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December 21, 2020


Lisa L

It depends on the person. My mother knows to take care of her knits so I use a lot of fancy luxury yarns for her.

I only knit socks (gift or otherwise!) with super wash yarn.


This year I knit 4 hats and 2 pair of mitts as gifts. I am still working on 2 cowls and a pair of socks. Most are superwash as I am not sure how well they will cared for in wash.


I usually crochet towels and dishcloths and pair it with a nice soap.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Family and close friends receive knitted socks (they like to wear them and I like to knit them - win!) and occasionally cowls or or small shawls. For people I don't know well or for charity I try to use machine washable yarns. Baby blankets, including car seat size, have been favorites for (now former) co-workers.

Jody Laake

I knit mostly socks and hats as gifts, with the occasional scarf or cowl thrown in. The socks and hats are most often knit from super wash easy care yarns. The scarves and cowls vary depending on the pattern, color requested and what catches my eye. Most of the folks I knit for wouldn’t take the proper care of the gift because they wouldn’t understand why it couldn’t be thrown in the washing machine. Getting them to use the delicate cycle might even be a stretch! But I am more carefree in my yarn choices for scarves and cowls since I don’t think they need the same frequent washing as socks do.

Liz Kaji

The fibers I use depend a great deal on the recipient. For my sons in their mid-20's, I still tend to use mostly acrylic yarn. When making gifts for my 50 something sister and her husband who live in Colorado and appreciate wool, I'll use mostly superwash merino. In my crochet days, I made a lot of throws and blankets. Lately, I've been enjoying the instant gratification of knitting hats and learning the secrets of socks.

Sue Boisvert

Gifts are soft and swishy and brightly colored. I always include the care instruction with an offer to lander and replica if they have concerns. I am always surprised how many people take me up on that!

Deb Gattshall

This is really terrible to admit but I am kind of a yarn snob. Even though I gift all of my projects I really want to use the best and I do tend to go with superwash. Mostly I knit socks but occasionally a sweater or blanket scarf or shawl. Maybe because I would only want the best for myself I like to gift the best also.


My mom and aunt get socks or footies each year and everyone in the family has gotten a hat or cowl over the years. And everything is always superwash.


For charity knitting I knit hats and gloves in easy care. Gifts usually hats, gloves, scarves and socks with at least half of those in super wash. I include a printed instruction sheet on how to wash and include some proper soap. For a delicate lace shawl or a sweater, I include a note saying to return it to me for washing!

Alison M.

Yes, easy-to-care-for items for all!

Heather Henry

I tend to knit easy to care for items when I knit for someone.

Michelle M Kroll

Usually hats. I have also cut people off from receiving hand knits if I have made something in the past and never see them wear it.


Don't do much gift knitting but when I do it's superwash. I do knit a fair number of kids hats and mittens for a local school and those vary based on what's in the stash. My assumption is they will either be lost or outgrown before they'd be tossed in the washing machine!

Heather Jackson

I tend to easy care for others. Not everyone wants to launder wool. I also enclose instructions for easy care. I love to knit hats, fingerless mitts and baby items(no blankets). So those tend to be superwash with the exception of things for my mom, she has reactions to it so she gets silk,cotton,linen,hemp or acrylic. I do suggest drying to the damp stage and than air drying.

Kathy Robbins

Hats and mitts are great for gifts. Most of these items do not get laundered as often as other items so recipients do not need to hand wash them as often. (My son has never washed his knit hats as he says they do not need!)

Theresa Martin

I knit socks, mitts ,hats as gifts. All my kids (in their 20’s) know better than to put their knits in the dryer! As do my good friends!


It's super wash for hats, mittens, sweaters, and slippers when it comes to easy care gifts for the kiddies. Cascade 220 is one of my favorites for these projects.

