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December 21, 2020



I usually make baby gifts in super wash or acrylic that can be washed as most new moms just toss everything together. I knit a lot for my sister in Colorado and she is good about taking care of wooly items.

Jennifer L

My mil likes colorful shawls and takes care of them. My mom forgets how to care for things. So she has a scarf and a hat that really don't fit dolls anymore. It has made me careful of what I knit for anyone. So I mostly knit for me. And my daughter who lives here and so I do the washing of the sweaters.


I most often knit slippers... since they eventually wear out!
After visiting our grown son & his wife one summer, I noticed that they wrapped up in blankets to watch TV, even in summer so that year I matching blankets in each of their favorite colors. I like to make useful gifts!

Jerrilynn Bayless

I mostly give superwash socks. I love the idea of giving with a lingerie bag! Good idea.

Diane Jespersen

Always knit easy - care items unless it's my daughter who grew up watching me knit and knows the work that goes into everything we all make. Mostly knit fun, different slippers or mitts of some sort. They'll get used and be appreciated.


The items I knit run all over from prayer shawls to a throw to scarves to hats (santa hats in particular at this time). I am making a Christmas blanket--trying to get it finished before the big day--kind of think it is not going to happen though so I will just tell them it will be a bit late.
I have made a few sweaters but that has to be a bit more personal as I have to have sizes that are correct.

Hilda Clegg

I use easy care yarns because the people I knit for wouldn't take extra care of the items. Saves my sanity.

Lisa Loback

I do hats and socks, with a few cowls here and there. I try to always use superwash yarn and include a little card with care instructions.


This year I knit toys for my granddaughter. They will be easy care. She loves Little Bird!


I knit many baby blankets & always use a super wash. These babies need soft &washable articles. For my older granddaughters shawls are usually washable, but sometimes need blocking which they know about because their mom is a knitter. For most socks & scarfs washable wool is the best. Some hand wash like my daughter-in-law, and she never puts things in the dryer. Super wash is my go-to...


I definitely do easy care. I mostly gift baby items and no new parent needs to mess with fussy yarn :)


Mostly I knit socks or hats for others. Occasionally a baby blanket or scarf and a couple stuffed animals. Anything that may ever need to be washed gets made out of super wash or other washable fibers. I barely even make stuff for myself out of anything that needs special handling!

Nicole S

I mostly give socks or hats in superwash yarns, except for one grandma is who is a knitter herself and is willing to hand wash.

Nancy Eckel

I made several pair of fingerless gloves... mostly with a double strand of superwash sock yarn. Even if they shrink a bit in the future they would still fit and be soft and warm. Easy care. Greatly loved!


If it can't be thrown in a washing machine, I don't gift it to a non-knitter (although I usually specify that it's better to air-dry). This is especially true of items intended for parents to use with their kids who are too short to run washing machines. I also use machine-washable, machine-dryable yarn for any blankets or afghans, particularly if there are pets in the home. If the giftee knits, I might think about using something that needs to be hand-washed. If it's for my husband, no restrictions because I do the laundry. (But I really should get some labels for the hand-wash-only stuff, so there's never any doubt!)

Brenna Delosier

Easy care all the way. The only one who gets knits that need extra love is mom.


I like to give socks! I'm a graphic designer and have made a Trout Knits care label. I use superwash sock yarn for gifts to avoid the heartbreak (for me and the recipient) of tiny felted socks.

Susan Mercy

I mostly make functional gifts rather than wearable gifts. Christmas ornaments and stockings, and dishcloths knit from cotton. When I make a wearable, I want it to be user friendly so I definitely go for washable, easy care fibers. I love superwash sock yarn!


Scarfs seem to be the item most chosen. Depending on the person I use either superwash or wood - but only if I know they pay attention to these issues. So far I've never heard of anything being miniaturized but either the washing machine or the dryer.


Baby blankets, easy to wash yarns.
Accessories like hats/cowls- easy wash yarns.
I reserve the hand wash for sweaters wool...
Next project though is a baby bunting of cashmere merino....and then a grampa sweater to match a blanket I made...of machine washable yarn.


I have been making a lot of baby garments and blankets, our 16th grandchild is due any day. I insist on using wool, sometimes cotton. I figure even if they only use the article a few times it’s better than having acrylic.

