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December 18, 2020


Chantal Paquette

I have knitted sooooo much more, especially in the spring when we were in confinement! And I’ve taken the opportunity to learn new things (cables, tie up socks, different types of heels, beading...)

BTW these sets are gorgeous!


I don’t think the pandemic has changed my knitting habits. Although I started out trying to finish old projects, that didn’t last long.

Chris Wells

Working remotely has been a lot more stressful, so when I should have been knitting to relieve some of that stress...I was working! But my Friday night knit group still meets...we just meet online instead of in the coffee shop.


I’ve been knitting at a slower pace and needing more mindless projects. But I think part of that is working and parenting a toddler. I’m grateful to have made a Wonderful Wallaby hoodie for my son and to have finished some socks, shawls and a cowl. I also started a virtual knit night with a friend, and that’s a highlight of my week.


I have knit a lot more this year. I make things for my granddaughters. Its my love language. Knitting is my happy place.

Andrea Serrett

I crocheted off and in for years, but in January I learned to knit. With the pandemic I ended up stopping working in April, and have been knitting literally every day. The pandemic has given me the time to really learn this wonderful craft and take on projects I never would have before! Like a brioche patterned yoke sweater for Christmas as my third ever garment! 😁😁

Coby Hanna-Butler

I did jump in and knit my first pair of socks, but other than that, I did not try anything new. In fact, I bought a pattern I really wanted to make but it had some stitches I couldn't easily google and figure out. Normally I love this kind of challenge, but it's like I have no space to learn anything new right now. I will eventually jump in and figure it out when I have the capacity. And I'm okay with it! Easy knits for me right now.


Often throughout the year, at least monthly, I thought about knitting and all the extra time I had. I typically knit about 24 items a year. This year I knit nothing. Zippo. Zilch. Isn’t that odd? It really surprises me each time I think about it. I continued to review possible projects and consider my stash and remember my two in progress projects. I think I will knit and then don’t. This is a first for me. However, I’m thinking the year is not over yet.


In the spring and summer I spent a lot more time knitting. I think I finished 7 shawls! But lately I have picked up embroidery and I’m also doing more crochet.


In March I started a weaving project. It was something easy to work on while I supervised remote schooling at the kitchen table. I ended up with a really long scarf, but I'm not sure I'll wear it because the yarn I chose for the warp is a little rough.
As for knitting, I think I've done about the same amount, but I feel like I got more accomplished since I focused on finishing up some neglected WIPs!


I have knitted a lot more in 2020 since being what I call under house arrest. I have ordered more yarn than ever and I order all kinds of things from Amazon. Even ordered 5 pounds of jaw breaker candies.

Renee S

I have been doing the Desert Vista Dyeworks sock club. I am slow knitting socks but I just finished my December socks so I feel like I accomplished something. Next year it is on to finishing projects I have started. Also, I want to knit some sweaters. I am also working on the Coziest Memories Blanket. Great way to use leftover yarn and minis.

Sheauling Kastor

I have definitely more knitted items this year. Might just be more experience, not just the pandemic. I made 3 sweaters this year! This is huge for me, as it usually takes me almost a year for one sweater. And as always a mad dash at xmas gift knitting, mostly unplanned, hats, mittens, and a cowl!


Knitted less because my time was eaten up by other responsibilities. Managed 3 shawls and finished 2 pairs of socks.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have knitted more socks this year.


I have knitted a LOT and really miss going to my favorite yarn store but they were very nice about helping me get what I needed for any project I took on. Lots of knitted gifts for everyone this year!

Kim Holbrook

I knit (and read) more than usual. I also bought more yarn than usual!
I knit a large wrap, cowls and hats. So much fun!


Knitting has been quite slow, actually was crocheting. Lined up a few projects to get started on for a special reason....ordered and recently got a few new patterns to begin...we've been painting alot!


I knit way less this year. I lost my knitting mojo early in the pandemic and I'm really just forcing myself to work on Christmas gifts. I have hope that next year will be better.

Kathy Robbins

Way more sock knitting and counting, working on pair #18 currently. Can always find someone they will fit and everyone loves them.


With a move not a whole lot of time for knitting or crafts. I've knit baby blanket for great granddaughter due anytime, shawl, scarf and cowl on needles now. Had some finishing work On past projects, like blocking and loose ends to tend to, so feel pretty good. 2021 is the year I'm going to attempt socks which I want to do so badly but have felt intimidated by.