Cindy Carpenter

I only gift handknits to knit worthy people. Then they get socks made of super wash yarn, usually something I personally know will handle some ‘abuse’


I focus on the recipient when I knit for others. If I believe they will care for the knitted item, I will use a hand-wash/dry flat yarn. If not, it's a yarn that can go through the washer and dryer. Baby items are always the latter. What new parents have time to hand wash??? Ditto for the 35 hats I knit years ago for men living in a shelter in a church on my block. I was pleasantly surprised a couple years ago when I knit a hat requested by my cats' vet, and several weeks later he msged me that he hand washed the hat and laid it flat to dry.

Kim T

I usually knit socks, everyone loves socks. I like the easy care with super wash. I like to knit fingerless mitts also.


I mostly do washable hats as gifts, but there are a few knitworthy that have received socks, slippers, mitts or hats in hand wash wool.


I knit sturdy hats, scarves and mitts for most of the people on my list. I do sometimes knit a sweater or use fine/fancy yarn for my daughter, since she understands how to care for them.


I have knit hats, scarves, shawls and socks for people for Christmas gifts in the past. I knit a cowl for a friend I bowl with this year. Other than that, I haven't had time to do any Christmas knitting...maybe next year! It depends on the person, but I usually try to use easy care yarns for Christmas gifts.

Linda L.

There are a few people that I know will take the time to properly care for my gifted handknits, but most get items knit from blends that are machine washable.


I do a little seasonal gift knit every year - little baubles for the tree, gnomes, etc. This year I am making a pack of Say Little Hen Nordic Christmas mice. As per usual, a handful of days before actual Christmas and it’s Santa’s workshop of the happy little knits over here. (Also known as deadline don’t bother me I’m knitting!). Other than that, I knit mainly for me - I am incredibly knit worthy.


If I am going gift knit I try to keep it simple and use washable yarns. Less care is better for most people in my life, I don’t have many knitters around day to day.

Jennifer Edwards

This year everyone received socks. I knit 12 pair of socks over the year and I am giving these out as holiday gifts. Because some of the recipients are college students who don't have the time to take care of fussy garments, I use super wash wool that is nearly indestructible.


Since I am just learning to knit, I've started with easy care yarns and have done a scarf and am working on a building blocks blanket right now. I do occasionally get fancy with my crochet though and am right now making a 100% pure alpaca yarn blanket for a friend. It will be so beautiful and soft whrn it's finished!

Denise Edmister

At this time of year I do a lot of small quick projects for those in my family. Hats, mittens, socks and sweaters for the under 4 crowd. I did squeak out a sweater for myself on big needles. Love the Cascade 220 for hats and mittens!


I'm a big fan of superwash sock yarn for mitts, fingerless and otherwise, and neck thingies to give as gifts.


For gifts, I usually make easy to care accessories so no worry on their part. If it is something lacey or complicated, I give washing instructions or just tell them to give them back to me to clean and I will return.

Christopher C Smith

I love to knit hats for people as gifts. It's warm, it's usually a quick knit, and one can never have too many knit hats. I typically use yarn that can just be tossed in the washer and dryer. I try to use yarn like Cascade 220 superwash when I venture to a yarn store instead of yarn you'd find at big box super stores (not knocking it at all, I just like supporting small businesses and the feel of the yarn from yarn stores).


I like to give easy wash items such as hats and scrafs.

Mimi Kriegbaum

I knit whatever they ask for in superwash merino. I pin a label with care instructions.

Janet Dennison-Dendy

Last year I gifted easycare throws for keeping warm on cool nights. I also gift a lot of hats, fingerless mitts, scarfs, and socks, usually but not always easy care. For a certain family group who understand how to care for them, the lacy, fancy, multicolored shawls, cowls, and scarves in fancier yarns. Also they get wool wash to care for them the right way!

Susan Kirkland

I have 3 people that would be disappointed if they didn’t get my socks for Christmas. Two of them wear them and say it’s “Susie Sock Day”. Hahaha I try to use superwash wool for them. I also send lingerie bags and tell them to use cold water and hang dry.


