know what I’d do without my knitting circle. These womenn are the ones who dropped off entire meals when my husband and I had to quarantine, brought me yeast and flour when there was none out there, not to mention disinfectant wipes. Now we Zoom every Tuesday and talk about our families, our knitting, recipes and what to watch on Netflix. We are a lot closer now than when we used to meet at the local library!


I just can’t do group knits either on Zoom or any other the me. I get so interested in the people that I lose my concentration & inevitably make a mistake. I’m a solitary knitter.

Laura B

I was able to Zoom a bit, but then I got a puppy and my knitting time vanished for five-ish months. It’s been busy! I’ve finally gotten her to understand that eating my knitting is not an option.


Yes, have connected a few times on zoom. Not too often, but it's nice to know we have the ability to connect face to face virtually. All that yarn is gorgeous!


I have not knitted with anyone over Zoom. I don’t actually have any knitting friends although I do have a daughter who knits. I have Zoomed with my daughters a couple of times & that was nice. Almost like actually being together. But not quite. I suppose we’ll Zoom at Christmas which will be the hardest time for us, me anyway. Christmas is the one time of year that we have never missed getting together.


I have not Zoom knitted, but I am not a group knitter. I’ve stayed in touch with other friends by text and meeting outside with masks and at a distance.

Margaret Paschal

Zoom is just too cumbersome on a tablet. My regular knitting group established a group text so we keep up that way. We include photos of whatever we are knitting. With endless KAL since spring the Casapinka group on Rav has become everyone's virtual knitting group. Hope Bronwyn comes up with something else or we will all be lost when the Secret Life of Cats and Dogz is over.


Yes, I've connected with a knitting friend to chat, drink coffee, and knit. It's wonderful that we can stay connected.


I taught my daughter to knit last year on facetime. She picked out a blanket pattern and we are both knitting the pattern. She is in Florida and I am in Indiana. We facetime if she has questions but no Zoom.I wish we could be in the same room knitting, but we haven't seen each other in person since Covid. Makes me happy all the same.


I do not Zoom. But the way I have connected is thru email or just on the phone. I miss being able to meet up but given the year hopefully next year.


Yes, I get together with two knitting friends via Zoom. We do what we did in before times -cocktails and knit and dropped stitches because of cocktails. I also get together with some artsy friends and we do ‘show and tell’ where we show off what creative projects we have been working on.

Theresa Martin

I have gotten together occasionally with friends via Google Meet. We’ve watched movies together and even tried out apps that let us play cards together remotely! Of course I would be knitting the entire time.


I don’t do Zoom. Guess I’m too old for that!, I just bought yarn from SSY and knitted away!,


I have not knitted and Zoomed with friends. However, I have often been knitting while on Zoom calls (for work).

Linda Lau

I’ve been taking knitting classes with Virtual Vogue Knitting Live every month since March. Learning something new and listening to lectures and designers has really kept me going this year. It’s fun to see all the different places that people come from.


I miss my library knitting club and Spencerville knitting friends. I have had "art hour" with family a few times throughout the year where everyone who wants to work on a project joins a Skype call and we work and talk together. We text images of our finished products, but it's just not the same as being there in person.

Susan Ipavec

I’ve stayed in touch with fellow knitters and crocheted via Ravelry and Facebook. I participate in virtual knit nights on Ravelry.

Jody Laake

Sadly no - I have not Zoomed with any knitting or crafting friends. I do miss stopping by my LYS and seeing what everyone’s working on.


I have not done any Zoom knitting or crocheting, but I have gotten more active in the Ravelry forums.


I have not really kept up with friends via zoom. Our book group tried to meet, but so many of us were using zoom for work, that using it to socialize was exhausting. I try to meet up with friends outside and socially distanced.

Wendy G

I don't have a local yarn store or knitting friends that meet regularly, but I did attend a virtual retreat in October that was AMAZING. We attended via Zoom and I met knitters from all over the world. I would have not been able to attend a retreat like this in person because I live in a remote location so for all of us to come together like this was incredible and I hope we can do it again even when things go back to normal. Locally, I have two knitting friends and we occasionally text and share pictures of what we like or are working on.