I didn't think I had knit anymore than usual until October. From March until October, I put all the knitting projects I did into a laundry basket in my knitting room unless it was something that was a gift and needed right away. In October I took a vacation week and dedicated one day to weaving in ends. Wow! All of a sudden I had 21 more dishcloths, 8 pairs of fingerless mitts, 23 socks (no clue what happened to sock 24 LOL) and 6 hats. All small projects but what a feeling to have accomplished this much.
My endeavor next year is to have a bunch of fingerless mitts knit up and carry them in my car. I give them to the workers at the drive thru when I get food. 😊


Started a sweater knitting class in January, made new friends & gained confidence in knitting. Now working in my 4th sweater (plus a bunch of socks & mittens). Knitting has meant so much during this stressful year.


My Knitting hasn't changed. It is all I have and what I do!!! I am so appreciative of you and your Staff at SSYC for keeping me in my Knitting Supplies!!


I have finished many more knitting projects this year since I’ve been staying at home. Knitting brings me contentment, I am very thankful for the beautiful textures and colors!

Kimberly Baker

I have planned a lot of projects, cast on a lot, but I have had a hard time focusing on knitting many days. I am hoping to remedy that in the new year.


I knitted just as much as in previous years, maybe even a little bit more. I am retired, so no children at home to distract me from my hobby. For me, concentrating on knitting helped me cope with the stress of 2020. I made 2 sweaters for myself, many pairs of socks, and several baby things! My grandson was born this year, so now I have a new category of knitting in the mix!

Linda Lau

I’ve been very fortunate to be knitting so much more this year. Knitting during quarantine really calmed my nerves. I’ve learned several new knitting techniques too.

sherrie mckee

I love to knit in the car when we travel. Less travel means less knitting. My ufos are growing, the brain seems to have trouble focusing on the big finish.

Samantha Arten

I still love to knit while watching TV on my laptop (with subtitles on so I don't miss any important plot points!), and I suspect I have had more time to do so because of the pandemic. I do dearly miss opportunities to knit on public transit or in coffeeshops though.

Susan Feely

I knit a lot under any circumstances, but I have probably knit more with more time at home. I actually should try to knit less and move more😊.


I feel like I’ve knit way less - but my numbers in Ravelry show my yardage is average. I think maybe I thought I would do more, get more done than I have.

Geraldine Scott

I have knitted a LOT of socks this fact, almost to the point of burn out...dug into my old stash of cross stitch, and have been enjoying the change of pace. My goal with the socks was to knit so many, that it would become mindless knitting...still trying to find the 'perfect' pattern...and making them fit perfectly!

Carol Engstrom

I was knitting a lot until October when I developed Trigger Thumb and had to stop. I have 2 shawls waiting to be finished. The halt in knitting has not stopped me from ordering and buying more yarn however!! A whole other hobby!! :)

Victoria I Moon

Knitting mosaic right new knit for me.

Pam Bacci

I knitted a LOT in 2020. I've never knitted a lot of baby items - probably because I've never really needed to BUT in July our first grandson was born! So prior to his birth we didn't know the gender so I knitted a lot of neutral items. Once we found out it was a boy, now I'm onto some fun boy items! This is so much fun and I'm glad I've had the extra time to do it!!


I've definitely knit less because of the pandemic. Normally, I spend 2 hours each day traveling to and from work. Since I've been working from home a few days a week, I haven't been on the train as much. Thankfully since so many refuse to wear a mask and Metra is not enforcing wearing them. But that's another story. Anyway, less train, less knitting time - not that I'm looking forward to going back to the office every day. Happy holidays everyone.

Renee S.

I probably knit a bit more in 2020, more socks for the grandchildren for Christmas plus a few baby blankets on my knitting machine for gifts. Nothing new in techniques just hand knit or machine knit.


I have knitted more this year than in previous years. I got bored the first part of the pandemic with the same things that I have knitted in the past ... cowls, shawls and dishcloths. So I decided to knit my first sweater. While the first one took longer than I would have liked, I learned new techniques with the help of YouTube. I have now finished 4 sweaters and am pleased with each of them. I knit to keep busy and always have something on my needles.


In the beginning, no motivation to do anything. After about 4 months I got my groove back. Now I’m more focused on knitting than crochet and enjoying how relaxing it is, again.