I always include care instructions with my gifts...generally easy care for babies and children....and variable for adults. This year everyone is getting socks for Christmas 😁


I do knit easy care items for gifts, especially if they are for kids. At most they may need to lay the items flat to dry. I have only given shawls to other knitters/crafters who know how to take care of them.

Jennifer M.

I knit a lot of hats for other people, baby blankets and teddy bears, and scarves and cowls. Most of the yarns are super wash, though I can trust my daughters to take care of more delicate items.

Debra Hewitt

I recently used a soft acrylic yarn, for my granddaughter's nap and matching doll blankets. Otherwise I gift items with a reminder to bring it back to me when it needs to be cleaned!

Andrea Serrett

I don't give difficult to care for items away, as I would hate to see my hard work ruined. I know the people I gift to and while they appreciate the items, they don't necessarily realize what all goes into making. So I choose super wash for any wools, and most other things are made form inexpensive acrylic yarns for their ease of use and budget friendlyness.

Marilyn H

I have learned to have a very short gift list, not only because of the care that hand knits deserve but also I feel a lot of people don't appreciate the knitted item as much as the item deserves. They don't always understand the work that goes into a pair of socks for example which I used to make as gifts. Now I just gift hats and happy to do so.


I use whatever yarn makes me happy, but I also offer to wash things for giftees if they don’t want to do it themselves. I’ve had a lot of success using the delicate cycle on my washer along with air drying.


I always try and use a Superwash yarn for gifts unless they are a knitter who I know can handle wool.


Socks - machine wash/drip dry.
Mittens - hand wash/drip dry

Michelle Carter

I usually make blankets, hats, and shawls as gifts. I use all easy-care and washable yarns since most people I knit for aren't yarnies themselves. I don't want to stick them with a gift that's difficult to care for.

Sarah E Borer

mainly I knit cowls and mittens for gifts. Since I gift to adults they know they need to handle with care and not just toss in the wash. Also since they have a tendency to be close, I typically get the annual wash request :)

Michelle Henderson

I only knit high care items for people I know appreciate the time and money spent on the projects. For people that don't know the difference between fibers, or bother me till I make something, I usually give superwash or acrylic so they can just toss it in a washing machine.

Shelly Leavitt

I usually gift easy care, although not always. I love to knit with silk in combination with other fibers, but only for adults! Super wash is the best to gift with!

Lynn B

Mostly Opal socks, which my recepients wash and then air dry. Lingerie bag a great idea!

Patty Sheridan

I use superwash wool so they are easy to care for.

Sarah Davis

Totally simple to care for! I mainly make socks and after my mom shrunk a couple, I went to a lower wool content so washing was less stressful.

Susanna eve

I am new to knitting for little ones and am using yarns that can be washed and dried. I have found a strange comfort this year in knitting doll sized blankets and toys from cheap acrylic in my stash.

Christie bowie

I do easy care for anyone who is not interested in hearing laundry instructions( which is most of my family)... I do more detailed care items for a few special people.

Teresa F Ronk

I have knit lots of hats and some socks mostly machine washable.


Hubby gets knitted socks in only super wash. And he is to bring them to me to be cleaned.

Maureen DesMarais

I knit for my daughter and myself since we will both handwash our sweaters. She even handwashes the socks I knit for her.

Virginia Harnischfeger

I mostly knit and crochet easy care items for family and friends. I like your idea of gifting a lingerie bag with a note along with the knitted items. Makes a lot of sense and reminds the receiver of the gift how to care for the item.


I learned early in my knitting life about only gifting items made in washable materials (two hats went through the washing machine and felted, including one by someone who knew better but it slipped their mind). So now, probably 95% of the hats/mitts/scarves I knit for gifts are in superwash wool. I am knitting a sweater for my sister in non-superwash wool and it’s going to get multiple hand wash only labels!