Jennifer McCarthy

I haven’t zoom knitted with anyone lately, but I have a friend who I used to knit with in a coffee shop, and we’ve been meeting in a park, bringing our own chairs (socially distanced of course) and chatting while we knit.

Lisa Loback

My aunt and I knit over zoom all the time. She is in Michigan and I am in Wisconsin, so it is a great way to spend time together!


I have stayed connected with my Tuesday am knitting friends and yarn shop buddies through FaceTime, phone calls, emails, texts, and the packages they send me (chemo caps for my bald head! And masks). I knitted with them early last December, before the holidays, had pneumonia after Christmas, a week after that cleared up in Jan. 2020 I started running a mysterious fever, which was diagnosed as widespread cancer in March. Because I was sick at the end of December 2019, I did not get to knit with them at all in the early part of this year, “pre-coronavirus” and once I was diagnosed, started chemo, prepared for major surgery, my husband and I had to stay completely isolated from others. So one friend brought her iPad to knitting (they all sat outside, 6 feet apart with masks) to knit in the summer/fall and they’d FaceTime me and I’d get to see them and we could show each other what we were working on. Of course, there have been many emails with pictures of yarn, asking for ideas or color suggestions for new projects, and I’ve shared your ideas, Allison, of things I was planning to make or had in progress (a Sockhead cowl with Miss Bab’s yarn from SSYC last Dec. when I was in town for the holidays). They have all been the most wonderful support system that I could ever ask for through the trials of cancer, chemo, and surgery! A true blessing for me. My knitting instructor/friend at the shop who has taught me so much in all the classes I took regularly sends me the cutest little clips from the internet to cheer me up. I never dreamed I wouldn’t see them for whole year, but we’ve had to accept the isolation in the hopes that we’ll all be together, healthy and whole, around the knitting table sometime in the not-too-distant future as you said, Allison. We can hardly stand the wait!!!


Not only have I knitted over Zoom, I’ve been invited to join a group of a friend’s friends, and now regular Zoom knit with them, my new friends. Maybe someday when the border reopens, I’ll meet at least some of them in person.


I have knitted with friends from a Ravelry group via Zoom. I find it is hard to concentrate on the knitting tho.


No Zoom for me—I need less computer time in my life, not more! I belong to a group of “Thursday” spinners and knitters, we all rejected Zoom. Instead, every Thursday we send around emails with photos of our most recent finished objects, or projects. This works well for us.

Cindy Carpenter

No zoom. Knitting on my own. Just socks. . COVID affected my brain so much so that I actually had to watch YouTube to relearn how to turn a sock heel. I am really a different person post-COVID-19. Please take care. Wear masks. Wash hands. I did everything right and still caught it at work in a maximum security prison.

Joanne Christman

Put me in the sad group. I've watched a few videos, down sized my stash and made plans for some of the skeins. I also miss face to face knitting with friends.

Kathy  Nielsen

mainly calls and emails these days. Our Saturday knitting group met outside at a local park during the summer, observing distancing and mask requirements. But with the colder weather, that is no longer an option. We are currently under lockdown, so we are all hoping for our regular meetings to resume sometime this coming summer.


I have not done Zoom knitting but I stay connected on Instagram!


Nope, I'm working on the computer all day long at work and I just don't want to be on the computer after my work day is done. So I am just knitting on my own, trying to whittle my stash down. Not working though, I keep buying sock yarn from Simply Socks!


I don’t have a group of knitting friends, so mine have all always been virtual, but my book club zoomed in the Spring and I knit then :)

T Craven

We were still meeting as a small group of 5, up until early November. Then, when numbers started rising, we had video calls and finally figured out Zoom! Every Wednesday is a joy to Zoom zoom!

Debra Cohen

I am not a group knitter... my friends enjoy the fruits of my labor as gifts but can’t handle the process. I’ve tried to teach them but we all end up frustrated.
Zoom has saved my sanity!! The YMCA has been scheduling exercise classes both live and on demand. My knitting time is mostly during TV time with my husband.


Since my workplace closed down in March, my knitting co-workers and I meet once a week on zoom! It's been so nice to keep meeting weekly and check in on what everyone's been doing. I also love seeing friends projects on ravelry and instagram.