I am actually knitting less, being a nurse I am working differently and it has taken my knitting mojo away. I have had to come to terms that I am not getting all my Christmas knitting done, but I am hoping that when life gets more normal, I will be knitting more..


I'm still knitting about as much as I did before the pandemic, but I've knitted more large projects (think Stephen West shawls) and fewer socks. Socks were always my throw-in-my-bag "lunch hour" knitting, and since I'm working remotely, I don't really have a dedicated lunch hour anymore. And gnomes. I'm knitting gnomes. Just because.

Maureen DesMarais

I knit a little more, not a lot. I'm already retired so the pandemic didn't have a big impact on my time.

Kate s

My knitting didn’t really change but I did pick up English paper piecing and have almost completed a full sized bed quilt in the last few months!


I've been knitting slightly more that in past years. As I dropped my classes this past summer and fall but work has picked up the last month or so as we prepare for a system shift.


I have been knitting way more this year, maybe twice as much. I have made plenty of socks and shawls. I made matching socks for a friend and her 6 year old and 5 month old daughters. The 6 year old loved having matching socks with her baby sister so much, she showed all her kindergarten class on Zoom!


I am one of those people that knits every day. During the pandemic I made a list and started knitting socks for all my friends. Socks are my TV knitting. During the day when there’s better light I knit things like shawls. I’ve taken part and three KALs, which I usually don’t have time for.

Megumi M

I have knitted more than ever this year because of the pandemic but also realizing how much I can get done in those little moments of sitting with a child working on math or netflix down time. I also decided for a time being to focus more on knitting and intentionally not do other crafts. I hope to keep up the pace for ‘21!

Nicole S

I don't think my knitting (or other crafting) has changed much because of the pandemic.

Brenda Melahn

Much more than usual - can’t stand to sit and do nothing!!


I'm a knitter that knits everyday, but this year I've been knitting mostly accessories for instant, happy-happy gratification instead of sweaters.


I started knitting more at home instead of only in waiting rooms so was able to branch out into more complicated projects.

Thanks for the opportunity.


I am just getting my mojo back. I lost my knitting mojo somewhere back in May and haven't really crafted at all. Happy that the cold weather has somehow made me want to make hats and sweaters and shawls again.

Jody Laake

I definitely knit more! I tend to do the same thing as you - knit socks until I’m out of double points and then do all the toes and finishing in one big batch! I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the socks that will be Christmas presents this weekend.


I knit about the same amount of time but had time to organize everything which was great. Also branched out to felting which has been fun.


I have knit a lot more this year. I knit every day and enjoy it so much. This year I've tried dyeing yarn with Kool Aid. Lots of fun.


I've been knitting and, especially, crocheting more this year.


No real knitting changes for me. Well except I knit two baby blankets because my first grandbaby is due in March. I always thought when grandbabies were on the way I would be knitting a ton of baby hats and socks and diaper covers and ... but no, two blankets and I decided I needed more socks for me.


I reorganized my yarn, and did knit alot more than last year. I did start to paint in Watercolor from an online school plus additional workshops. I have learned alot.

Sarah E Borer

I've knit way more than usual! But hoping to keep it up in 2021


For yardage comparison, I probably knit the same. At the beginning of this I was doing icord for a friend who was making masks for medical workers. I switched over to dishcloths, when normally I alwaysbhave a sock on my needles. Dishcloths provides the quick 2 day finish I needed to get me through some rough months.
I'm now on my second sweater, with Mineville wool, and hope to finish by end of year.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Knitted about the same.

As someone without children in the household I would declare 2020 the Year of the Super Parents for all the extra work done this year with little to no extra support - online classes, tech worker, morale booster, etc.

Karla Hartzell

This pandemic has taught me that my yarn-horder tendencies were not an obsession but an apocalyptic life skill and I felt vindicated from all the years of scorn and teasing when I was prepared! But I have loved having all the time to freestyle craft and get things done! Life is short- Take more time to knit!

Vasiliki Starborn

I haven’t knitted as much this year because I have a rambunctious 3 year old who doesn’t know what the word nap means and a 9 month old, so I have been focusing on them, but I have several WIPs I plan to finish soon!

Merrill P

I knit more this year because of knee replacement surgery and covid lockdown.

Andrea Rademacher

I've knitted the same, just with longer pauses between bigger projects, usually always have a sock going in between, but having a harder time deciding what to knit next. It just seems harder to settle on a decision, for whatever reason.