I have knit a lot of hats and socks as gifts. Just this year I figured my first 2 adult sweaters. All the yarn I use is pretty easy care but I always recommend the recipients to skip the dryer.

Emily Siebert

Hats and socks are always a big requested item for me to knit as gifts in my family. I try to use yarns that are easy to care for (think superwash). I do have a few family members that like regular wool, but they typically know how to care for these garments so felting is not a worry. I also like to include a packet of wool wash and a handwritten card that tells how best to care for the knitted item!


I try to mostly gift people super wash items as I want it to be a gift that they use and can easily take care of. So far that works best for everyone!

Peggie Bouvier

I gift socks, which need to be easy care. I add care instructions on the gift tag. I tend to buy machine washable yarn, dry flat. I figure everyone can follow those instructions.


Originally I'd started with cotton blankets to gift, which maybe they're officially meant to be blocked but it's not dire if they aren't. I've moved onto socks and vests, and I make fancy socks out of whatever nice yarn for my partner - as im home to hand wash them. But for anyone else i aim for machine washable yarn! If it wasn't i imagine they wouldn't use the gift out of not wanting to hand wash.


I’ve given up gift knitting unless it’s for my hubby. And even then for his items I use yarn that can be thrown in the washer Incase he does a load with it thrown in.


I've only recently started branching out from hats and scarves, so I hope to give more exciting (sock-y!) gifts in the future. In the past, definitely hats and scarves and I'll admit that I've generally gone with the hope for the best option, in terms of yarn choices. I think I've generally chosen fairly easy to care for just by default, though!

Heather Salsich

Super wash all the way- with the exception of the occasional cashmere goodie. I usually do socks or hats or mittens. Practical and easy to care for!


I do super wash socks for the teen and young adult grands, nicer socks with mesh bags for my daughters, and plenty of one skein lacy scarves and cowls. I usually include the skein wrapper wi h the care instructions.

Alene Sternlieb

I always use washable and dryer friendly yarn for baby pieces, and include washing instructions with the gifts. I usually use superwash yarns for gifts for anyone other than babies (except when my daughters choose a yarn and I tell them ahead of time how to care for anything I make them.)

Kate s

The majority of my gift knitting is easy care. Unless they are for other finger enthusiasts it’s not worth it to me to add in that extra layer of care.


I mostly knit toys and hats for my grandchildren.

Rose Birchall

Socks, fingerless mitts, mittens, cowls, hats. I always put a care tag in with the gift.

Sharon Metzger

This year I made Christmas stockings for all 6 of granddaughters. There and on the front and 2020 on the back.


I knit socks for gifts, but you must be worthy of the gift (it takes a lot of time!!) so they go to people that know how to take care of them properly.

Kim Payne

Socks, hats, and baby sweaters mostly that are easy care. I would rather people wear them out than try to take too good of care of them!


I never knitted for gift sake instead I have given away over 50 pieces of shawls in lace work in very nice yarn for charity fund raising. I have no idea how well they have been used or kept, although I always have instruction included for caring for fine knits. I don't think the big wide world really cares about how to care for knitted work, even superwash yarn would give away after a few washes, and that's the end of that hat, scarf or mittens, I hope shawls would have a little "longer" life.


I'm just branching into gift giving as I haven't been confident enough in my knitting to gift until this year. All of my gifts are super easy to care for!

Michelle Yanofsky

I tend to knit hats or fingerless gloves and judge care based on recipient- more careful more luxurious yarn with more care needs.


Some years ago, I learned that a niece of mine loves crazy colored socks. Since I had just learned to knit socks, I decided to make her a pair of wool and nylon blend for Christmas. She loved them and so did everyone else. So began my sock knitting journey for Christmas. Every year since then I've knit at least 5 family members a pair (striped, solids, lacey, etc) and they beg for more. They tell me they just cold water wash them and throw in dryer on low heat! Personally, I machine wash in lingerie bag and air dry. As long as everyone's happy, I am happy to continue the tradition.

