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December 19, 2020



Reruns of Heartland

Amy stewart

The Mandalorian and lots of behind the scenes on Disney+ !

Sue Cooper

Anything on HGTV or the Food channels serve as background for weekday knitting. On weekends I knit to the sounds of football games, but the “canned crowd sounds” are a bit creepy.


New to Netflix....a little behind times. I personally like watching series, finished The Crown, love love Virgin River, currently watching Jerico, anything with Sandra Bullock...Peppermint was action packed (like any mother..don't mess with my kids) She was one motivated Mom..

Anissa Miller

I have really only been watching Vlogmases on YouTube. There are so many to keep up with.


I've been binging on home reno shows. I bet some of these families and contractors would have made very different choices, had they known that we'd all be spending most of 2020 working from home!

Lisa L

I'm a fan of British cozy murders on Britbox and Acorn - enough conflict to be interesting, but you know it will all be sorted by the end of the show.


We caught up with some older series like Homeland, The Sopranos, and The Wire. We really enjoyed Lilyhammer since we both come from Scandinavian roots.

Lynn B

I have enjoyed The Crown on netflix. I watch a lot of old Law and Order reruns. I loved The Octopus Teacher on netflix - it was filmed so beautifully.
Looking forward to seeing some great recommendations here.


We have actually been reading more and watching TV less.

Diana Byrum

So many to choose from. I tend toward documentaries and two of the best were “Planet if the Humans” and “A Social Dilemma”.

Colleen Dallura

The Mandalorian and anything on disney!

Emily Siebert

I love streaming the Great British Baking Show!! I also like to catch up on various knitting Vlogmas videos!! At this point, I tend to lean on shows that give me a good laugh because well, who doesn’t want to laugh right??

Kathy Robbins

We love all things British in film making. Especially loved "The Queen" which just finished it's last season. Such excellent performances.

Margaret Paschal

I have watched very little TV, mostly just the local news. Sometimes I watch PBS, but I
pretty much gave up on TV when reality shows took over. I have been reading a lot more. When I knit, I prefer to listen to old radio shows from the 30s and 40s. I have an extensive collection of those on CDs.

Ellen Bruns

We too have been watching a lot of tv. Some of our favorites are The Crown and Yellowstone. I know very different. Remember I’m watching with my husband lol.


I’m currently bing watching Schitt’s Creek. Then The Mandalorian and then Discovery.

Dana Snyder

We started Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but got sidetracked. I can’t remember if we got through the first season. We also started Outlander but got sided tracked on that too. We watch the Office or Seinfeld all the time and just started the Queens Gambit on Netflix. It’s really good! We’ve also been watching a lot of old black and white monster movies. We like watching Svengoolie on Saturday nights. I’d like to get back on the Crown. I was watching it with a knitting friend before she had a grand baby and before the pandemic but haven’t watched any more cause I was watching it with her. I might binge that next week while my husband is at work since I’m off. He teleworks half the time. We’ve been watching Christmas movies now. I think we’re running out of the ones we recorded.


I caught up on the Mandalorian and Umbrella Academy and am watching season 2 of both🤩


Actually I prefer to listen to music...gentle and calming...enough of the TV for a while at least.


I just watched The Crown. And I love knitting and watching old reruns of The Dick Van Dyke show and The Mary Tyler Moore show. Love the nostalgia with all the bad things happening right now.


Actually I knit while watching MSNBC in prime time although I’ve also watched many of the shows you do as well as mysteries - Midsomer Murders is my favorite murder mystery show & there are about 20 seasons of it on Netflix as well as SVU - I have a lot of time to watch streaming programs. I also listen to audiobooks - currently listening to Obama’s current book.


Heartland, Virgin River, Hinterland, Emily in Paris, Queens Gambit


I haven’t watched anything different.

Laure T

So far I have watched the entire West Wing series and then decided I needed to watch Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. Next up is Schitt's Creek.