Definitely more knitting time so I am able to make more gifts and items to donate. I have tried more new to me techniques and more types of yarn.


OMG. Where do I start? Knitting has been keeping me sane during the pandemic. I finally came to the realization that when I knit, I feel really good inside. Calmer, more rational, happy. I started to pick up my needles when I felt stress.

I have become quite the prolific knitter since March. I have designated some of my projects as "COVID Knitting" because I think I would never have thought of doing them if we weren't in a pandemic. I completed the Safe at Home afghan, three different MKALs, a shawl designed for this pandemic, and I discovered Stephen West and he has changed my game on picking colors for projects. I am constantly on your website looking for yarn.

Knitting is so my jam.

Theresa Martin

I don’t think the pandemic has changed my crafting much, although I did have time to do more (or THOUGHT) I’d have time to do more lol. I did manage 3 sweater, I finished some languishing projects, and started too many more! Lol

Shelley B.

I’ve been knitting much more than I have in the past. My favorite project was the simple Urth cowl you posted. That was such a fun just didn’t last long enough! I always make socks, but now I’m learning to do some beading with them.

Brenna Delosier

Sadly this year my knitting suffered during the pandemic. Too much uncertainty made me not want to knit.


First it knocked me on my backside and I did almost no knitting for several months, then I started knitting shawls of all things. I am not a person who gets cold easily and so have never needed shawls, but I find them very comforting to make and am slowly learning how to use them without feeling overheated in them. I'm now back to my normal amount of knitting and have expanded back out into my normal types of knitting: socks, gifts, etc. Knitting is helping me stay sane in a crazy world!


I knit a lot more. Fun things More socks, shawls, & cowls. Now w ho do I give this to & what do I keep for myself!,

Alene Sternlieb

I have used some quarantine time to explore some new knitting techniques and improve my finishing skills.


I certainly *started* more knitting this year than usual, but in terms of finished objects it’s about the same. I didn’t have more time at home this year, as many did— I manage a retail store that’s considered an essential business. It’s been the hardest and most stressful year of my life, so frankly my concentration has been shot. So in addition to what I finished, I have 3 pairs of half-finished socks, a 90% finished blanket, and 4 shawls in varying states of completion. Oops...

Marilyn Ross

I have been knitting much more this year, mostly socks. I have been experimenting with different stitches and color combinations. Especially contrasting toes and heels. The DIC kits were great! I hope the folks who get the socks as gifts like bright feet!

Dana Snyder

At first, I knitted a lot! I even finished some projects I had been working on for a while. I started a lot of things too. One I need to get back to is the Painting Bricks shawl by Stephen West. I used so many bright colors! I makes me so happy! I loved Casapinka’s knit a longs with the antics of Sharon from security. I never wove any of the ends in so I’ve been working on that. I had a whole tub of things I finished that needed finishing. lol I haven’t had as much time to knit since school started. I’m a teacher. It’s been so crazy. Thank goodness, I have two weeks off now to rest and knit. We postponed our honeymoon to the summer so I’ll have lots of knit time! :)


I can’t figure out why, but I have been knitting so much less this year. I suspect in part it is because I haven’t been traveling and tend to knit a lot on planes, but I also haven’t been knitting at home hardly at all. I miss it!

Hilda Clegg

I knitted a bit more than usual and tried new techniques such as stranded knitting and "new to me" heels for socks. I ripped out projects I had started but didn't like once I got into them rather than finish them and hope to find a home. (I'm learning slowly but surely that continuing doesn't make you like the project more.)

Karen Barr

I started the pandemic knitting a little more than usual. I knitted an afghan first, then I decided to broaden my horizons by knitting a shawlette from a pattern by Casapinka. Then, my knitting and all other projects got put on hold because I got a new puppy! He is not to be trusted around a ball of yarn!

Susan Mercy

Definitely knitting more, because I don't have rehearsals in the evening and also because I retired in 2019 and I'm not exhausted from working midnights. I'm enjoying sock yarn, mostly not for socks LOL. I have also started cross stitching, after a 15 year hiatus. I have space where I can leave my large project out and do a few stitches between lessons. I plan to continue my newer crafting habits indefinitely, though when I go back to performing, I'll have less rime.