Tara Crites

I go with easy care things for gifts. Most of the people I knit for would not do hand wash only items. That is okay though! I just want to give them thing they will use and love. That way no one it afraid of ruining it :)

Carol Rice

I mostly knit socks as gifts, but I have done scarves, shawls, hats and mitts as well. I try to keep it simple for most of my giftees, and I include a band of the yarn used with the item so they know how to care for it. I'm in the process of completing a Dragon Scale shawl for my daughter, that will most likely be for her next birthday - it wasn't intended for this Christmas, but was started awhile ago. I am "blursed" with many knitworthy people in my life. It's wonderful to have people to knit for, but you'd never really know how much I do knit, as most of it doesn't stay with me!

Joyce Correia

I gift scarves to older women who will take the time to hand wash. I gift hats to younger women and teens who I know will throw them in the washing machine. I gift socks to my daughter who is a knitter and will take good care of them.


Any gifts I knit for babies or children are machine washable
Fingerless gloves generally are machine washable too.
No one would take as much care with a hand knit item as a knitter would. IMHO


This year I opted for garments. I did sweaters and cardigans. I don't usually do that, but it was needed after this year. I do a 50/50 between wool and acrylic. I look at who I am making for and then decide on the care. Not everyone wants to have to "be careful".

Lisa Viviano

Love super wash merino for gift giving. I knit socks blankets and stuffies for gifts.


I make mostly baby and toddler gifts. I are sure they are machine washable!


The socks I knit can be washed and line dried but all sweaters, hats and woven scarfs are gifted with hand wash instructions and sample size wool wash packets.


I knit superwash wool and, for the allergics, acrylic hats and mittens. For the older crowd on my Christmas list it's either merino, superwash or alpaca hats and shawls.

Barb B

I usually knit hats and shawls as gifts but I've gifted more socks this year. I also donate shawls to my church's conference and give some to cancer patents. I try to let them know how to care for things, sometimes its not possible.


Most of my ‘gifts’ are for charity so I use acrylic or easy-care wool blends.

Anissa Miller

Dishcloths, hats and socks. All easy care (superwash).


With Cascade 220 Superwash. I knit mostly Afghans. The yarn really makes a nice Afghan, plus lots of colors. As far as providing washing instructions, I do that with all my socks. I tell everyone to wash the socks, preferably in a mesh bag, and hang up the socks or lay flat to dry. I use a close pin umbrella hanger to clip the socks to.

Dana Snyder

I’m not giving away any hand knit gifts this year unless I give a dish cloth or two and I'm thinking of giving my niece a cowl I made in the winter but I need to fix a dropped stitch. She flips every time I give her something I made so she is a good one to give hand made gifts to. I’ve just been way too busy with working this year to make a lot of things. One year I made something for everyone and that was rough. I had pains in my hands. Lol I usually use easy care yarn. I usually Make my dad a hat but he has so many and they spend the winter in Florida so he doesn’t really need one. I’ve made shawls, cowls, hats and scarves. Oh I do need to make a baby hat for my cousin. Small projects and good for gifts. I like to use Malabrigo rios and I’ve used a lot of cascade superwash 220. One year, we did a square a month project to make a small throw. It ended up taking me three years to finish the two blankets I made for my niece and nephew. I still have two more I never finished. I’m bad at making project pages on Ravelry unless it’s a mystery knit and we need to upload po ties for prizes. I made my sister in law a shawl I saw on here a few years ago. It was into the woods or something.


I love knitting hats & mitts for my family & friends. If they are very knitted gift worthy, they will receive socks or even a sweater. I knit with all types of yarn & include care instructions with the gift.


Just switched to Cascade 220 for all other gifts, as only my mom is capable of owning delicate knits.


Easy care for sure! Socks,since you can never have too many pairs of socks!


The gifts that I knit are usually all of Superwash!! Hats, Socks, & Sweaters for my Sisters, Baby items of all kinds..sweaters, booties, blankets. But I have knit my Daughter and Daught-In-Law both wedding shawls with a special note of how to care for them. Silk, Beads & Bling! That's just what we do for those we love.
My Niece absolutely loves the variety of hats that I knit for her Children. Great Niece favorite saying..
"Aunt Karla Loves Me...Cuz She makes Me Hats!"