My circle has always been small so 2020 hasn't affected my knitting friends. I've always been a solo knitter


I have not used Zoom. My friends and I connect via email and text. I mostly use Instagram to get my fix of new yarns, colors and just what's happening.
Definitely have appreciated your blog and a few others, too! Thank you!!

Coby Hanna-Butler

I have not zoomed with Fiber friends since this all started. However I am lucky to live next to Lauren and occasionally get to see her!!

Susan Dobrowney

One Virtual meeting with a knitter friend this year. It's usually work, family and friends.

Leigh Ann

Zoom meeting - Facebook chat rooms and some outdoor distance get togethers. It hasn’t been easy and I am ready to knit with my tribe in person.

Ellen Bartlett

I miss my knitting friends so much! We haven’t had a Zoom knitting session, but we stay in touch through text and email. It’s not the same but I am so grateful we are all healthy and safe and looking forward to better days!


I do not personally know anyone that knits so I have not been involved with others knitters except for your blog (which I enjoy very much! 🤗). But I have joined some of my friends across the state on a couple of Zoom meetings.


I've been knitting by my lonesome for the past three years. We sold our house and traveled for a year - very little knitting happened (maybe one hat). I still haven't found a local group in two years at our new home - projects kept us busy and close to home even before the pandemic.

I have shared pictures of my creations through emails with family - I try to have at least one fun project in progress in addition to the dish cloths that are my waiting room knitting. And now I have a new laptop capable of Zoom!

Thanks for the opportunity.


I have not done any knitting via zoom. I’ve watched a few tutorials and/or how-tos via zoom. We have a local group, but have not been meeting.

Colleen Dallura

I really do not hae many knitting friends. I did get to watch/ join the zoom with stitch together and wool and honey. It was fun watching stitch together in her dye studio. My daughter, 4 yrs, loved seeing all the colors brought to life on yarn!


No zooming for me. I don't have a local knitting group. Ravelry and Instagram are my connection.


I have not done any Zoom knitting but am enjoying watching knitting podcasts while I knit. Staying connected with friends and family by texting and FaceTime.


I’m in a monthly zoom group through my public library.

Sarah Leroy

I have zoom knitted regularly with friends from Pittsburgh throughout the Pandemic

Samantha Arten

I have a standing weekly tea + knitting date over Zoom with a friend--we're both so busy as college professors but it's such a lovely time to relax and unwind (and swap teaching suggestions too).


I haven't zoomed with anyone but lucked out in having a new friend living just down the road who joined me in the yard or on the porch a handful of times when it was warm! Now we exchange knitting photos via text.

Rose Birchall

No to Zoom. Knitted at the park. Socially distanced. Now it’s just too cold in Michigan to meet outside.

Renee Kilbane

I have zoomed with knitting friends - recently comparing projects. Our friendships developed prior to knowing that each of us knit!


No zooming, but sharing pics in messages & enjoying insta posts.

Diane MacMillan

I haven't Zoomed with fellow knitters but I stay connected with them on FaceBook.


I haven't Zoomed at all. It just didn't appeal to me at all.

I've kept in touch with knitting friends via Messenger and fb, and my long-time enabling friend and I have probably bought more yarn than ever by encouraging each other and showing each other what we bought. I've also made new knitting friends thanks to the fb group started by Casapinka where we knit her designs, do show and tell, and help with problems. It has been good experience.

Shelley B.

I have not used Zoom. But, I have stayed connected with other family members who like to knit via text.


TODAY - just 2 hours ago I connected with a friend on facetime and we knitted. Actually I unknitted a pair of socks that was at the heel flap but obviously too small. Then I cast them on again with larger (1.5mm) needles. It's hard to talk and count at the same time but it felt so normal.

Kim Holbrook

No Zoom meet-ups but lots of messaging back and forth. I’ve purchased too much yarn, knit lots of new yarn and stash yarn and enjoyed reading knitting blogs online. How I miss sitting with people and knitting!

Nicole S

I haven't done any knitting or crafting via Zoom - I only use Zoom for choir. I don't have a lot of local knitting friends anyway, so I'm used to connecting over Ravelry and Instagram for that. For others, I've been trying to have more phone calls than I sometimes do.