To be honest I have watched less TV this year. I am so tired of all the BS and plan on shutting it down completely. It is a waste of time and MONEY to watch the Crap 💩 on the TV. And just look at the extra money I can use to buy yarn from SSYC.


I eagerly waited for every new episode of the Great British Bake Off. I also got an Acorn subscription and enjoyed rewatching Midsummer Murders, Brokenwood Mysteries, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Those are from Britain, New Zealand, and Australia for those who want to expand their murder mystery geography.

Sadie Spencer

No stay at home order can keep this hospital pharmacist cozy by the fire knitting socks :). Lately, I've been knitting to CDC webinars regarding covid vaccines, or during public health planning calls (I knit to stay sane, lots of tension problems these last few weeks). I've got a lot of binging to catch up, super excited for The Mandalorian and En Pointe on disney, not to mention all the Christmas movies I haven't even started on yet!


My tv watching hasn’t changed too much. But look forward to new episodes of some of my favourites. Mostly I’ve been watching true crime shows.


I have been watching a show on public TV, in Flemish (!) with subtitles - Professor T.


We turned off our TV completely in August and we Do NOT miss it!!
I am Absolutely Enjoying my peaceful quiet Knitting Time.
On a rare occasion I will listen to Christmas Music as I knit!!🎶🎄🎶🎄🎶

I am all about Peaceful❣

Merry Christmas Everyone❣
May you all be blessed with more Yarn and Time to Knit!!


Since the start we have been watchers of the Hallmark channel. Now even more so with the Christmas and holiday movies. Also we watch Home Town on HGTV and Diners, Drive-in and Dives on Food Channel. But I will say we watched these shows before this all began but probably just a bit more now.


How to get away with murder.


Rewatching “West Wing” on Netflix & also Halllmark movies.


Discovery, the Good Fight till we caught up. Netflix. Travels with my Father. Started Schitts Creek too! Hamilton on Disney was a plus!

Geraldine Scott

All of the baking shows....

Pennie Nelson

Heartland, Christmas movies, Disney+, and all CSI type. Also lots of Sirius XM.


Hands down Schitt$ Creek! 😂❤️


I have LOVED Schitt's Creek!

Nicole S

I haven’t been watching a lot lately, but I did catch up on The Good Place and start watching Rake.


We live 12 miles from town and have no internet available. We use limited data on our phones. Our electric coop has plans to provide internet to us but not real soon. We have been watching our favorite shows that we have on DVD. Our options are limited.

Mary Anne

I'm re-watching the British cosy mystery series called "Rosemary and Thyme" about 2 friends who own a landscaping business. On each episode, they complete a landscaping job and solve a murder mystery. I can knit and listen because I've seen each episode multiple times. I'm making another pair of socks with SSYC yarn.


I gave been watching all British Crime dramas, plus ovues on Netflix. I started to watch The Crown a few years ago and now picked up where I left off. Lots of knitting while watching all these shows.


The Mandalorian, BBC shows available on Prime. I actually end up streaming when I can’t sleep at night because during the day I have three people using up the bandwidth for work and school.

Carol Anderson

Sappy hallmark Christmas movies

Gaylyn B

I have had a multi-prong approach to the incredible amount of knitting I've done.
I have gotten a free subscription to Spotify and have used the music while knitting. I purchased a tiny bluetooth speaker that makes listening amazing for such a little moveable package.
When I've had enough music, I have gone to my usual and customary habit of football, football, and football. When that fails, I'll look for anything rodeo (The National Rodeo Finals have just completed so that is not an option until next year.)


I haven't been watching anymore TV than I usually do. Stay at home mom here so not much of my "stay at home" life changed. We love comedies in our house. We have watched lots of Home Alone and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My personal nighttime tv is Seinfeld for the win everytime.


We alternate between not watching and binge watching - Blacklist, Person of Interest and NCIS were all popular with us this year. Momma is now living with us so Hallmark channel type shows are more common.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Janice Wentworth

British crime dramas on netflix...rewatched the entire series of Nurse Jackie...and have begun watching Korean K-dramas in order to help me with my language practice. So much to watch!