I generally only knit things that can be machine washed for gifting. I have made a few gifts that are exceptions to that, like lace shawls, but, generally, I don't want to burden people with special care items, unless I know they really, really want it and are able to care for it.


I don’t knit for others very much & that’s mostly for my offspring. Since my grands take turn doing their laundry, I knit only with super easy care yarns. I have found, however, that Superwash wills aren’t as warm as non-superwash. So for thick socks for our coldest days, when I was still working, I’d use regular, must-be-handwashed wool yarn. But now I just stay in most of the winter especially this winter. But overall I use super wash wools almost exclusively.

Deidra Mathena

I usually knit easy care items but there are a large number of people I knit gifts for that do know how to take proper care of delicates/wool and appreciate them but this is usually heavier hats and socks and cowls and mittens/gloves for going out in the bad weather to take care of farming duties. They just like the non-super-wash for that because they say it feels warmer. I suspect it felts slightly from the wet.

Toni Macomb

I'm thrilled to have found SSYC! I knit ONLY easy care gifts. I still consider myself a novice knitter although I have knitted off and on for years. That is the problem! It is off and on! Anyway, I love doing socks and also now hats. I want to try some fingerless gloves, just haven't gotten there yet. I have really enjoyed reading others comments here.


I knit mostly for my grand daughters. Its all easy care.

Nicole Acuna

I tend to knit easy care items for kids and babies but other people I gift? It depends.


I knit mostly toques for babies and kids, cowls for friends and sisters/sisters-in-law, socks for my husband and every now and then a sweater or blanket. I love superwash wool (despise acrylic).


I make lots of hats, cowls and shawls for gifts. And lots of socks. Super wash is a favorite but I also included washing instructions with all my hand knit gifts.


I always stick with a majority natural fiber content but when gifting, attempt to give something that is machine washable and dryable in case of an oops. I also give a little tag that includes the care instructions but I know those aren't held on to. I made my sister and her family Christmas stockings this year, a blanket for my expecting friend, and a hat for my cousins who just became foster dads this month!


I try to go for durable and easy care because they are usually items for kids.


I definitely do easy care so the projects last and can be USED. My favorite easy care, long wearing sock yarn is Opal.

Marilyn Ross

I have a “sock list” every year for friends who enjoy hand knitted socks. Easy care yarns for sure, as in the past, I gifted a pair of hand wash only to someone who put them in the washer/dryer and ended up with felted socks, very small.

Janice Wentworth

I nearly always knit with a superwash when gifting my knits since I don't want to burden others with the hassle of special washing instructions. Even with all good intentions...things will be tossed in the washing machine.


The only gift I'm knitting this year is a sweater with superwash wool yarn for my granddaughter. I KNOW my daughter will only do easy care!!!

Donna Gifford

I knit a huge variety of things in a huge variety of yarns. I always send a copy of the yarn info and care instructions to the recipient. I have done several shawls in silk and in merino blends but only send them to others in my family who knit and know how to take care of them. I use a lot of wools and tweeds but remind them not to just throw in wash. Sending a mesh bag is such a good idea! This Christmas I sent out two scarves, two cowls, two pairs of fingerless mitts and seven hats. I try to personalize each. For example, one grandson got a Minecraft hat because he loves the game and a daughter got a pair of mitts that look like a henna design because she often does henna on folks.


I mostly knit for me but gifts tend to be superwash or synthetic fibers so they are easy for others to care for. And I always have cotton dish cloths for anyone who needs a few.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Christine Gushard

I knit socks and hats for my husband. I hand wash my husbands socks. I know they can go in the machine, but,if you hand wash, they last longer. He has over 30 pair of hand knit socks, some knit 2 years ago that are still in great shape.


Most of my knits are to give away. Try to stick with washable wool since I don't really know the giftees. Baby sweaters to coworkers. Baby sweaters, hats, mittens, kid's vests and sweaters to charities.


Each year I give away lots of socks as well as a sweater for my niece and nephew. I make sure that everything is superwash or has nylon content so that items can hold up to the washing machine. Not too many people these days have the patience for hand washing!

Margaret Paschal

Back in the dark ages, I made a wool sweater for my horse trainer for Christmas every year. He knew how to take care of things. Nowadays gifts are limited to hats and cowls. My assumption is that it will end up in the wash, so it has to be a wool blend or superwash.