Christine Becker

I have two different groups of knitting friends that I zoom with every week. It is hard to not be able to touch the yarn or see the true colors. I have also zoomed with a friend who moved away. But together again will be so much better. I bought a skein of LITLG at your store and knit the Sockhead cowl. I wear it almost every day. It is the perfect cowl to wear around the house and walk outside!


I don't have a knitting group-in person or zoom, but I always have a mindless knitting project when I zoom with family or friends.

Sarah S

I haven't done any knitting on Zoom, as I don't really have a circle of knitting friends. I've picked up knitting this year after a bit of a hiatus, so I'm still slowly getting back into it.

Sandra Sprouse

Yes, we did knit using Zoom for awhile and then when the weather got nice we started knitting outside. I think it’s time to resume our Zoom meetings!


Sadly, I don’t have any fellow knitters. My efforts to make converts has failed miserably


Yes, I have ZOOMed with 2 knitting groups and 1 crochet group. It is a lifesaver! I get more done on my projects while ZOOMing. I have another combined group that has been able to hold socially distant get-togethers, but winter has stopped that! I really miss that group!

One of the knitting groups decided to do every-Tuesday ZOOMs, and I attend when I can. Nice to be able to talk with like-minded people about knitting.

Donna Gifford

I have knitted 'with' friends in Facebook and Ravelry groups but not on video.

Heidi Maloney

I have not zoomed with my bkff, best knitting friend forever, but we do talk knitting and projects. I do, however, look forward to the quiet time at the end of the day to knit a few rows before falling asleep. My husband has become my new bkff simply because of close proximity. Lol

Teri P

I don't have particular group of knitting friends, although my sister-in-law is a new knitter. Since she's in my bubble, we have gotten together to knit (6 ft apart) a couple of times. I've also taken part in some knitting Zooms through Vogue Knitting Live.

Deb Temple

I have not used Zoom with other Knitters but have used lots of Facebook groups and knitting friends on Facebook.


Almost weekly Zoom with my Thursday night class, monthly Zoom with knitting guild plus a few special occasions.


I am part of a group of old high school friends. We are all grandmas now.
We discuss our knitting projects via FB but haven’t zoomed.
You’ve given me an idea. 😌

Lisa Viviano

I have knit with a group of ladies from work on zoom. It's not the same as meet ups, but still so very nice!


I haven’t zoomed, yet I’ve kept up with posts.

Joan Brown

No, I have not Zoomed for knitting..I have zoomed for work and my brother in law and sister in laws 50th anniversary.


I have been “Zooming” weekly with Joanna of Stitching the High Notes podcast. She runs a stitch and chat for her Patreon supporters, and I have made some wonderful friends this year getting to know the ladies there.


I haven’t done any zoom crafting. I keep connected with crafty via Instagram and texting. I have discovered so many inspiring knitting accounts on Instagram that have helped rekindle my love of knitting!!

Lynn B

Two knit groups that I am in use Zoom. I am so glad that we can meet weekly with one group and bi-weekly, with the other. Definitely a stress buster, during Covid. Prior to Covid, one member was only able to attend when in town, a few times during the year. Now we can visit weekly. Also, LYS has weekly Zoom.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Have you knitted or crafted with friends via Zoom this year?

How have you stayed connected with your knitting friends and others during the pandemic?
By phone, email, and txt.

Emily Williams

Yep, I have two knitting groups and a spinning group!

Adele Danielsen

I stay connected with the knitting world thru Instagram and Ravelry.


No zooming for me! I tend to be a solitary knitter.

Renee Sawyer

We moved out of state in October and I am meeting with my knitting guild for zoom meetings twice a week. It is really helping to have contact with my friends. When I feel sorry for myself I just remember everyone is in the same boat.


I haven't done any zoom knitting this year, but I do miss chatting with other knitters! I have watched a lot more podcasts and vlogs and followed way too many knitters and yarn dyers on Instagram to keep up with new patterns and yarns and see what other people are making. Lots of talent out there!

Kat Gatzke

No zooming for me. And I don’t really have any yarny friends, I just knit at home, usually while I’m watching tv.

Jessica Kelley

Nope, I have not Zoomed with any picture f my Knitting friends this year but I did do a zoom call with my sister while we did a painting class. That was fun

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