I really enjoyed The Queens Gambit on Netflix. Also watched the Crown. And I watch way too many Hallmark movies -definitely need some happy endings.

Julie Hutchins

I am a Hallmark Channel fan and during this time of darkness, it’s been even more of ‘just what I needed’! A giant advantage is that there’s a never ending supply of content. I also enjoy many series Heartland, Unicorn, Virgin River, Great British Baking Show - this list is endless as well!

Chris Wells

We just finished The Flight Attendant. We've watched The Crown, The Queen's Gambit, Yellowstone, Star Trek: Discovery....those are a few that come to mind.


I've been watching old classic movies, and Outlander and trying to keep up with Star Trek Picard and Discovery.


Battlestar Galactica is always helpful

Barb B

I've been enjoying The Mandalorian and Discovery and also Monk reruns.
Christmas movies thus far include The Holiday and Red. We have a good variety of dvds so at times I'm in the mood for Leatherheads cause its funny. I also like knitting to a good Dr Who episode with Matt Smith. Love Sci-fi and action movies. We also have Muppets In Space. Watching a movie is a great break from tv options.
May your Christmas be Merry and Bright.

Mary Kay Ross

Watching The Crown on Netflix. Also have watched additional programming recently on PBS, ABC and NBC about the British Monarchy. All this watching has also sparked my interest in the history of the events involved so have been reading lots more, too.

And last but not least watching The West Wing on Netflix before it disappears at the end of this month,

Sarah D

A TV show called Leverage (finished all 5 seasons and now I don't know what to do with myself )

Jennalee Anderson

I’ve been enjoying lots of Hallmark movies. And of course Gilmore Girls. I love making the time to slow down and knit while watching light hearted tv.


Watching lots of cooking and baking shows, which leads to lots of cooking and baking ... and weight gain!! We watched a sweet movie called "The Fundamentals of Caring", a heart-warming story and lots of laughs too.

Donna Gifford

I am not a tv watcher but my daughter got me hooked on The Mandalorian and I have watched a lot of movies on Disney+ for the nostalgia. Oh! And Hamilton!


We did fall into an extra subscription service this year, Disney +, and quickly realized that my youngest (age 9) had missed out on some of the classics like 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan. We also love all the Muppet options there and the old live action movies with Dick Van Dyke, Hailey Mills, and Dean Jones.
My guilty pleasure watching has been Schitt's Creek. The short episodes are easy to squeeze into my busy schedule and cathartic. I have resisted knitting a David inspired sweater so far. Also, my teenagers are being introduced to The Office. It's apparently all the rage with their friends.

Jane Carvajal

I have gone old school and have been watched the downton abbey series and movie. Now we are watching all things Christmas!

Erica Engle

I thought I would binge all sorts of shows but found i preferred to listen to audiobooks while I knit or play card games

Hilda Clegg

I read a lot more than I watch TV. Besides I'm usually stuck with what my husband likes to watch anyway!

Amey Wallace

I re-watched the Harry Potter films, and have been avoiding anything holiday oriented - Christmas can't happen this year due to covid restrictions. also, just got Crave so I'm queuing up Chernobyl next.


We have done a variety: regular tv, streaming, DVDs. We have a large selection of Christmas DVDs so those are mostly watched from Thanksgiving on.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I watched some British tv series. I watched Downton Abbey, Call of the Midwives, Doc Martin,
Foyle's Wars, and some more series.