Geraldine Scott

Superwash for sure! When I had surgery a few years back, my darling husband washed a pair of my handknit wool socks in the washer AND dryer...yep, I should have saved them for tree ornaments. He did feel soooo bad....

Elaine Hager

Definitely easy care. I knit and crochet for my kids and grandkids so it’s easy care for their busy lives.

Kim Witherow

I do very easy knit, easy care items such as hats or dish clothes. I know very few people who are knit worthy.

Sara Moening

I usually knit easy care items when gifting. If it is harder to care for, they might not use it and I want people to use the item. I also have kids I like to knit for and you know they aren't going to be gentle😄


Hats and scarves usually. Blankets on request. Always easy care and soft!

Karen Barr

Most of the items I have knitted as gifts were easy care scarves and afghans. I did recently make a gift of a shawlette that is probably not so easy to care for, but I told the recipient that I would be happy to wash and re-block it for her when necessary.

Stephanie V

Knitting for grandkids means special care to hang up a busy mom. Socks are all super wash. But for myself, I knit with more fragile yarns.


I knit a lot of baby items and always make sure to use machine washable yarn. I just don’t want to put that burden on new parents. I love that there are so many options nowadays.

Joyce Morrow

I knit socks and accessories (such as cowls, shawls, mitts and hats), face or wash cloths, toys and baby gifts. I enclose washing instructions for hand knit goodies especially those which need delicate care. I often enclose a small bottle of wool wash. I have learned to give larger or delicate items to those who appreciate handknits and caring for them.


I try to stick with easy-care for gifts, but occasionally I give items that need hand-washing. I think I've only done that once or twice though.

Tracy May Adair

I make socks and hats and scarves for others but might branch out to some cowls and fingerless gloves / hand warmers. I use yarn that I know will survive the washing machine in cold water, and that I know won’t have any colors run (which I verify by washing/blocking after I finish knitting). So that means a lot of tried and true brands and lines — Opal, Cascade 220, Cascade Heritage, Trekking XXL, Online, West Yorkshire .Spinners sock yarns... anything else I buy is likely to be for me. I also made my husband a pair of socks from Lang Jawoll Twins this year, and they have been through the wash weekly since. I can usually get people to hang dry their socks or hats over a towel rack, but no one will hand wash, not even with a wool wash. I would make them other things with less rugged yarns but I think there’s no point giving a gift that the person can’t enjoy because they end up ruining it. Needless to say, my knit laundry stays separate from everything else !


I'm making hats. With 5 adult children, 5 significant others and 16 grandchildren they get hats. Mommas are so busy that I use s super easy yarn!!!

Mindy Weaver

I wish....

Helen G

If it’s a non-knitter, I always knit easy-care items, either socks or mitts or a hat, always with superwash merino. With knitters I know I can give more complex instructions and can knit with something more “wooley” or even something fragile like silk.

Diana Byrum

I definitely use easy care tarn when I’m knitting for someone else. I like to make and give as gifts hats, mittens, scarves and afghans.

Geri Heagy

Easy care knits for me! Socks, hats, and baby sweaters!

Jann Johanson

I usually give gifts that are made with super wash sock yarn, most people I gift to would not hand wash them.


I tend to use superwash and have knit socks for my mom that she is able to toss in the wash with everything else. They hold up well. Mine too! When I'm knitting shawls and baby gear for my sister in law I can do intricate stuff knowing she loves them and will take care of them. Sweaters I've knit for myself I tend to hand wash.


Most of my gift knitting is with easy care yarns. I wash the socks that I make for my husband.

Rebecca Bury

For me it depends on who I am knitting for and what type of item it is. Items for young child or baby definitely have to be easy care super wash! If I make something For a fellow crafter it might have more complex care instructions because I know they will be followed.

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