Superwash sock yarn is a go-to. Otherwise wool/acrylic, cotton or acrylic for very young children. Their parents don't need the hassle and I want them to get to love the gift to pieces. Means it got used. :)

Pat Phythian

I knit socks, hats, scarves, baby sweaters, hats and booties, baby blankets and Afghans. I use super wash wool a lot but also some acrylic blends and some luxury yarns for very special items. I always include the leftover yarn for any future repairs that may be needed as well as the label with the care instructions.


This year, it's primarily socks. One exception, messy bun hats for my niece. Yarns vary, but usually require handwashing for best results.


If I'm giving someone a gift that I've knitted, I want to make sure it's knit from yarn that's machine washable. Especially if it's a baby gift. No mom of a newborn is going to hand wash a sweater.


When I knit for others, it's usually socks, hats, scarves, mitts...smaller projects in general. I try to use the softest super wash wool I can find. I will also use cotton or bamboo if it works for whatever I'm making. Sometimes I'll use acrylic or an acrylic blend if the recipient requests it. I try to make my gifts as easy to care for as possible, and I know not everyone likes to handwash stuff. Ultimately, I want the item to be used and loved for many years to come.


My immediate family gets the gift of socks which I make in just regular sock yarn. Since we're all home, I can usually wash the socks for them or they know that they can wash it in cold water in the machine. I make a lot of baby sweaters as gifts and I choose a very soft acrylic for that because you know, babies spit up a lot. Why make it hard for the new parents?

Pam Webster

I mostly design all sorts of dolls and animals, hats, scarfs, hoodies, fingerless gloves, blankets, Christmas stockings, all of which are made with acrylic yarn so that they can easily be washed; and I also design charms for necklaces and keychains which are done in crochet thread. Then, I just make whatever I'm asked to make.

Ellen Bartlett

I typically knit hats, mittens, and socks for gifts. I almost always use easy care fabrics for gifts. I have expanded my knitted gift list this year since I have had more time to knit. Everything this year has been superwash wool.


I've made everything from wool cup cozies to superwash and acrylic blankets as gifts. The care requirements vary by person I'm gifting it to. MIL can be trusted to hand wash when required. My kids' friends not so much!


I knit socks for my parents each year. My stepdad likes soft socks, but he's hard on them. So, I knit squishy yarn with a durable yarn for the heel.


It depends on the person. There are a few people in my life who can be trusted to hand wash. Those folks get the fancy yarn. Others get superwash or even acrylic. I try to make sure baby gifts in particular are easy care. I'm sure parents have enough to do without hand washing a blanket!

Sidney Evans

I am the hat knitter for the extended family! I use super wash wool and have all kinds of fun with it, since we know most people love fairisle patterned hats for their warmth and beauty. Thank you for the yarn giveaway!


I have been on a roll with hats and have a wonderful selection of faux fur Pom Poms that I “button” to the top so that the hat can be hand washed. Very fun and appreciated gifts.


I definitely use easy-care yarns for gifts, and actually I tend to use wool-free yarns as well. I always make socks for my mom, and she can’t do wool. I also have made quite a few items for my best friend and her littles, and (as much as I hate using it) acrylic has worked best for them also.

Amey Wallace

great topic! I always knit the kids stuff in durable and washable fibers to make them last when they get passed down to the next kid. but my mom has a wool allergy, so I spoil her with all the hand wash fibers like silk and linen.

Jenni Kilkenny

I have always used washable yarn for gifts. I dont want my gifts to fall apart on the recipient. I usually buy hand dyed yarn in a superwash blend.

Mary Ellen Merchant

I have to laugh- when I knit for the younger generation I use a washable and dry-able yarn as they throw everything in the washer and dryer. If I knit for friends my age I include washing direction in with gift.

Carol Engstrom

In the past, I have knitted baby blankets, hats and Work Day Scarves for family for Christmas. I used HHF for the Scarves. A link to the pattern is here: I used acrylic yarn for the blankets and nicer yarns for the hats and scarves. They all seem to be well taken care of.

Michelle Lange

I do knit predominately easy care garments because most of my gift knitting is for kiddos. Occasionally I will knit a scarf or fingerless mitts with something that requires hand washing and when I do I create a special card - index card size with care instructions.