FranCesca Winfield

In series, I’m a big pBS fan , especially of the British absolute addiction to “East Enders” a 30 year long soap that is still going strong in Eng...& we in the US can only receive on PBS past episodes of @ 2007 we are up to. In the UK everyone watches it, it had been on 4 nights a week...& was said that even the Royals had followed.....DONT know how true, but they certainly honored several of the actors. The time frame for most PBS series that air in the US is perfect post dinner time to settle in with an evening cuppa’ and breaking out the “knitting needles” or a “crochet hook” and yarn project! ......I enjoy and am so inspired by all of their series, dramas comedies, documentaries etc....but the best are the period pieces such as ‘Downton Abbey’ , ‘ Poldark’ and ‘Sendinton’ are especially wonderful for the costumes of their eras, be it 18th thru 20th century. Both posh and common dress of the ...wealthy and common peoples...servants and many rural.....with those costumes of dress as tweeds & handcrafted accessories... knitted and woolen shawls or sweaters...socks. A very favourite, is “My Mother and Other Strangers” a period piece set in a small village in No. Ireland during WWII with Brit & American military Air Force Base....the interaction of military personnel with the local people’s,coming of age in a young boy and young girls’ lives and a budding heartwarming but heartbreaking romances that develops..... love the obviously hand knitted Argyle sweaters ands scarves.....and tam hats...of that era. .Also, the best Aussie series is “A Place to Call Home” set in post WWII a town outside of Sidney .....a wealthy family of long generation , very involved in the community, supports local hospital, tenant farmers.......not unlike our old Dynasty series whereby the Matriarch rules the roost , the family & hob jnobs with the other prominent & wealthy.....but you almost always see her Elizabeth,the matriarch, resting with a pair of “knitting needles”....working on a project when not playing piano. I love the stunning period 50s and early 60s clothing......and accessories. most are the visuals, the costuming clothing worn of early 1940’s. & of course in almost all of these series, you’ll find a bear fully “ ‘ crocheted or knitted Afghan’ ....esp ‘granny squares’ Afghans in the more rural and period settings.......I.& soon to aire in Jan is the wonderful ‘All Creatures Great and Small” the stories of a country veterinarian set in rural Yorkshire, UK in the late 30s thru WWII 49# & into the 50s @ the crowning of the Queen Eliz........the costuming again, is many hand crafted articles of clothing, many episodes of the orig8nal had episodes of women knitting, and is totally inspiring for “knitting” projects! And it inspired me to hunt my stash of vintahge knitted magazines patterns for a project in ‘Argyle’ sweater and socks! I would so love to win today to choose from your wonderful yarns at Simply Socks to finally start one of those lovely ‘argyles’, so thank you for today’s question and the opportunity to comment answer, and have a lovely Holiday season to you and yours!

Tara Young

My latest show to watch is the series Virgin River on Netflix.

Diane Palec

I've been watching Virgin River lately and truly enjoying it. We have watched The Crown, House of Cards, and Peaky Blinders and I'm so much enjoying normal people with normal problems


Lots of good stuff: Star Trek Discovery, Fargo, Counterpart, Dark, Babylon Berlin, Great British Bake Off, so many other!

Jody Laake

I have been binge watching and re-watching all kinds of things - Desperate Housewives, This is Us, ER, Homeland, Burn Notice etc and lots and lots of movies (both good and bad ones lol).

Linda Wagner

I don’t watch a lot TV. Mostly PBS. RIght now I listen to Christmas music while knitting. I do miss knitting with friends.


We are watching Longmire and reading all of Craig Johnson books

Peggy P

Hmmm, is there anything I haven't watched? I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of subscriptions I've been paying for years!
I loved the Virgin River series and am looking forward to the Bridgerton series which starts on Christmas day.

Joyce Correia

I'm enjoying "The Heart Guy" and "A Place Called Home." Both are Australian so I need to turn on the captions to understand the Aussie accent. The first one is funny and the second one is a "Dallas" type family saga.


I've actually been able to watch live tv more. There are some shows I've found on Netflix to binge watch, but it really isn't something new.

Carol Rice

Haven't been watching too much TV, but JEOPARDY! is a daily ritual in our house - it was before Covid, too, but now with Alex Trebek gone, it's a little bittersweet and definitely not to be missed! Also, love Fargo and Lilyhammer.


In the Spring, I went with East watching : Heartland on Netflix; When Calls the Heart and the Good Witch, also on Netflix but Hallmark productions; I watched It and It2, both made me laugh rather than scaring me. I have started other shows, but keep going back to Heartland because it’s easy and I don’t have to pay attention, something I’ve found difficult with the stress of returning to the office


I've been watching a lot of HGTV but also got really caught up in Tehran on Apple+. Excellent and fully engrossing show!