Vicki Maynes

I've knit way more this year than any other! I lost my job and can't go out or do anything, so it's all I do! I knit 25 Mini Sock Yarn bunnies (Susan B Anderson), 2 shawls, 9 outfits for a stuffed animal I gifted last year (Susan B Anderson's Sleepy Kitten) and 28 pair of socks-so far! I've still got a couple of months to go in this crummy year! I have a Hitchhiker to finish, 3 pair of socks in various stages, and a shawl.


Since I am one of those "essential" workers, 2020 didn't really change my knitting. I did knit several gifts for friends that I might not have had 2020 not happened. I have knit socks and cowls mostly and am going to knit my hubby a hat with some of the yarn from my latest order!

Romy Tuggle

I didn’t craft from March to November, then suddenly my yarn passion was on fire! I crochet well and finally think I can “get” how to knit!

Virginia Harnischfeger

In January, I had started a cross-stitch project that I had really wanted to start. I have had this angel cross-stitch kit for a while and finally wanted to work on it. And then, I discovered SSYC's posting on FaceBook. I became interested in a Casapinka offering, ordered the wool and pattern, dropped the cross-stitch, and off to knitting I went. I completed four shawls, one hand-warmer, and 10 pairs of socks before I started my current project, a sweater (almost complete). I very much enjoy working with the yarn that SSYC offers. I have been introduced to many new yarn producers, new patterns, new techniques, and new stitches. Knitting-wise, this has been an outstanding year.

Lynn Gutzmer

I think I’ve knit more during the pandemic, and I’m usually a one-project-at-a-time knitter. I haven’t taken the time to look at my numbers on Ravelry. The difference this year has been that, because I have not been sitting in waiting rooms or standing in lines, I have made more large projects, and fewer small ones like socks. Either way, still enjoying my knitting!

Teri P

Because I'm such a hermit and am home pretty much all the time, the pandemic hasn't changed my knitting. I've been doing lots and lots of test knitting this year, and I love it. I find the time constraint of a test perfect as it requires me to complete a knit in a fairly short amount of time. So I have four sweaters, oodles of hats, a couple of cowls, three or fours shawls, and a pair of legwarmers! It's been a good knitting year for me.

Joanne Hollidge

As I’m retired, I knit and quilt all the time. So, for me there really weren’t any changes. I just kept doing what I’ve been doing

Susanna eve

I’m retired but support person to a disabled young adult and chronically ill spouse so I knit about the same as usual. Hats are my go to. I am knitting a second scrap 18” doll blanket.


Sadly, I hardly knit anything this year. A bunch of factors, not just the pandemic, caused that, but I do wish I'd been able to craft some more to keep my anxious hands busy!

Claire Sleeman

I've definitely been knitting more because I haven't had much of a social life since April.

Marilyn H

I thought I was knitting a lot but the final tally indicates that I didn't knit more than usual. What was different is that I gifted most of it. Maybe I've started a new trend!

Pat Phythian

I've knitted daily about the same amount of time I always have, but since May all I've knitted is socks: simple stockinette with self-patterning yarn. Mindless and relaxing.
Something new I learned was knitting with Flexiflips which I bought for myself for my birthday. I love them.
Another yarn craft I played around with was weaving on my Cricket loom. Santa brought it several years ago and I hadn't worked with it very much, but I'm getting better at it.
I also spent time on my quilting, finishing a quilt for my granddaughter and starting one for my grandson.


My niece had a baby in November and it felt like I was knitting sooo much for her. It turns out that I made many things, but the actual yardage was not so much. I did get out some half finished needlepoint bargello projects and remembered how much I enjoy the process and the product.


I have knitted a lot more during the pandemic. A lot more socks and lot more for charity. I love working from home so I can knit more!! And I am working on crocheting as well


This crazy pandemic hasn't changed how or what I knit. Just given me more free time to accomplish the knitting. Usually I do a few (6 or 8) prayer shawls over the course of a year. So far I have managed to complete 15 shawls.

Donna Kuehl

Less knitting, more tv! Finally finished christmas hats for the grandkids last night!

Nancy Eckel

I’ve spent tons more hours knitting this year... and have loved it. Doing all kinds of creative stuff.. more sewing and baking too. But I still get cabin fever some days....

Janice Wentworth

I have knit about the same amount, but am taking on more relaxing projects. More simple comfort knitting and less of the projects that require concentration. Lots of socks!

Rose Birchall

Knitting about the same. Haven't tried anything new.

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