My favorite are socks (prefer washable wool) and shawls (pretty easy care because they don't need to be washed often. But, I am happy to knit whatever that person wants (and buys the yarn).


When I give a gift I give it with the understanding that if they want it washed, I will happily wash and block it for them anytime. I've made mostly shawls but I have give some hats and cowls away.

Samantha Arten

I usually gift people socks, hats, or wristwarmers, always of 100% wool and sometimes superwash. I send them off with a card that includes instructions for best care. I'd love to knit gifts only with superwash but my stash has so many lovely non-superwash wool at the moment that it somehow keeps not happening.

Peggy P

Mostly socks for gift giving and always superwash yarn. I knit hats & mittens but socks are the thing everybody wants!

Mary Kay Ross

This is one of my favorite yarns to use for items that I am gifting. I hadn't thought of including the bag to wash items in but I might start doing that now. Baby blankets, mittens, hats and cowls to keep all warm in the Minnesota winters.


I usually lean towards washable yarn and items where size isn't super important, like hats and mittens. There is a short list of people that receive socks though ;)

Lisa C

I prefer gifting items made with a superwash yarn, unless they're more decorative items like laceweight shawls which don't get washed often anyway..


I like to give fingerless mitts and hats. I don't always use superwash yarn. I also use wool.


Easy care all the way.. To make sure I staple a small piece of yarn to the label. I really don't know anyone that would take the extra care anymore to handwash.

Kim Holbrook

I knit easy care hats for family and shawls and cowls for myself. I do love yarn with silk or linen in it and use it occasionally for special knits for me.


When I knit for people I use superwash yarn. If I knit hats for charity it is usually acrylic yarns. I don’t generally knit shawls for people.

Andie Simpson

All of my gifts need to be easy care so superwash is my go to for gifts.


I love Cascade 220 Superwash for baby blankets. I also gift stuffed toys but figure those can be spot cleaned, so I never worry about the yarn. For grownups, I often gift scarves or shawls and figure those won’t be washed.


While I was do like the easy care yarn for socks, I find myself drawn to those with cashmere & alpaca blends for gifts. I always include the ball band with care instructions, then it’s up to the giftee.

Jessica Kelley

I love making cowls for my mom and sisters. And I’ve made sweaters for my boys. They are usually very easy to care for machine wash cold and lay flat to dry

Augusta L Kairys

I do a lot of socks and hats. Living in Pittsburgh, my family gets a lot of use for these. I however, now spend my winters in FL, so I just enjoy the knitting and the gifting.... I always add a note with the item telling the recipient about how to care for them, and even for superwash, I advise avoiding the dryer.


My daughters are very good about washing special items carefully and not putting things in the dryer. My sister as well. Scarves and socks are always welcome, or hats (they all have to shovel snow!) but my one daughter wants me to knit her a sweater - I haven’t even done one for myself! I need to take a leap of faith and learn sweater construction, moving from small, easy items to a large project.


I knit mostly accessories for gifts, and if it's something that doesn't need to be laundered often, I'm comfortable using a more delicate yarn. But I'd never make something for a new parent that isn't machine washable - not if I want them to speak to me again!

Beverly J White

I don't knit much for family members now days. When I do it's usually hats in superwash wool. At one time I knitted quite a few cowls, scarves and hats for daughters-in-law and granddaughters in yarns that required care, but everyone seems too busy to bother anymore.


A lot of what I knit is superwash merino, but I tell most adults that hand washing and drying flat is the the best way to care for knits. For kid items, I tend to use wool acrylic blends and tell parents/caretakers that a wash in cold on delicate is okay, but still to lay flat to dry.


I knit a ton of socks, but aside from baby socks I’ve never given one as a gift. I’m hesitant without knowing exact foot I mostly give hats, cowls, etc.

I think the only gift knit I’ve ever made that *wasn’t* machine washable was a cowl for one of my SILs out of a very special cashmere & wool yarn. But she was actually with me when we came across the yarn, so she knew what she was getting into :)


I tend to do easy care for gifts. Hats, slippers, scarves and of course the dish cloths....I keep a basket full of dish cloths and let them choose what they want. This year will be different...I may be the one choosing for them.
Happy Holidays!!!!

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