Jennifer Chichester

I have re-watched a few series and discovered a few I did not watch the first time around. My favs are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, True Blood. New ones include: The Queens Gambit,Somebody feed Phil and Ride ( When I can find it) and a few foreign with subtitles - that require just stocking net knitting like Home for Christmas. I am currently viewing all the Christmas specials and look forward to our annual view of Lord of the Ring after Christmas. My son and I sit wrapped up cozt on the couch and binge - It nice he still wants to do it at 19. : )

Chantal Paquette

We’ve watched ssoooo many shows! We only have Netflix, amongst my favorites, I have to say Virgin River... So much that I’ve ordered the books so I can read more! (Even though reading sort of shortens my knitting time...😖)

Diane Jespersen

I binge-watched for the first time ever. I watched four of seasons of The Bold Type in just a few days. Other than that, I just try to find feel-good movies to get away from reality for a minute.


I've watched Hamilton so many times I've lost count. Honestly the only reason I even have Disney streaming is so I can keep watching it! Also I discovered Schitt's Creek and am so in love with it. And of course I'll always watch The Office.

Nicole Acuna

For me? I’ve been binge watching Christmas movies and a lot of foreign subtitled series for some reason lol.


Oh my. My movie watching has almost quit as the regular tv finished and alot of tge time I was prepping activities for kids or taking some much creative me time!


I'm not a huge TV watcher but my husband and I have been enjoying the Marvelous Mrs Maisel!


The Mandalorian and football!

Toni Macomb

I am watching more TV now then I ever have in my life and I'm almost 72! Right now I am watching "The Wilds" on Prime. But I recently have watched "The Crown" (never thought I would!) and of course "The Queens Gambit". I've come back to knitting to assuage my guilt over sitting in front of the screen. Currently I'm knitting hats for donation.

Fran N

I haven't been watching anything in particular, just the programs I usually watch.

Pam Webster

My husband and I have been rewatching X-Files, and I've been working on making lots of things for Christmas for our 2 daughters, our oldest daughter's boyfriend, and our youngest daughter's best friend.

Linda V.

We love the British crime dramas and also we just finished watching Yellowstone all on Amazon Prime.


Endeavor. So good.


We finally watched Schitt's Creek and not only did I laugh my butt off, I got a lot of knitting done. Then we watched The Crown, The Queen's Gambit, and Somebody Feed Phil. We started to watch Intersection, a Turkish soap-opera-type of program but subtitles and knitting do not do the neck any good. I finished a sock while watching that. Today I start a second pair of socks and will find something to watch later.


We’ve been totally geeking out with Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks and the Mandolorian as for other things, it’s been the Queen’s Gambit, Great British Baking Show and some of those crazy holiday baking game shows.


I’ve really enjoyed the crown and Spanish princess. I just finished binging both seasons of virgin river. It’s nice to enjoy a couple hours knitting and streaming something to decompress.

Crystal Parker

Where to even start... Shitts Creek, The Umbrella Academy. Oh my gosh and we just finished The Mandalorian today!! I am also anxiously waiting for Sabrina at rhe end of the month.


I have definitely watched a lot more TV this least I’ve been knitting at the same time! Mostly I caught up on some shows I had meant to watch, sometimees for years (Black Sails, Schitt’s Creek, The Good Fight, Downton Abbey, Wallander were all standouts among those). I also got on a weird kick in the summer watching pretty much every Werner Herzog documentary I could.

Gail L.

My husband and I started out with the Sopranos which we'd never seen ..... thoroughly enjoyed it, from the first right through to the last episode! We've also watched The Crown, Queens Gambit and are currently enjoying making our way through all the Seinfeld episodes.


I have enjoyed a couple of “mini series “ productions; Katherine the Great, and I just finished The Spanish Princess Catherine of Aragon.

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